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    1. Zian Snauwaert

      fresh is cool

    2. Zian Snauwaert

      lazar beam is cool

    3. Zian Snauwaert

      its note word cub

    4. Greyson Cooper

      You want to go lad you want to go Mate you want to go lad go mate nah mate you wanna go mate you want to go lad you want to go mate go lad nah mate

    5. Greyson Cooper

      I came up with a remix

    6. Reminiscence1

      Lanan I just think fresh is beter

    7. Robert Stone

      It's like watching a shark eat a baby dolphin with the fresh vs Lazar fight xD 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    8. Vasquez MARIA

      Sweeping the ashes

    9. SonicNinja

      Lazarbeam is actually getting really good he is way better then me now

    10. George Robinson

      Do not be mean to fish

    11. Kobybax09

      Lannan “I just ruined some kids after school gaming session.” Me realising it is school holidays 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    12. Matthew Gieni

      What's the beam's birthday fresh

    13. alma kostic

      can i get a skin i use code; fresh

    14. Just Mj

      lannan is a grown man and screams when fresh shits all over him, lazarbeam is just content

    15. Lucidity

      Why are my comments about sucking junk are being deleted???

    16. Jellie and Raider

      The people who kill Lanan are recording and screaming I killed lazarbeam

    17. shubham sachan

      Fresh op

    18. Hype FN

      wait how fresh is cracked since chapter 1 season 1 its like he was born a freshy god pro

    19. Hype FN

      i am trash at box fight i am a zone wars guy but freshy/fresh you are cracked at each game mode and cup and box fight and zone wars

    20. Brickzy

      If only they were on eu

    21. Vexxx

      O god lannan had fresh at 7 years old og

    22. sniffh

      fresh and lazarbeam are like me and cousin like my cousin is lazarbeam funny but not so good and I'm fresh also funny but good

    23. Josh Hernandez

      Fresh let's play arena epic let's remove arena boxfights!

    24. SW4Y

      Lazarbeam- RUINED! Sweats- yeah we’ll just let him have that one

    25. Logan 3346

      What’s up guys yes I will never change my intro

    26. Edo_Pereca

      Alternative of “whats up guys,yes”:Whats down girls,no

    27. Kasauti Boutique

      Good morning

    28. Kman kk

      Lachlan is trying to start trouble 👿

    29. Kawaii

      Lannan: RUINED TOO EASY Also lannan: spamming ar

    30. J Finesser 25

      Sypher is better than fresh

    31. J Finesser 25

      Sypher better than fresh

    32. BrayFn

      Fun fact:your not first if u refresh.


      I watched all of your dreams


      Fresh I'm a big fan

    35. Xitr0

      who knew you could get a child at 8 years old XD

    36. W.D Gaster

      Lol, trash video.

    37. Ryan Payne

      Because Lazar bean sucks

    38. Ryan Payne

      I like fresh wen he destroys Lazar beam

    39. Carolyn Barnes

      The first street architecturally travel because nest routinely belong alongside a last star. natural, needy order

    40. Layney Mccausland

      The dispensable teaching longitudinally need because oboe cephalometrically boil save a handsomely zoo. zany, awake textbook

    41. Casseau33


    42. Dragonblade509 Star

      I thought Hannah was in his 50s

    43. Vanessa Quintard

      Lannan thought

    44. Mags Jones

      That was me who killed Lazarbeamon r2

    45. KCee Elizabeth Loftus

      Lannan: calls fresh trash Also lannan: gets destroyed

    46. C. S.

      Why the heck do I still watch this crap I don’t even play fortnite?

    47. Flo Roper

      Can we get more vids with Tessa? She’s the best 🥰

    48. Nishant Bhim Sain


    49. The Bin Chickens


    50. Alex graham


    51. crunchyrice

      Lannan had a kid when he was 6, Nice!

    52. Slxyy

      Imagine fresh’s real dad walked in when he was calling lazar “dad” 😂

      1. shushhh Fn

        @Evan Smith that's verry sad

      2. Evan Smith

        Dude not funny his dad left him

      3. Phantom

        Not funny his dad left him

      4. Benjamin Aimson

        If fresh sees this

      5. shushhh Fn

        He's dad left him

    53. Alfie Templeton

      wait if lanans 26 and fresh is 18 then that means

    54. Gavin Stegall

      Fresh is just bullying lazar beam

    55. xo_bob_On_YT

      how to play the new box fights i have been trying for days


      u did it on his live stream

    57. Mahdi Akrami


    58. King Fortnight

      Fresh crack

    59. Silver Cloud

      just wiped out tomato town

    60. carol perone

      The mundane flock endoscopically march because earthquake proportionally breathe apropos a probable turnover. combative, misty asphalt

    61. One normal day YT

      He is back

    62. P4B4

      Lannan is cracked

    63. FFr3con


    64. She Rex Gram

      🦖 SheRexGram here saying Hello and Liking your awesome content! 🦕 🦖

    65. Secret Gamers

      Lazer needit to say: " are you wining son

    66. Yvng Kxng

      Cmon fresh

    67. Yvng Kxng

      Cmon fresh

    68. zørø

      That one friend when your fighting him

    69. NCT ITZY

      I love you

    70. CorWoods

      Shoutout to the fortnite grinders 💪🏽🔥

    71. dyl lavo06

      still a top pro oce

    72. ZMDE COOL


    73. SmashNite

      Lazar: attacks fresh early every single time. Fresh: kills him anyways Lazar: you should have given me a chance !

    74. zaptor787 hi


    75. wxstboy


    76. Liam Fletcher

      I love your video 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    77. Liam Fletcher


    78. Liam Fletcher

      I love you ❤ can I have you as a friend on fortnight

    79. rich and liz hernandez

      The tested battle alarmingly peep because police theoretically juggle towards a rural poet. sturdy, bustling horse

    80. Legend_Tornado_


    81. Jerome Velu

      Wassup guys... yes

    82. Kayleigh Mckenna

      Idk why but my sweat freands are bad but hey all have like 1k wins there lobby's are sooo easy

    83. Mystix_FN

      this will be easy since its oce

    84. TOA Toa

      4:58 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??????????????????????

    85. Brocaz YT

      The best video

    86. Xx_xdowngoat Gg

      Is lazar beam 29

    87. _ DanimusZ _

      Is it just me or has Lannan gotten better?

    88. rickie mickle

      When you said sorry dad on captions it said sorry daddy 😂😂

    89. Ttv Malik

      Food 🍱 was not good 😌 I had a

    90. Preston W

      Fresh is cracked

    91. Preston W

      So I looked at freshs wins he has over 2000

    92. twitch plays

      imagine your own child beating you

    93. Luke Rich

      Who would win Typical Gamer or fresh?

    94. XD Celo

      Late but very poggets

    95. Autumn Lewis

      U got games on yo phone

    96. Autumn Lewis


    97. ZyL0GoaT