my fortnite got HACKED?!


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    1. Sir dog Apollo


    2. Sebastian Martinez

      Mext video: I got Hacked By A pIcKlE

    3. Pikachu


    4. Gerard Mcgrandles


    5. brahim diaz

      "00:13" this is the thing u need.” YOURLUCK.ME”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord

    6. Katie lynn

      Lannan was the goose for sure 😂

    7. Pfeifer Goodspeed

      3:28 *”this is the thing u need.” 𝐟𝐬𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐬.𝐛𝐮𝐳𝐳 ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord*

    8. kelkelgamer xx

      Who the hell is in the kiss pic😂😂

    9. TheSilverCatZ

      the words and challenges were all setup by fresh tho

    10. Aay

      very damn funny!!!

    11. Mind Blown

      You know every photo the goose guy sends it a photo of lannan and you know lannan how when he controls freshens game he tells him to do stuff like drop all your lot and get new lot so maybe the guy is lannan doing it

    12. FAZE damian

      landon what

    13. space_raider1

      Lannan hacked it

    14. Limited_ Gaming

      Shimeji's right?

    15. sarah graham

      No one to

    16. sarah graham


    17. SuperBlue Gamer

      That dumb goose

    18. login smoth

      why just why

    19. Alex Wilson776

      360SHEILTECH on Instagram is just the legitimate service that can fix your Fortnite account he just successfully recovered my son's hacked account

    20. Alex Wilson776

      360SHEILTECH on Instagram is just the legitimate service that can fix your Fortnite account he just successfully recovered my son's hacked account

    21. Devish Morar


    22. JamonD2304

      I have desktop goose on my school laptop

    23. Gideon Illguth

      I swear its got to be Lannon controlling the goose

    24. Effection

      Fresh: the goose is controlling my game Goose: being cracked as heck Me: is fresh really cracked if fresh isn’t doing anything?

    25. Saair Hussain

      Haha sorry freshly boi

    26. boiii bruh

      1:45 i didnt do anything i promise and he did stuff

    27. toppat burger

      Its the untitled goose game virus boi

    28. k.o.p

      There is a desk top app that makes the goose pop up this is fake he pic the photo's

    29. Sally Grigg

      Fresh your videos are amazing keep up the good work

    30. William aka Boodysmigles1

      I love this thing mode of goose u put on computer

    31. clxudy._. pxtato._.

      "I’ve been hacked by a goose." - fresh The "goose": *doing chicken emote*


      What the F is that picture

    33. WrangWrang is me


    34. Daniel Hahn Conradsen

      That goose is a bloody legend

    35. Eden Azalea

      This sounds like a Watchdogs 2 moment

    36. ED bull

      zorgo is waching hacker group

    37. Altoid Robot

      For anyone who says this is fake. It’s not. I did it like a year ago and I don’t remember how

    38. chocolate hacker

      this is fake

    39. Jencarlos Garcia

      The goose puts stuff on screen and then waddles away ... and then he waddled waddled waddled and he waddled away

    40. Justas K


    41. DrStrange768YT

      oh the goose virus... i hate that thing so much. i tried that thing playing fortnite and it was impossible

    42. VxlrFN

      Say what you want but fresh is not good; he is CONSISTENT

    43. X2 SpaZ

      i like how the goose is either lazarbeam or someone from the clicks house.

      1. Shivika Dogra


      2. XD Luke

        No it’s actually something you can install but you pick the pictures that go on the screen

      3. Amanda Daye

        It’s just “clickl

    44. Jaylon Murphy


    45. Josh White


    46. Isaiah Nyirenda


    47. StRx_Sparkz

      Fun fact : people read fun fact


      I think it is fake

    49. Juelz Salas

      A goose???

    50. Ollie Streams 2009

      What a beautiful picture of lannon

    51. Joseph

      Fresh you put that there

    52. Mad Man123

      You can install this on your computer

    53. Hazza

      Mate that’s just desktop goose

    54. Hunter Sagil


    55. shattered hybrid

      ummmmmm fresh how do you get the goose i want to test it

    56. Andrew T. Jones

      Funny video. But that goose is an app that you can install to cause havoc for fun.

    57. Isla Bean

      Did fresh actually get hacked, I am confused?

    58. Oscar Jackson

      You are in turn

    59. Random Kid

      Honestly I would like this but if he dident control me

    60. James Stevens

      I use ya code

    61. Manny Contreras


    62. Aditya Baidyanath

      its similar to fundy"s minecraft goose mod

    63. Haoua Keita

      if i was you i would say shut up to the gose

    64. L Dog 1225

      Bro it is just Lazarbeam that is just hacking his game fresh ran out of ideas

    65. angofango225

      is it just me or did you notice that at the start fresh was dancing with the goose skin and the goose said use code fresh


      You probably got banned because Lazarbeam needed that win for not moving all game

    67. Fortnite Guy


    68. Fortnite Guy

      MY HUgets IS BROKEN

    69. El3ctr1c

      I feel like this goose is tryna get attention

    70. fastedits11

      Am I the only one imagining lannan being in his office just behind all of this

    71. Aiden Reichel

      Hey fresh I love your videos and you are the best fortnite player in the world. If there was a person I could play with it would be YOU

    72. Adelle Gow

      First day I had

    73. DaCatty

      What is dat

    74. juulia m

      Fum fact when he firts landed salty he picked the brick back

    75. Walmart edition Drake


    76. Ajay Che

      2:19 Why it's a beautiful photo of lannan kissing a dude! Don't you like the pictures of your father? They're beautiful! It's like the mona lisa of pictures!

    77. Watermelon Gamer

      So the goose is defiantly lannan

    78. king tring

      fresh is sucj a click batar content is trash get your self a proper chalnge

    79. Mr.Meepysheep Yeet

      Jönk Jönk am goose

    80. Nate Herget

      Lol he didn’t get hacked

    81. RNG_ Diegoson

      That’s very thiccc goose


      Faze Jarvis: I got banned Fresh:I gOt HaCkEd By A gOoSe

    83. Bryant Croley

      I am sub and liked funny and good bud keep it up

    84. uwu girl kendall

      when the duck pulled words onto the screen he actually did that. it’s customizable :)

    85. Book Rat!

      Fake. I know cus why listen to the goose

      1. Paper

        No really🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    86. Squidlet 123

      😂😂😂this is soooooo funny

    87. Reese M0640

      HIS NAME IS JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    88. Eternal RapidZ

      How did fresh do that goose thing how did that happen

    89. Robert Aucoin

      Your using my loading screen to

    90. Myles Hall

      Fresh: I have been hacked by a goose (shows Fortnite skin) Me: Damn fresh really is a high school dropout. He showed a Fortnite skin that was a duck and called it a goose.

    91. Dynamicsmith


    92. Dynamicsmith

      I am sad your game is hacked

    93. Alex Thowburn

      Dose the goose like pickles?

    94. DarrshRaptor

      He downloaded the goose for content respect

    95. Bro7 Ghost7

      Fresh if you reading this is why you have to clickbait I thought you never click bated or would just never!!! I got soo scammed including all of you guys :(

    96. Bro7 Ghost7

      Guys, it's fake its a desktop goose game that attacks you if you poke it.

    97. Harvey Drumheller

      Did you really get hacked?

    98. TFO TuskedCornet

      U know u can buy the goose thing so it’s fake

    99. Baker Family

      Does anyone else think lazarbeam hacked him

    100. Joel Gravano

      Uh oh is that another poggies moment