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    1. 34xboy

      Waiting for fresh to say hey guys NO lol

    2. Jamie Rardin

      :fresh lets gets a bounty then :mandolin kills bounty

    3. chris doherty

      stealing from tg

    4. Curiousity X

      Killed u in my recent montage gg my king no cap :D

    5. FinalYeet

      You protected my cuson

    6. Victor Boyd

      Yo fresh is better than Justin lol 😆

    7. Daemen Juarbe

      Quick question why is your new skin wrath kondor a battle pass skin instead of an item shop skin

    8. Jase is Faze786

      It best portekter



    10. Voyd -.-

      How to know if your bounty is a Fortnite Bot: If their name has two words that don’t make sense ( sometimes they might) and has 2 numbers (or 1), it’s a Fortnite Bot

    11. Nb Skills

      Next time do Ian emote

    12. Lee Piazza

      mabye you can dance so they now

    13. Ashton and Jax Vlogs

      Fresh is my favourite HUgetsr

    14. Carmelo Roa

      Why is fresh not in faze clan bro

    15. Pengu Playz

      Woolly Mammoths are always bots

    16. Xxxboy Ethni

      all of as waiting for fresh to say "whats up guys no"

    17. F Zone

      The ritzy fang noteworthily intend because sea overwhelmingly release underneath a nutritious ukrainian. whole, glistening glorious chocolate

    18. Corey Begay

      I use good fresh

    19. Typixal gamer yt

      Yay I was drama alert

      1. Tyler B

        No you were not, drama alert is a bot

    20. ShannonLowdon

      RIP fresh (lol)

    21. TheThingy 1

      1:55 Lambfury... my friends name is Ozzyfury... for real

    22. SILO goosebumps

      You should do a challenge where you can only kill people that have a bounty on you

    23. It’s Joeking

      Can you do a video where you just relax, play fortnite, and commentate on what you do.

    24. Angus and Nikki Roblox

      Just crouched your team

    25. orabi khatib

      Congrats on 7 mill

    26. Jordan Charles

      I mean favoritest fan

    27. TrustMe

      Im not a robot, Fresh..... :( it was my first time on switch

    28. Noelle

      Congrats on 7 million

    29. Sammy Hawkins

      Mando only works alone

    30. aileenpr90

      Fresh I have 10k gold

    31. Lisa Clark

      why is fresh wearing mando when hes not protecting anyone

    32. FortniteTeam

      7:59 :::: 53shield and 53 hp.. woooow so satisfying.🙂

    33. Gisuk Heo

      Also use code fresh

    34. Gisuk Heo

      Whats up guys yes, Will never get old

    35. ItzAce

      what is that pickaxe??

    36. Moonlight plays

      He’s 1k away from seven mil

    37. Mr. Chief

      Am I the only one or he is starting to sound alot like LazarBeam

      1. Tyler B

        Like father, like son

    38. Cookie JC_

      360 frame per second... I only get 30 frames on a good day...

    39. Slothismeh :3

      Video idea: eliminate ONLY the Bountys :)

    40. Danny Richards

      They should add this as a mode aside bounty

    41. Fresh

      This is basically the story of The Mandalorian as Mando protects his bounty (Baby Yoda)

    42. Jakey jo E

      As I’m watching this vid I have 10k gold witch is max

      1. Jakey jo E

        Also sand tunnels gone agin

    43. Mohamed Amr Mohamed Foad

      gg fresh

    44. moonpigeons hanneman

      Fresh I am a big fan !!!

    45. Arnold Rivera

      The guiltless law inexplicably coil because conga experimentally boil concerning a whispering picture. attractive, acrid call

    46. Brahlen Tankovich

      6:01 my mom after having me

    47. miah miah1

      The was me

    48. Deivi Ambrocio

      You can just crouch

    49. Phillip seaward

      Can You Add Me On Fortnite It’s ToxicGamer5312

    50. Alex Dutra

      The pale bush numerically fold because editor trivially announce aboard a young freckle. divergent, wry pendulum

    51. gacha honey flow

      Alright you don’t have to flex your set up and advertise it alright

    52. XY_ Fish

      So close to 7 million

    53. Hockey Monkey88

      Omg fresh I was the iris im so sorry I killed u I didn’t know u wanted to protect me

    54. Yeshua Rei

      Fresh’ Last Bounty was a Facebook Streamer

    55. SunShineTat

      Me: clicks on this video Also me: hears the intro and says in my head this is going to be the dumbest thing fresh has done

    56. ragingraptor100

      10:01 Wait a second........

    57. nicholas garton

      I was your bounty in the first game

    58. Kr Hu

      He said we don’t want to kill somebody WHO iS FAR FAR AWAY star ⭐️ wars

    59. Aiden Ayala

      That was me shoting you

    60. Faze_ Obama

      When he said "I dont know where my cat is" i died

    61. ruzboy 309

      It is as if Fresh changes his account to bot lobby when he is doing memes, but when he plays tourneys he switches it to pro lobby.

    62. OH YEAH YEAH

      Fresh:Give me ur account plz

    63. Psycho YT

      This was a poo vid

    64. B4U

      Swap loot with your bounty everytime

    65. Keanu Frith

      I like how fresh runs 300 more FPS than I do

    66. Luke Mclaggen

      4:48 did anyone else see the kit skin through the window?

      1. IᴛsTʀᴏᴘᴢ !

        Omg ye. I didn't at first though 😂

    67. G30RG3

      "ELIMINATE DRAMALERT5", - Keemstar has entered the chat.

    68. simplesloth

      Can you anouns the next gen consel give away please

    69. SnakeSkins

      Fun Fact: I got dramalert5 as a bounty

    70. Cooldawg

      Hi fresh sory I couldn't comment or like was something with my wifi

    71. Lil Fe4rless

      He said ass look 10:52

    72. Brian Salguero

      I reloaded the page

    73. Brian Salguero


    74. Doggee __

      i love how he killed orphan kid bruh 10:02

    75. Itschristrim

      Bruh those graphics are something else my eyes hurt watching this geez

    76. yazan al abdallah

      the cat was not the same at that is his bounty he was protecting the wrong cat

    77. Ramon Zalamea

      Love your videos

    78. Bryan Woodward

      At 7 mil you should do a pic axe only challenge😂

    79. Mokshil trivedi

      As it has ended

    80. Mokshil trivedi

      When will fresh announce the next gen giveaway

    81. Xd De1ta 24

      Video idea: every kill has to be a bounty kill

    82. Reviloyuo 2.0

      They are “far far away”

    83. Syed Noshad Hassan

      Can we 1v1

    84. Troopers And memes

      Hi I love your videos📱😍

    85. Cliped by SXM

      If i could reach 500 before 2021 my dad will buy me a better setup plz help me ❤️🥺

    86. Miyah Plays

      My friend has 5k

    87. Lehan Swart

      Love the vid fresh

    88. Michelle Cornell


    89. Fleet Street Communications

      How did he do this

    90. Fluffiest Gamer

      If you no scope with the mandalorian sniper you leap forward

    91. GoDzi xX YT

      doesnt this count as teaming?? lmao

    92. Taylor LP

      I'm watching this while I am a bounty

    93. Joel Jinete

      Once I bounty hunted the last player in the game and he was a bot

    94. Earth 244

      ur the worst protector

    95. Chris Burke

      That first game was sad

    96. Nightsnow

      12:50 whats that music?

    97. Matthew Guthrie

      he bout to hit 7m

    98. Lara English

      I am using my moms acount

    99. Lara English

      Can you add me

    100. Flipping Kid7