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    1. Carlos Ruiz

      Video Idea make it so that ou and laser parameters games are being controlled by your wife’s

    2. Icyyland Creator

      I got the Midas flopper like 10 times

    3. DT788

      Why don't you just give a flopper to a Midas skin so he can touch it and turn it gold

    4. Scott Wiand

      magin he fins a mythic goldfish

    5. Benjamin Campbell

      I love you Fresh

    6. Ethan the Natural

      Poor Fresh

    7. WrangWrang is me


    8. Henry Zavala (Student)

      Video idea: wolverine mythic only

    9. Douglas Oddie

      Fresh you are awesome I am a huge fan of you and Lazarbeam

    10. Swapnil Darade

      You're an idiot to leave that midas flopper in the fight

    11. Felix Velazquez


    12. Felix Velazquez

      I catch the Midas flopper I almost said shit and fuck

    13. Jackson Durst

      Who ever ate fresh’s Midas flop flop ur an a hole

    14. Kavishan Pratheepan

      6:52 He sacrifices his life for a fish

    15. Bryce Johnson

      Lol 😂😂that man or women Actually ate the flopper😂 and he called them Greedy😂6:44

    16. Freddie ASMR

      He had 2 vendetta floppers in the same game

    17. Mason Foster

      Its 1 in 1000 not 1 in 100 vendetta flopper is 1 in 100

    18. Leslie Nowlin


    19. Planet YT

      i have gotten the midas flopper in c2 s2

    20. spongebob_dude

      Everyone look at my sccount

    21. MjTheGamer232

      Why are you so weird

    22. Kids of Comedy

      when she does you right 3:07

    23. Sean Riordan

      I got a vendetta flopper first try.

    24. Epicgaming YT


    25. I'm single I love fortnite

      Fresh: this thing is impossible to find Me and my 4 friends: am I a joke to you?

    26. Dastan r.g ඞ ඞ

      Thats why its 1% bruh this is sad lmao

    27. Aaron McIntyre

      Idk how but I’ve got the Midas flipper a lot of times I legit find it my 5th try not cap

    28. Fell The Goat

      the point that i found the midas flopper in my first second or third catch

    29. Phoebe Salazar

      he tryed

    30. Wadry

      it is your fault you lost the midas flopper

    31. Use code Lazar in the Fortnite item shop

      I got 957 in one season bruh

    32. AJ Animations

      Fresh the fisherman

    33. FortniteGamingXP

      I got it on my first try

    34. Pikachu _

      Fresh: day 69 of fishing trip

    35. SuperCut Studios

      lol this was posted on my birthday

    36. Dhananjay Shanavas

      Ok please don't cry

    37. Deathstar 99

      I caught the Midas flopper 3 times and the Vendetta flopper 7 times

    38. random 2

      I got this 2 times 1 try and 5 try no cap

    39. Susan Sharp

      I want to give it because who was Eva minus papa fish That's kind of obvious that somebody is just gonna kill you so there's no reason to even go for it and yes you just build around you hurry up and eat it and it's got about ago weapons in kill them but that's gonna be hard

    40. gray8970 gray8970

      why do you hate the midus flopper

    41. Naomi Philemon

      When he said how can you be so greedy I laughed so hard

    42. Cyrus Harber

      The vanddeta flopper is rare

    43. BumKilla14

      That is sad

    44. Ultimatejwon 10

      It's mean how you just murder the people that help you🥺

    45. Aseel Junaid

      Freshs luck is trash i got the midas fish 5 times and vendetta 10

    46. GGboy80

      Tiko be watching this 👁👄👁

    47. Christine Clem

      I hate it to therer stupid and dumb and stupid and dumb and just very stupid

    48. New guy_ Christmas lego & gaming

      Do you even find it

    49. 8man

      R.I.P. midas floper

    50. Capable Panthers

      Hypixel skyblock sweats

    51. Claire

      Vendetta and Midas fish... it all makes sense now

    52. Liam Okker

      right after the video i caught one first try and won with memeing

    53. Jack Games

      why does the midas flopper have two stars LAMO


      At least it’s not the mythic goldfish hunt this time.

    55. ᴡᴀʏɴᴇ ᴅᴏᴡʟɪɴɢ


    56. Blader

      Don’t steal Lachlan idea by naming skins to give to fresh

    57. Derek Ontiveros

      Who is watching this in season 6 for fresh can not get sniped

    58. ya boi jobie71977

      First time I fished I got it

    59. Google It

      i love how noah just finds it accidently (wolverine)

    60. Isabelle MacAusland

      Me 9ver here catching it in 3 minutes... Iiiiime not here

    61. Epic Games

      We need fresh to do another part of the Midas flopper

    62. the rubish idiot!


    63. Vortex

      Who carries two ars and a sniper

    64. Max Muster

      Ok like he Says Flop Flop

    65. Sonuj1231

      Fishing Drip

    66. Dr. Manuvela Kale


    67. Viper._.

      4:11 ah a fellow sh*t

    68. Rob Maas

      I found 5 midas flopers

    69. shawn cooks

      when you findout that fresh has no life me:disapointed frsh: same here

    70. Bogeyking1

      I caught five Mitis fish in a row Lol

    71. loki

      Vendetta is rarer then midas

    72. Da-green-blobツ

      ᵂᶦˡˡ ᴵ ʳᵉᵃᶜʰ ¹ᵏ ˢᵇˢ ᶠʳᵒᵐ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵗᶦⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗˀˀˀ....?.?

    73. Dirk Assmann

      The vendetta his name was mau

    74. Josiah Khan

      May we have a moment of silence for Fresh ?...6:51.. :o Poor dude...he worked so hard for 9 days man...he even dropped his pump shootgun in like 1.2 seconds for the damn fishy fish..

    75. Chantelle Sims

      use code LAZAR

    76. Evan Purcell

      Why does he say flop flop

    77. lije Mic

      U work to hard on your vids chill and have a vacation or something.

    78. Malte Kildehave hansen


    79. MD - 04PL 836666 Pte Buckam Singh PS


    80. Maham Saghir


    81. Kolopi

      I caught 3 times it hurt my brain

    82. no one

      Fresh: what’s up guys? Me: I’m outta- Fresh: YES. Also me: ahhhh

    83. DiamondPlayz

      162k like

    84. Plushey world 12

      10 years later 100782 fishing trip

    85. Cigdem Ozcelik

      Fresh play roblox and play a game that called ttd 3 And get to level 100 it has you emote that you use at the end of your video's

    86. Dean Pointon

      What happens if you eat the Midas flopper while u have a weapon that doesn’t have a gold rarity like what if the guns highest rarity is purple or blue or what if u have an exotic like the dub or the dual pistols cos technically that weapon doesn’t exist

    87. AXEL lemuel Gozali

      Fresh: raging because he can't get the fish Me:gets it in the second fish hole

    88. Cooper Johnson

      cant believe he caught two vendetta's

    89. EJ Golding

      Day 100000000000000000 of fishing trip

    90. John yoo

      The pricey step-uncle moberly strengthen because example muhly bury amidst a oceanic bun. jealous, literate fir

    91. Brickneddy films

      I’m not lying when I say this I got the midas fish the first try without trying to get it.

    92. Allison Dougherty

      Do a face reveal

      1. Brickneddy films

        He did lol

    93. Mariah Fayette

      Video idea: fresh can only kill skins that he can name credit goes to Peppa pepe


      Poor fresh spends his day finding a midas fish and he founded 1 and the player has to eat it

    95. Andrea Yang

      The cagey hexagon adventitiously fire because sleep globally dam aboard a harsh bird. spiritual, waiting copper

    96. Lozynski Family

      Am I right or bye the time I say this is the flopped gone

    97. David D

      video idea fresh can only kill battle pass skins

    98. Heated_Toast

      How much times did fresh say flop flop

    99. Jon Bond

      This is fresh day 25 of fishing trip and season five reality log 1234