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    1. Zue だ

      When is the thiccest lazerbeam

    2. D1N0 シ


    3. yokee dude

      all i can say ........................................................SUS INSTA REPORT lol jk but BRUH

    4. D-man In Da House

      He should’ve called in lachy to coach him lol

    5. Khloe B


    6. Gamer Boy


    7. HiQeyz 2009

      Who watch this because of the shorts?🤣

    8. MrPlasma YT

      lachy is not a poggies guy

    9. UnseenAssassin

      Best thumbnail ever!😂😂😂

    10. æ

      Imagine if Lachlan sees this

      1. JoJo Mass

        he did

    11. Sam Finke

      Whos here after Lazarbeam got his skin

    12. Harshil Gamings

      Did Lachlan watch this

    13. mohammed noor


    14. Y2Kennedy


    15. RJ GAMES

      Suprised Lachy hasn’t said anything about the thumbnail 😂

    16. Just a llama

      I thought this was Lachlan so I clicked on it then realised its fresh so now I’m happy it’s fresh and not Lachlan because Lachlan trash

    17. Zain Hussain


    18. Caroline Gray


    19. N0t Cameron

      he. didnt. say. no. homo.

    20. LeaveZ

      is it just me or what i play on 26 sensitivity

    21. SkateTheWave

      ever heard the tremble in fresh's voice? 7:10

    22. kam

      i gave this kid like 1k views because i keep coming back to screenshot the thumbnail 👍🏿😍 thanks to the editor and lachl

    23. Slice in zlly

      Fresh your the best HUgetsr

    24. kam

      very thicc thumbnail 👍🏿

    25. Ethan Allred

      fresh is STILL CRACKED even with lachlans settings

    26. ge ge gaga hehe lol

      Oce is oceania and he has 1 ping WHAT how

      1. ge ge gaga hehe lol

        Thats so fast hes internet is so fast

    27. Angelo Novelli


    28. Barbaric Bacon

      I love how for the Loserfruit video he has to justify the title and thumbnail... but Lachy, Lachy just thicc

    29. Paul Mcglen

      Well poggies for eliems

    30. Paul Mcglen

      It’s not poggies it’s poggers

    31. fluffy on yt


    32. Quincy Corcoran

      The thumbnail is kinda thicc

    33. TheKingHotDip

      5:19 where is the poggies 😳

    34. Lawahiz Desira

      fresh : get one tac also me : isnt he using a pump?

    35. Alex

      Wtf was that thumbnail 😂 😂

    36. Ducky

      Yup ever on knew

    37. Archie James

      Who’s better lazarbeam or fresh

      1. Paper

        @TheKingHotDip no just lazar

      2. TheKingHotDip

        On fortnite fresh but on HUgets lazarbeam

      3. Paper


    38. Archie James

      The thumbnail is weird

    39. PogChamp45


    40. GRRpupsRsavg

      Fresh better than Lachlan on his one binds

    41. GPS-auto5

      If all there settings are bad just maybe it’s yours that sucks

    42. GTVL Flame

      Lachlan is not as thick as you jk

    43. 즈뉴의 슬기로운 게임 세상

      oh my its gilogilo

    44. Rachel Kelly

      Fresh u good with any settings

    45. Abby Kutsch

      Me to

    46. Golden Kyroglific

      It's pogers

    47. Pham Andrew

      p o g g i e s

      1. TheKingHotDip

        Lachlan: P O G G I E S Fresh: T H I C C

    48. Unown racnim

      bro it's a game so stop acting like this is real the reason why I am saying this fist bcz he is breathing when he is low on hp and other stuff

    49. Aaron Takaba

      PoGgies moment, like for a PoGies moment and comment for poggers

    50. linaropoulo

      7:36 what is bohe ??

    51. Fl4sh Dnx

      Fresh: Lufu Check Fresh: Lachy Check Ninja: What about me? Fresh: Sorry who are you?

    52. Freddie Barrett 09

      Your the best fortnite player in the WORLD!! Please reply

    53. Faze Swag

      Everything is thicc

    54. Faze Swag

      Every skin is thicc btw

    55. Cloud

      If only fresh saw my binds

    56. Dylan The gamer

      5:18 he forgot to say poggies

      1. TheKingHotDip


    57. Tominations 1.0

      That thumbnail 🤣🤣

    58. Qussay Deis


    59. Qussay Deis

      We all knew this was coming 😂

    60. Hardeep Singh

      It is just me or did the new Lachlan become 20 times worse

    61. Anika Haigh

      Why you making fun of Lachlan skin😭😭😭

    62. Vesp7_fan s

      my name's jeff

    63. Mrs Lington

      Sometimes he forgot to say poggys XD

    64. Gerald Tovar

      fresh kinda sus

    65. HT Jimmy

      You stole the thumbnail idea from lufu XD

    66. Kiwi da parrot

      The thumbnail

    67. Some Excitement FS

      Lachlan more like anti fresh

    68. Nazi Cheeseburger

      When you realise im thicccccer Fresh be like CAN I GET YOU FOR TUMBNAIL

      1. Dylan The gamer

        Self liked

    69. hxrc gaming

      Tbh i think he is in a custom that he made with his fans or somthing smh

    70. Pickle Rick

      can you make a vid showing your key binds

    71. Mustafa Maldeviwala

      You are the best

    72. Tipsyシ

      No one: Absultely no one: Fresh: uses scroll wheel down to jump

    73. NGA Pigeon

      That thumbnail tho

    74. Epix Games

      I think that fresh should get a skin instead on Lachy sorrry Lachlan

      1. NGA Pigeon

        U bum

    75. lego yoda

      What's good wit da cursed lachlan images, you're scaring my children

    76. Bman

      3:54 he says lachlan dachlan

    77. Xiled Whites

      Can someone check me out and tell me if I’m any good at the game cause I’m trying to get better to that’ll be awesome whoever does

    78. CyFi


      1. CyFi

        What I was doing with my friend was a great name and I saw him in the chat room I was with him on the sus list I wanna is a good start I wanna I rurr is a

    79. CyFi

      Yell poggies

    80. CyFi


    81. Master Chief

      Fresh the best

    82. Jackson Baker

      * Fresh runs out of video ideas Fresh: thicc

    83. 200 yr boi

      watch on opistite day he is going to make a THINNEST SKIN IN FORTNITE

    84. 200 yr boi

      no body not even i single soul on this earth: fresh: this skin looks cool ima make it THICCCCC

    85. Brooke Reeve

      Can you pls do chopper only challenge so you have to win In the air and you can’t get mats or Anything you have to go doctor dooms to get in the chopper

    86. Brooke Reeve

      What is puggies

    87. Brooke Reeve

      Can you do she hulks mythic only pls

    88. Carlo Q

      I think he says poggs or poggers

    89. Brady Smith

      Use code fresh

    90. Kim Fisher

      Me seeing Lachlan skin in item shop Gets notification THICCEST LACHY IN FORTNITE

    91. ELECTRIK_Tsunami

      Who else wants Fresh to do a competitive video again? Like if you agree

    92. Sub2 Daudy


    93. BigDoorHandle Hi

      Lachlan: oh cool a new skin/Fresh: he he boi

    94. Andrey

      есть русские

    95. Siblinz

      When epic makes Fresh his own skin they will add a THICC style option. Or his skin will be reactive and after every elimination you get thiccer.


      You played the tournament and because of that a trio did not get the skin for free while you had the skin and you played for money by uploading a video on it.😑

    97. Soggy-Bunny6

      Next it might be the thiccest grefg in fortnite

    98. CHAOS fn

      The Thumbnail killed me ,😂😂

    99. Dark Gamer

      Pls i want battle pass my username is LOLGamerjay

    100. maritza salinas