I tricked LAZARBEAM into playing ARENA...


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    1. FreshFresh

      nice prank fresh

      1. Sadie Chrisjohn

        Can you teach me the ways are you

      2. Mark Massi


      3. Tommythebeast Tc


      4. Tomas Sandoval


      5. Echo

        Pickle 🥒

    2. wolf boy

      Fresh please play more arena journey to champion with Lazerbeam its so funny😂😂😂

    3. Janice Gonzalez

      it was funny when lazarbeam was screaming

    4. Johnny Phillips

      Ad steet767676676

    5. Lazar Simic

      Nice fresh


      I know why lannan doesn’t want to play arena all the streamer btw but in a real match u can be a dumb shit scientist I hate arena

    7. Let Them Be Little

      Nice prank fresh

    8. sarah Archer

      Fresh:this is gonna be sweaty Still fresh:has no arena points

    9. iiRxnklo

      Fresh: What’s up guys yes

    10. Leslie Mohammed

      I use your code

    11. tara falck

      Yo fresh add me my name is salts linger81 no captals

    12. Ingrams

      Fresh you are my fav

    13. Nicole Sauer


    14. Nicole Sauer


    15. kingcrab 4

      How does freshs tac di so much dmg

    16. Deterrius Percy

      i like u fresh

    17. James W Wise, Jr.

      Sorry for my profile pic I can’t change it and this is my daDS Account so plz chat me back and i am a girl not a boy

    18. James W Wise, Jr.

      Hey fresh

    19. adam hossam

      English and green tea is a good idea to drink

      1. adam hossam

        Your right

    20. heroex gaming

      Looks at lazarbeams face it's all mad 😠

    21. Cool Tiger25

      I finally got the emote he does at the end!

    22. Taylor Andrew

      Use code Laser

    23. John Shelor

      Fresh is in dip one like what does he not like arena or something

    24. Andrew Bissell


    25. Ben Martinez

      I want to play Minecraft with me and larazbearm

    26. Bess1e

      ;fresh is cracked bra


      Fresh is commenting on fresh video 😂😂

    28. James Brown

      when fresh said so innocent i silently agreed with him as i saw that head on his back XD

    29. David Akubardiya

      1000iq fresh

    30. Tommythebeast Tc

      Follow @fresh

    31. Craig Mallinder

      Lazarbeem after this I am going to go 🥩🤛🏻

    32. Charlie Isom

      Bring back the old music intro 😫

    33. MineMasterAjay Gaming

      I’m on division five Everyone comment yours

    34. TVXQ SAVAGE Clip account

      I didn’t see the title fully and I guessed it omg I got it right 😂😂

    35. Jihan Mannan

      did lazerbeam eat a flopper im very offended im sorry lazerbeam but i cann no longer watch u tiko for ever fishy gang forever

    36. Jolene Oates

      Day 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 of waiting fresh to say ( what’s up guys no )

    37. Leelands Vlogs and gaming

      Can you plz tell lazarbeam if y’all can add me and we’ll play and i have gingerbread man plz think about it and if you want we can 1v1 to add me and play plz

    38. Navy Guy

      Thanks for killing me on video

    39. Dave Headley

      Idk why but I really love freshes voixe

    40. Cory Summers

      Sub to fresh

    41. Cory Summers

      Use code fresh

    42. Cory Summers

      Use code fresh

    43. DancerAtHeart

      I like you fresh

    44. remi kullama

      I might have seen myself in the spawn Island... I had the hybrid outfit on.

    45. vanessa berens

      Fresh can be so dumb sometimes..

    46. MrDonnyEnglish

      It’s was so funny 😂 when he fell and sreemed

    47. myles bett

      i love you

    48. Anthony DeSerio

      subscribe to fresh

    49. fnaf fnaf

      wHaT sUp GuYs YEs

    50. Chase

      This is fake I watched the stream of lazarbeam grinding arena and they made this video

    51. Lilianna B

      You so bad fresh

    52. Brittany Adams

      Can you add me fresh and tech me I’m Xbox idc if you can’t but it would be nice if you can or just introduce to lazerbeam epic:lanetuff11

    53. Drift

      Nice we love you lazar

    54. Harrison McGregor


    55. Anthony Deasy

      Why does fresh have zero points

    56. Charles Rickoll, III

      Fresh us just a god

    57. The BLX Clan

      Hahahahhahahha omg nice prank

    58. King 108

      He has aimbot and I wasn’t to 1v1 you fresh

    59. Corey Fines

      Who wants to be my dou has to be Xbox player

    60. LilBossTen 1

      I use code fresh

    61. Fedorka Bondi

      The flawless check comparably escape because banker inadvertently pine along a tangy competition. fallacious, handsome idea

    62. Andrei Andriuca


    63. Jakey jo E

      The comment above me is literally the exact meme where Obama is putting a metal on himself

    64. Evil Robot 15

      It's really shit

    65. Noah Moore

      Ha ha

    66. DOG_Pugzly


    67. Jennifer Carr

      Jesus peanut butter that was a good video

    68. Monthly Shoppers

      I do the same thing I carry two guns

    69. ShrekIsGod1999

      ilsa on her stream be like: wut. I died.

    70. Ghetto Bear

      Are you subscribe to Fresh

    71. Ghetto Bear


    72. Jesper Wittborn

      7,1 million I’m first of saying that!

    73. Charlee Martens

      “We gods at arena” is a true quote but I think he is just talking about Fresh, lazar really ain’t bad but Fresh is the best in Australia

      1. jason jail

        Have I Loved Her First lazarbeam that are you in love with someone who's your bean and fresh

      2. Charlee Martens

        Yeah but I mean we was interpreted as just fresh

      3. Eric Alfred

        Nice essay which prob 90% of the ppl here already know

    74. Kade Robertson

      Me and my friend Cameron tried to get into the same game as you and Lannan. It was to no avail. If you ever want to join us his name is owrightintheplum or plumb and I'm Kade2008

    75. Marc Terry

      The coherent mitten baly dislike because blade allegedly possess afore a dispensable enquiry. makeshift, nine customer

    76. Paramjeet Saini

      omg its fresh i am big fan wait no i am not sike i am a big fan sike again

    77. akbombshell81

      Fresh sucks

    78. Crystal Felix


    79. Brayden Werezak

      Hello freshfresh

    80. KThegoatFN


    81. Riley cooper


    82. Yara Bazeih

      Day 4 of trying to get fresh to say, what's up guys no

    83. flexy PlayZ

      Intro : what’s up guys no

    84. Dorian Petersen

      I’m 9 and I’m divion 9

    85. corbin christie

      Are you Mr Beast

    86. Solomon Nigussie

      Do a video with TG PALYS

    87. shadow_realm 1


    88. Kbm_ Plays

      To fresh: 1-100 how mad would you be at lazarbeam if he shot down a sky build???? Reply to this if you see it, and say your answer please

    89. Debbie W

      Can you do live

    90. SDW B1ak

      Yeet my man

    91. Kenye Louis

      LAZAR BEAM😤🤬🤣

    92. Keir Jones

      Use code fresh

    93. Keir Jones

      I love you fresh I subscribed and liked and I used your code in the item shop

    94. moonpigeons hanneman

      Why did I do 🥰😍🤩😘😚😙😗 lol

    95. moonpigeons hanneman

      Fresh ????? I am a big fan of you !!!!!🥰😍🤩😘😚😙😗

    96. brittany burke

      Notice how fresh went from div 1 to div like 2 or 3

    97. paulita slim

      5:05 lazar

    98. Kovaq

      Lazarbeam xqc impression was spot on

    99. Jac0b 0n Xb0x

      Day 96 of waiting for Fresh to say "What's up guys, no"