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    1. Susan Shafer

      What happend when u always landed at plesent Park plz bring back the old days plz plz plz

    2. Ixy_onswitch7 Ixy_snake7

      Now we have to beat the x2twins they got like 190

    3. Durax Gaming

      what is that song at 9:42, im still looking for it, what's it called, did fresh make the song himself or something, does anyone know

    4. John Long

      I did it with my friend MasterOfGamezPS4 and got 143 elims

    5. Anthony Ketcham

      Me:finds one person wins the game Fresh:20 elim average AnD carrys lannan gets the dub

    6. Anthony Ketcham

      This whole challenge is a big BRUHHHHH moment

    7. Reon Joby

      How does fresh have 30 kills and there was still like 14 people left

    8. Charlie

      I got 128

    9. NRG DIBX

      I want to 1v1 lannan

    10. NRG DIBX

      Challenge accepted!!!!!!!

    11. Youssof El Saddik

      x2twins beat it

    12. Clinton Farrand

      Do you where a back bling with your skin fresh

    13. Pulse_clips

      Me and my friend got 224 this is prob to late

    14. rocket Royale gameplay

      I got 140 elims

    15. grayson sampson

      10000000 kills with friends

    16. James Bond

      i thought this is a compilation but no

    17. Yoter Grant

      You should do this in every game

    18. Inthezal

      bruh nearly half of the lobby is filled with bots and stream snipers lol

    19. Tommy Howe

      bruh no one will defeat that when u got the dream duo

    20. Jad Zarzour

      I did the challenge on we only got 54 kills. He was right, it is damn hard

    21. Cameron Brotherton

      What's the song he plays at 10 mins anyone know

    22. Chase Duncan

      sup fresh

    23. Michel Zablah

      face cam

    24. Alex Renoj Vicente

      i got 399 kills it was very hard

    25. YogaBomb

      I got 456 kills

    26. Lennon Ferron

      fresh is very specific at the beginning

    27. Canadian Major

      How is this challenge fair when they get free kills from stream snipers. Rigged hecking challenge

    28. jacobs rodrigez

      i got 28

    29. Vegas Lapito

      bruh i got 64

    30. Redrum bOI

      Not hard to beat we got 200 kills.

    31. Colin Ashe

      I got 429

    32. lazybulbasar 57

      I got 30 kills

    33. Akash Harish

      Fresh someone got more than u

    34. Rhianon Holpin

      fresh your a bot like your dad but you are the best youtuber in the world

    35. Zachary Goddard

      i meant 143 lol

    36. Zachary Goddard

      me and my friend got 43!!!

    37. Snax shack

      I got 329 #1 83 #2 #3

    38. Spyro397

      This was really enjoyable to watch

    39. Shelvin Vincenti

      I and my friend got 393

      1. Shelvin Vincenti

        Omg I beat fresh my name is kid_fresh_ttv

    40. Cayden Hampton

      People ain’t even gonna do it 30 elims first game

    41. Keegan Kolker

      It not fair you have stream snipers for half of your kill

    42. Jack Masterson

      i got 156

    43. Muhammad Wahid

      I got 130 wins no cap

    44. Iysan Fikrat

      I got 55 kills alone at lazy lake then tilted

    45. Tomek YouTube


    46. Louise Hawkins

      I got 205 kills

    47. Logan BRADY

      Can we use bot lobbies??

    48. Jack Jordan

      No wonder everyone is dying so fast like top 10 after final zone because everyone is trying the challenge

    49. Andrew Purcell

      Please make a video where you guys are not streaming so you dont get free elims from stream snipers cause I think you got like 20 free kills at least free stream snipers

    50. PWR Kaboom

      I got 168 kills

    51. joanne gallagher

      I got 56 kills

    52. John Rundell

      The moldy key finally press because pleasure histomorphometrically clap above a pathetic zephyr. abrasive, different oyster

    53. Logan Krahn

      Thoughts Fresh and Lannan?!?

    54. Sesi Dzidzienyo

      fresh just did all of the work lmao

    55. Scar

      WE GOT 130

    56. miku is cute

      I was going to acept the challenge but you got like 10 elims from stream snipers

    57. Plasma Kellen


    58. jorrit nouta

      Me and my friends firts try 50 kills exactly


      Chalange accepted

    60. Marcel Machalczyk

      I and my friend get 84 kills

    61. Power Storm

      I got the challenge for you Fresh, go Menace and only loot at the colosseum and see if you can get a win

    62. Sydney Leeper

      Fresh: team work.. Lazarlazar: it’s all you it’s no team work and you know that

    63. Sammie Boii

      I got 129

    64. Vibin Hype Playz

      Why even me

    65. Igor.p

      Manoyek 64 kills

      1. Emota


    66. Wyatt Gambill

      i got 123 elims dab I NEAT THEM

      1. Wyatt Gambill

        BY 1

    67. Jacob ss

      Two game is fucking custom i Been this game

    68. omple

      What’s up guys...... YES

    69. Bartas103

      Challenge accepted

    70. Dean Fuller

      Fresh it’s my dream to play with you and lannan please can you play with me.

    71. Dr. Shakuntala

      Challenge accepted my friend...

    72. Aya Farah

      I’m gonna do the challenge tomorrow with my friend

    73. Gameboyshaw 18

      Close but still you beat us

    74. Gameboyshaw 18

      Me and my duo got 119

    75. Scar


    76. Sophia and Enzo Coniker

      Me and my friend got 220 kills in a hour

    77. Fifa 21!!


    78. INF_Dragon_X _


    79. Abram Thomas

      Wait no 170

    80. Abram Thomas

      Me and my little brother got 180 no way you got beat

    81. Ivano Botica

      bro my tmate is like bugha hes level 421

    82. Andrew McKinney

      It's impossible, they have way too many streamsnipers.

    83. Lindsay Robins

      We got 180 kills

    84. Ethan Goldner

      i only got 115 damn it

    85. Tom Allen

      We got 102 Letsssssssss goooooooooo

    86. Ethan Goldner

      you and lazarbeam need to go to the app store and update cod mobile so people can add you guys. pls update bc i wanna play against you guys maybe???

    87. Isaya Schlosser

      I got 69 kills.

    88. Martyn Buckley

      We done the change. 134

    89. Chai Tea Latte

      Lmfao, Mccreamy did a video on this and they got 278 kills.

    90. ahmed ramy

      me and my friend got 132 kills,we crushed the challenge

    91. Spider Man

      Challenge accepted

    92. NYZ Clan

      Challenge accepted

    93. Frxźty XBL ریال

      We dropped 160 today

    94. Joey Marks


      1. Joey Marks


    95. William Wilson

      I miss his old skin

    96. Luca Suite

      i only got 102

    97. XEROX


    98. The Koala Gamers

      That's like 2 elims per minute

    99. Jarinee Singjirakul

      my name is Rajen and my friends name is mAX i GOT 94 kills and my friend got 52