Fresh becomes a BOOMER...


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    1. Dhamillia Darby

      Ok boomer

    2. chris bowling

      Me: knowing now fresh is 18 and is that good Me: seeing a vison how good i am gonna be when i am 18 My vison:😎😎😎😎

    3. Victorious Vlogs

      why don't famous players ever use the "in game ready up" system? They always go back to lobby it annoys me

    4. riandwiru

      Did anyone see that he didn’t take the purple pump for his green pump

    5. VIBEZ

      he missed a purple pump at 8.41

    6. bree joseph

      That was nice am I right ✅ !!!!!!

    7. Isabella Bingollou

      Bro you missed a purple pump

    8. Bois Nation

      Stark robots are the only thing that can kill Fresh.

    9. Flash

      What skin is that?

    10. Diego Posas

      He didn't even pick up the thic pump 3:44

    11. Thomko 1

      Can someone just tell me where do i get the charge shotgun in this season?

    12. Charlie Smith

      Was it only me who saw the grappler

    13. Cars 101

      Random dead player: So why did u kill me Everyone: Because that’s what I have been doing for the past 3 years In this game Random dead player: so why did you kill me Fresh I need your grenades

    14. Parker Anderson

      Nice video 😱😎

    15. christian gaming

      wait you got the 10 elims so why did you not sable it?

    16. Aden Racho

      Yo booooomer

    17. Prakash Malhotra

      Did no one notice all the supply drops behind him 0:35

    18. carrie Frost

      I know dude

    19. Alkut Anwar

      Never thought I was going to see old people playing BINGO in your channel

    20. Aidan huynh

      Fresh:I feel like a boomer Me:he is probably older than most of us

    21. Ellie Gill

      none: Last kid dying to a stark robot in the backround:

    22. Alissa Lewerke

      Add The kill9119

    23. jana elhadary


    24. Help this apple reach 1k subs for no reason at all

      Ladies and gentlemen we gottem

    25. ronak prakash

      11:59 that guy died to a stark robot xD

    26. Legendsters brotherhood

      11:34 what is the bgm here pls tell the name i really like it

    27. Fhowl

      This is called running out of ideas.

    28. Christopher Soto

      He's 18 and already a boomer.

    29. Ashton Cooper

      why don't you use face cam?

    30. GodRobloxGamer

      ok boomer

    31. Lukas Morgulis

      Did fresh notice at 7:00 the guy he killed had a gold burst?

    32. Paul Johnson

      bingo is so fun

    33. Lauren Azulay

      fresh alwways uses the exsquse of he is a drop out

    34. Timothy O'Malley

      He had a boomer doing the renegade lol

    35. Charlie Gadd

      Fatat with a rat rat

    36. Jack Digenan

      Video idea: fresh can’t build and has to get a victory royal

    37. Neil Smith

      I play bingo

    38. Bilal Musa

      Yay the sweaty fresh and that skin gives me awesome memories from season 12 when i alwways watched him YYAYAYA

    39. Joseph Crowther

      This is how many times fresh says damn 👇

    40. Matthew Muilenburg

      yes you killed with a mithyic

    41. M S Prabhakar Reddy

      You killed 2 times with a mythic

    42. Josue Vicente

      why is there 4 supply drops

    43. Hayden UwU Okden

      Like my comment if fresh should start using a face cam

    44. Pulse Raid

      plz watch my last post Why didn't you go? Please go watch it Why are you still here Nvm then...

    45. Muhammad Anas

      That thumb nail

    46. Fishy GFD

      BOOMER!!!! Lol

    47. Hosch Joseph

      only boomers will dislike this

    48. Drk Shadowss

      Bruh I hate that meme because my dog’s name is Boomer

    49. Toxic ShadowTV

      Ceo of "what's up guys, yes"

    50. Oliver Woodhead

      What skin is fresh using?

    51. Thampa _026

      You’re actually cracked FRESH

    52. Thampa _026


    53. Salvador A. Sanchez

      Fresh I have an idea for when your 21 play fortnite but every elimination u take a shot

      1. xxXX_ťøåśț_XXx x

        Bruh hes Australian the drinking age in Australia I'd 18

    54. Pedro Mendoza

      Anyone else see fresh get 10 elims and he didn't cross it of

    55. Manya Bavishi

      How all just fresh saying 'hello guys,yes....'

    56. Ethan C

      Ok boomer

    57. Hockeyboi 666


    58. ReizUp


    59. bg T4X3

      I play bingo and am 11

    60. JAVIER POON YUKAI Student

      satisfying intro; Whats up guysssss---- yes

    61. More Doorkmaster

      all boomers: YES YES YES YES, wait who is a boomer again?

    62. Xsabelle

      Fresh Lost His Bingo Card

    63. Λisi Prime

      6:46 Fresh: wait did i already kill someone that had a mythic i cant remember... 2 secs later: he edits the wall and the person he killed had a mythic and he didn't realize

    64. wizable

      same fresh same fresh bingo suck

    65. Solarflare Rick

      What skin is Fresh wearing?

    66. Edgar Jimenez

      add me plz Icy Edgar

    67. Shiu Narayan

      Fresh is best player in fortnite

    68. 5ick GaMeR

      Fresh walked right passed a purp pump and didn't get it

    69. Yohhaan Huang

      why did u not take the gold aug?

    70. Archie Finney

      Fresh please could you be my friend on fortnite because I’m rubbish

    71. # Waffles

      Hey fresh plz 1v1 typical gamer

    72. Papi Flixzyy

      Fresh became a boomer without our guy boomer :P

    73. Lisa Jacobs

      Destory a car 😂

    74. Elias Moore

      4:49 I know there are some options that are easier rn Also fresh Doesnt hack a robot whos right in front of him, instead decides to destroy a car 👌🤣

    75. Elias Moore

      I love fresh

    76. ItZWyvernZ

      Do boomers crank....? Are they 18......? Do they play fortnite,........?

    77. siri H

      Lazar should really try this

    78. Kavishan Patten

      Please show your real face

    79. Levi Carr


    80. Adventures of a Geek

      Banger of a bingo game

    81. T0NY btw

      Good fresh

    82. fortnite bruh

      Bingo card I'm lahing so much

    83. Mikołaj Bielecki

      Now totally serious - i didn't know how to play bingo XD

    84. Kromatize

      What skin is egg at

    85. Jayde Brooks

      Big boy arcs laserbeam to see if he knows your age

    86. Jayde Brooks

      Are you at 18 fresh

    87. Allison Matthews

      Love you fresh

    88. Connor Boyce

      "Cmon Tony I just wanna play bingo" - Fresh 2020

    89. Benedetto Petruso

      U ARE 18!!!

    90. Nidhi Singh

      6:11 if u look closely it is first person

    91. ROBLOX GUY

      There is acctually a stand there but we cant see it because we are non stand users

    92. kaur kamaljeet

      this is grammar oddly

    93. kaur kamaljeet

      you obi

    94. Jared Tidmarsh

      Fresh has turned into a click bait HUgets so sad. Lol I'm he's THE BEST

    95. VoltKing

      Now how am I supposed to beat that...

    96. Archie Adams


    97. Lil Cam

      3:41 why fresh no pick up the purple pump lol??

    98. omarplayz

      fresh stress level 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

    99. omarplayz

      fresh salty lol