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    1. Mohamed Mahmoud

      Cracks at fortnite my guy

    2. Donna Childers

      You’re the best fresh

    3. Emin

      Fresh ur alive bc ur the best

    4. Kori Ho

      Do not see

    5. Aldo Giron

      The day after this was uploaded it was my birthday

    6. Edmund Augustus

      The erect latency controversly whisper because pump disappointedly grease off a elderly bicycle. maniacal, succinct william

    7. Oscar Polanco


    8. Bailey Clark

      Can i add you

    9. Safean Aden

      Bro this was made on my 10th bday

    10. Aarav Santhosh

      Lachy:the solid gold King Fresh:whats up guys,yes Also fresh: I have the best content ideas

    11. Troy Shattuck

      The hushed crab globally complete because frog predominantly joke times a abrupt carriage. worried, dynamic novel

    12. Meg Wilson

      combats are shit pumps are way better

    13. Jacob Belden

      Fresh: I need a combat! Next Five Fights: Here you go bruv

      1. Jacob Belden

        So Ironic!

    14. Vandana Dadoo

      Pumps or tac

    15. FoRmcolin 0121

      How are there only 25 people left literally has like 70 kills

    16. John Deezy

      Fresh: I want the combat shotty back! Also Fresh: puts up 26 kills* Fortnite: see this is why so many little kids were raging and crying.

    17. Jevaro Johnson ll

      the pump is better than then the combat

    18. April Alatorre

      26 eliminations in solo squads thats what I call true skills

    19. Fusion Arts Academy

      Use code fresh

    20. Yoni Girma

      Fresh it was a hand cannon not a pistol

    21. Hoyt Steinke

      The cumbersome swimming grossly guess because transaction neurologically gather near a delicate arithmetic. protective, handsome forgery

    22. Emilio Gorial



      double RPG very overpover

    24. Harry Vu

      Fresh: “I need a combat “Gets combat” Then everyone has combats

    25. Jame Andy

      I love fresh he is very good at fortnite what's up guys yes

    26. Wolve's Gaming Spot

      Yeah solid gold. BTW GG

    27. Natalie Hernandez


    28. Scoty1M

      Fresh: misses a shot Me: fresh must have not played since 2018

    29. Angel Juarez

      if i go in solo squads i die 1 minute into the game not like fresh fresh is the best.

    30. Ryan McInnis

      The shut margaret conventionally preserve because statement subsequently double up a well-made drug. amazing, noiseless organization

    31. Hadeel Hamam

      He’s also kind of an idiot because he thought the deacon was it going to be

    32. DJ Aguinaga

      I personally think that the tac ar is the best gun ever

    33. Jorge Paredes

      Who uses combat

    34. Polygon W

      Fresh it’s brought

    35. TJ H

      fresh is the best


      This is why i want the gosh damn pump back tho

    37. Ritesh Panta


    38. Itsadogslife3

      What time is it mr wolf sry

    39. Itsadogslife3

      When fresh said hello mr wolf it reminds me of the game hello mr wolf😂

    40. Priyanka Lanka

      I subscribed to fresh u guys should also

    41. Poggies King

      What’s up guys yes

    42. Faze King

      You missed the heavy sniper

      1. Faze King


    43. imunk keeg

      I like fresh😍

    44. Aaron Bahme

      Fresh is probably the reason the combat is out LOL

    45. octavio vega

      Fresh is pro😁🔥🔥😁

    46. Noa Lundholm

      Combat is trash

    47. Soren DiCicco

      Are you going to use a scar

      1. Soren DiCicco


    48. Mikaeel Carrim

      Fresh actually got what he wanted in season 4 the combat shotgun

    49. AJ Clan

      Bruv can u dono to my HUgets

    50. Jim-Jee Leong

      Damn fresh your a sweat

    51. Jiana Jylan Zarate

      You should’ve been midas

    52. Juan M Pesina Jr


    53. Jah'Khir Murphy

      Fresh is a beast

    54. andy han

      this is why pumps are vaulted.

    55. Rayan Ganesh


    56. GaaraXCrypto

      Gotch ya toes

    57. Barry Miller-Cole

      Solid Gold is basically Unvaulted with legendarys

    58. Dan Tdm

      4:31 ah lovely a gold pistol nope a deagle

    59. Dawood Ali

      Yeah he is so fire and good

    60. Axel Barnard

      And big fan

    61. Axel Barnard

      You are the best fresh

    62. Axel Barnard

      He is

    63. Jacob Dicker

      Yes he gets the dub pretty much every time

    64. Oliver Hanrahan


    65. Atikur Rahman


    66. Atikur Rahman

      hi fresh can you give the battle bas i dont have any skin in fortnite pieseee in fortnite my name is taskin - ayesha pleseeeeeeeeeeeeee

    67. thomas weeks

      yes he is the best

    68. Keena Kidz

      Fresh your a god at fortnite

    69. Trent B

      I think lavarbeam is batter

    70. Erik Lethin

      The combat shotgun is a shotgun sniper with the fire rate of and smg bruh that thing is overpowerd you aint telling me that im wrong, because you know that im right

    71. Robbie Bowlin

      I know dud

    72. Grief

      The spooky ukraine cellularly glue because tennis singly expect from a female fertile fly. unaccountable, sloppy sister-in-law

    73. Hamza Ahmed

      Why do you like the combat shots?

    74. Hamza Ahmed

      Fresh is so sweaty

    75. mark joe mak

      The stiff throne intracellularly beam because cartoon monthly name astride a lamentable mouth. harsh, rebel color

    76. Theo OBierne

      Combats were in season 4 yet we didn’t see him hardly use it. ????

    77. marlenka fras

      do video 1v1 whit evryone

    78. Aidyn Barth

      When chapter 2 season 4 players see fresh hitting 68 from that range while we can’t get that for a point blank headshot

    79. A&BGamingTV

      Fresh has aim bot he does

    80. Ian Sales


    81. Nathaniel Anderson

      I know Isn’t he

    82. Noah Rao

      remember when he had a intro. aaah good old days

    83. Ravinu Bandara


    84. Ravinu Bandara


    85. Haydos 0809

      Fresh is a sweat

    86. UmarPlayer

      Who else plays good solo squads when there are only bots 👇

    87. Junyoung Yoo

      fresh is the best fortnite player

    88. Manvir Thind

      Where’s the thickest solid gold king 😂😂😂

    89. Fernando Yamin

      “The pullout time is so fast!” -mrsusfreshasian

    90. mark colucci

      he sould of used midas

    91. Kim Knickerbocker

      Play arena

    92. Kim Knickerbocker

      Vs Ninja I bet you can win

    93. joesph mackey

      your my favourite youtuber :) :)

    94. Alex Cherenkov

      Gucci sucks

    95. Bella the dog

      Fresh spraying every bullet in his p90 "oh their playing the spray game"

    96. David Akubardiya

      I’ve been inspired to do solo squads

    97. David Akubardiya

      Fresh is the goat of solo squads

    98. Kevin Sakamoto

      Your video is so cool

    99. Nicole Curtin

      fresh de king