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    1. Beverly Ann

      Fresh should just accept the fact that he always dies in cars and that he shouldn’t use them

    2. Supreme Papi

      Did fresh call a pump a spas

    3. jeremy jones

      Do A sky base with tires

    4. Nathan Goff

      Continues to say that tires help next second: dang it I hit my head on the tree 🌴...

    5. Bradley Canale-Leitch

      Fresh swet boi

    6. Bowen Milson

      i got a tire ad when wacthing this lol

    7. Edins

      thats a dream skin freshy

    8. Lourd Gian Lonzon

      i know that tires can do that


      i swear the way he gets wins so easily

    10. Billy Higgins

      Use code fresh for life

    11. Marco Tatti


    12. elias vosselman


    13. K Dagley


    14. Nexurq

      And one tac ed -Fresh 2021

    15. Jenna White


    16. Pucks world

      Content is a bit Dry huh?

    17. Guest is ded

      *use tires to attach to your legs and become a monster truck yourself*

    18. william gonzales

      How to craft a Shockwave bow do you have to have a blue Mechanicals bow and 2 shock waves and craft them. That's why that guy was getting away from you so many times. You carry a bow you have 31 shockwaves.

    19. Zman27 Gaming

      If u know in holly hedges, in the super market, there is the little gap leading to the outside plant area and I used tires to save my teammate who was needed to be revived

    20. Lizbe Cruz

      Pea mac


      Do the bingo challenge again... much love 💘

    22. JaxiePlayz

      8:48, Is this considered Bullying?

    23. Patricia Segura

      50 years later: I’m going to be winning with a tree

    24. Ceaqy The goat

      Is it just me or is he always getting sniper 😂

    25. tOPi Gaming

      Be the best;)

    26. Help me reach 10k With 0 videos

      I wish all who sees this best of luck with his life

    27. Phil Scott

      Always use code fresh in the item shop

    28. RAR Gaming

      You should of been the spark plug skin

    29. fusion ballers

      If you mine the cars at junk yard they give you mec parts

    30. Jad Celine

      Fresh: uses the unofficial Dream skin Fresh: speedruns for the win❤️❤️❤️❤️

    31. josé ekjeje


    32. ShotZ Clan

      Wow fresh, you really jinxed yourself.


      Freshy Boii!

    34. Aragoneagle

      can we just appreciate how nice p-mac is as a stre- sniper

    35. LiamThe SkurfingGod

      They buffed the mec bow by 40 percent so a head shot does 202 dmg XD

    36. Salim Begg

      Fresh in the final circle he had 46 bones and 34 mechanical parts!!

    37. BigMeechLJC

      YES SIR

    38. Mr.Puffin

      5:00, fresh was on 1 health😅

    39. Ayush Soneri


    40. Jamie Trent

      PMac is an absolute legend.

    41. Vansh Singh

      9:02 that was me!!!!

    42. E lord

      You can also throw the tires onto someone's body directly and it will send them flying AND they will take fall dmg

    43. Andrew Kenney

      I love fresh

    44. Quixy

      Pmac always comes to the rescue

    45. Tara Cook

      Check out mason is bored

    46. Joseph Breda

      Huh, Fresh is making how to win videos... idk how Sypher is gonna react but I guess he doesn't have legal claims... how am I supposed to feel about this?

    47. Cloud Shaunnie Ganan

      Maybe in 6:26 hes a hacker

    48. Daniel Ducas

      2:41 monster truck bruh

    49. shallot

      Make sure to watch mrfreshasian on twitch

    50. Aviator Wild

      6:25 does not sound like fresh

    51. Orrenmc 2

      The box skin looks like dream

    52. Joseph Bell


    53. fish man

      Please watch my new montage

    54. Quinn Reilly

      Fresh: we're getting headshot out of bows

    55. Sarah B

      I new that the tires could make you bounce

    56. Leandry Velez

      I almost won a game with tires

    57. Veer Singh

      that defualt has aim bot

      1. fish man

        Please watch my new montage

    58. AmericanLight

      When in doubt Pmack is here

    59. Tejas Save

      Today I understood call pmac for a vic royal

    60. FortniteGoldencocowade !

      Dies bye Mechanical bow 😭

    61. itzzz Angel

      lol i was just talking about this idea!

    62. Samantha Mccracken

      The tires would probably be better on the iron mans lambo because you would never need gas

    63. Marco Botros

      3:35 that’s just rip moment

    64. Nathaniel Montminy - Lavoie

      waths up guy yes

    65. 999 The demon

      Good vid

    66. Megan Bridger

      I done a skybase with tires and it was so fun lol

    67. Piece Ctrl Zack

      6.25 aimbot

    68. Alex Gentilozzi

      Ok but did I ask

      1. Rococo

        I did

    69. Nehemiah Talavera

      Fresh can you please do a green arrow challenge since there are bows now please

    70. 3pic_Gam3r__YT

      We all ready know that it din't fit o|o

    71. YEET STER

      They copied free fire

    72. Nino Heino

      You are 204lvl and im just 100lvl wtf

    73. Lauchie 77

      Anyone wanna give my channel and videos an opinion would be much appreciated thanks 😊

    74. Arena-Bread

      For anyone who just clicked on the video or is curious, 3:33 is when fresh gets clipped

    75. Marta Nasiadek

      Can you comment on freshfan_2021 tiktok vid

    76. loopcraft

      i love pmack

    77. Carol Moore

      I do this all the timw wdym its hard?

      1. YEET STER


    78. snipaaus !

      I always thought that when tires were evented can u put on tires on a chicken.

    79. Kirk Jackson

      "mythic tires"

    80. LightningLuuk _

      I always use them as bounce pad in a 1v1😂😂🥴

    81. Willewonca

      0:21 bounce pads aren’t infinite ?

    82. NinjaButterEZ M

      Monster truck skybase

    83. Javien Salinas

      Do a face revel


      Hey fresh who is better u or lazabeam 1v1 I think u because ur my favourite HUgetsr and ur also really good and the best firtnite player in history bye best HUgetsr

    85. Dyson Lea

      Man I can't wait for twitch to happen again

    86. Studio 58

      Jeez. These tire vids are making me TIREd

    87. Hassan Mirza

      fresh you are the best fortnite player in the world


      I have an idea for an video build a sky base and for the last kill use the tires

    89. Colin O

      You should do a challenge where you get p Mack the dub every round well you just kill people.

    90. Xd clan Azim

      Oh and play with laser beam and maybe me and my bro

    91. Itz_Ibrahim12

      This is how many times Fresh said "Tyre" 👇

    92. Your Furnace

      pmack has super sense

    93. BW Team Studios

      Fresh should do Recycler Gun only challenge

    94. Connor Laflamme

      I use code fresh

    95. rodica retezar

      The same thing happened in your bingo video. :(

    96. Spidercool

      When fresh said I just bounced into a tree I didn’t know hitting a tree almost kills you lol

    97. MythicGoldFish

      awesome voice crack at 6:10

    98. Zach Pendell

      yeah people have aimbot when your in cars and i don’t know how