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    1. sada 763

      The thumbnail tho 😂

    2. Emir Ali Yucel

      Dahm I did not know galaktus was thicc thank you fresh

    3. Willy Alf

      Play with me fresh on for nite

    4. Ethyn Martinez

      Rip pumps 🪦

    5. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    6. Lincoln Meyer

      2021 anyone

    7. mythicaltoaster the epic

      i hate u because of the title and what u call him

    8. SomebodyElse

      Who else thinks that Fresh makes the greatest thumbnails?

    9. KOORAW


    10. Its_yo_boi_Jayden

      dame boi Me: hears silent me: turns up volume all the way video DAME BOI HE THICK BOI me: AAAaAAaa)smd8jskdjdnsldkd

    11. Naruto Uzumaki

      Fresh: Look at my inventory !!! editor: NONONONO (zooms in so u cant see his inven)

    12. Soup

      Fresh your gay

    13. Julian Simpson

      when fresh says "wants up guys, no" its not fresh

    14. Dark tube_ gaming

      The thumbnail though is sick

    15. Doomsday Doos

      i cant log into fortnite

    16. Big Blueberry

      I just can’t stop thinking about that thumbnail though

    17. Conrad T

      Cheeky cheeky boy

    18. Benedict "Ben" Conway

      Who else is her after the event

    19. Kizuna leung


    20. Alvin Johnson



      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    22. NatePlayzStuff

      the thumbnail

    23. Kounis 360

      The cover page

    24. Kounis 360


    25. Xxasthetic vibesXx

      After the event....I watched it on youtube bc of school work it sucks and I hope fortnite is not ending I just hope they bring back the old map and tilted towers..

    26. Darth Stepdaddy

      That event was awesome finally something good in 2020

    27. Rylan Richter

      The events over

    28. Roblox Cherry

      Anyone gonna tell him that Galactus is the devour of wolrds-

    29. Modesto Franco


    30. Modesto Franco

      AM INNN

    31. Modesto Franco


    32. Alexa Melecio

      bro fresh see the galactos tiktok

    33. Lindsay Davis

      5:13 skiped a medkit lol

    34. Aidenplayz918

      I can’t wait to get the new battle pass cause mando is gonna be a skin I. The pass and Ima use him so much

    35. Weegiebro10

      His thicc head and CHEEKS LOLLLLLL

    36. _ Movixy

      Fresh u Thic as well

    37. Rogue

      Fresh: how does one become so thicc Me: McDoNaLdS

    38. Austin Ubele

      i hope we get some new p.o.i’s. but keep salty retail , and lazy. bigger cities with a lot of buildings

    39. Junipxr

      "perfect in the hole" that's what she said

      1. Junipxr

        also when he said we lost all our meds then the next second 200 hundy health

    40. its jules YT

      Unidentified females presidential office and lifeguard office and management issued an Dickerson Anderson health issued hackings the case with the FBI director of a life time and the

    41. its jules YT


    42. its jules YT


    43. its jules YT


    44. Raven

      Title of the Fortnite event: The THICCEST Fortnite event

    45. Cindy McCarthy


    46. Ryhan matyuf

      So I found out that galactus has been coming since season 5

    47. Gun - Tropper

      when they mean't get your jetpacks ready they mean't get your iron man jetpacks

    48. Aartee Patel

      Can u make a video of the live event also use code fresh

    49. Viv viv


    50. Scott Gerbosi

      Cheese 4:10

    51. Saadia H

      This man tihick and the lMG thing happened to me so lol

    52. Pip Laurenson

      Who else is exited for the event?

    53. Midas


    54. Nathon Nathon

      :) I love Fortnite I’m in mobile yea new season is a. Good one :)

    55. Alma Haro

      He past a med when he needed it

    56. Joseph Ely

      5:12 low hp missed med kit

    57. coolguy 987

      Me when fresh ignored the med kit at 5:11

    58. coolguy 987

      me when fresh ignored the med kit at

    59. bryce oviedo

      GALACTUS has THICCEST forhead

    60. Echo Spectra

      Who else is hyped for the mandalorian season!

    61. YPG

      Petition for fresh to change his HUgets channel name to: *"tHiCc FrEsH"*

    62. Brandon Amararal

      Remember last video he posted he said that it was going to be his last video of the season and he playing another rn

    63. Gazi Hossain

      Fresh got best loadout and best pc

    64. Cheo Mangum

      the moon moves quick in fortnite

    65. Giovanni Morales

      Realise fresh’s LMG looks like it fireing when he’s running? Also no ammo is wasted ???

    66. Phantom

      Fresh: i have only 4 kills Me:has 3 kills and is really happy

    67. Michelle Rol [Staff]

      your the best youtuber i the world

    68. Brett Barrett

      The thumbnail tho

    69. Supreme Gaming

      When that guy spammed his rocket launcher it reminded me of mecs

    70. Maddox Magennis

      Dont complain about the time of the event. 4pm on a Tuesday is not ideal for an event

    71. Furqan Hussain

      4:30 Anyone else notice the fact that it says “first player to touch the ground”

    72. Vyper YT


    73. Auto Youtube

      The event for me is happening at midnight and my parents let me but they changed their minds

    74. Aussie Lachlan eats

      Good job

    75. NONO reaction

      Fresh: I have to stream at six am Me: I HAVE TO WAKE UP AT FOUR

    76. Dane Henriksen

      If galacus is the size universes then would his pinky toe be the size of fortnite?

    77. Alex Lewis

      Season idea Galactus wins and eats the map Forcing fortnite to go to the other map the map is a bit dusty so we fix it up and build a new base with more marvel charictor and go round two with Galactus and more weapons

    78. K P


    79. Zen memes

      im thiccer than galactus ill oof him ez claps

    80. Harris_Fluffy

      It should be 7:00 for you in the morning I'm 3 hours ahead of your time zone

    81. Sivan Govender

      I have school tomorrow and Ithe event is at 11 at night for me 😔😔

    82. colossal ninja


    83. Bizaar Starz

      Fresh got to cocky at the end XD

    84. Zeno Foxy

      Thankfully I can see the event cause school ends at 1:15😎

    85. Iamlxlo

      Bruh I can’t see the event because it’ll be 1:00 pm and I’ll be in school 😭😩

    86. Yassine Doheim

      Fresh: complaining about the event being at 6 am Me:Its at 1 am for me

    87. Landen Molnar

      Did anyone see he used a DC glider😂😂

    88. Radical-Playz

      wait hol up, does fighting the gorger start music, am i an idiot for not knowing or is this new.

    89. Wolf Killer Plays

      thicc galactus and thanos lol

    90. Zez

      Fresh what’s up guys yes That is my favorite part of the video

    91. Sofia Terranova

      yo he used my idea i sent him bro

    92. Patience Sugri

      the galactus event is at 4pm tomorrow

    93. Ender

      Dani approves of this low-key video.

    94. ItzIcyy

      Fresh: Look at his thicccccccc head! Me: I LIKE UR CUT G

    95. Camp Kyle


    96. I Have No Name

      Did anyone else see the Lmg shooting every time he took it out? 6:37

    97. Kyle Radavice

      Thicc is to Fresh As yeet is to lannan

    98. maybtom4u

      What is dis thumbnail tho?! Lol

    99. Jegory 13

      When fresh complains people sweat all the time. Then he sweats on them and kills them

    100. Jegory 13

      Fresh:i have to get up at 6am Me:lives in england so it is at 9pm