TikTok is SAVED


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    1. da guide

      so u live in australia right

    2. Jacob Smoot

      I like it

    3. Aryan Gajula

      I keep watching the video so I can listen to mccremy and mau sing

    4. Javeed Naqash

      The weird emote is Last forever. Fresh

    5. qwerty 143

      8:49 ok i go to you home and i will say fresh is a bot

    6. qwerty 143

      6:29 how can you be this bad

    7. qwerty 143

      4:55 your so bad at this game and tiktok is dodo

    8. Liliana Santos

      me: •watches youtube* ad comes up ad: "Oracle and Walmart have been donated 1M dollars from charli damelio addison rae avani gregg and dixie damelio including other celebrities.

    9. Xxgachanade UwU

      Tie tok is saved dem sweaty BOIS are dead

    10. gamingwith gidsta

      I hate tik tok it is the worst app ever created

    11. Nick Hurliman

      No it’s not it’s just delayed til too is fucking the youth up it makes people worthless

    12. kaoskid8000 *

      I never liked tic tac anyway

    13. EzraNinja 13


    14. EzraNinja 13


    15. Mario Pantelli

      My name on among us is fresh

    16. Eggbox C64c62fc97

      Fresh iv watched almost all ur vids u really inspire me thx :)

    17. Itz ya bitch

      If u see this comment can u explain how 16 relates to time as I’m still confused

      1. Aseem Verma


    18. Itzanahi Romo

      toosie slide is of Drake not of tiktok

    19. MrTazz Walker

      Fresh you are the best player. In fortnight i swar fresh. Like wow fresh you are just the best player

    20. NaviL Gamez

      Tik tok is aved the first tik tok after is a nursery ryme lol

    21. Dominic Sylarr Carilo Malacca

      fresh can you add me plsss

    22. Tea

      3:34 lol

    23. Liliana Santos

      4:56 omg theres so many deaths like that in so many videos

    24. InShOt

      1:36 that's not a tiktok dance that's the dance they did in the music video lol

    25. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content keep up the good work

    26. Esad Vlogs

      who else is watching this vide 1 month later

    27. turbo investigator gamemaster

      I saw "tik tok is banned" and and I was so happy

    28. Sandy Cummings

      Hi mate 🇬🇧 ,

    29. Dawn Green

      I love TIKTOK 👑👑👑😂😂😂👑👑👑🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺👍

    30. stalker steve

      Wina gad wina gad

    31. REIN Casey

      Fresh is using ma fav skin

    32. 4RU

      screw tiktok

    33. Reese Bookheimer

      Lannan singing in the background is so funny

    34. manifest_ train9

      Fresh and sypher should do a 1v1

    35. Maxinud


    36. YoshiPikachuFoxy

      0:28 the dance was in perfect sync with the music

    37. Spartacus Deniz

      still waiting for the Spotify album of this song 0:39

    38. CentedS Gotshe

      10:35 xxtentacion be like:

    39. Salty Playz

      I don't like tiktok especially now cuz of the benadryl challenge tiktok causes death. ( stupid people on tiktok die due to dumbass challenges )

    40. oggien

      Tik Tok is a boling app

    41. Ben Dover

      Tiktok almost get banned Fresh: this is content

    42. rich ruiz

      Add me fresh My accout is adrilxy

    43. Mr. Dirtbiker

      What app do you like? Like:HUgets Reply:Tiktok

    44. Black Wolf

      Thank you Walmart and oracle

    45. Jenn Rhodes

      Make sure you go check out the brady and sawyer channel its so cute make sure you go like and subscribe to

    46. Andrew Gantner

      or president in the usa is a f@#$% idiot

    47. Canned Gucci

      They should make that an emote

    48. Shensei

      Fresh: WeNeGaDe, WeNeGaDe, WeNeGaDe, WeNeGaDe,

    49. Onur Mahammadov

      Dam it

    50. Flame Feather


    51. Savitar

      0:55 Sounds like he singing

    52. Anto03Legend

      Why it didin't get banned

    53. Edy maricuta

      Ur content is so much more diffrent from season 6 I been there since de start

    54. BL4CKRED

      Is just me or does Fresh s\repeat the point of the entire video when he is on the battle bus?

    55. Erica Pyle

      Can you gift me

    56. Erica Pyle


    57. Emily Chill

      When I have played fortnite I have never seen a beach

    58. TnGhost


    59. Abdul Playz3249

      “tootsie slide” - fresh 2020-2021

    60. Gabriela Aspe

      Go lazer😅😅😅😅

    61. 10,000 subscribers with fortnite videos

      I'm giving away a bhangra boogie code at 100 subscribers this is not fake✔️ and stopped saying I'm a bot...

    62. NightMayor

      I didn’t know it was possible to get so many diseases in 13 minutes

    63. Jayjaylay789

      Oracle and Walmart is the best

    64. alex martin

      my favrite app is roblox hulu

    65. GameMing_ShaDoW YTB

      Tok tok is the worst thing god create

    66. Lemon _drop992

      Does he realize that like three of them aren't even tiktok dances?

    67. Christopher B. Kundiman


    68. Maryam Hashemi

      Fresh didn’t even notice he just broke the world record

      1. xJutsu

        Me and my duo finished in 13

    69. Phonesdark

      And some random peaple olso saved tiktok and one of them is me

    70. A S

      Can you not say renegade? That would make it 1% better

    71. OnMyGrind

      Wenagade Wenagade!!!😂💯

    72. ZWAG YAN Nayak


    73. ZWAG YAN Nayak


    74. Jordan Quichocho

      Anyone know when Ruby skin is back in shop again?

    75. N0TG

      Why the fuck did i get the notification to this vid 6 days late

    76. TBD Bad Panda

      Who agrees fresh should get a face cam

      1. Ethan Torres

        I do

    77. Alex Baldys

      Crystal had iron mans repolsers but she didn't drop it and iron man had it I'm confused

    78. Ethan Figueroa

      I dislike and like tiktok. There is like 2 reasons each why i dislike and like Like Some remind me of vines Some are funny asf Dislike People doing cosplays and singing songs and moving their hands which is cringe People saying "tHaTs FrOm TiK tOk" Tbh i kinda hate it because they ruin my favorite songs Btw 3rd bonus why i dislike and hate it is because there was one i saw where this girl dressed as rick and saying "quotes" that rick says and it was so cringe.

    79. Marley & me Channel

      Hey can you please add me on Fortnite and I’m no capitols on my name charee2411

    80. Jayden Pro

      Help me get better at Fortnite

    81. BlazeRBX

      Little did I know, I was actually being renegaded on by Fresh in a random solos match. Thanks Fresh

      1. Marie Sibrian

        What’s yo name so I can see you get shit on

    82. Jayden Pro

      What's yall fav TikTok dances

    83. Crash Phoenix YT

      You have sinned against all of your fan base you must now face the punishment of another challenge

    84. Ben Liu

      What is your favorite game: Like:Fortnite Comment:Minecraft

    85. Mar Mar


    86. Muhammad Ameer Cassiem

      Nobody :when Fresh hears the renegade song Fresh:do your thing lazerbeam wenegade wenegade wenegade

    87. Darnell Wilks

      Trumps friend owns tik tok 😂

    88. Abdalla Ali


    89. Abdalla Ali


    90. Abdalla Ali


    91. Abdalla Ali


    92. Abdalla Ali


    93. Abdalla Ali


    94. Abdalla Ali


    95. Abdalla Ali


    96. Abdalla Ali


    97. Abdalla Ali


    98. Abdalla Ali


    99. Abdalla Ali