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    1. Lil Fresh

      Hey Fresh do you see my name I am lil Fresh and AWSOME about your dragon 😍😍😀😀🥳🥳🤟🏻🤟🏻👍🏻👍🏻🍰🍰🍰

    2. Alex Mills

      Why do u always say EVERYTHING is thicc

    3. RNGBilal Vlogs

      I know it

    4. drakx star

      I'm a christmas tree

    5. Zar Zakaria

      why is fresh always kill name player

    6. Zar Zakaria

      what if the last player is not marvel skin

    7. PugL0rd

      He could have also eliminated skins from chapter 1 season 4 since they were kind of hero’s and villains

    8. Gonzalez produce

      He said @$$

    9. jack McDougal

      if fresh picks up the powers doesnt he become a hero

    10. Jennifer Huelsman

      U say how they destroy houses when u are to XD

    11. Pluto _demon33

      Loving the thumbnail

    12. B Z’s

      This is how many people love fresh

    13. Kayley Louise

      You got pikaxed by a bot your still the best youtuber

    14. Carly Holder


    15. JJ chanel

      I did that to you should do it again again please

    16. Groot 0524

      Do she hulk only

    17. DaRedNinja

      My favourite skin in Fortnite is The Reflex skin

    18. Life With Hibba

      Fresh: we need to keep the bandage basooka 30 seconds later Fresh: drops the bandage basooka

    19. Jayde Brooks

      Only default Challenge

    20. young park


    21. B Z’s

      What if final player is not a marvel or avengers skin

    22. NXS 45

      Awwwwww... why wont fresh use his outro! I love his outro song

    23. Self Playz

      How is fresh in frenzy farm at 4 52

    24. XXxx_Amazingness_xxXX

      You should’ve said the thickest supervillain

    25. Halina Nalborczyk

      I hsve the ffresh dragin I love it

    26. Ratan Singh

      How did you go to frenzy farm

    27. Nathan Smith

      do another video with mcreamy!!

    28. Braydan Dwyer

      Hey boy I did

    29. Fresh


    30. Jakob Ringstad Aasmo

      dude i was the she-hulk you killed at that destroyed house outside of slurpy swamps

    31. Captain Pancakes

      They should make a pickle skin

    32. Jaden Jarquin


    33. rylan flickinger

      Imagine you log into the game and you're going to do this challenge but everybody was wearing a Noob skin

    34. Jake 543

      Thickest Wolverine

    35. ToyBurger

      Lol this was when everyone was thor

    36. Jcyrus h


    37. Jcyrus h


    38. SavageGucci1021

      Omen is a super hero u could’ve have killed him at 4:54

    39. Camden Chee

      I like the Idea

    40. Ricardo Soto


    41. AJ Bhogal

      i just peeeeeeeee because you have a dragon

    42. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content keep up the good work

    43. Flinn Swazy

      Hey fresh what’s up I’m in simp September

    44. Dina G

      GO FRESH

    45. Maria Kiprianidoy

      I already have him he is cracked

    46. ??

      Plot twist" 7:37 he said it was a default skin in that helicopter, but they could be wearing the Mystique skin if they didnt kill anyone. Mystique can do the emote to transform in to a default skin. So, Mystique is a marvel skin and what if he didn't know?!

    47. Bo B


    48. hassane haybi

      katelyn ohashi

    49. Leighton Marriott


    50. Mladjana Pavlovic

      4:02 there was a lama

    51. Anthony Martinez


    52. dennis10 1

      I am grut

    53. pokitsokit

      Fresh is the next mavel villain lol

    54. Abiria

      1:40 Now that's a lot of damage

    55. Laser Gamer

      No I missed the fresh dragon I even play this game

    56. Dhruv Amin

      Why don’t u turn on your face cam

    57. Katsuki Bakugou

      Props to fresh for making me addicted to fortnite

    58. Jemuel Gracias

      I got Ali A+ dragon and he's a ytr too like you

    59. Sonali B

      They iron man mythics will come

    60. Jamal Issa

      Fresh I have 0 skins and 0 vbuks can you please give me some🥺 Beast78689 that’s my epic

    61. Blord1408 YT

      Imagine eliminating a DC skin

    62. ColdBee

      omg stupid spammers

    63. BananaBoiTTV

      "Big D's" "PP" Why are always names penis related?

    64. Monky Plays

      Fresh says ‘we need to protect the Civilians from their house getting destroyed at the same time breaking a house for mats Me: what that doesn’t make sense

      1. Monky Plays


    65. Nickybuke 11

      Oh so pay to lose

    66. Zaldie De Guzman

      pp has evovled its not vanished pp became a big dick!


      noooooooooooooooooooooooooo you ate a fish

    68. Khendon Bell


    69. Madara Diaz

      I like how in the comics and movies they always blame the heroes who save at the entrie world from destruction but still get blamed for damage and lives lost that happened in that one place just pointing it out there Like if you agree

    70. Mohammad Salem

      Because of your dumb challenges bruh

    71. Krypto

      1:12 Your welcome

    72. KvNG WIZZ

      Anyone notice reflex

    73. Tatiana Bermudez


    74. mayra caceres

      Aww I love ur vid picture when u were protecting the defaults from the marbles skin

    75. Mayan Shah

      2:28 this bot is level 352 already epic what have you done

    76. MOONER 4

      Would you rather destroy a couple cities or the whole entire world

    77. Jerome Brown

      fresh to be onest your challnge had no groot

    78. cassia ferreira

      got the dragon

    79. Taylor James

      Dark bombers are to swetty

    80. Frazix Vrz

      i got your dragon fresh

    81. Moshi Moto

      Is it just me or has every tik tik emote they added only been bought for the music?

    82. logan the beast

      Fresh what would you prether the world to be destroyed or some cities broken they can't help it heroes they have to

    83. mel

      I play dragon city I love dragon city

    84. Hossam Barhom h

    85. Daniel C

      I got fresh dragon it is so OP

    86. Jamie Davis

      I have a challenge idea! You can swap weapons until you get full invitory but no green,mythics,or lengendary Like for him to see

    87. RO FAN

      Fresh: I’m trying to make sure the superhero’s aren’t breaking all the building and stuff Also fresh: breaks the roof XD

    88. Gunnar vlogs

      i bet fresh would go back to school if jennifer walters was his teacher


      R.I.P PHILLIP #fishyarmy

    90. Squidy 2

      Fresh: Don’t break the houses. Also Fresh: *breaks the roof and the floors to get loot*

      1. Adam Talha

        He needs mats sometimes to poop on marvel skins

      2. pixelpro 3033

        Its true XD

    91. Jean-pierre Coetzer

      I now how you look like you put your face in two vidoes so i now but eneyone dont now

    92. Nonasalgame r

      I love pp

    93. StinkyCreeper

      I have it to

    94. look at this banana

      I love fresh

    95. Please help me get 507 Subs

      Literally the 1% people who’s reading May your parents Live more than 100 years with good health ❤️

    96. Andi Rozhgar

      Why did I get banned for no reason

    97. Tommythebomby The man

      Vid idea Thiccist pickle in fortnite use your favorite weapons

    98. Chandler Plays

      Me same with emkay

    99. Gavin Small

      Fresh is so good