roller skating all game...


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    1. Block_A

      0:23 he left his mouse on the screen

    2. Dino Dino

      Hit me but not with sniper XD

    3. Cameron Bonanno

      5:48 are we just going to ignore the fact that the upgrade station came out of nowhere

    4. Jay WalkerGaming


    5. rodo

      You made cool roller skating part boring. Nooo!

    6. Adnan Sadikhli

      bruh tht skin is so good even the shirt open omg and the shorts that ARe so good but and add a nother t

    7. Annay Bansal

      Why does fresh always say, “what’s up guys, yes”

    8. Jeffrey F

      how did fresh take out like 7 people 3:32

    9. Rucker Pickering

      pretend to be the midis zombie boss

    10. UniKittyYT 1234

      Idea for next video 1. Change keybinds to Fresh 2. Win with no meds ✅ 3. Win with lazarbeams girlfriend 4. Hide and only battle the last other player Sub to my channel if you love fresh

    11. Flaming Gaming

      Hi there is Zara. 🦄

    12. Virginia Joan Perez

      Whats up guys yes:D

    13. Sangeeta Tiwari

      let's get 100,000 likes on this video and on this comment for Nx Slayzxx

    14. 1D4V1D 1

      3:28 he pointed at them when they landed

    15. Gabriela Aspe

      The first round though😂😂😅😅

    16. All the part S

      3:29 hahahahaha that’s so normal

    17. blueknight gaming


    18. HealedLace82


    19. Abishai Espinoza Barajas

      when is he going to use pumpurnickel emote

    20. AJ Bhogal


    21. Jelena Miletic

      Fortnite Tara Miletic

    22. Ariah Smith

      I want that pack

    23. Jordyn Cychosz

      Wow can we?


      Please add me I've used your code and I am subscribed

    25. Memphis Battin

      Anyone else triggered that at 5:23 he didn’t pick up green AR but when he killed other guy, he picked up a GREY AR

    26. David Vandermolen

      "I guess he just gave up" *He thought you were trying to be nice, that's what people think when you dance*

    27. Jake Keates


    28. iakedr ROBLOX


    29. Malakai Diaz


    30. Reee Child

      How did he not see the green ar

    31. Joaquim Leal

      Fresh in other videos: dont shoot me Fresh in this video: *SHOOT ME ALL READY!*

    32. Hossam Barhom t

    33. Kip Kuduk


    34. Maria Vela


    35. Myles H


    36. Do you 360 Sosa juice WRLD

      Hey mate

    37. Zachary Maxfield

      RIP pp

    38. Allison Williams

      When the teamer sees the video 👁👄👁

    39. Leopard gecko Leo

      New title: THE THICCEST roller stater in fortnite

    40. PrestonC2010 :D

      That’s embarrassing you marked minis when you took a big pot at no shield

    41. Kaya Kaplan plays games

      Rip tac shotie

    42. emmyham savage

      petition for og fresh intro like so he sees

    43. jude ghazal

      whats his glider

    44. The cool boy And his dad

      I have that skin

    45. hilde gravdahl

      Voice crack at 4:07

    46. Erin Saunders


    47. Lucas Whetton

      Add him (Nxslayzx)

    48. Dave Videos

      Not gonna lie I’m kinda addicted to fresh’s content

      1. Dave Videos

        Smeed29 LoL

      2. Smeed29

        I swear I’ve seen this comment on some of his other vids, looks like your not the only one 😂

    49. i play minecrarft

      CEO of whats up guys

    50. t0asty Bread

      Iv done that awhile ago

    51. Wilson Walker

      Rip pp

    52. jerry chez

      when you ask to be shot

    53. SCRAPS

      He missed the green ar and then picks up a grey one

    54. ZXC BROCK


    55. Dylan Eite

      What does code fresh mean

    56. Ayaila De La Cruz

      ir ankles dudewwww

    57. mason innes

      6.28m sub scrayber

    58. mason innes


    59. Games Central

      Clap clap clap!

    60. extreo _

      Play fortnite on roler skates

    61. Rylan Medina

      I can't belive you fresh

    62. Realking Freeze

      Anyone just like to rewatch the outro

    63. Laila Phillips

      Millie and I have been working on the same for the last few months and have been

    64. SavageWillieB YT

      You can emote while using a zip line do the emote under it and then press the button to use it

    65. Itz_notDani 313

      Round of a clause for NXslayz👏

    66. Kayleigh Millier

      I love this so much it inspires me to get ‘better’ although I don’t at fortnite so thank you fresh(Harley) I think that’s your name idk soz:(

    67. george jurhen


    68. Jakiyah Deadmon

      People can live to the age of 120

    69. Jakiyah Deadmon

      Yor the best HUgetsr

    70. Avery Jones

      Didn’t anyone notice that when he pointed to the left a meteor fell down at 3:25 in the video?

    71. Amazing Default


    72. 1K Before 2021?

      Fun Fact Most Fun Facts Aren’t Fun

    73. DeadLite

      u need an intro

    74. Tricky Potato

      love your vids

    75. Mr Kiwi

      “These guys miss so much bullets” - Fresh 2020

    76. BirthdayToon

      Anyone here after season 4?

    77. Jackson Daley

      Someone: "hey buddy let's be friends." Fresh: "Shoot me, so I can kill you!"

    78. Femboy Waifu

      this video makes me want to go rollerskating

    79. Louise Carrigan


    80. Johnny Ou

      Who got the bundle i did

    81. XxApril_Dreams 45


    82. Nicholas Avdihodzic

      It was you fresh! I was the soccer skin I didn’t want to shoot you because you were dancing so I left you.

    83. Cat Chaser

      Hey it’s me who was that Park

    84. Tyedie Squad


    85. KaiTPP


    86. Tomo3983

      Can we stream

    87. Sarah Gu

      I want the pack please please

    88. Yash Pawan

      Fresh you are the thiccest gamer in Fortnite

    89. Confused gurl stroking her beard


    90. Can we get 1k subs for a THICC SUBSCRIBE BUTTON

      No T H I C C WOW ( thick sub button so not NO

    91. Can we get 1k subs for a THICC SUBSCRIBE BUTTON

      I can’t even do it 5 seconds

    92. Becky Deal

      6:53 did he alomost say bug support

    93. Courtney among us

      *I have to turn wi'll skating *I Have to go in storm welse skating

    94. Amy Jane

      I have used your code

    95. Austin Haig

      5:41 Me: ikr 6:27 Me: fresh hit your shots lmao

    96. Blaze Bro

      You had 7 metal to build with though fresh

    97. Salty_pataters ;3

      Nobody: Every Intro: Whats up guys yes

    98. Iskandar ibrahim

      Let's go the best Fortnite player

    99. Camacazy

      Please watch my first vid