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      Im literally slowing it down and at 8:28 he's actually being shot through the wall.

    2. Rogan Kyle


    3. connor traver

      5:40 Fresh: HAVE MY JUNK His girl: outside his office ;) okkk

    4. Supporter Guy

      This is basically coping the wonder weapon in Cold War zombies

    5. Marc Jr

      This vid is sus my guy

    6. LegoDawg2008

      Sorry what? 8:03 Oof

    7. Yorgo Lawandos

      He’s so good that he gets Elims on accident

    8. Shekar Worden

      Anyone else notice how he casually boxed a man in with a raptor 7:02

    9. Oliviathedogmarshall Eaton

      I hate the gun

    10. Youtube guy

      2:22 pefect timing when the pickaxe hit the fence and the car exploded.

    11. Epicgaming YT

      1:14 fresh: It's been a while since I've played today I guess that means he hasn't played for like 2 hours

    12. Red lynx gaming

      The gun is so op

    13. WrangWrang is me

      Man U the best fresh

    14. Arvin Paryab

      Fresh is let’s say Thirsty

    15. Michele Irwin

      This gun doo doo trash

    16. ShowTimeJr

      Fortnite do be getting payback on creative destruction lol

    17. Hexels

      That car in the back round 2:20

    18. demonic

      *Cod cold war die machine wonder weapon flashbacks*

    19. DaySeal80


    20. Sara H

      Yo i got challenge for you use the brush emote and clean a house and win

    21. TheBestLife

      Fresh suffering from success

    22. EmmaChan

      I like how when he says the gun is trash he’s busy sucking up a trash can 😂😏👀

    23. Zortex Flyte

      This might be the most sus video Harley ever made

    24. Devon Guary

      Brasserie you OK weewe

    25. Cody Galloway

      Will you friend me fresh

    26. Connor Traish

      This should be called “fresh acting sus for 11 straight minutes”

    27. TFG_ AJP

      “ why did u kill he was mine to suck “

    28. Tyler Warriner

      This is the most sus video

    29. Kevin F


    30. Marshana Woods

      "0:49" Happy to get from *VB2.ONLINE**

    31. Amanda-Brooke Vaughan

      I find this gun all the time

    32. Help me reach 10k With 0 videos

      I wish all who sees this best of luck

    33. Joseph joester

      Basically it's a d.i.e machine

    34. Timothy Birky

      He was SOOOO SUS

    35. Eric Weaver Jr

      The free styling guy was Pmack

    36. HR_Flex

      So fortnite copying creative destruction

    37. Robert Leithead

      Did anyone watch part of this video on fresh shorts

    38. Livid Again

      This whole video is a pause🚫

    39. Talon Smith

      That’s the creative destruction pickaxe

    40. Aleksander Opperud

      Play cod

    41. Feaxo

      ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO ᗩᑎYOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK!!

    42. #Legendsneverdie# #Juicexxxtentacionpopsmoke#

      I can't found that recycler 😭

    43. Spencer Foster

      Pls use the word absorb

    44. ItsDavid

      The suck...

    45. Hugh Cornelson

      It is just like the D.I.E Machine in Call of duty Cold War zombies

    46. Shane Reacts

      This still reminds me of the pickaxe from creative destruction

    47. jamie does stuff

      7:04 fresh trapped the dino in the box with a player 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    48. Noemi Langoski


    49. Daboisus 6969

      Literally the D.I.E

    50. Brady Neuman

      Fresh is sus

    51. Thomas Family

      I find my first time

    52. Mateo

      My brother got this weapon as his first weapon on first try

    53. Lil Spooky1

      l sepd lat

    54. Funne Gamer

      you are a terrible youtuber

    55. Let’sPlayXJ

      Green Is Sus I saw Him!?

    56. Kerry Daniels

      To fresh: what will I do if there was pickels in the game?

    57. The boy Squad

      Can someone please count how much times fresh said suck

    58. TRGAMINGPlays gamegod

      Great video dude keep it up

    59. NUGGY

      Line of the day “have my junk”

    60. BarterEmperor

      Did they just put the D.I.E. Machine from Cold War in Fortnite

    61. Xd Marci 200

      Fresh sucks literally

    62. Moonshade

      King k rool be like:

    63. Jett Morgan

      Why tho?

    64. Hectic_Horccy Horse

      true but damn nigga is gayyy lmaooo

    65. Charles Sayers

      Ya wanna know somethin meme+sweat=fresh 😆

    66. blue techo

      Fresh we have the same build binds but your better

    67. Charles Sayers

      Why does fresh always say “what’s up guys ‘yes’” in his intros like every single time

    68. Grady Willson

      It's literally the gun/pickaxe from creative destruction

    69. lemzy 11

      Lol ur sus as

    70. Syth on hotspot

      it might be trash in fornite but is sure isnt in cod LOL

    71. WalshyIsHype

      Bro they took this from cold war zombies fortnite os dead

    72. Samuel Foltin

      Let’s see how many subscribers I can get from this comment. Hopefully a lot!

    73. Luis Herrera

      Your dad lannan is cool, awesome, and epic

    74. hyb zayne

      I just realized lil gingey is fresh's brorher

    75. mnay koko

      What time did you wake up

    76. Fiona Mc Intosh

      A. SUK !

    77. Fiona Mc Intosh

      A. S

    78. marshmallow cat

      Its the junk jet from fallout wtf


      Hmmm seems like fortnite is ripping off another game

    80. Gamerkids tv


    81. Berserk in 2K

      Who's braindead enough to watch this guy

    82. Hugh Gibbons

      7:22-7:28 & 5:42 are sus moments!! 😳

    83. Hugh Gibbons

      yooo, 5:43 sus moment

    84. NibbsPlayz

      This guys seriously doesn’t want to suck he is *sweating* -Fresh 2021

    85. Hen Boi

      “You can also suck people in game” Fresh 2021

    86. Roberto Tobar

      Can you gift me

    87. Sir Yeet

      Did anyone notice how when he has a makeshift it had 3 ammo?

    88. Alexander Murphy

      Poor fresh

    89. æsj nei playz

      Copyright of cold war Wonder wepon

    90. Melissa Sanve

      This reminds me of creative destruction

    91. Epicgamer2027

      Creative destruction makes its way into fortnite

    92. Kalen Btw

      fresh kind sus

    93. Jordan on Xbox

      11:11 noce

    94. Jude Taylor


    95. I am Weird

      That gun sucks hard

    96. Gemma Salter

      Awesome video I loved it 😄

    97. Magnolia Mendoza

      wen fresh is sus

    98. crash cazy

      The amount of times I almost spit my drink out because of fresh saying something like sucking a chicken or sucking players is uncountable

    99. GuineaPigOreoInBasketVids

      he died to a raptor not fire fresh u are blind bruh

    100. Tim Stearns

      Am I wrong but like this gives me vibes about the wonder weapon in Cold War zombies