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    1. Rachel Kelly

      Fresh u good with any settings

    2. Abby Kutsch

      Me to

    3. Golden Kyroglific

      It's pogers

    4. Pham Andrew

      p o g g i e s

    5. Ryan elzein

      bro it's a game so stop acting like this is real the reason why I am saying this fist bcz he is breathing when he is low on hp and other stuff

    6. Aaron Takaba

      PoGgies moment, like for a PoGies moment and comment for poggers

    7. linaropoulo

      7:36 what is bohe ??

    8. Flash Dnx

      Fresh: Lufu Check Fresh: Lachy Check Ninja: What about me? Fresh: Sorry who are you?

    9. Freddie Barrett 09

      Your the best fortnite player in the WORLD!! Please reply

    10. Javier Valenzuela

      Everything is thicc

    11. Javier Valenzuela

      Every skin is thicc btw

    12. cat

      If only fresh saw my binds

    13. Dylan The gamer

      5:18 he forgot to say poggies

    14. lB Reactions

      That thumbnail 🤣🤣

    15. Qussay Deis


    16. Qussay Deis

      We all knew this was coming 😂

    17. Hardeep Singh

      It is just me or did the new Lachlan become 20 times worse

    18. Anika Haigh

      Why you making fun of Lachlan skin😭😭😭

    19. Vesp Tama

      my name's jeff

    20. Mrs Lington

      Sometimes he forgot to say poggys XD

    21. Gerald Tovar

      fresh kinda sus

    22. Halftoon Gaming

      You stole the thumbnail idea from lufu XD

    23. Kiwi da parrot

      The thumbnail

    24. Some Excitement FS

      Lachlan more like anti fresh

    25. I LIKE DOG

      When you realise im thicccccer Fresh be like CAN I GET YOU FOR TUMBNAIL

      1. Dylan The gamer

        Self liked

    26. F16. Myst

      Tbh i think he is in a custom that he made with his fans or somthing smh

    27. ITS TALON

      A magical thicc world look to the right pickle it’s a thicc tree and a thicc Lachlan

    28. Hooded Fish

      can you make a vid showing your key binds

    29. Mustafa Maldeviwala

      You are the best

    30. Tipsy

      No one: Absultely no one: Fresh: uses scroll wheel down to jump

    31. NGA Pigeon

      That thumbnail tho

    32. Luke Mitchell

      He fresh video idea. Do the thiccest Ninja in fortnite

    33. Epix Games

      I think that fresh should get a skin instead on Lachy sorrry Lachlan

      1. NGA Pigeon

        U bum

    34. lego yoda

      What's good wit da cursed lachlan images, you're scaring my children

    35. Bman

      3:54 he says lachlan dachlan

    36. Xiled Whites

      Can someone check me out and tell me if I’m any good at the game cause I’m trying to get better to that’ll be awesome whoever does

    37. CyFi


      1. CyFi

        What I was doing with my friend was a great name and I saw him in the chat room I was with him on the sus list I wanna is a good start I wanna I rurr is a

    38. CyFi

      Yell poggies

    39. CyFi


    40. I’m the Pro

      Fresh the best

    41. Jackson Baker

      * Fresh runs out of video ideas Fresh: thicc

    42. mr. oofpoof ,my guy

      watch on opistite day he is going to make a THINNEST SKIN IN FORTNITE

    43. mr. oofpoof ,my guy

      no body not even i single soul on this earth: fresh: this skin looks cool ima make it THICCCCC

    44. Brooke Reeve

      Can you pls do chopper only challenge so you have to win In the air and you can’t get mats or Anything you have to go doctor dooms to get in the chopper

    45. Brooke Reeve

      What is puggies

    46. Brooke Reeve

      Can you do she hulks mythic only pls

    47. Carlo Q

      I think he says poggs or poggers

    48. Brady Smith

      Use code fresh

    49. BoomyyFN

      Who Else Loves This Fire Content

    50. Kim Fisher

      Me seeing Lachlan skin in item shop Gets notification THICCEST LACHY IN FORTNITE

    51. ELECTRIK Aqua

      Who else wants Fresh to do a competitive video again? Like if you agree

    52. Aedan Braun

      bruh are u a perv bc u say thic all the time

    53. Trym Midtmoen


    54. Sub2 Daudy


    55. BigDoorHandle Hi

      Lachlan: oh cool a new skin/Fresh: he he boi

    56. Andrey

      есть русские

    57. Wisconsin Girl

      When epic makes Fresh his own skin they will add a THICC style option. Or his skin will be reactive and after every elimination you get thiccer.


      You played the tournament and because of that a trio did not get the skin for free while you had the skin and you played for money by uploading a video on it.😑

    59. Jesus Salinas

      Next it might be the thiccest grefg in fortnite

    60. CHAOS fn

      The Thumbnail killed me ,😂😂

    61. Chal hat

      Pls i want battle pass my username is LOLGamerjay

    62. maritza salinas


    63. James Dundek-Johnston

      Is it just me or does anyone feel uncomfortable how much he calls everything THICCCCC

    64. qtRxyal

      To anyone reading this I hope you have an AMAZING and Blessed day, I am grinding for 1k subs on HUgets it would be amazing if you helped 😊😊😄

    65. You

      Bro HUgets, Up ur dang notifications.... THIS WAS FROM 6 DAYS AGO

    66. Teacake Josh

      Nobody: Literally no one: Fresh: THICKEST LACHLAN IN FORTNITE

    67. On Air


    68. Extreme Clipz


    69. Nala Washington

      Fresh I'm a BIG BIG fan

    70. James Moss

      Like th vid if u want fresh to get his own icon skin 👍😂

    71. Shrayek


    72. Z-TUBE 444


    73. Jett Romero #MyLifeonWheels

      The thickest aura in fortnite

    74. Tyxqe

      I didn’t know it was coming ok ok ok ok

    75. Retro


    76. Oliverisweird FN

      Wow this is just poggers

    77. Lazy

      Oh no he's no longer got the twitch streamer personality hes a he's a a HUgetsR :0

    78. DINODUDE

      I new it

    79. RiftzA10

      He has escaped poggies jail, and has broken into freshens locker

    80. GooseGamer 101

      Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.don’t report me it’s a joke

    81. spectrum7172

      1ms wtf

    82. ItzByron -_-

      I knew this video was coming

    83. Anas Ninja08

      Someone pls gift me lachlan skin

    84. Simon Vanzella

      It's poggers not poggies

    85. Mandy Braaten

      Reporting you to Lachlan

    86. Brody Orgill

      Fresh: Im gonna make lachy thick

    87. Lofie Fn

      Wait until the thiccest fresh in Fortnite

    88. jjgamer_yt x

      What sup guys yes

    89. Kamari Makell


    90. sillykidz24-7

      Pickle pickle

    91. Summy 50

      All this guy does is complain, annoying

    92. Lucca Urano


    93. Oliver Doe

      I love you fresh

    94. The Doof Gang

      Fresh whenever a new skin comes out: I DIAGNOSE YOU WITH THICCNESS

    95. The Doof Gang

      Feels wrong to hear someone who isn't Lachlan say poggies

    96. billy bop4909

      Hey fresh when are you getting ur fortnite skin

    97. How to Robotronics

      Epic gamer

    98. Wither Dude

      Fresh is gay confirmed

    99. Aden Racho

      In deed egg and btw ur comment got a thousand likes