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    1. Natedog34

      Sub to Natedog34

    2. Finn Higgins

      does this remind anyone of friday fortnite?

    3. Tekkamaki

      Video idea: The Lachlan challenge every time you get a kill you half to say poggies and you have to wear the lachy skin. Final Part only guns you can use are ones lachy says you can use

    4. Craig Gallacher


    5. Anthony Sigala

      Fresh to good😎

    6. ICE -ƒ-


      1. ICE -ƒ-

        @hiey1231 he said 80 elim GAME not tournament smh

      2. hiey1231

        They got 80 kill in total in the tournament smh

    7. Mikkel Breiler

      Fresh 27 - Lachy 2. Balanced teams ?

    8. Soups Gaming&MTB

      But this is so much more entertaining

    9. Soups Gaming&MTB

      I got a 55 vine kill in a trio game

    10. Swiftex

      It is so ez The game fortnite is so ez Is what I think After watching freshy boy and then when I play I fall of a treee and die

    11. Cause_rifty_said_so

      Me and my friend got around 60 kills combined in a duos match

    12. Billy Noble

      Coppa is may friend and radius is creamys friend

    13. Katie Golinowski

      Fresh you are a noob at Fortnite

    14. Emmabb 23

      Fresh and lachy swore I’m unsubscribing to both

    15. ksydney72

      It should just be fresh tbh lol No offence lachy

    16. Hayden Townsend

      why were everyones names [Player]___

    17. xd itsace25

      I love how fresh said "oh s**t" then lachlan said "oh s**t is right 😂

    18. Gucci boy 123

      Nice vids fresh

    19. Sharun Manoharan

      wow ur cracked

    20. Pegram Bruch

      Top !! Just Awesome 😜

    21. jana elhadary


    22. lil Whoody

      I like when he grands the purple pump and the ghost jumps at him and kills his one shot

    23. Elliott Storer

      15:49 quick maffs

    24. Gemma Rochat

      8:06 "Imagine if I hit my shots" something we can all relate to .____.

    25. Elijah Turner

      Fresh I hope you don't mind me asking but can you teach me keyboard and mouse please.

    26. VoulzFN

      I thought Lachlan was in the ER for saying pogers to much

    27. Tonto

      1:13 ayo?

    28. Ryan Coil

      Mine is 74

    29. Wr0ngLe4der 違う

      fresh has 6.69 million subs great

    30. sinisa korolija

      I have got 50 kil in solo

    31. jimbojam

      To the person that's reading this: You're Super intelligent and adorable human Your Epic My Dream is have 1k I love the ones that helped. I really want a suport a creator code please help make my dream come true

    32. Bendy Alien

      Fresh: I got 27 kills Lachy: i got 2...

    33. Hoop Mixtapes

      1:14 ayo pause

    34. Tracey Mckee

      No I got 100

    35. Dawn Jackson-Brown

      Idk how fresh is so cracked and I use code Fresh

    36. neelam irfan

      CAN I FREND YOU please. I AM going. To. Add u NAW

    37. Seifw Seaf

      The old record is 62 wow you guys are gods At Fortnite oh I Artie knew that actually

    38. Gaming4 life

      video idea: every KILL fresh has to eat a pickle

    39. yt Purelexcraz

      Let’s go the World Cup duo is back

    40. GreenLightnin00

      1:12 fresh sus moments

    41. x2boyz

      F yall yall beat me I had 40

    42. Nexus on 30FPS

      Today, I legit got a 35 kill game because of killing players becoming ghosts. I hate ghosts.

    43. Ascend Dwalker 97

      Little 50 bomb 🤣

    44. Rien Well

      What pickaxe is he using and he do you get it?

    45. Ethan Grise

      watch lazarbeam watch this and be like FRESH!!!!!!

    46. Darth Raven

      Got to love the hello there

    47. Parth Amin

      THICCEST match ever!

    48. Sierra Richard

      Fresh goateed

    49. Marvin Aleman

      Dam boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    50. MemeyBoibtw

      Hey fresh you should do a challenge but you only kill the ghosts and not people until there a ghost any guns but no cheating

    51. Pierce Dominy

      bro u carried them

    52. patrick gesch

      Hey fresh did u no that if u die un turn into o shadow

    53. Corbin Football

      8:43 is a nice voice crack good job freshy boy

    54. Cruz Carson


    55. Aine McClelland

      Gg gamers

    56. Kiarash Sakhaee

      Nice job

    57. Kiarash Sakhaee


    58. Caleb Dubin

      I thought I was cool when I got 42 alone

    59. Futcarm ___

      Me and my friends got 57 kills

    60. Carrot_Said_ Hi

      LACHY SWORE OMG WHAT THE (this is a joke relax)

    61. mrprosek


    62. Logan Hall

      You should play Rust it is a online survival game you can kill others or befriend them but remember it is all about survival (and killing people )

    63. Realized It

      So it’s Friday fortnite

    64. Vinnymutz

      I have had a bot who I see in most of my games using the enforcer skin and Mecha team leader backbling which is a yellow bow an you killed them in your second game.

    65. Xxq_QuxX

      Nvm its FWFMRQ

    66. Xxq_QuxX

      Fresh idk if u played among us but, My code to my server in amog us is ISGJWQ

    67. Unnamed Clan

      This just reminds me of the World Cup qualifiers

    68. Zeeshan Malik


    69. Zeeshan Malik

      Wow not entertained

    70. WP 10

      Who ever did’nt sub to fresh you should

    71. Mason Szanto

      My mate got 83 by him self brother fresh



    73. Static-Impulse07

      Disgusting w’s

    74. Red Crewmate

      1:15 r/suddenlygay

    75. HenReacts

      1:13 sus

    76. Shadow_ Sway

      Have not seen this duo in so long im so happy

    77. Major. Tater

      Fresh: THE GHOST ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO KILL Also fresh: lets go 50bomb

    78. Haady Ziad

      Does no one else see this aim bot

    79. Uchiha Madara

      Yo the anime watchers (like me) does the witch broom doesn’t remind of Black clover Hmmmmmmmm

    80. Swift Fire

      Plz don’t cus

    81. Joey Menn

      Fresh:37 kills Lachlan: 2 kills

    82. Lord meme

      When u die at first you should become a Zombie to skeleton and the. Ghost

    83. Chase Lim

      somehow i feel like he has aimbot

    84. Job Downey

      my kill record is 40

    85. Gaming Madness_YT

      You didn’t get 80 kills

    86. Lucas Uribe

      Isn’t it funny how he said the got 80+ kill game and they have 80k likes right now?

    87. smthwin

      Fresh should do a gifting spree

    88. Evert de Bruin

      Try it on a console.

    89. Moneymann M

      My highest gohst kill is 23

    90. Yeetkid11

      Is Shway sway

    91. Danijela Petric

      U know fortnite completey copyied warzones zombie royal

    92. Hayden Thorpe

      i saw lachy and fresh streaming this on twitch and yt

    93. -W0L4_Void-

      I remember when freash coacht laclan and made the first 90

    94. skky.

      Friday Fortnite on Steiroids? lmao

    95. Sweaty_ DuDEyt

      1:14. Uhhh

    96. Slade G

      fresh saying i have a broom stick getting rocket ride jumping of

    97. Eric Vasile

      fresh add me on fortnite my name is EricAlex2012

    98. mason schuler

      fresh: for money also fresh: cranks 90s

    99. 1000Myles

      I love your vids