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    1. GMAN4449


    2. Mchrae Factora


    3. Zayvan Diamond

      My friends like to watch your HUgets channel

    4. Sarah Knecht

      The mythic recycler only does 4 more damage then the golden recycler so it still trash

    5. Calvyn Payne

      The ending tho 😂

    6. Jakub Olejarz

      The end 😍🥰🥰

    7. Finley Robinson

      Fresh could’ve fuelled up first before going up

    8. Sir Matty

      Click bate

    9. ABlockAndAHalf

      I love these videos where he’s not trynna win he’s just Memeing with Lannan

    10. Vicky Robinson

      I like fortnite

    11. Rudra Patel

      My opinion is fortnite is dead and has been dead welp here the fortnite kids come

      1. Evan's Adventures

        lol yes its dead but dont hate

    12. Fruit Salad

      Fresh”s editor makes the best thumbnails. 🥰🥰

    13. Puro

      Fortnite is now getting better

    14. Harvey Lauder

      Subscribe to fresh he is the best

    15. Harvey Lauder

      You are the best

    16. Jarriel Ricardo

      I made place 4

    17. Winter Rsc


    18. RxilFN

      These tires makes your cars into Spider-Man’s car

    19. dominator awaome

      Hi I'm you biggest fan

    20. Zach Gamer

      “I don’t have any more ammo, I don’t have anything to suck” pause

    21. Thomas Värmfors

      stop playing fortnite

    22. Minecraft_ Ewan


    23. Toon Lucario

      Epic turned cars into AT-TEs

    24. Those two bros 772

      Hey fresh my friend is one of your biggest fan can you shoutout my friend

    25. Karson Lamar

      I have that skin the cryptic I have both versions

    26. Joshua Coser

      Daily fresh quotes "I'm sucking wood"

    27. I be like Toot toot

      LAZER:You know me I’m always lity. fresh:Your to old to say that

    28. Jacob Logan

      What skin is that with the flames?

    29. FroztyyVFX

      Day 5 of getting famous off of youtube comments so I can be living the dream later 🙂❤️🥳

    30. Plasmatic

      challenge: Land deadfire and get 2 revolvers each and use them for the whole game for your only weapons, u can use meds and recyclers but no over weapons DO NOT UPGRADE THEM I got 4 wins in a ROW using it

    31. Austin Kapinos

      imagine still playing fortnite

    32. Rogan Kyle

      I’d love to have like those rings that you had in chap 1 with planes but on roads for cars

    33. David Dominguez Ledezma

      Fresh is my FAVORITE youtuber.

    34. David Kelly

      who else saw the truck glitch at the start

      1. David Kelly

        hahahha so funny

    35. Malachai Prophete

      0:33 Fresh: jacket and pants are in flire??

    36. Meowscles Sajjad

      Do you guys play more fortnite of cam

    37. twhl2006

      4:37 Fresh: This thing sucks.

    38. George Kidd

      i use code fresh

    39. xxNikoNamixx

      Watching on stream is way better

    40. HeathManTV

      "You Expect Me To Be Normal" -Fresh

    41. Kayleigh H1olmes

      omg!!! fresh. your my fav youtuber

    42. Lennox Frere

      Imagine whats up guys no

    43. Kabelo Moja

      Who else leaned closer to their screen when Lannan went up that mountain by the waterfall👍😲😮

    44. Max315

      Damn these cars are THICK

    45. Buddy is 99IQ

      4:27 whattttt

    46. CJ 4

      Forgot fresh was in Australia “ shot my tires the dog “ 😂😂

    47. Pigeon Meatball


    48. Cody

      u leaked that scoped joined chronic

    49. jayden stewart

      0:40 when my mum says cap lmao

    50. Patrick Griffin


    51. Urey Boisey


    52. Kakashi Hatake

      Hey fresh the grappler bow is coming next week

    53. TheOrangeNinja Gaming

      Vroom vroom!

    54. sealinn ryder

      I can go in the water too buddy 😂

    55. Katy Cordice

      when he said don;t forget to leave a like when Lazarbeam said i'm litty i'm lit i just did the opposite of liking the video

    56. Michael KiNg

      We climbed Mount yeet

    57. Prime Gaming

      0:44 fresh cringing 😂😂😂😂

    58. badmøød official

      "i'm suckin wood" has to be my favorite quote from fresh

    59. stephen

      Every time I watch fresh edit I am always blown away. Its always crazy to see

    60. Simply Swanky

      Hi everyone, please consider watching my latest vid. Only 3 minutes long, I would really appreciate it

    61. TraadeMark

      @ 4:27 Ayeee Yooo you wild Fresh

    62. Alvaro Espinoza

      What skin where they using

    63. Joshua

      It would be so cool if you could put them on boats and make a boat car hybrid that can go fast on land and in the sea

    64. Smartness216

      Why is lazar always killing the mood

    65. The Firenators

      Always love a video from fresh but it's no mad max film. Not like I'm working on one for fortnite or anything

    66. Edwin Casiano

      Ok this is boring I'm gone with the wind just wanted to pass my message on & see if these money hungry utubers were still milking this game idk if anyone knows this but fortnite is a kids game for kids that are 15 & younger not for grown ass men. You know what I'm done I'm getting chris Hanson 🧐

      1. Joel

        Agreed this guys vids are made for 5 -9 year olds

    67. Edwin Casiano

      Fortnite battle royal is as dead as fortnite save the world 🤣 for those true pvper's looking for a true fast paste first person shooter game. I bring good News Apex is free to play on all platforms

    68. Edwin Casiano

      This nightmare of a game is dying out. People are getting tired of this one track simple game & I'm all for it 😃

    69. Aye Jade

      4:41 is sus

    70. KP Sports

      in fricking 6 minutes, he got 1.2 million views

      1. KP Sports

        @Joel lol true

      2. Joel

        Well yeah cuz only people who are 9 watch freshs videos

    71. Mr.jeapers


    72. Rosie Craig

      Love fortnite cool

    73. Blake Deceglia

      Go do it in creative

    74. Anita De Las Nueces

      Fresh you should let all your stream snipers protect you with weapons to help you win the game and you can’t have any weapons it all depends on ur stream snipers

    75. Golden Turtle

      You know damn is a bad word

    76. Chad Pelliccioni

      Cars are in creative

    77. Mason Bailey

      Btw i have subscribed and turned notifications on 😉 and i use ur code in item shop. I looooove ur content

    78. weirdo 001

      fresh do you have a nother channel called Fresh

    79. Garrett Saylor

      Love the ending edit

    80. Brody

      That outro tho

    81. Lightning McQueen

      Imagine me as a monster truck

    82. Rough Gamer

      If fortnite added fortnite country next season

    83. Elliot Walker

      Who still jams to fresh's old intro bro, IT IS SO GOOD BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!

    84. Charliegamesdaily Hi

      Fresh level 200 laza 166

    85. Jaack 22

      4:38 literally

    86. TwT Blix

      Fresh do u have someone named BLK Poker on ur friends list because he sed he knew u

    87. Ayden Taylor

      Great vid freshy boy

    88. Phoenix c

      If you want invincible car get it down to 1 hp then its impossible to break

    89. 1 Sub before 2069?

      I pray Who ever reads this becomes succesful in Life

    90. SAĐ ĐŪĐɆ

      4:41 "I don't have any more ammo, I don't have anything to suck." -Fresh 2021

    91. Neena Khanna

      You can suck up people with the recyler

    92. Colin Anderson

      Why not a thickest car in fortnite

    93. Weird Pickle

      Me going to kill the boss when I die Me again looking at the weapon I died to Me: THERS A NEW MYTHIC?!

    94. XQ_ghost_ XQ1

      Ayo fresh a bit sus

    95. Weeb Gacha

      Pump truck but with the wheel mod

    96. maximoosheep

      I remember watching this on lazarbeams stream but it’s still cool having another pov

    97. Devin The Gamer

      I hope everyone has a great day! Stay safe 😀

    98. The gaming Bros199

      Fresh, could you make a video on how you got so good

    99. OBSCURIA

      Best update in a LONG time : )