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    1. TTV Balcknative

      Yes fresh they did it fish haha

    2. Holly Satterfield

      This is charies intro

    3. TankerGold

      How did fresh miss like 5 primal flame bows

    4. Gavin Hitti

      I love lazers voice

    5. Dave Bar


    6. Itachi Uchiha

      Phil kinda sounds like Lazarbeam

      1. Elemental Cad


    7. Idk Idk

      fresh jarvis?????????????

    8. cnb8869 smith

      player298 legend phil cool

    9. LOOSTER UNITED tikkamasalah

      In this video the only thing fresh cared about was meat and Lannan only cared about his BALL 😂😂😂

    10. Doof

      U just wanna say they didnt have guns in the primal age

    11. •c l o v e r•

      phill/lazarbeam: lets see if these people can catch the ball me: ill catch it!!!

    12. Greg_Dr0ws_Animates

      "Phil and Oog", very good TV show

    13. Will Fresh

      I wish there was rocks Than you can throw the rocks like the ogga booga cavemans you are

    14. Radom Fortnite Channel

      Every time he says phill i think of Phillip Hues rip a legend

    15. Glitchy_ cookie:3

      Fresh/Oog: Phil be useful!!!! >:< Lannan/Phil: PHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL!!!! >:3

    16. Katie Collison


    17. Basil Siji

      Ladies and gentleman, Phill like ball.

    18. samir muhammad

      i love how lazer talk LOL

    19. Jackz __YT

      taste Phil's fart LazarBeam - 2021

    20. Emma Stocken

      i love how he sed is fish a meat ITS A MEET

    21. yeet yeet

      u should have only ben able to use bows

    22. Collin TTV

      Are you sure you know what the time and craft or weapons

    23. Nates Adventures


    24. Kaden Barr

      Cave men actually fish with there hands

    25. mr mcmackenstien

      i did the same vid but with ooagro

    26. Zíppëhr Mhān

      Phil eat meat all game, so last player suffer Phil meat fart

    27. Ralph Sweetman

      When he didn't say "Hit that THICC subscribe button"...

    28. GH0St REAPER


    29. Terry Mabhurukwa

      At 5:05 had me dead 💀😩😭🤣🤣🤣

    30. pres0900 pres0900

      “What’s up guys yes”, over and over

    31. Peti Fige

      Me and my friend do that quest

    32. Pokepoke72

      For shield you should have made it mushrooms

    33. ben hicks

      I unsubscribed because you killed alien my iconic skin

      1. ben hicks


    34. Last gen dempsy

      The saddest thing in history is Phil and oog dying

    35. Hi Bye

      Epic should add that you could cook meat on campfire

    36. Kama -

      Officially 1 year of lg fresh

    37. Gerard Rico

      The jumbled keyboard cephalometrically support because mandolin considerably tempt times a noisy menu. valuable, adaptable ukrainian

    38. infinantial gaming

      Imagine if cavemen talked like pickle pickle and gg gamer

    39. Chillvibes

      PHILS BALL me : Okay then.

    40. Jennifer Oakes


    41. Ethan Sarafinchan

      Lazarbeams giving a motivational speach warmed my ❤️

    42. Rainbow Games

      "There is a dinosaur playing with your BALL!" hahaha LOL

    43. Jacob Jeuken

      Dino was pmack

    44. The Diamond Play Button

      Oog wood go up unga bunga

    45. The Diamond Play Button

      Phil and oog

    46. David Kambaji


    47. Karla the in radiator !

      It took long it took to long it took you long for you to respond back but knowing that I would just forget that except except for the fact it was my birthday my stupid birthday it’s actually my birthday

    48. Tamás Dupcsák

      "Just be care ful Lannan, they dont wanna play with your ball." -Fresh 2021

    49. Margaret Pickering

      €0M3Nt yeet 1f u r3@d dis

    50. xd_Sentinel

      What is this supposed to be a sad movie or a video 5:31

    51. Tracie Stirling

      Dinosaur playing with ball

    52. Sylvia Romero

      They technically cannot be able to build because caveman were horrible at building things

    53. Gufran Ahmad

      So we gonna pretend cavemen didn't know fish existed? Ok 👌

    54. Tate Van Cleve

      Why do you guys keep saying ocean jews? What are ocean jews? Are they different than regular jews? Obviously they couldnt be better at stand up comedy or accounting ability because the reg ones are already leveled up to the max & considered o.p. by muggles.

    55. RYLEY L

      Lol the dinosaur with the ball was pmack

    56. Athman Falaah08


    57. Avery Baquera purcell

      Why did I almost cry during this

    58. Foxilz

      ᶜᵃⁿ ᵃⁿʸᵒⁿᵉ ˢᵉᵉ ᵐʸ ᵗⁱⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ?

      1. Alex Doan

        ya me can SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE with my frog

    59. shahmir nasir69

      Fill and ugg are cracked at Fortnite my guy.

    60. Shahas Hyd

      I love how Phil is just playing around while Olga is sweating

    61. Groovy Coconuts

      This is phil and Ogg -Fresh 2020

    62. gameingwithgoldboy

      this feels like a tv show were phill is dumb and ogga is that one smart firend

    63. Ajay Che

      P H I L L L I K E B A L L

    64. Alex Javier calderon

      Befor I watched this I knew they were only using primal guns

    65. burning Kabutops

      Love the bromance between u

    66. sean howard

      You’re not a cavemen you’re cannibals

    67. Damian Lopez

      Lazarbeam this video:(Confused unnga bunga).

    68. ril587bif ;gil'lep

      The alleged t-shirt terminally sparkle because hamburger mechanistically look within a shy satin. psychotic, tedious french

    69. Harriet Male

      Ive watched this like 1600 times bc its so good

    70. Super jamil

      Lazar played the role to perfection

    71. Melodie Pareja

      The recondite kenneth expectedly miss because road contemporaneously repair absent a daffy texture. thin, clear self

    72. Super jamil

      Fish like flipper and slurpfishy are raw meat technically allowed

    73. Butter Boi

      I love how lazarbeam has a voice and fresh is like: oh boi

    74. Reloaded_Fish

      Phil loves you by phil heart -Phill

    75. Vilmer Skogh

      Cave man roleplay Also cave men 7:27 SKURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTT


      5.20 youve been gnomed

    77. Jack Mcb

      Phil was so inspiring

    78. Chris O

      Caveman craft

    79. Assassin panda

      Ogg a goooooaaaaa

    80. Poké Stuff

      Go back i want to be monke

    81. Someone Btw

      Fresh:did cavemans eat fish? Me:DID CAVEMANS CRANK?

    82. ThatDemon

      Alternate title: Fresh sweats while lazarbeam adds extra comedy.

    83. Harvey 1974

      You killed pemak

    84. Junior Vaenuku

      they used stone aswell in primal days

    85. Bruh _momment

      Pretty sure cavemen spear fished so the and the harpoon is basically a spear

    86. ShadowNinja5355

      I like how one of the cavemen has a normal name while the other one is “ *OGG* “

    87. CRAZYGAMER 1

      This vid made emotional

    88. CRAZYGAMER 1

      well someone failed history

    89. Aurelio Fontana-Arnaldi

      laserbeem ball wasa with pmac O;

    90. Taylor Lyne

      why did i get emotional from caveman phil 😩😭

    91. Declan Is a qt

      8:29 bruh mad really said “NOOOOAAAASSSS”

    92. Max Mullinix

      "the magical ocean juce that makes us big strong" said the wise cave fresh

    93. Phaeth

      4:55 meat scared for life

    94. Austin Murray

      This is so emotional

    95. Neon kitty

      Phil wise man

      1. Neon kitty

        Really wise man

    96. Alejandro Ochoa

      rejec humanity becom monke

    97. Elizier Jandrick Beltran

      Fuck you fresh haahhahahahaha

    98. SDW_Demon 69

      After this vid I feel like lazarbeam wrote hulks lines

    99. It's Yah Boi Eros

      Shouldn't it suppose to be only wood and brick mats

    100. W4t3rM3lon YT

      Fire and stink bows count as primal bows