my fortnite got HACKED?!


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    1. imp0ssiblewd

      How did fresh do that goose thing how did that happen

    2. Robert Aucoin

      Your using my loading screen to

    3. Myles Hall

      Fresh: I have been hacked by a goose (shows Fortnite skin) Me: Damn fresh really is a high school dropout. He showed a Fortnite skin that was a duck and called it a goose.

    4. Gamingsingh


    5. Gamingsingh

      I am sad your game is hacked

    6. Alex Thowburn

      Dose the goose like pickles?

    7. DarrshRaptor

      He downloaded the goose for content respect

    8. Bro7 Ghost7

      Fresh if you reading this is why you have to clickbait I thought you never click bated or would just never!!! I got soo scammed including all of you guys :(

    9. Bro7 Ghost7

      Guys, it's fake its a desktop goose game that attacks you if you poke it.

    10. Harvey Drumheller

      Did you really get hacked?

    11. Ducky

      These pictures of lannan are kinda scary but idk

    12. TFO TuskedCornet

      U know u can buy the goose thing so it’s fake

    13. Baker Family

      Does anyone else think lazarbeam hacked him

    14. Joel Gravano

      Uh oh is that another poggies moment

    15. Sumarg XYZ

      lanan kissing Cray photo was SO DAM FUNNY nice work goose

    16. Maria Scaravalle

      This is how many people heard fresh say champs

    17. Brian Andrew Morales

      I got my 1st 30 bomb

    18. john doe

      I have the exact same goose, lol.

    19. still that guy that makes vids

      Not the goose your just bad

    20. Landon Oakley

      You didn't get hacked by a goose or duck whatever it is, i saw an ad that show the same bird and it said virtual desktop pet >:(

    21. Best Fortnite

      Hej fresh can you be my frend in fortnite , my usernam is Keljo_pro

    22. Someone

      Fresh is such a troller

      1. Lolbitgaming76 Minecraft Fortnite Fnaf

        We have the same Picture

    23. LuckySpray

      fresh at 5:24 i dont think the game is broken, i think its just the goose is just breaking your mind

    24. jaillbreakmaster

      the goose is able to download so he downloaded it for a vid idea

    25. ploopy ploopy

      How do I get the goose

    26. Adam Ibrahim

      4:17 This guys got a shot gun and everything Fresh: *_has purple burst_*

    27. Family Deanda

      I like how fresh just exposed Lazerbeam xD

    28. The pro regalado

      I hate him

    29. Jayden Loftin


    30. LILgvskeッッ

      1Ts a WebSIte InstaLATtiOn

    31. Team Zanos RL

      The Real Question Is WHY does fresh have SO MANY pictures of lannon?!?

    32. Tru ellerbee

      wht is this called

    33. Xsnake


    34. Clapped_blocks


    35. Clapped_blocks

      be chill -w-

    36. nexle

      gay Good At HUgets

    37. Ekam YaBoi

      I saw this on another ytbers channel this is actually a virus that you can install

    38. Sara Cady

      Goose probably muselk

    39. Swifty FN

      His content gets better everyday

    40. kyle donasco

      This dam goose hacken you bruh Bet this was lazarbeams idea coming to his room and controlling his game

    41. Christian Benitez

      stop sin gameings

    42. Dinomaster45

      When you run out of ideas:

    43. Lennon Smith

      Try To Eliminate One Of The Bosses With Only A Gray Pistol And Have Your Friends Help You?

    44. PHYCO zXys

      tensers account got hacked

    45. IHadToChangeMyUsername

      I hat how fake his videos are!!!


      I have seen this goose before 😂

    47. zenaibun


    48. SuPrMeMeSuNfLoWR

      lazarbeam are you emmbarssed yet.....................

    49. Bravin Kilongi


    50. Charlie Cantrell

      i wonder what he did to get that goose to hack him? he probably sent him a picture of lannan and that goose got pIssed lololol

    51. William Ericson

      I love how I suggested this 7 months ago :)

      1. Zaxxa

        He actually did

    52. Creasing

      I love it when the goose goes for the curser it's like seeing a child grab a piece of candy

    53. plush films

      On one hand i think fresh clickbaited on the other hand i think hes not cklickbaiting pick a hand 🖐🏼

    54. Ryan Shull

      I think that is programmed it to do those Pictures And challenges

    55. Aidan O'Leary

      I think it’s kaidoz hacking him cod I saw kaidozs three main skins

    56. Luke Barlow

      Isn’t that a duck?!?!

    57. Cookie kid 1233

      If you see this like pls

    58. jon Griffin 72

      Why did you kiss Landon

    59. YayneYayne

      Exactly 10 minutes I gOt HaCkEd BoYs

    60. Just Some Goose With Internet Access

      It was not me I swear

    61. Naomi Dickerson

      um sure sure ToTaLy NoT dEsKtOp GoOse

    62. Lakers Fanatic

      No offense to Fresh, again he is amazing, but another one of my favorite HUgetsrs called ProHenis did this about a couple of months ago! LOVE BOTH FRESH AND PROHENIS, so alls good

    63. Why You Salty

      how did you get the goose

    64. Nayesh Ahmed

      Or goose

    65. Nayesh Ahmed

      Just call the Police on the hacker

    66. Oliver Plouffe

      Notty notty goose🥴😏

    67. Bilbo Bigguns


    68. Katherine Traub

      Who is that kissing

    69. chicken little soup

      The goose brings images from your gallery lol

    70. Controller Player


    71. Diane Davidson

      At 8:03 he sounds like yoda SomEoneInHEreaRetHEy


      I got hacked in umung us

    73. Evan20k Evan

      Oh no

    74. Erika Vazquez

      Hi Fresh

    75. 『Ƨƥ』ঊv̸x̸p̸o̸r̸X̸ Vaporous.

      Finally the time that fresh is crap for ones 😂😂😏

    76. PumpsFN.

      Anyone else seen his subs?

    77. ASTRO

      it's a just a application

    78. Mahdi beast

      That is definitely lazarbeam

    79. Asia Amatullah

      crap content

    80. Dunia Muhyee

      Did u enable 2Fa

    81. Jason Suhardi 0909006

      This also hapend to me

    82. Kryptix

      That voice crack 😂😂

    83. Yaser ALHASHASH


    84. Daniel Aserkoff

      Can’t wait for Lazarbeam’s video tomorrow lol

    85. Aisha الهاشمي

      I subdued

    86. Aisha الهاشمي

      My user. Name is ii-MX7XX77

    87. ZZento

      From Fresh being banned to a meme goose.

    88. Red Link23


    89. Johannes Gallagher

      is this fake?

    90. Silver Snake

      Pickle Rick!! Pickle fresh!! Pickle man!!

    91. Riley Potuszynski

      It’s just a web site he didn’t get hacked

      1. Riley Potuszynski

        @jorjiana julian-lafford I forgot what it’s called but my brother does it sometimes

      2. jorjiana julian-lafford

        what kind?


      Ha get TROLLED

    93. mason crocker

      mrfreshasian:whats up guys, account has been hacked

    94. xxsharky boshawxx

      Release the deck top goose

    95. Norwegian Cringy boii

      The duck is Dolan dark!

    96. Gavin G

      6.66 mil subs

    97. jaykon brown

      Just called Fresh use CalFresh

    98. jess garvaglia

      fresh plz mae merch im so sad i cant were you merch plz

    99. shield guy