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    1. Oliver Brewer

      Get Xbox series x and u can get black masterchief

    2. Brayden Werezak

      Play let go,’

    3. Michelle Stramel

      I play halo if I told you haloo 100000000000 hours later and ya

    4. XxpotatoxX ist kawa

      Halo has a lazer pickaxe so you should've pick ironman / stark indestreets pickaxe

    5. Sunlight Bro


    6. jeffrey 117

      halo is better then fortnite

    7. Yahir Zuniga Garcia

      posted on my birthday! :)

    8. Dris xArmy

      They have snipers

    9. Peter Grupinski

      Bringing Master chief to Fortnite is an Insult. Especially when kiddies dont know what Halo is.

    10. CrazedRanger

      1:41 is fucking legendary LOL

    11. Abel Mulder

      Cood Lazr

    12. Cali

      This game is cancer

    13. Heather Turner


    14. Tropics Penguin

      Me who just realized shotguns are the main weapon against the flood in halo- 👁👄👁

    15. jamie Bigler

      You should call him master beam

    16. the boss

      No master Beam

    17. Double Kill

      We will call lazar Lazar Chief

    18. Raufan Ega

      Master beammmmmmm

    19. CC - 2118 Church OwO


    20. Madara Uchiha

      I can’t be the only guy who’s pissed off abt halo being in fortnite😔

      1. Madara Uchiha

        @Spartan Jameson Locke what do u not know what that means or sum

      2. Spartan Jameson Locke

        Pissed off?

    21. Nicholas Brown

      They both clearly never played halo.

    22. AnaestheticRegistrar

      Congratulations for 7m subs!🥳

    23. Levi Dahlitz

      Hey fresh my fav gun was halo 3 till my dad sold my Xbox360 :(

    24. Front-facing Phineas

      Imma be so pissed when someone says master chief is from fortnite.

    25. Awesomeguy 101

      All you stupid kids, listen up. Ditch this stupid game and go buy the Master Chief collection. Play the campaigns and the multiplayer. You will be a better gamer.

    26. n picc

      Its master beam

    27. Mizael Garcia

      What’s up guys and yes

    28. kian mills

      fresh is your favoot coler green

    29. Minty _is_cracked

      How many videos did fresh said “what’s up guy ya”

    30. Name not Found yt

      Fresh: what is this thing called again me: pure shame

      1. Name not Found yt

        Ngl I’m offended halo was my child hood

    31. Henry Stickmin

      Wait, that’s illegal.

    32. Phillip seaward

      Can You Add Me On Fortnite It’s ToxicGamer5312

    33. Daniel Heather

      Hi Fresh, congrats on getting 6.96 million subscribers I was wondering if you would gift me a free skin as I have had a bad week as I have been strangled pushed down a flight of stairs I have broken my toe! I love your videos Thank you for reading this!

      1. Daniel Heather

        My epic name is AnimalCello5419 or Dude1234d

    34. Tyon Warfield

      No disrespect but I fell like they ruined kratos and master chief badass character

    35. Post Pone Malondry

      Anyone who've played halo since the xbox 360?

    36. Kareliaback

      Do the warthog emote but use the snow launcher and u will drift

    37. Venus

      Nice, I Love this video! 3

    38. Venus

      Nice, I Love this video! 2

    39. Brendon James

      Keep up the good work you were making awesome videos

    40. BoboPlayz OG

      Its so cool that they made an entire franchise based off of fortnite skins

    41. D Moon

      Peak fortnite plays right here gg


      This video restored my hope for the fortnite community

    43. Vv Hh

      Use code (NML) Come on give you the Renegade Raider Submit the photo with the code On Insta: q_j7d1

    44. Lit boy Lawmen

      Fresh is awesome

    45. My dog has a stareing problem Btw

      No one online

    46. angelassasin88

      it's so cool and i do need one

    47. Maurino Franco

      Master beam

    48. Connor Reyes

      Halo has shotguns too

    49. YT-GRAIN

      Im a halo freak. I'm obsessed wirh halo. Cheifs favorite weapons are the assault rifle and shotgun. Alongside the banshe if I spelt that right. It's a covanent vehicle

    50. Tupco

      You are amazing and beautiful, please stay safe.. Have an amazing rest of your day! P.S. I’ve been struggling to get to 3k subs any help is appreciated

    51. Go Away

      I'm getting your notifications SO late. I only got this one an hour ago, but it says Five days ago. Not happy, but thank you and take care of yourself please, Mate

    52. crtstal star

      Hi people hello fresh

    53. Eldian Balidemaj

      Yo the emote looks like the zoom zoom car in the flash

    54. Sonja Hernandez

      Fortnite is trash now just saying

    55. Draven Fliger

      hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaallllllllllloooooooooooooo is da best game ever i grew up with halo

    56. Ryan Suttles

      He’s almost 7 million

    57. Kacin Jones

      it's called the Warthog$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$20

    58. Kacin Jones

      I love halo but I play halo all the time because I can't play fortnite.

    59. Kaleb Millar

      Halo is the best no doubt about it ✌️❤️

    60. KingRooster Gaming

      Why fresh not take jet pack

    61. Dice Mace

      No how dare you make chief do the floss you disgusting crap

    62. MarinePlays

      you literally JUMPED at 3:03

    63. Cadie-Mai West

      I liked and I subed

    64. Gaming 0v0

      Why did halo let fortnite do this

    65. kayleigh IS SO BORED

      I use code Fresh

    66. Nista Mepiase

      Fresh: we only have 8 kills Me: KILLTASTROPHE!!

    67. Czar Cachero

      how old is lazarbeam ?

    68. Macy Ann

      Can they use a Pickaxe for the Energy sword

    69. SwaZ Trickz

      Who won the next gen console giveaway

    70. Laura Bermudez


    71. Bao Nguyen

      For the Master Chief glider, it would be awesome if u can go inside the glider and when ur about to land u jump outta the plane

    72. Petey On Hotel WiFi



      no master beam

    74. Paul mckenzie

      all of those player are halo fans

    75. Sayed Nosseir


    76. Sayed Nosseir


    77. The iPad GaMiNg

      Fresh does 13 14 kills he doesn’t care like fresh is the biggest pro in the world and lazarbeam is a meme god swear and fresh is a pro (god of fortnite )NGL

    78. The iPad GaMiNg

      I have sub To your channel

    79. selamiti1


    80. Ažbe Knafelc

      i love you´re vids

    81. Ghostwriter Laser laser

      It has Ben like 5 years sense I played Halo

    82. Hayden Bradley

      the game has snipers

    83. Mikkel Breiler

      Who is voicing "Code Fresh Code Fresh Code Fresh" ?

    84. Kris4Prez

      you heard the man. SUBSCRIBE

    85. Dangelo Jenkins

      I never seen rift fish in halo😂

    86. SF_MarrJade

      THOSE AREN'T WARTHOG, they're pumas

    87. Bryar Swartz

      They should be able to drive pickup trucks because u could drive one in reach

      1. Bryar Swartz

        Same with the jetpack

    88. Steven Hernandez

      It's not call a wharhog it's a mongoose and goes really fast

    89. KayteDids

      Day 1 of getting fresh to say “what’s up guys, no”

    90. Rainbow Tank

      Best video ever lol

    91. JjKuba S

      Road to that 10 mil mark!

    92. Cooldawg

      Hi fresh sory I couldn't comment or like was something with my wifi

    93. Miss Kind

      how else played halo as a kid?

    94. Paulo Groucho

      imagine just playing fortnite and you see that `-`

    95. TB Gaming

      Whats up guys ee yess

    96. Night Playz

      Can you play soccer using the halo car

    97. Jj Salazar

      Laser beam is so annoying in this video! He just keeps dying and saying “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

    98. Gaming Turtle

      Who remember’s the holy hand granade of Antioch it should be the holy hand grenade of haloch

      1. RAKDOS HS

        I now will forever be in your debt


        the holy hand grenade of antioch shall smite

    99. hyper 3D

      oh come onn anything to keep fortnite alive