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    1. MR. DUCKY

      Hey fresh u said only things I can throw so u can throw babys

    2. Dmc _faternity

      Hit him 70: 69

    3. Jaden Ulroan

      you should stop “why do i do this to myself” and get better. complaining be annoying. you’re great and all. just stop all the complaining and get better

    4. Get_ ClapzYT

      Seriously it’s like Epic wants to Vault every weapon and gernades because there just op

    5. Steve Keller

      Wtf the gamemodes back

    6. justin kilcrease

      That was a tough watch.. glad I stuck around. Good job fresh!

    7. VG S1CKO


    8. Sander Tieben

      Fresh, you tried to go to the skybase why didnt you just use your rift to go

    9. Ute


    10. Kyle Roberts

      Fresh: *dies trying to destroy a sky base* What he should’ve done: if you can’t beat them, join them

    11. Kaiden Anning

      He’s done guys

    12. Zach Hall

      you still can get scar from orlia even in non gun ltm

    13. Ghoul

      is it just me but at 8:28 i think he meant cuck not what he said

    14. Edwin King

      Fresh has a lot of trouble with solo squad in this game mode? but how is it possible for me than? here is how i did it. instead of logging in on you're PC you will have to log in on a nintendo switch console, guaranteed you will only get bots or really bad players since nintendo switch is to underrated. i basicly got it first try on the switch, {mainly cuz i started on the switch and only switched to PC on august 2019} wich made me master the art of the controller. still i prefer keyboard and mouse now, but there is one thing key board and mouse player do not have compared to controller players, {Aim Assist} wich is crazy on switch.

    15. Keyonna Aguinaga

      Clingers are bugged

    16. Keyonna Aguinaga

      Your rusty can skills be kicking in with your throwing abilities

    17. Sam-James Smith

      use it

    18. Sam-James Smith

      use code FRESH

    19. the gamer dan

      who wanna be friends

    20. Zak Maddison

      When I saw the tax pump and the now on the floor I was so mad but then I found out it was an ltm

    21. adilah omar


    22. Charels

      Fresh why did you ruin there game of soccer

    23. Zayin Johnson

      when tha dude flew pastnd said "mermerm"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


      This game sucks .-.

    25. Karminderjit Singh

      Day 34 of commenting till fresh notices

    26. CruzPlays

      I can’t stop…what’s up guys yes!!😆

    27. Alfyris

      No weapons

    28. tyler harris

      fresh do a video on the floor is lava again its my favorite gamemode so please

    29. cynthia pledger

      I love you ❤️

    30. muaaz rizwan

      2:45 how did he get knocked

    31. Cody Polk

      i am not playing it in anyway first round dide 4 seconds

    32. LucasDaMan

      sorry fresh but I got like 7 throw out squad don't fill wins so its not that hard

    33. Ayden Reed

      nnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bows shotgun waaaaaaaaaa

    34. justin alvis

      boys, like this up if u want Fresh to do the thiccest monkey in fortnite

    35. Zan Penic

      ah it hapens weall know its kinda imposible

    36. Channie Henderson


    37. Channie Henderson

      A bad word!!!

    38. Channie Henderson

      Don't say

    39. Peter Frost

      lol people still like this shit

    40. GamingNate

      I would love to meet Fresh in real life


      Fresh I want to 1v1 u plss let me friend u

    42. Chase

      Fresh: “It’s impossible to hit someone with a clinger” me: have you ever Heard of fearless

      1. Chase



        I had btw he’s fu*CLAP* cracked

      3. The llamas

        or sunde

      4. Zeyad Aly

        No I didn't

    43. Diana Kuoch

      Try skybasing and get some meds for heal off

    44. Hadi


    45. ryan hopgood

      Do you know mr Maeola

    46. ThunderLord

      use the the famous lazerbeam strat always in solo vs squad

    47. Zak Lyon

      I like how his title says epic guns yet there’s no guns

    48. Kush GUPTA


    49. Rizwan Islam

      i solo-squaded throwdown and keep getting atleast top-10 ;-;

    50. marc kian camarse

      let me predict fresh's next video, it will be "Beast Boy in Fortnite" and the challenge is he will use green weapon and use the npc's to be a prop so it will look like shape shifting.

    51. Yu-Gi-Lo!

      I won in this gamemode 7 times in a row by building a skybase and since the begining of it was in storm noone could shoot me down and i would wait for a tiny circle and spam stink bombs

    52. Vivekananda-39

      skybase fresh

    53. epic gamer 248

      Not all the throwable items lazarbeam playing fortnite isnt there

    54. Ethan Ferrol

      Or what u said fat bird

    55. Ethan Ferrol

      Fresh.... did you kill a Guppy

    56. Niels D

      Maybe you could play on 30 fps for a video or something?

    57. Logan Webb

      When u killed someone with stink bomb u should of said u stink

    58. Daniel Hoke

      Who else misses his kid picture intro thingy

    59. VG S1CKO

      Hi I m doing this on my friends account but I love u u r a sick HUgetsr and r god at the game considering it do dumb challenges all the time

    60. Pigeon Meatball


    61. samthuglyfe


    62. C Jones

      Can You friend me in fortnite my name is mario7.0.0

    63. Irving Coelho


    64. Irving Coelho

      Why u no post

    65. Linda Dudley

      Day one of asking foe the og intro

    66. MeChelle Weborg

      Fresh: anything you can throw is in this game mode me: then where are the air strikes

    67. Radhika Musunuri

      Fresh video idea: Fish week so fish only for heals and you can kill people only after boxing them (like a fish)

    68. SKP Hausel

      wait - at 2:45 if he’s playing solo squad why was he knocked

    69. cool Stan gaming

      Fresh is FRESH

    70. G.k.Varsan 7 A

      Fresh is a pro player

    71. Freddy Talavera


    72. Trip Christian

      Umm fresh can you friend me please my fortnite name is triptroychristi. Please you are my first favourite HUgets are

    73. Nikko Lopez

      Big YEETS !!!!!! =D

    74. Team _T.U.M

      I’m waiting for fresh to upload again so I can watch him

    75. Brittany Williams

      I swear it's so much for me I'm only 8

    76. Brittany Williams

      This is my moms old phone

    77. Brittany Williams

      Please my mom went to jall

    78. Brittany Williams

      You should use one hand to play fortnite with a hand cam

    79. Daddy Clix

      Fresh I think that you were better a year ago 👍

    80. Juan Diaz

      Imagine if fresh suddenly says “What’s up guys!! Yes I’m gay😹”

    81. Pedro Rivera

      Damn fresh has competition in that mode

    82. AnakinKenobi66

      Only ogs will remember when the gamemode was called "Catch!"

    83. potatoes_CKG

      Who else misses fresh old intro

    84. Jedaiah Ra

      This is one of the first times I’ve seen fresh end a video with out completing it

    85. Flesh Max


    86. Flesh Max

      i like the fact the he never quits

    87. Toto Katonies

      ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉ'ˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇ 🇵🇴🇬 🐸

    88. STILL

      One can only try to understand an equal, judgement occurs from a pedestal✌️

    89. Ryan Mondesir

      Why doesn’t he daily upload anymore

    90. Toby Flitter

      Wasn't it called catch?

    91. NGU_Scootering

      When the pickle mobile finally carries fresh.

    92. Sam Haddara

      Your solo squading how did you get knocked

    93. Madeline Odom

      good vide

    94. Te Ramaroa Waata


    95. Renar Kasela

      What game you will play if fortnie didnt exist

    96. Conrad Brown

      Meep meep

    97. Soppen Pedro

      Fearless has been good at this

    98. Zahrah Ali

      beest paler

    99. Aiden Winstead

      She jumped on my car just to get away. Come here boy. Is it a girl or a boy?

    100. love tester

      wait you can't drop guns?