This mythic is broken...


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    1. Cole Dawson

      Ok so to make it fair between the iconic duo, can I subscribe to fresh but use code Lazar?

    2. Joe Mama Gaming

      “These things are common!” *cough *mythic *cough*

    3. pablo rios

      can you grab weapons with this mythic

    4. Mitch Mulheran

      best season ever

    5. owen poppleton

      the thing is do you love the venom thing more then tessa

    6. Angela K

      This mythic is cracked

    7. Gabriel Gampong

      Pov: looting in a house Fresh:CoMe HerE Boiii

    8. Easton Kulak


    9. George Klaus

      I miss this season so much

    10. GARV VAID

      you should've done the xenomorph skin

    11. neeharathalye

      I think venoms smash and grab is overpowered but it isnt as over powered as Iron Mans Unibeam YEEEEEEEEEEET

    12. Mason MacCracken

      Dont lie whos been a comment bot for over a year

    13. fortnite bot 77

      Skin is ugly😬

    14. Eric Harding

      OMG! Fresh just killed me! (I was wearing this skin all season) 6:41

      1. drip giyuu

        Ur a bot

    15. AA10 The Great


    16. Family TVs & Devices


    17. Collin Wegscheid

      8:07 no no u did not

    18. Jaden Rodriguez

      4:50 is when the opening clip is

    19. Actually_ Steve745

      Freeeeeeeessshhhhhhh issss eeeeppppiiiiiccccc!!!!!!!!

    20. Marko Čolak

      U grab him and get 200 pumped

    21. Sidhvin Shamihoke

      He is like Kratos: Boyyyyyyyyy! 😂🤣

    22. William Stefancik


    23. Finboy21

      3:32 I’m in love with this mythic Tessa: so you’re trying to steal my boyfriend

    24. Yaseen Kriel


    25. anthony canay

      Who else thinks thats just a down graded harpoon gun

    26. Paola pp

      i mean when he said i love this mythic he loves it more than tessa?

    27. Kids Vasquez

      Challenge idea🤣 use nothing not even builds. Nor pickaxe

    28. smexydave 777

      What is that electro swing song he uses?

    29. HenDawg __

      I love ❤️ you

    30. The Brothers Blackwood

      Me:never got it Fresh:got it 1000 times Fortnight: it’s easy Me:

    31. Ziyan

      THis skin is actually a DEMOGORGON SKIN from STRANGER THINGS SERIES

      1. Brownies31

        No shit

    32. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    33. Kind Garten

      I love your channel give me a shout out please

    34. Rich.

      Plot twits epic made this mythic for fresh "come here boy" reference

    35. benn zhong

      will we get to see fresh finally stream snipe lannan with venom's mythic?

    36. Jorge Julian Vega

      Hi 👋 is Jorge

    37. Hailey R

      I love your vids

    38. Crystal_Jacob Gaming - Fortnite Roblox & More!

      Day 1 of asking Fresh to say "What's up guys, no"

    39. Anthony Milan jr

      Galagtas does not take the zero point

    40. Damian

      Songs pls

    41. Fares Tellou


    42. Mr Bacon

      Only real subscribers know his original name the “Pickle Man” let bring it back🥺🥺🥺🥺

    43. Adam Curran


    44. Mark Lischak


    45. SynthetixMC

      When she asks what those hands can do

    46. SimperBTW

      Give me a PS5

    47. tripp bunch

      👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 offfffffffffffffffffff. Gateme

    48. Easy Claps207

      What up fresh

    49. Cringe Toob

      What is that wrap

    50. Christien Scott

      Poor subscribe button it’s been touched for a long time

    51. Supercory

      Bro he jumped back at weeping woods and the guy shit on him with hacks

    52. SoriahnLive

      does fresh have any merch ?

    53. Luischaboii


    54. Troy Diegelman

      Hey fresh you're awesome And by the way I wanna get into a game with you but yeah I can't I'm sorry bye

    55. Troy Diegelman

      Are you fresh By the way my name's Austin I love your videos

    56. Tyler Longland

      Can I be in giver way

    57. Jonathan Caughey


    58. Apple Pie

      If anyone is wondering what the very quiet music in the background is, it's called swagger stagger by Lucas Pittman ( not the one that starts at 6:04 )

    59. pit bonnie

      Me: fresh how did u not know that the venom Mythic has aimbot😲

    60. Micah King

      At the time of this video, venom was available if he won a tournament

      1. Micah King

        Fresh definitely would have made top 1000 for venom skin

    61. Marty Wall

      1v1 if I hear U can U gift me venom

    62. Matas Kalasauskas


    63. Gabriel Lu

      Y is it like that man that is so awesome and overpowered

    64. Sera Derelioğlu

      ı think fresh gains lvls from stream snipers

    65. Maryam Mirshahmir


    66. ichan

      the legacy from your dad : "DUMBSH*T SCIENCE"

    67. Bryson Hall

      He cheated on one fight he lost the challenge

    68. Monsieur Ducc ツ

      No one: Absolutely no one: Fresh: "Run straight to my damn face" "I should pull him on me"

    69. VICTOR08-YT

      I will get my revenge someday maybe next time you stream

    70. VICTOR08-YT

      Why do you have to get into my game and killed me

    71. VICTOR08-YT

      Fresh killed me called me nerd and I had a freaking jetpack

    72. VICTOR08-YT

      I hate you

    73. VICTOR08-YT

      Fresh killed me to fall damage

    74. siri H

      I don't like the new editor

    75. carlosgangisback69


    76. Shadowz Xpo


    77. looyNG

      Wait a minute has fresh not picked up the Venom skin?

    78. Slixyy FN

      Fresh says montage when he hasn't done a montage in so long

    79. Elijah Melloria


    80. Bt Academy


    81. Brian Rosales

      I your code

    82. Diego Vargas

      Fresh: Doesn’t start his video with “What’s up guys, yes...” *Wait, that’s illegal*

      1. Im Fine.

        Haha lol

    83. dunkindub84

      Dd is good

    84. Wider

      Frech is beter than Lasarbeam at Fortnite

    85. C4tastroph3 Gaming

      the venom mythic has auto lock if you use the venom hand and try to get the enemy who wasnt covered cause i tried to harpoon a gun with venom hand and my friend was over 10 meters away from the guns

    86. Jacob Maddox

      Fresh: This thing is common Me: Haven’t found it ever since it came out

    87. Anthony22 YEET

      Fresh you did not ask to borrow my skin what the hell

    88. Jenson Dorito

      This is the most cool mythic but when I am fighting someone who has it I call bugha

    89. Cavaughn Lewis

      Gg big boy

    90. Shah Omar

      Okay am real fresh

    91. ArooshOMGGirl

      Fresh tries to pull gorger with venom mythic Gorger tries to shoot at fresh Fresh:what did I do. Why you hurting me

    92. Bella Castanaza

      how do u have the solo with like 3 people like he has it does anyone know?

      1. Bella Castanaza


    93. candice lancaster

      Do other games like cod or fall guys

    94. Clipz ツ

      :Fresh makes a fornite glitch Viedo :Fornite .-. Alright time to do what we always do :me omg time to do a glitch :fornite agin the following item venom smash and grab has been disabled :me agin >:( just let have fun

    95. Usha Karthik

      Neat win

    96. Zero Voyage

      Montage with venom grab? Not a bad idea

    97. TCBF

      Great, another thing that’s over powered. Along with the iron man mythic. No skill needed at all the games dying

    98. Damien Plays

      Challenge: random skin challenge but in an LTM

    99. Sup Kid_YT