Fresh becomes a BOOMER...


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    1. General Grievous

      Fortnite younglings be like after watching this video : "Ok Boomer."

    2. Mårten Olofsson

      Ok boomer

    3. Donovan Quill

      I was about to say he forgot ten elimination and then he said it at the end

    4. Moser 26

      3:41 he has a green pump and ignores the purple pump

    5. King Pollock

      You forgot to say bingo does not count lol

    6. Benmadden

      This should actually be a game mode just sayin!

    7. cool Fort gamers

      Die die die BINGO!

    8. Tyler Hartlauf

      I play bingo at school

    9. Jacksie


    10. darius dinosquad

      6.9k commentary remove the .*troll music starts*

    11. Dwayne Woods

      "What's up guys yes" never gets old

    12. AustinPlays_YT

      6:11 or 6:12 there was a flash of where he was in first person

    13. x2 raley

      Lmao ur old

    14. Nana Bee

      Kids can play it too

    15. Dannie Meyers

      I always is like sus when fresh calls the place big d

    16. Agha Gamer

      Fresh forgot to shout bingo

    17. Kyle Goldthorpe


    18. Emmanuel Rodriguez

      I'm 12 and I play Mexican bingo it can be more intence and you play for money


      Where does he get his music

    20. no mullet man


    21. Cringe_ Crew


    22. Cringe_ Crew

      You already were a bommet

    23. Gavin Lee

      He forgot to put an x on 10 elims

    24. Jack

      lol he didnt mark off get 10 elims he got 11 LOL

    25. Opal Watson

      The quick penalty acromegaly tremble because damage worrisomely store down a optimal deposit. terrific, meaty children

    26. zach thomas

      Am I the only one surprised that he's 18

    27. Aryaman Jindal

      Bro fresh your just too good at the game and the content!!💖👍🍑


      fresh always get sniped out the heli

    29. Nikola Manahov

      3:21 did I just see tires

    30. Ethan Bui

      B O O M E R F R E S H

    31. Rocket Ralph14 Gibbs

      I play bingo and I am 6

    32. the black shadow

      OK boomer

    33. Epic Gaming Doge

      I Hate BINGO old people BOI WHat did you say

    34. McFlurry

      im th 111 002th likes n subscriber

    35. PD TV

      What a great season that was

    36. Garrett Summers29

      Out missed a spaz at the end of the second game when you killed the kid

    37. Mcreamy fan


    38. k_bro_67 FN

      im gay

    39. k_bro_67 FN

      im a bad boy

    40. Brohhh Alb

      Shqiptara ka a

    41. Rijul Sharma

      Wait..... Yr 18

    42. Ïźúkū mīdørīÿà

      It would be funny if they added a granny with a gun 😂

    43. Cole Yablonski ( Student )

      3:41 Fresh has a green pump and misses the purple spaz

    44. dark reaper

      Wait fresh is 18? I thought he was 20 or something

    45. Austin Loroff

      There are some easy ones on there but then some of them are really hard

    46. Henry Stickman

      What the hell is a boomer ?

    47. Rory Bonehill

      My secret HUgets account fresh yes I,m fresh I loved this game but plz use code fresh in the item shop

    48. Lucas Winget

      Fresh why put fersh not i become a boomer

    49. Malek Mahmoud

      I remember the time i went to q hotel somezhere else that i dont live in thank god some of them spoke English and there was like a kids show btw i was 8 at the moment and it had bingo idk why but everytime we play he chooses me to say the numbers out loud and i was a shy kid so ye and actually my family won

    50. Matisse Esparza-Queloz

      U missed a purple pump when u used ur green shotgun

    51. Ø Ra1nb0o Ø

      This is fortnite streamers in 40 years

    52. shadow ninja

      Old video

    53. Patrick Woods

      Ok boomer

    54. Wyatt Brasfield

      Can u explain why u left a good pump

    55. Der Stuntmaker

      3:18 he didn’t cross of sniper kill

    56. timaustin77x

      Fresh is great

    57. WrangWrang is me

      Oh noi

    58. Ember Scout

      But he had 11 kills

    59. Daniel Garcia

      If your American like me and your like wtf does boomer mean it means I am pretty sure it means a elder he is Australian ok

    60. zara kitchen


    61. zara kitchen

      U are really weird but lazarbeam is better he makes better content than you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    62. Odilón García

      Harley: talks then a moment of silence-. NO NO NO, Also hits something

    63. f0rtnite gamer

      the music when he won tho is an epic montage music

    64. JaxsonLlama0

      The thumbnail looks like lannon and fresh made a paper mache fresh

    65. El Bryan


    66. Chewy Alarm

      2:36 HES BECOMING ONE OF THEM (no offense to boomers or people who play bingo)

    67. M K


    68. JJ - 06NC 784474 Lisgar MS

      Can you get a face am fresh

    69. Christopher Welch

      plot twist: he already was a boomer

    70. FortnitePRO

      I’m 7 and I like bingo

    71. batt_knight THA legend

      Freshy boomer

    72. Aliceplayz

      Fresh:telling everything he did to get his bingo Me:JUST SAY BINGO ALREADY

    73. Studz

      Woah hold up Lazar played bingo once with Lachy and he was like 25 or something

    74. Nightmares

      I know you want to say it. Just say it I know you want to! Ok boomer.

    75. Logan

      Boomer want even play Fortnite

    76. muhammad javid

      i am 8 years old i kiled iron man

    77. Vex

      From the skin in the intro I thought he tricked me and he was playing Spellbreak.

    78. Monique Spocter


    79. Tony Ortiz

      6.9k *nice*

    80. edgars novads

      your only 18!?

    81. sam zy

      Fresh doesn't like mythics but likes nades

    82. Edgar Leandro Perez

      When he said up down side to side I heard it like a song

    83. Langdon Doyle

      Me counting how many time he could’ve killed someone with a trap

    84. Semi Saiki

      3:40 purple pump?

    85. Ishaq Lund


    86. ghost

      When fresh know where hes bounty is Fresh:fus do rah

    87. Tisha Gallop

      In bingo you can’t call bingo when it’s diagonal

    88. Nex_Oct1Py

      7000 comment!

    89. Harshil Gamings

      You 19 yet

    90. Sami Qatramiz

      this was scuffed

    91. DiixiieNormous89

      Who else noticed that he had 11 kills and didn’t cross off get 10 elims

    92. joe Bligdon


    93. Rainbow Potato

      wait this is not you and lazer 0:11

    94. Maisie Morgan

      Him boomers play bingo me 9 i like bingo

    95. Kid Zayan Messi

      Boomer enters the chat

    96. deen

      he killed someone with thor’s mjolnir and he didn’t cross that of the chart

    97. Ibz ;p

      The last guy died by the stark robot :D

    98. Hol Wil

      I like playing bingo and I am only 8

    99. Falxcon

      The Blue row was the easiest

    100. Micah Kalima-Keohohina

      Well your are becoming one so atleast get ready for it