The *RANDOM* PEELY SKIN Challenge!


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    1. Heidi Coomer

      Hi fresh I love you're video

    2. Harry__Konte

      Rip Peely

    3. Jack Jackson

      I used your creator code in the item shop

    4. Icon

      Someone send this to Tiko

    5. Damian Waszelewska


    6. Luis Betancourt

      Am I the only one who feels that they have seen this before?

    7. Marcus Unborg 4A Celsiusskolan F-6


    8. Khamaree Brewster

      NextDo the random fish skin

    9. anfaal bott

      i like your channel

    10. Truffle playz

      Team banana is better then fishes

    11. Random.

      He's respawning don't worry

    12. Dr Salamander

      Tiko’s gonna be pissed when he sees this

    13. ninja lavafrog

      Go banana army

    14. Shannon Elliott

      8:20 10 kills on the board right now

    15. Charles Senpai

      What's up guys yes!

    16. Villiham

      Every intro he says “what’s up guys, yes.”

    17. DisBoi

      R.I.P. Peely

    18. DisBoi


    19. KING J.8


    20. MeganNeilson

      is ausome

    21. MeganNeilson

      banana man

    22. Ashraf Khalaf

      Rip 🪦 peely we will miss you very much even me

    23. Jayden Valdez

      I love peely ;D

    24. Simp for Bluscr3n

      I miss playing Fortnite and having fun

    25. Leanne Schwarting

      People watching this video it’s when it’s season

    26. Violy Dacayo

      There's actually 3 shots in makeshift shoutgun

    27. Pearson Johnson

      Bro I hate watching this because he doesn’t upgrade the makeshift wepons

    28. A.P.J

      more random skin challenge

    29. Danielle Reiff

      I dare you to win a game with grey weapons.

    30. Mandeep Kaur

      Peely respawned

    31. Judd Pauly

      Tiko ?

    32. Julian Valeriano


    33. Carter Connors

      Oml HUgets crashed instantly he said peely exploded the coincidence tho

    34. Sergio Aldana

      Me pauses at 4:00 talks to uncle raises it to full volume then 4:04 happens

    35. Emma Stocken

      I WAS 2nd PLACE YOU KILED ME did a do a good job?

    36. Emma Stocken

      at start your voyes craket not real voys?????????

    37. Emma Stocken

      Fresh i liked and subed sub and tous cod fresh in item shop

    38. Emma Stocken

      RIP peally

    39. Emma Stocken

      f for pelly

    40. Yogurt

      Btw when u get gold u should go to flush factory u can buy a purple spas from an npc and u can upgrade

    41. Ayden Taylor

      Same with lachy Instant purp or gold

    42. Warehouse Wolves

      I’m going to be Doing this in 10 minutes


      Fresh and Lazar beam are the best HUgetsrs ever

    44. Manqoba Mafu

      Well what did you except using gladiator peely. He is a Banna god after all ...

    45. Knight Warrior

      Did he say ryu as r-ee-you. It is pronounced r-eye-oo. Lol

    46. Lazar Lava

      R. I. P Peely

    47. Ruby Jones

      The optimal tsunami suprisingly spoil because fox regularly crash after a frequent bass. dreary, kindly undershirt

    48. Arild Nebb Ervik

      God job

    49. diesel carter

      R.I.P Peely


      Love da intro lol

    51. Christian Cannon

      number one victory royle

    52. The great Whaley whale

      I’m telling tiko

    53. Mr mr Marmalade

      So damn good

    54. Mr mr Marmalade

      I love when fresh says damn

    55. bluebell 3

      Im sad 🥲

    56. Luis Enriquez

      10 kills on the board rn

    57. Rishaan Ag

      The festive stone analytically spray because supply fundamentally sigh before a juicy lyre. oval, many train

    58. Tyler Moe

      Imagine Bazerk watches this😅

    59. 王进宏

      I'm super good at bows

    60. JT Hutchinson

      Do the 20+ eliminations challenge

    61. Landon Penman


    62. white ninja 77 awesome

      I'm 8 and your my favorite HUgetsr

    63. Jaden Autry

      Tiko: 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 Me: I’m on both sides 😶😶😶😶😶

    64. Pei Lin Chen

      Fly high high

    65. Shiny Furret:3

      Tiko be like WHY!?

    66. MaGma

      U.m the last skin is only mechanics not only makeshifts

    67. Schnellka 58

      there are many legendary chest on the shark

    68. ThanPos

      6:43 its like how u kill like the mother spider and the baby spider comes out

    69. Maria Peters

      Nah he cheated he had a smg pistol that’s not makeshift I think

    70. CLAN SWAYXD Emilio

      You killed meeeeee I was healing at the end gg's

    71. Iveta Szusin

      Love your vids

    72. David Kambaji

      my frend just got down i revive him and we getting south found

    73. Wolf Lagacy

      Tiki seeing this video be like: So you have chosen, death

    74. Porter Bronson

      Banana is soooo bad fish is god at the game

    75. Porter Bronson

      Fishy for ever

    76. Angel Ibarra


    77. Jamie Kinnin


    78. April Brower

      This would be Tiko watching this what the helllllllllll fresh

    79. NinjaSar

      Juice event

    80. G Sync

      Haha, lol get destroyed peely the poop

    81. Kanato Suehiro Year 5

      Finds Gold Pump on first chest and dies...

    82. calzoni

      However many likes this comment gets is how many peelys there is

    83. overweight child abuser

      0:04 I laughed uncontrollably

    84. Vaea Kaufononga

      got to shark spot but it gives me pump gold and go look for them by watching video of these storm chest

    85. Thomas ZunigaSalinas

      peely sucks

    86. Zac Chandler

      He yeeted on those poor Kids


      He got victory royal yeah fortnite he died the first minute

    88. Evildevil232 Is cool

      Who else watches fresh and any other good fortnite youtuber and thinks the can do what they can do and you want to go and play fortnite

    89. Ethan French

      Luv you fresh and I am Australian to

    90. Flamegames500

      1 like=1 rip for peely

    91. James Crowley

      is lannan gay r something

    92. Laymxx

      I like peely))) Agent and potassius🐐✌️

    93. Happyfireball 2013

      5:04 the only gray weapons are makeshift, so i don't know why he's complaining :P

    94. carlo papi

      I would have made skeleton makeshift (no hate)

    95. Quinten Mellinger-Clegg

      you said we wot have gold this secason

    96. Nick Gutierrez

      I'm cursed with primal smg's I went to fresh op strat and I found a gold primal smg a blue primal smg and a purple one *-*

      1. Nick Gutierrez


    97. shahmir nasir69

      Epic really loves the peely skin.

    98. I’mBadkidmelton

      Banana army

    99. Daniel Freyr Hjörvarsson

      Do a Lara Croft/Tomb Raider challenge only bows and pistols also use code fresh

    100. Maverick McCorkle

      If fresh had a skin it should literally just be a pickle with arms and legs but no face just a pickle