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    1. Kristina Chursiniene

      good shot fresh

    2. Kristina Chursiniene

      whats up fresh

    3. TSM Caps

      His voice when he saw the anime girl😂😂😂

    4. Fishlat

      It may be the best season of fortnite. But is it the thiccest

    5. EW0- Ashuo14

      Nickeh30 has 10k gold

    6. Vangie Bath

      If you stay still on sand you turn into a sand bump

    7. Layla Beeney


    8. Derek Watkins

      Bald gang

    9. Dante Gabriel2005

      It was amazing I im level 61, I need now that I have that skin the new season!

      1. Guitar kid

        Stop flexing

      2. Guitar kid

        Dude shut up i have the battlepass and im level 79

    10. Henry Kirk

      Fresh and this season sitting in a tree KISSING

    11. Henry Kirk

      I wrote that before you worked it out srry

    12. Henry Kirk

      You need to double jump after consuming it to teleport

    13. Dynamic

      fresh is complaining about 160 fps lol

    14. Mahi K

      6:20 you are a bold one general kenobi

    15. Collin Denham


    16. Travis Wise

      its official: baby yoda is pickle mans mascot

    17. Yolanda Aguinaga

      The difference between lannon and fresh's vid is lazar does memes fresh sweats

    18. sima bilbeisi

      you double jump

    19. Caelyn Williams

      You got to double jump

    20. Caelyn Williams

      I'm a big fan I even tried to add you bad

    21. Mateo _798

      The stealthy strong hold it could be where the predator could be

    22. Mr Axoltl

      𓆉︎ its a turt.

    23. e.t.gamingYT youtube

      Yeah bloody io guards

    24. Thomas Donnelly

      Baby yoda is actually grogu. He isn't yoda he's someone else

    25. Henry Marlin

      this is the way

    26. Aarush Garib

      The mandelorian is my favorite skin

    27. Jack Lutz

      Me watching this a month into the season ...

    28. Tammy Neufeld

      Fresh can I add you

    29. Ghost

      It’s not baby yoda

    30. It’s Lee

      Every fortnite player: WE WANT THE OG MAP BACK!!!!!!! Epic games: -adds salty towers- There is that good enough for ya?!?!?!?!

    31. Anthony Stokes

      I hate it to but I hate hackers


      pls every game use baby yoda ( grogu )

    33. TheMovieMaster

      Everyone: excited about the Mandalorian Me who is just excited that P90s are back: “ hahaha Smg go brrrrr

    34. Flyfire Gaming

      sub to flyfire gaming

    35. The Horned Scorpion

      Fresh this thing is not good for close range me MELEEEE

    36. Bruh Bot

      I love how outro zooms into fresh’s balls

    37. Giorgi Mgeliashvili

      wait, did i only see the tac shotgun does 1 damage??

    38. Christian Branch

      You suck you need to get way better at this

      1. DRM Milan

        It's he's first time bro lol

    39. OE twin gaming

      I hate season 5 but I love season 4

    40. Andrew Walker

      Baby yoda is really called Grogu

    41. Ben Curry

      You can move in the sand

    42. Mateo Rozic

      Baby yoda is ugly as f

    43. Matthew Pepper

      What’s up guys yes

    44. Cali

      This game is cancer

    45. Shrek City

      can I just say that every season fresh calls it the best season ever

    46. Тодор Николов

      I play on 30 fps and you complaning for more than 100 fps!!!!!!

    47. Danniboi 69

      Fresh complaining about 160 FPS and console players on 60 FPS

      1. DRM Milan

        Console players have better. Aim

    48. Leo He

      Double jump fresh when you eat the crystal

    49. Hanady Eljada

      If you eat a crystal it makes you double jump

    50. David Phillips

      Its not baby yoda its baby grogu

    51. Elvis Orellana

      its groogu

    52. Crystal Chavez

      Me: mom the new season just dropped Mom: what season are u in? Me: bruh

    53. Joseph Moore

      His name is grogu

    54. Tyrano 1

      Omg yes the purple tac the purple tac Sweat shoots fresh out of nowhere

    55. Hotel Explorer

      I like it so much it was the best one ever

    56. Ryder Mandella

      Whats up guys, NO! Every sub: NOOOOOOOOOOO whaaat?!?!?!?!?

    57. Donnie Hill

      "Whats up guys, yes" the best thing I've ever heard.

    58. fishyboibtw26


    59. Christian Christian

      My username is Spider_Man_5

    60. The Dark Lord

      It is grogru not baby yoda

    61. hemsy

      grogu* 😐

    62. eyezl

      "Baby yoda"😂😂

    63. TNG Lᴇɢᴇɴᴅ シ

      Best season ngl

    64. Shinydanntdmfan 1

      Hey next time you play eqiup Your main skin with baby yoda/gurgo

    65. NickTheMan07

      day 72 of waiting till fresh comments back hi

    66. Robel Ephrem

      I never got to get the new mithicy

    67. Jen Miller

      Me during quarinten: hello anyone?

    68. YoHaz


    69. Arnold Schwarzenegger

      Now I want to play this Fort Wife game.

    70. Nboy Young

      It’s an og default

    71. sophie rodman

      It's not baby yoga if you watch the show his real name is guroku

      1. xd_Elite _Wolf_10

        Grogu* yoda*

    72. Ethan Domingo

      It’s not baby yoda it is called the child

    73. Pandaboba Strawberries

      He acks like a noon when its a new season

    74. horse tamer 59

      Stop calling it tilted its salty towers

    75. Colt Whitworth


    76. VCG

      Did you see the rarity of the storm scout Exotic?

    77. VCG

      Sand has a rarity of Mythic

    78. kerry hartley

      Good win!!

    79. Brooke Godden

      double jump fresh

    80. Antonio Moss

      Anyone else bust out laughing at 5:53? 😂😂

    81. Theo Crooks

      Fresh it had a long down time Me IT WAS 7 HOURS

    82. Foxy the anime fan


    83. Raul Avila

      And maybe my friend maybe he eat the the the bandana fish at accident

    84. Raul Avila

      fresh one time I play Badu love with someone and then I went to an island that had a house then I was fishing the person that told me and he told me to fish and then maybe this happened I got the van and then I'm fish on season 5

    85. Trysten Freehill

      Don’t swear at the child ❌

    86. Safeway Transportation Inc.

      fresh is a big daddy

    87. Safeway Transportation Inc.


    88. FN Fusion

      FRESH IS THE BEST HUgets EVER!!!!!!!!

    89. Ø. Osiris :

      The crystal make u teleport if you double jump

    90. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    91. Andrea Torres

      The crystals make you jump high . They don’t give you health or shield

    92. Mike Trejo

      Cool video

    93. JoelJoestar

      Fresh was so hard this whole video

    94. Jesse Skinner_yt26

      I need help I only have the free skins from the Christmas event if anyone can help me out I need a skin

    95. Raquel Navarro

      Hey fresh can I get a skin my username is SSRMOB5

    96. Mrnugget100 !

      Fresh my FPS 160 Me 60fps