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    1. Emer Brangan

      Play more

    2. BlackMuffin _S

      and also use the virtual stone talent for u to be reborn once suddenly when u died and immune damage and invisible for 5 sec.

    3. dark knight gamer

      gas gauntlet is the best use it next time please.

    4. / SHAN /

      This game is awesome you guys should play it

    5. BlackMuffin _S

      try use toxic guantlet! combos with fire so well.. and its a damn green color boi!

    6. Ralph Penman


    7. Mallzey moran

      Its not fortnight

    8. James Flannery

      What that guy was using is that u can merge powers likethat toxic 1 and fire 1 are my favourite combo so throw down toxic waste then light it on fire

    9. Yoitskai

      Why is this man so good at every game he plays 😂

      1. Yoitskai

        @Hami票 no shit Sherlock obviously there’s better players

      2. Hami票

        he’s not good there are better players.

    10. Aaron Sharpe

      Fresh: I dont have health Also fresh: has 2 big sheilds and 2 little ones

      1. Hami票

        lmao tried so hard to get likes lol.

    11. The_Drewinator #10

      Fresh: what are these guys using Everyone: you know you can combo abilities right

    12. Fareeda Begum

      Icant download

    13. jeff hardy bay bay

      I played spellbreak during the beta and won my first game

    14. Jay : D

      Does lazarbeam play this

    15. Ameer Emran

      You can combine elements

    16. Ian Keng

      Your a wizard fresh

    17. Jhehehehhe

      Plas play it with lannin

    18. vickyy

      I won my first game

    19. Witherleadermc

      Basically just marvel knockout

    20. Marlo Juan Van Drunick

      Your a wizard Fresh!

    21. Prisoner2678

      This is how many times fresh said "champ" and "big boy" | | V

    22. Amileo Asmar

      Yeah that first round You got yourself into a pickle

    23. Amileo Asmar

      I had this before you even posted this video and I loved loved loved the fly ruined it’s so freaking good pickle pickle

    24. swish

      fresh they are just combinnig elements

    25. Knight Shadow

      You spell break is so much fun . I tried it and you should try it too. I got good so fast. I recommend the wind gauntlet because you can mix almost everything with the tornado

    26. Roberto Carlos Montalvo Rijo

      Wow this new fortnite update is so cool

    27. Alex Averbukh

      Love this gameplay

    28. Diego Puente


    29. Conor Phelan

      fresh friendly tip from a person who’s played a lot you can actually use gauntlets that ARENT the lightning gauntlet

      1. I R


      2. Steady Killa


    30. Unknown

      666k views The devil has appeared

    31. Anxeqa

      Is this free?

      1. Ketan Kaushik XB 22

        it is

    32. Jodie Thompson


    33. AnythingAboutGaming

      Why did this game suddenly blow up lol

      1. Ketan Kaushik XB 22

        probably cuz the company payed alot of youtubers but it is not that bad of a game

    34. Immortal Ninja

      “What’s your favorite app”..... Like: HUgets Reply: Tiktok

      1. Kitten face

        tik tok

    35. Austin Playz

      Does anyone watch avatar here? Cuz it really feels like it

    36. TheOneAndOnlyDucko

      Not even cappin', would clap Fresh in this. I haven't stopped playing it since I got it and I will fresh Fresh in the freshiest way freshable

    37. glamourcorn corn

      This is the first time I have heard Fresh said 'many' instead of 'much'

    38. Luissuazo 31

      I’ve been have this game

    39. benjamin asmat

      My aim is bad

    40. benjamin asmat

      I have spellbrake

    41. Taylor McDaniel

      hi hiya

    42. Caleb

      With some of the gauntlets you can do combos with. Try the tornado attack with the wind gauntlets as your primary and the fire normal attack as your secondary.

    43. DeathTrooper

      My uncle is the manager of the art team of the people who made this game!!!

    44. Jerry Huang

      Did Fortnite get an update?

    45. redbandit51 ll

      Me and u are the same i always use thunder

    46. STARX YT

      Honestly I dont like this game

    47. NinjaMasterX

      There are soo many ads jesus

    48. Ethan Mangels


    49. Lions Forever

      This fortnite update looks sick cant wait to play but I dont remember a new season happening

    50. swavthegod

      Dines is

      1. Emmet Doyle


    51. Captain_Yeet2004

      for a vid do lazerbeam strat in spellbreak for a win plz

    52. Meowing Wolf

      When i read this im like is it FORTNITE...I ask my mom to play immiedietly and i was extrmely dissapointed when there was nothin but normal...

    53. Doge

      Is it free

    54. Agnese Gl

      Bruh he says every day whats up guys yes

    55. chiecken lol

      Lachlans way better at spell break than fresh but fresh is better than lachlan at fortnite.

    56. Sentinel

      saying "yes" for the next 100 videos fresh uploads #27: yes

    57. Dark Shadow

      Use different gaunlets


      Fortnite is better

    59. AminPlayz

      iS thIs oN pS5

    60. Rizzen Above

      I cant escape it u unspeakable Lacky probably Landon next just play fortnite

    61. The Dude junior

      if u smash the ground with the rock gauntlet you gain 5 shield and it stops at 20 shield! (but it only works if the gauntlet is the default)

    62. zaviac778

      fresh this is just a suggestion you should use ice gauntlet cause when charged up it does like 70 damage and good for transportation

    63. TuckPlayz

      I played this game when it first came out I had played it on switch

    64. zaviac778

      i just started playing this and fresh makes a vid purrfect

    65. phantom

      big boi rock does big boi damage

    66. Kaydaco

      Just watched the first one and I started playing today wow

    67. Seto Kaiba


    68. Sadaf Mushtak


    69. Sadaf Mushtak

      fresh can you play with me fortnite my fortnite id is soundphonix201

    70. Rohan Toor

      Is this game good

    71. Mikeomg11Koris8 Omega

      Fresh do it with lazarbeam

    72. Hari Om

      Is it also for mobile?

    73. A Glitch

      I have the game

    74. Igor Kuzennyi

      How is this game called?

    75. Kylique Perry

      Fresh you suck

    76. Mackatroops

      do random $6 pack

    77. R Mo

      I won my 2end game

    78. Mr Wizard

      I’m a wizard lol

    79. TheDrLigma

      Love how fresh plays this game and didn’t know how flame and toxic gas is an explosion

    80. Tripti Srivastava

      Game looks fun

    81. Arty Boi

      I love spellbreak it's my favourite game the best combo is::: Right hand: Air Left hand: Lightning Rune:Fly

    82. Mcreamys

      How do u know if u won the giveaway stuff??

    83. Cupiz

      Your a wizard harry

    84. leila adam

      Everyone is ganster until spell breack have dr doom's caudlet

    85. Ghostly

      What's up guys no whe are not playing fortnite

    86. gamer boy

      I challenge you to play Middle East servers

    87. Carl Olof Lund

      WHO Else likes being weirdo

    88. Carl Olof Lund

      What did epicgames do?!!!

    89. Pelziah

      FRESH : This is what i do when i dont have any more fortnite ideas

    90. Кристиян Соколов

      You can combine spells for example fire and poison dragons breath

    91. Lyndsey Gallagher

      Jack is saint hi

    92. Jahaira Lopez

      I now in de 1to2 minute

    93. Ian Tan

      the thumbnail looks so sick

    94. nrkrltn2otmyn fnrbgitk3nr

      I won in my first ever game no lie I'm at level one and it's quite easy no lie

      1. nrkrltn2otmyn fnrbgitk3nr

        And lighting gauntlets are 9ver powered

    95. Cruz Beck

      that fortnite and apex colab looks kinda weird ngl

    96. Zeebvian xD

      Your a wizard Freshy boy! -Freshgrid

    97. rarivan 252

      Please add me and my friend because we suport you and lazarbeam,we use your codes, if you can add us, these are our name's:ranete_ionut245(me),patrick_iz (my friend).

    98. Juicy

      Play earth and fire with featherfall rune its too op

    99. Popcorn

      Imagine this becomes the new Fortnite

    100. Aris Hanif

      Fortnite new update?