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    1. buble boy

      Roses are Red he shows no remorce fresh joins the gayforce. Sry if you are ofended this is suposed to be dark humer

    2. Mini Wilbur

      I’m pretty sure groot is nonbinary

    3. Tyler Anderton

      Fresh is gay


      Simp Simp Simp Simp Simp Simp

    5. Ensio Jernberg

      If he only kill girls does that mean he simps for boys!?

    6. TheMobMaster

      Think about it: usually you would kill every skin equally. Fresh giving special treatment to male skins means he is simping for them

    7. Eddion R 2

      the thing that made me laugh was when ever he saw a female skin he called them guys

    8. Abbas housseiny2005

      The people who call you simp are probably the ones who are simps

    9. XxVIBExX

      Millennials killed by him be like: did you just assume my gender??

    10. Nguyen Thu Thuy

      Fresh is a simpppppppppppppppppppppppppp

    11. Theresa Benavidez

      Is Lazar your dad?????

    12. Mikey s

      who is wacthing this in qunten i am

    13. Michael H

      Idk why but girls at school simp for me once I heard them said I’m a puppy I’m cute and trendy all I wear is Nike and active wear well what can I say idk anything about them so yea. Ngl this is true

    14. Fortnite Clips

      The first elim he got he said renegade raider

    15. Logan Archibald


    16. FaxeArchRKR

      Your still a simp

    17. Aurelio Hernandez

      Will now your not a simp your gay

    18. pewds

      thats still simping but gay simping

    19. Kerndizzle

      SIMP super intense mincraft player

    20. Fishy on Me

      But fresh wat if they are gay

    21. Jaxon Lockley

      Why do u say boi when u kill someone fresh?

    22. sam silvester

      omg i was the first person that killed u at the start

    23. SEN Midas

      You are still a simp fresh 💓

    24. Amir Hosein Maleki

      Why are you doing this challenges fresh

    25. Peggy Fayard

      Simp super improved Minecraft player

    26. Chase the meamer

      That was me at the last game

    27. Mark Bartlett

      I feel bad for Tessa tessa seems lovely and she is ur lucky to have tessa as a girlfriend

    28. Nitro Killer

      Cool defult dude

    29. Nitro Killer

      You killd stark

    30. adrien graham

      Fresh the snipe God

    31. Marcin W

      Fresh i couldnt even kill volverine

    32. Malik124 Grafi


    33. Ulrich Lind

      Your dad huh

    34. TXR PƐNCIL

      "the stark bots dont count, they're not humans" says the llama

    35. Zamar Johnson

      fresh is a bot

    36. Lactoze

      It’s 2021 so we’re Canceling fresh for assuming a robots gender

    37. Kg gameing

      Gas bro you’ll get him next time

    38. Izuku Midoriya

      Alt title “disrespecting women challenge.”

    39. Brandon Philpott

      He killed John wick he is a Male

    40. Shana Heywood


    41. Olu Akinyemi

      My birthday on no simp september

    42. Random clips comedy

      You could also be bysectual

    43. Random clips comedy

      You could just be gay

    44. Jack Rothwell

      Gotta be a simp

    45. Imarippe

      Imagine he got into a lobby with LITTERALLY only Males

    46. Jad Khatib

      Fresh only says I can not fight this guy and he is only killing girls really fresh really

    47. Animefan101

      as a gal running an anti simp club it is very hard , this is why i love no simp september.

    48. RareMoonStar 17

      Fresh just saying only real men simp

    49. Bruno Allen

      Gay people be like -_-

    50. watermelon James

      i am a simp S-super I-intense M-minecraft P-player

    51. watermelon James

      imagine dating a woman classic simp move

    52. Riot Tondeur


    53. Damnjan S

      You kill male skin

    54. RubberGnome

      Anyone notice that at 3:15 in the video the people are still running after fresh sniped them?

    55. Alexander Honeyford

      Say hi to Tessa for me

    56. TOXPO i3ee

      5:17 If only Fresh had an Epic / Legendary assault rifle then, that would have been a perfect reference from Unturned. Oh well.

    57. Frankie Bennett

      Fresh: ITS AN AURA I CAN FIGHT THIS GUY everyone: WHAT

    58. Chris1009 M

      Stil a simp

    59. Only bitches hate me

      No simp September 2021 coming soonish

    60. Rorgz fifa


    61. Marciano Viana


    62. Haunted Gamer


    63. Cro D&A

      I did the challenge and I won

    64. Bop Pop

      Hey fresh you are a simp for your girlfriend

    65. SyriFN


    66. Marlet Hinds

      Wtf dude simpppppppppp

    67. Beefy Stew

      4:16 look at his mats

    68. Friend's_In _Common

      I don't feel bad because it no simp September but the other 11 months i feel bad

    69. Friend's_In _Common

      The title tho

    70. 14_6o


    71. Totally Awesome

      Fresh i love women me ??? Fresh like oh nvm but i love my girlfriend me oh now it makes sense

    72. zuhair king

      Fresh When you got 8 kills it was a guyyyy?? Answer pls??

    73. PIndyJones

      Being a simp is a terrible thing. I do agree though, you should respect all people, BOTH genders.

    74. Googleyouroogle

      Treating a girl nicely is not being a simp it’s just called being polite

    75. Keiran CASEY

      your a simp fresh

    76. Officially_Sean Mitchell

      6:12 it’s an aura I can fight ( this guy)

    77. Samantha Ditta

      he is still a simp

    78. Sharyn Lim


    79. Mcgee10

      There are technically 56 genders... LOL JK

    80. louise hallam

      Half the girls that kept killing fresh were girls that wanted to date him

      1. Mimoツ


    81. soup funny763

      Grooms a fucking tree

    82. PaytonVSmith Gaming


      1. PaytonVSmith Gaming


      2. PaytonVSmith Gaming


    83. Andrei Tan

      My birthday is September the 18

    84. Dean w

      Still a simp

    85. H2ike


    86. Javia Solomon

      Pimp pimp

    87. The Milk Master

      September doesn’t exist anymore. It’s. So Simptenber.

    88. Aviation Gamer

      I remember this

    89. Sam the man

      You killed a few boy skins so you techanically did not complete the challenge

    90. FightBot

      I'm a simp for Sommer Ray

    91. Jeremiah Owens

      Tessa has a gun to his head :SAY IT 0:03

    92. BLaZe_yt101

      He killed a John Wick

    93. Giancarlo Castorena

      Also we have all been Simps

    94. Lukas Yorgos

      fun fact girl skins, are not called "guys"

    95. Andrius Valiukėnas

      fresh is S-super I-intens M-minecraft P-player :OOOOOOOOOOO

    96. Beez Teevee

      Dose this make him a gay simp (ya know men likeing men)

    97. god'o'games

      Fresh you are one of my favorite youtubers but you can't call others fortnite nerds

    98. slac

      tessa looks so sad in the thumbnail and you are like "NOPE"

    99. אלון ירון

      איזה מלון

    100. Kaden David

      There not even renegade raiders