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    1. x1 xotiic


    2. Jonathan Nixon


    3. Furry Kam

      I got the Midas flopper in one day I was so happy!! And I am not lying!

    4. E M

      that's not the REAL midas flopper

    5. luis iscool

      I like how he says flop flop

    6. aka Good at everthing

      im really sorry fresh but dont give up and keep trying and maybe try in battle lab

    7. Kidz Seidelin

      holy jeasus you did it

    8. Andrew Nguyen

      I caught it in like 4 minuets of the match who else found it so easy?

    9. Tyler Dunn

      I got it first trie once

    10. NathanD Dog

      Best video EVER

    11. Kasey Haugen


    12. mikayla bailey

      Is it bad that it only took me 1 day to find the Midas flopper,then found it again the next day

    13. Draiiined

      i cuaght it my first shot lol no cap

    14. Katelyn Gade


    15. Perk's Care

      It is not the same rairity as the Ventura Flopper

    16. Perk's Care

      I was randomly fishing after my friend pranked me that he found it then 1 minute later I got it and no one believed me so I had to mark it then every body else died and we one the match

    17. Gabrielle Cavallo

      Noooooooo minus flopper

    18. Uriel Sigero

      How do they get a charge

    19. Chunk T1

      It took me 4 hours to find that fish

    20. Emman Maralit


    21. Emman Maralit


    22. Filip the cat

      fresh:OMG THIS IS BEEN LIKE 40 DAYS AND ONLY ONE MIDAS FLOPPER Me frend:ohh look a midas flopper at the first day of fishing

    23. Jack Mole

      i found it do you want it

    24. bobnana Clapz

      Who else just loves it when he says flop flop

    25. Danielle Stohr

      I love when you say whats up guys yes 👍

    26. FlameRift 7676

      My brother caught it before you

    27. Jhonny Flores

      my frend got the fish

    28. Jaiden Salisbury

      Why does fresh where a mask because in lazar beams video you can see his hole face

    29. Spefxy

      Lmao I caught it in 10 minutes

    30. Daniel Messer

      Do it as midas

    31. Khaledgamer

      I actually caught it u need pro fishing rod and go to the ruins

    32. Galaxy Demon563

      Flop Flop: has a good ring😂

    33. Dominic Shek

      I have NEVER heard a guy get 2 vendetta flipper and not want it

    34. Od Idi

      Midas floppier took me like 20 mins to find lmao

    35. Uzi Calev17

      R.I.P midas flop flop 😔

    36. Aide Gameing

      I have got it too and i have a bigger Midas fish than my ftends

    37. Fracxz

      he found 2 vendetta floppers

    38. Joey B

      Me find a vendeta flopper holey crape oh my god Fresh finds on god damit no midas flopper

    39. xr_tenzin

      i literaly got it on my first try

    40. a13x1 1

      Ive caught it like 4 times

    41. Shark BoyYT

      Fresh I got the minds floper in the 5th go

    42. Kory Harvey

      I caught it first time

    43. saba ali

      Fresh i got the venedeta flopper and the midas flopper

    44. Krissi Thompson

      I got the Midas flopper on my third try

    45. Stars Limousine

      my nane is chum_212

    46. ARO STAR

      Idea only can use rusty cans

    47. Michele Pauquette

      5:24 what you came for:)

    48. Avery Tessnear

      Dude it's not that hard to catch it

    49. Patrice Henry

      f that guy

    50. Rogue Coyote

      I found a Midas flopper 6 times and once with a fishing rod lol

    51. Damion Garza

      You have to be more just to get the Midas flopper what is Midas mod is modest modest mod is made out

    52. Cryptic V3XX

      Is it just me or has Fresh’s thumbnails gotten worse

    53. Devin Conway

      you now you can upgrade a fishing rod so it can be a pro one

    54. Heather Ellison


    55. Clive McEwen

      Funny how I found it in 5 mins

    56. el skool xd

      what strange i got the midas flopper in like 30 minutes

    57. Drippzy Hyuga

      im confused what season was that

    58. Sacha Anderson

      He just has a lot of bad luck!!😪🤣

    59. Sacha Anderson

      everyone out there stay sfe and happy

    60. Sacha Anderson

      you will get it one day fresh

    61. Kaleb Page

      i caught it the other day and freaked out

    62. aj_colab

      I found it first try

    63. Twistey

      Lol took me 10 mins in battle lab haha

    64. Rad_ical Gamer

      Took me one day, 4 hours Also it was in 4 games

    65. Emerson Urquilla Cordova

      fresh plays 36 games to get the midas flopper and i get it trying to complete the eat a legendary fish but i died 1 minute after getting it

    66. Abdullatif Khouj

      I’m so sorry for you fresh best HUgetsr

    67. Arsh 2010

      Oh you midas I like ur cut g

    68. Among gamerb

      I’m sorry for eating the flopper

    69. ron arena

      This vid was depressing

    70. the specalist 39

      Me and my friend found the vandeta flopper

    71. Izabella Ababseh

      Are they really days or just games?

    72. fortnite br

      I found it in ten minutes

    73. Foot Foot

      you can find the midas fish anywhere fresh

    74. Xandra Xavier Au

      ℂ𝕒𝕥𝕔𝕙 𝕚𝕟 𝕓𝕒𝕥𝕥𝕝𝕖 𝕝𝕒𝕓 𝕗𝕣𝕖𝕤𝕙𝕪 𝕓𝕠𝕪

    75. Vikas Bhaskar

      Mate I randomly got it yesterday and it was like the first day I was fishing in this season

    76. Tommy3390


    77. Harrison Hall

      and mithik fish

    78. Harrison Hall

      i have found one before

    79. michael young

      i've caught it like 7 times

    80. jay vlogs

      I cuaght it twice in 5 minuets

    81. YT_Puddin

      I got it in 4 mins of trying

    82. Desiree Vallejo

      just go in battel lab if you want the floper


      Did u just drop the monster bus lego set in the fish tank?

    84. Braydon Byers

      I have 3 vendetta fish and 5 Midas fish

    85. Marissa Winter

      Do you know what battle lab is??


      this is what lazarbeam feels when he tries to sweat a dub

    87. Jaime Markwell

      You crying boy

    88. Andi Rozhgar

      I found the Midas flopper in 20 minutes in the game

    89. Leslie Reyes


    90. YuJay playz 1234

      i found the midas fish and got headshot sniped 1 second after

    91. Smitgamer Patel

      I found Midas flopper today

    92. JRxSLAPPY

      It’s funny because I caught it on my 5 game

    93. Rita Estulin

      i actually was playing solos and i caught the Midas flop

    94. Lbron Wilkinson

      can u do a face reveal

    95. Jacobo Garcia

      Hey fresh do you wanna know something I got the Midas flopper in my brothers Xbox

    96. Jonathan Clear

      bruh i was playing squads and i was casually fishing and caught it twice in twenty minutes

    97. DaviddPlayssGamess

      he was happy at the startat the end he was crying

    98. Mustardkitten

      i got the midas flopper before in a normal duo game

    99. Christian Kinney

      I literally just tried a play ground match and got it first try

    100. justin clairmont

      you know it counts in battle lab