epic took my aim...


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    1. aanaas mohammedfasiuddin

      Fresh is close to 7 mil

    2. SAM WANG

      Notice that fresh always gets interrupted in the middle of a sentence by dying or getting hit hard

    3. Lawana Rainey

      Ooooo I I don’t know

    4. Insight

      hey u still haven't done the challenge with lannan as ur crosshair

    5. Ebrahim Uddin

      Fresh “If we win we will make lazarbeam the crosshair “ A few months later Me:so that was a f****** lie

      1. Captain


    6. EXO EDITS

      If this was posted and recorded on September . U heard of no simp September but u never heard of no sweat September

    7. Nadia Jones

      fresh: cant aim and still gets a win and over 10 kills me:doesnt do any challanges and gets 1 kill and places 44

    8. Caleb Leese

      Fresh: epic took my aim Me: Then why are you still aiming?

    9. Hoyt Steinke

      Fresh: sweats on everyone using all his builds Also fresh: WHY IS EVERYONE BUILDING SO DAM MUCH Use code fresh

    10. Nightsnow

      Is it me or when fresh is fighting he makes weird noises like he’s dying or suffocating

    11. jose neto

      Pls like

    12. Theo 101

      You dont need aim...

    13. Jimmy wu

      Wait so you can't focus the aim now? Aw that sucks

    14. L2_ Connor

      6:22 do it then

    15. Fireblazer

      Nikal lavde

    16. Kim Rouwenhorst


    17. Raymond Rivera

      Epic: because of an bug we have disabled fresh

    18. suomi peliz

      When is the vid comin

    19. Kalanii Herbert


    20. Natasha McKnight



      lol my aim be like:

    22. Mark Dorward

      Fresh is a very good Fortnite play

    23. Nathan Howe

      I can’t hear

    24. alburch8080

      He’s using a hunting rifle as his shotgun

    25. stephanie sotelo

      You should join faze clan😉😉😉😉😉

    26. Chris163

      Literally just stole this from ceeday thinkin nobody gonna know

    27. My hero Acadamia

      Fresh: epic took my aim Apple players: Apple took my game

    28. Maisyn Michael

      Good question

    29. Tech Game Tv

      I don't use aim assist👀but could get 21 kills in a game !!!

    30. Tajmin Begum

      Hahahaha hahaha

    31. Alexander Aldridge

      The skill of fresh without aiming is a controller player without aim assist

    32. Ibrahim Fruukh

      I no ask

    33. Jake Keates

      Omg I love ur vids

    34. Riley Rawnsley

      4 weeks later still whating for the lazarbeam cross head challenge

    35. Hossam Barhom

      hugets.info/show/uoWths2014x9pXI/vide.html s

    36. liana zakaria

      Fact you can sidegrade bolt action sniper to a hunting rifle

    37. Elaina P. Shepherd

      I dont owe anybody anything now because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    38. Mystic

      Y’all gangster till fresh has better aim than you and he don’t have ads

    39. Boxy is sweaty

      Can we play my epic is Noah158909

    40. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content fresh keep up the good work

    41. Mayank Sriram

      Watch fresh own the whole lobby

    42. Lexicon

      I have two questions. Why did Epic take your aim, and why can't you pick up charge shotguns?

    43. mia lowe

      hahah did anyone notice that there was a golden rapid fire and he goes to the vault and picks up a blue one

    44. Skeletron Prime

      How come you have so few sweats and my lobbies are packed with sweats

    45. Michelle Remache

      Only way your not gonna be is it they take your builds

    46. Michelle Remache

      Your still sweaty

    47. Charles J Schulman

      I do not owe anybody anything now thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    48. Yaya Mojo

      Let’s talk about how he got a scar, bolt and gold charge off spawn in the game

    49. Christopher Fuery

      Fresh: lazerbeam is my dad Fresh’s Real dad: am I a joke to u

    50. Malthe Fjord

      is lazarbeam your dad???? (i didnt know if yes)

      1. matao

        not the real dad it's just a meme lol

    51. Jairo Lopez

      your the thiccs pickel ever

    52. Ma9353 Ma93532

      R.I.P Fresh this is how many times fresh complained 👇

    53. Christian Blake

      Look at me in the eyes 👁👁

    54. Kingston Ward

      wow,good job! fresh *gets 15 kill game and ends with a noscope, WITHOUT aiming* me *cant get 5 kill dub while aiming,let alone a dub* (-_-)

    55. Please subscribe!

      FAZE fresh

    56. Carlo Lustre

      Where is the video of lazarbeam being his crosshair

    57. Cris Ramos 310

      Pretty hard challenge but still wrecked other players gg

      1. Margarita Rodriguez

        @matao thnx

      2. matao

        @Margarita Rodriguez gg bro no problem

      3. Margarita Rodriguez

        @matao thank youuuuu so muuuchhhh i love this music everytime lachlan or fresh play it

      4. Margarita Rodriguez

        @matao ok thnxxx

      5. matao

        @Margarita Rodriguez it's from an cheerleader emote that i forgot the name, try searching up "teamleader emote fortnite" and you'll prolly find it

    58. NoobyNoobPlayz

      Dude shotguns are the only weapons that are accurate without aim and he chooses not to use them

    59. Toxicgodz278


    60. Je papi Figo

      Nice game bro 💪

    61. Kryptic Drainz

      Epic games: aiming had been removed Fresh: I'll still win

    62. SkylarUchiha !

      When fresh doesn’t side grade the gold bolty but takes the purple hunting

    63. Charlie Griffith

      hey fresh, can you pls give me a dub, all my friends make fun of me because I can't get a dub. If you helped me I would be able to say that I played with the best gamer of all time to get a dub.

    64. Carlos Maldonado

      You could've side graded the bolts to make them hunting rifles

    65. Astrid Nottmeier

      Is laser beam your dad or just like a family friend

    66. Footy FPJP

      He's so flipin insane

    67. Minty_PinetreeFN

      guys... im scared to see what would happen if he sropped saying yes

    68. Sky_Arsh

      Omg fresh killed me I just realized

    69. shelly chambers

      Man they took jarvis aim too man or he took his own R.I.P jarvis fortnite account man he had some stuff on there💥💥💥💥💥💥

    70. Artin Houshyarifar

      Why fresh didn’t side grade the bolt to a hunting rifle

    71. Silvia Castro

      is lazer bean youre dad actuly

    72. Silvia Castro

      is he actuly youre dad

    73. Ann-Sophie Lindfors

      You missed a Golden rapid fire SMG

    74. Emmy Piszczek

      He has no aim no shotguns and he still has more elims than me mwith all of that lol

    75. SyedTheGamer

      Fresh: stop building so much you sweat Me:look whose talking This is just a joke plz don’t be toxic

    76. Ian

      Dafuq pasar ain't your dad, I'm so stupid if he is.

    77. Kenzy Cocker

      Hope everyone is havin a good day

    78. Dusan

      You make every game look easy

    79. wild s1dd0

      Is lazarbeam really his real dad?

    80. NV

      Me: * realizes freshes aim got removed* Ppl watching fresh: eh idc it’s good content.

    81. dcrsgirl

      The stats of the drum gun is comparable to the green pistol

    82. Cadbury_mo

      I only just got the notification that this came out lol

    83. Unnatural_G

      Fresh: if I win I’ll make lazarbeams head my crosshair Me : fresh has no idea what he’s getting himself into

    84. Nicky Griffiths

      Is it me or who is Fresh's dad real one

    85. Evening Honey

      Your trick shot was very cool

    86. Tom Boston

      Ceeday did this so long ago

    87. yeetskkrrtdab fam


    88. 2K BSL22

      Don’t worry it’ll clutch up in the gulag

    89. Ashley umbreit


    90. Poipiloz Blue

      8:32 *Epic gamer moment*

    91. FutureSaturn55_Toast

      He pics up the blue rapid fire from the vault when he killed someone with a golden 1 and didn’t pick it up

    92. imej_

      Wait lazerbeam is fresh’s dad beacuse fresh is 18

    93. Sarah Erdman

      Fresh: Stop building you sweat! Also Fresh: I HAVE NO MATS!!!!!!

    94. Anita Basile

      Na im kidding you did awesome

    95. Anita Basile

      Sort of

    96. Anita Basile

      You still did pretty well

    97. Anita Basile

      Your dumb

    98. Jann Vincent Pagulayan

      There was a gold rapid fire at 3:10 then he took the blue one from the vault (Like this so Fresh realizes)

    99. Ryan Jefferies

      He missed that gold rapid fire smg

    100. Nate Chatsworth

      Only true fresh fans can like