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    1. Toady is Simping For Tsu

      eVeRy OnE sHoUlD uSe CoDe LaZaR oR fReSh In ThE aMoNg Us ItEm ShOp B))))))

    2. Gamers On top

      👇🏾 do that if you think they do task fast

    3. Jack Byfield

      I don’t now how to get mods

    4. Paul Baker

      Press kill

    5. Ivan Rosbach

      i love lannan schreaming eated from zombie lol

    6. Dan McBride

      The free map immunologically belong because texture probably juggle behind a coordinated income. dramatic, apathetic ex-wife

    7. fat gut

      How did you get the gamemode

    8. Shadow Agent

      Fresh send the link to this mod we need it

    9. Joe Moore

      Your a zombie!!

    10. Joe Moore

      Can I join?

    11. Cara Scullion

      Fresh you have to hit kill

    12. HappyAnnaM

      So mr beast is just gonna steal

    13. Jessica Stowell

      0:53 kicked

    14. Jeanna Camp

      Sounds like you’re on drugs

    15. George Tori

      Fresh have you heard of the channel “more fresh” they are stealing your content from your streams and posting it to HUgets claiming to be you.

    16. Tjalle De Vries

      That thumbnail has cost you like more than 30 mins

    17. Henda e.desouky

      What is he going to do next to fresh is the best love everyone

    18. Henda e.desouky

      Yo fresh is the he best I best mode ever i wonder wats next

    19. Marlene Haney


    20. Jes335se M

      What is this mods name

    21. Chase Colebank

      my skin

    22. Becky Garcia

      Fresh have you heard of the channel “more fresh” they are stealing your content from your streams and posting it to HUgets claiming to be you.

    23. K4NZU CODM

      Where to get this mode?

    24. Joan Robinson

      Bruh this is scuffed

    25. Emelyn Zambrano

      Here’s a tips it’s always red

    26. Petr Tskhovrebov

      can u tell us how to do it

    27. Esperanza Toledo

      I want the animation/•~•/

    28. Abdullah Abalkhail


    29. WWJP

      This gamemode lowkey sucks

    30. Alexis Caraballo


      1. West Ak4


    31. Savage on 60fps

      I need to play this mod

    32. Angela Anderson

      nobody going to talk about how socksfor1 did this like a week earlier

    33. MV Daily

      What’s down guys, no

    34. Nick Farrow

      Any one reading this send friend request to beano2k on fortnite if u want to 1v1


      How to play this mod

    36. Leon Pollock

      so fresh is bad kuz u gotta KILL TO EAT BOT! no offence ur goood at other stuff tho

      1. Leon Pollock

        oh i watched ahead and im sorry i was rong

    37. Leon Pollock

      so fresh is bad kuz u gotta KILL TO EAT BOT! no offence ur goood at other stuff tho

    38. Nathan John

      Click like on this comment

    39. Lyliac_YT

      I love it how they call the reactor thing Simon says

    40. Rebekah Doane

      I just played a game with fresh.

    41. Rebekah Doane


    42. Mapalo2k

      I love the "what up guys yes"😂😂😂

    43. Mapalo2k

      Bro,nice content

    44. Glitched Selever

      POV: you find a normal comment

    45. Sam Smith video games

      No one: Not even Fresh: Don't worry I'm not a bot :)

    46. Jackson

      Hey fresh you should start a Minecraft channel

    47. Victoria Wright

      Yes he Does

    48. JRZL

      This mode is sick!

    49. Mohammed Al Mawali

      How to play the mode

    50. Khloutz YT


    51. KaiandGigi YoutubeChannel

      You click the “KILL” button at the bottom.

    52. Genaro Barcenas

      Fresh Do More among us🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

    53. Mason Lu


    54. Greg Browell

      You’re the best HUgets ever keep up the great content

    55. FSKaim

      where is my shirt

    56. FSKaim

      where is my shirt

    57. FSKaim

      where is my shirt

    58. FSKaim

      where is my shirt

    59. Kiki_Da_Monkey

      2:02 idk why I usually don’t get scared but I was just eating and I jumped in my seat

    60. Alan Forsyth


    61. Gdg Ffg

      I add u fresh on fortnite

    62. Josh_masterson8

      How do you do this

    63. JJGames12

      I'm sorry is it only me who sees something else other than a pickle for freshes logo XD

    64. YT_Immy0812 ulhaq

      Where does it say zombie mode

    65. Ryan Johnston

      Rip fresh

    66. Altie-axe


    67. Spirit Saiyan

      This is dumb only the zombie can win

    68. Salvador Encarnacion


    69. Side- Achu

      U know when u scan the card u just scan it really quickly 3 times and ur done

    70. DTEOAnimates!


    71. Lazy Dnx


    72. Dyspy

      Fresh do you know someone called Rhain

    73. Jensen Smith

      Hello fresh

    74. Jeffrey Chandler

      aRe yOu pReSsiNg kill

    75. Winter wolf productions

      Is this real ?

    76. Ucchago Gonz


    77. Víctor Ramírez

      Am a big fan

    78. Víctor Ramírez


    79. Bio_HZRD

      I had a dream where I was a hacker on among us and had a hack to kill everyone but there cut In half body would stand up and chase you, like a zombie and me and my friend had to do tasks and run away from them and here is fresh doing something kinda like that

    80. WILL BYERS

      This is crazy

    81. ChickenGamer 874

      I just dropped my phone in the 🚽 if u know how to fix the volume pls tell me

    82. Assassinated Zotify rl

      Freshiii boiiii

    83. 2031 Elliot Mardahaev

      How do you get in the mode


      my goal of scrolling down was to find people comments it didn't work

    85. ꧁AleksaNotAlexa꧂

      Day two of petition for asking fresh to bring back “whats up guys, no”

      1. ꧁AleksaNotAlexa꧂

        and i care?

      2. Rxses Fxlling

        You just copied meme nite

    86. Nizhoni Balderrama

      fresh add crimpymadden21 pleas

    87. Caleb Errington


    88. vexs m

      Comment thiccc if u like umung us

    89. Ghosted zr

      i want to do that with my friends

    90. Leigh Twente

      You have to press kill 😝

    91. Wild Bill2k9


    92. Wild Bill2k9

      Wish I could play this mode

    93. Sydnee Sauls

      How do you get the mod tho

    94. Sydnee Sauls

      Ive never seen so many bots in one chat

    95. Trix

      It’s not Halloween myg

    96. MosuPlays

      Hey at least everyone in Among Us is working together

    97. MosuPlays

      Hey at least everyone in Among Us is working together

    98. jiraiyasensei_official4

      They should make this as a game mode this looks fun

    99. Maria Del Rosario Vazquez

      Bro uh at the beging when they got caught thats my combo i use in among ud

    100. Nicholas Waegli

      Hey can you tell the devs to put this in normal Among Us so everyone can play it