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    1. Adam Pearson

      Congrats fresh

    2. davsamyt

      Congrats man can’t wait for 8 mil

    3. Sands Boys


    4. Ryder's Corner

      dude that's insane you where at 6 mill like 6 months ago now you are at 7 mill keep doing what you are doing I love your vids congratulations

    5. Liam Sookdial

      9:22 This was Kaidoz stream sniping. HE'S a huge youtuber

    6. Noah Calkins

      me: I can't edit fast Fresh: Edits three walls in two seconds

    7. tvgaming

      i played fortnite you killed me in this game

    8. Xylo games

      At 9:21 that was Kaidoz lmao

    9. Lanzar Lejos

      The stream sniper that helped you out was kaidoz

    10. Eshaal Ahmed

      kaidoz watchers know he was the good gingine that saved them 🏁

    11. Venessa Stephenson

      Fresh: let’s get 7 wins me can’t get a team rumble win

    12. Kevin Patchett

      I littrel got to levle 300

    13. Skurtz

      𝙲𝚘𝚗𝚐𝚛𝚊𝚝𝚜 𝚏𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚑𝚢 𝚋𝚘𝚒

    14. Ethan Arscott


    15. Jeremiah Jablonski

      i sub

    16. Anthony Ketcham

      The Vein in lannan's head Lannan: Yessssss the vein: yesssssssssssssssss

    17. DESERT_savag

      I’ve been with fresh and subed to him sense season 6

    18. Kristian Boras

      9:19 that stream sniper is kiadoz go on his Chhanel

    19. Yordz on 60 FPS

      9:18 that kaidoz

    20. macro720

      10k gold is nothing for fresh

    21. Saheed Rabiu

      One of u comment or fotnite name r

    22. Orgin Ex

      Everyone was giving up

    23. YELLOW Imposter


    24. SliX OJ Ven.

      Fresh challenge victory royal normally Usually picaxe

    25. u a god

      Only reason they won game 4 is because of kaidoz streamsniping lazerbeam so lazer could reboot fresh @kaidoz

    26. Scarlett Santiago

      thickness gold BANANA 🍌

      1. Scarlett Santiago

        Who remember that

    27. Noah Glenn

      how many times does this guy say dead in a day

    28. 1771josujr

      No one is even fighting y’all... just a bunch of loot droppers

    29. Daniel Ramos

      Happy 7000000m

    30. ttv lop3z07

      Such bot lobbies

    31. Elliot Withers

      Good job at 7mil love your channel

    32. KingOfEdits

      Wow you make this game look so easy 😂😂

    33. JerryTDE Ren

      Fresh and lazar emote at the same time on the 6th win

    34. Matteo Cullinan [U3HT]

      10:17 thank me later

    35. Matteo Cullinan [U3HT]

      At the end of the game on nearly the end when you was dropping down to the brick long wall at the brick with the guys crouching and he said by dude that guy who killed his renegade Raider

    36. Durax Gaming

      He has 7 mill, but only 1mill watch his vids. So where are the other 7mill. There not fake but like why they not watching

    37. Double Studs

      wont be able to do this without good stream snipers

    38. NotTJ

      9:25 that was kaidoz

    39. Toastyyy

      Been here since 900k lol seeing him with 7mil damnnn

    40. Quantum Fish

      It’s his 7mil video and it says on the sub pop up that he has 6 lol

    41. Pikachu Bro


    42. Titus Wolf

      people who were subbed before 3 mil

    43. Cristian Chambers

      Let's get fresh to 10mill subs

    44. Lawa Ok

      Lazarbeam is a pro clap for him i swear I am not liying

    45. Humna Rafiq

      Ik I’ve typed in to many comments but fresh u legend

    46. Virtual Tazi

      Anyone else wanna see lannan make a montage 😂

    47. Humna Rafiq

      Lazerbeam and fresh are the epic duo

    48. Humna Rafiq

      Oh and a big congrats fresh :)

    49. Humna Rafiq

      Lol lazerbeams hair

    50. Humna Rafiq


    51. Andrew Walsh


    52. Henley Williams

      Fresh chilling at 7 million subs me I don't have a HUgets channel yet

    53. Offlineegg_Gaming

      Sand is called sand cuz it’s between sea and land MIND BLOWN?

    54. Mxtys

      Congrats on 7 million

    55. Mario Owens

      Pls spare that ac I need one :>

    56. Hassan Sheet

      i love how Lannan has a random pc in his room

    57. Zak Ali

      It was kaidos

    58. Fatima Shere

      that fourth win was insane

    59. OFC bolt

      9:21 thats kaidoz btw

    60. Keith Kishon

      9:21 kaidoz appears

    61. Hitchcock Sylar

      Look at lazer beams door he is a simp

    62. c0ugar


    63. Alexandra Piechowski

      Fresh can you make Something invisible

    64. AlesInnit

      GOOD JOB

    65. Jan louie gamingcuber

      actually 9:22 is kaidoz

    66. dj_ac3iify

      anyone else know that the gingy skin that gave lannan loot was kaidoz

    67. slowhair 1980

      9:21 not kaidoz saved there life

    68. CYRUS ILAG

      What's with the dislikes? Are you guys ok

    69. Vxagamer

      how maney times did he say dead lol

    70. naji ahmed

      cool fresh

    71. Lesley Anker

      Congratulations fresh!!

    72. Kate Wilson

      fresh is the best fortnite player

    73. Asbah The Gamer

      Use code fresh or Lazar

    74. Asbah The Gamer

      Please add me im your biggest fan

    75. Asbah The Gamer

      My name in fortnite FaZe_Asbah

    76. Asbah The Gamer

      2 wins now 5 more wins to go

    77. Asbah The Gamer


    78. Asbah The Gamer

      One win 6 more to go

    79. Asbah The Gamer

      A oh no moment because you was in strom

    80. Asbah The Gamer

      Btw use code fresh

    81. Asbah The Gamer

      Dont worry

    82. Asbah The Gamer

      Its easy because your a pro fresh

    83. MasterHaas123

      9:19 kaidoz literally saved this entire win streak

    84. kenneth montero

      Let’s get to 8 million! Subscribe to fresh for 8 mill!

    85. AAgames

      9:21 Fun fact:that lazarbeam skin "Saviour" is actually KAIDOZ aka a very successful fortnite youtuber

    86. 6-D Zean Santos

      Yo fresh The gingy that saved lazerbeam was kaidoz

    87. LATA KURMI

      The ginger bread on 9 25 is kaidos

    88. mandolarion UwU

      Every time I hear a youtuber say 'I love all you guys ' I say in my head 'HA gay' I'm such I child at mind


      If I did this every single person on every single media would call me gay and “why would you play fortgay” why is gay being used as a insult

    90. Luca Spina

      I don’t think fresh did this but he might of just added when he wins and not add it when he loses

      1. Luca Spina

        Does he stream on twitch or what

      2. Isquid Gaming

        No he didn’t I watched the stream

    91. Sicke Schnecke


    92. Fleet Street Communications

      Well done fresh

    93. Hermann Karlsson

      The jingebred That gave lazearbeame three metkit Was kados

    94. Clyde Teh Shao Chee

      9:32 was kaidoz

    95. Lachbean

      Ps 9:24 when lannan killed the other gingerbread that was KADOIS

    96. Mega Muffin

      Who else came and watched this back after seeing kaidos's vid?

      1. dj_ac3iify


    97. Joy Stoppard

      Who else watched kaidozs video and then saw this one and is like OMG that’s him

      1. dj_ac3iify