I LOST MY W KEY... (very hard)


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    1. Goodbadgamer

      Your my favourite youtuber ever

    2. Benjamin Barselaar

      Play on controller then

    3. John Zambrana

      U should win a game with no keys like take them all out of ur keyboard

    4. Xtimmyt6X

      Fresh’s title: I lost my w key (very hard) and drops tilted Me: I’m dropping at the disco

    5. Shark_ yt

      Fresh: loses his w key Also fresh: let's play fortnite Me: lost key Also me: I'll buy new

    6. MasterDRAplayz

      Fresh from literally every video he's ever uploaded on fortnite: WHATS UP GUYS?!?! AH YEEEESS!!!!!!!!!

    7. Sajjad Rasooli

      You’re soo desperate for views

    8. Ralph Penman


    9. Dr. Carrot

      Arrow keys: Exist. fresh: TODAY I LOST MY W KEY SO NOW I MUST GO BACKWARDS

    10. Kanav Jaiswal

      codeeeee ?

    11. Epicsnowycon

      Love your content! 😁

    12. Lucasio


    13. Isaiah Jeffries

      6:12 excuse me but wut

    14. YouTube_ Vixol

      he should do a challenge where he doesn’t w key anyone lmao

    15. Abbas Haider

      Bruh we’re not going to talk about that he only got 57k likes with 1.1 million views??

    16. Uncle jerry LEFT

      At the second game that was me that sniped you

    17. Filip Krab

      Fresh: Wins with only a chug jug, wins with nothing, wins with only loot from a certain place, wins with no walking forwards. Me: Dies with all golden loot

    18. Will Musk

      did anyone realise he pressed his w key when he was gliding a the start of the vid

      1. kingofallReapers


    19. Mel White

      9:25 he misses a legendary heavy assault (ik its bc he said he doesn't like them)

    20. Hayzin Gonda

      I'm just moving "side fo side side side to side"

    21. Corie Cook

      Do a game when lazar carries you

    22. skar


    23. Nathi Malematsa

      Let’s just have a moment of silence for everyone fresh has sweated on 🪦

    24. Levi Albert

      “There’s literally no way for me to move forward” 14 year old white girls:

    25. iconic trooper

      He didn't actually lose his w-key key his switches still there so he could still use it

    26. Duo Specialists

      Fresh : Removed W key Other steamers : Unbind W Key

    27. Can Polat

      What do you call a Lamborghini driving backwards... Inihgrobmal

    28. Can Polat

      How can u get a w without the W key ... FRESH: Take a look

    29. Liam onze


    30. ChantheMan

      He is better than me if he took half his keybinds away

    31. Mr. Dumpling

      9:26 fresh finds a gold ak but doesn't pick it up

    32. Checkur6

      day 276 of waiting for fresh to say, Whats down ladies, no.

    33. HD_Prime On Yt

      I did this with my old controller

    34. tyty26

      Go to 8:48 and turn your volume up, don’t look at your video and listen closely. Fresh sounds like an angry chimpanzee😂

    35. Adam Cupido

      Fresh pls do the thickest sweat in fortnite arena

    36. Omar El-Hamalawy

      Fresh next video only w key

    37. Jammy 517


    38. Shabbir Master

      Normal gammer : ah shit lost my w key time to replace Fresh : hmm why not make a vedio

    39. HeadPool03


    40. Anty The Human

      The forward arrow key: -_-

    41. Unique Jared

      Should’ve went on controller 360 movement

    42. NL_c0rupted

      me thinking just change ur fucxing keybines

    43. Mr Tj bro

      It’s funny how he puts his old skin on his thumbnails still

    44. Envision Homes

      Fresh: I’m looking like a bot because I can’t build right Me: I CANT EVEN BUILD

    45. Jana Moussa

      am srsly the only 1 who realized that he dies by a sniper almost every challenge ? ? ?

    46. Jana Moussa

      i should probably save the shockwaves for when i run into a big sweat cause (falls). . . HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHH lol

    47. Reid.f Reid.f

      Walk side words

    48. Gab Velasquez

      Video idea i lost my s key

    49. Casen K

      This man said sidewards lol

    50. Flooper W

      611 was the best Time 🤣

    51. anthony hadden

      use facecam we know what u look like

    52. yvaldovinos58

      Now play without going backwards 😝😝😝.

    53. sean kuang

      after watching this i feel like I cant walk forward

    54. Revenge 17

      “Everyone uses their w key” Controller players:

    55. Rohail kamran

      I have seen gaming keyboards but there key can even get out and get in back

    56. Awesome Noah Goodfellow

      This was a dum I dear stupid 😂

    57. YᗴᗴT

      what about the front arrow key

    58. Jake Saint Laurent

      Why did I see a good ak and u didn’t pick it up?

    59. KingVbucks - Fortnite

      My dude your fortnite is smooooooooth. what software do u use to rec?

    60. Jacob Johnson

      Use Code: Lazar

    61. Bryson Hall

      He is a crab

    62. IᴛsTʀᴏᴘᴢ !

      Umm wouldn't it be easier to just remove the key bind?

    63. Yoel Mesfin

      He used the w key at the end I and a few other times by accident. But otherwise, keep up the good work!

    64. Mute


    65. Ryan Chouinard

      8:33 I can tell he was going to die

    66. ABNUSISS

      Ayeeeeeeee hes one of the mobile players kind now

    67. gaming with jumjum

      when you lose your W _key_ and you still *Wkey* people🤦‍♂️ :

    68. Astroop3r

      6:33 at fortnite my guy

    69. halifax og

      He did three times

    70. mad max

      Omg fresh he is a god

    71. Biały Tygrys

      Lol u can bind S for go at the good side

    72. Samyak Maity

      Win without no building at all in season 5 arena.........not even to reach places

    73. Spider akram

      fresh is a liar cause he made a vid of random kill sens and he was moving forward (he made it 23 hours ago) and he made this vid 1 day ago it makes no sense

    74. Jacobi Clingenpeel

      He lost his W key how did he type W for the title

    75. Artie pellegrini

      Wait if you lost your W key how could you skydive and glide foward?

    76. Paul Atkins

      Maybe do a no scope challenge

    77. Beverly Ann

      Me : **leaves my Ex and decides to move forward** My life :

    78. Shadow Glich

      U should do a challenge only sideways walking and pls subscribe to me and fresh

    79. Joshua.robert French

      Sidewards lol

    80. Lily May

      He couldn’t even speak at the end 😂 that shows a hard working person!! Stay safe everyone!

    81. Isaac Allnutt

      You know you can still use arrow keys

    82. simpley brandon

      Hey fresh so I like to stream but I only have a Xbox one s and am looking into a desktop pc. Do you have any good suggestions around $800usd for streaming?

    83. Aidan Johnson

      Now fresh can’t w key :)

    84. Jaden Opil


    85. Team 000 Gaming

      I have a broken switch so i do this every day


      10:57 i need w key

    87. Icy49

      That inhale tho lol

    88. Thomas Ma

      my guy said sidewards

    89. Pratik Khandagale

      2:23 he moved forward

    90. Jenni Bassler

      I know you’re gonna Xbox because he posted HUgets channel I have I become the Xbox card

    91. Rich VIP 100

      Wait, did you lost it or no?

    92. Jenni Bassler

      I don’t know pretty much how to build in Fortnite is that good anyways I’m playing on Xbox one I know you are a god at it

    93. Tuxkits

      Pickle power

    94. Daniel Ostrom

      Fresh right after getting his learners permit:

    95. Tom Tom

      You have a better chance than me even with the W key

    96. Hamish Dickins

      do no space bar

    97. Social Studies

      6:12 that gasp hahahahahahaha

    98. charlee Dude

      does fresh have his drivers liscense cuz idk how if he does

    99. Atomic Khan

      For some reason where ever you look the car turns that way its dumb