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    1. Owen Smith

      I bet mccreamy will get very high placement 😂😂😂

    2. keevee johnson

      What’s up guess and yes the one shot god it here

    3. Jingyuan Luo

      fresh ur my favorite HUgetsr ❤️

    4. FRØST VIX

      Content 😌

    5. 6 times

      Fresh: I’m the one shot god Mcreamy: hold my hunting rifle

    6. Toby Cunningham

      This song is called Pure Gold by ooimee

    7. Anthony Nassima

      Mcreamy be first with 1000 points

    8. Max Trudeau

      where is Mccreamy?

    9. SearchME Up

      Fearless would be the GOD at this gamemode

    10. Ken Jamison

      no you are not the god of snipes no. fe4rless is the god of snipes

    11. NightMeme

      2:36 can we please acknowledge the fact that fresh has 20 launch pads

    12. Cor Iverson

      Video Idea: Make Lachy control your game

    13. Joshua Tanner

      Urrrr what about mcCreamy

    14. Shadow Playz_YT

      NAME of music


      Ranking fortnite HUgets's lachlan 10 out of 10

    16. Jay WalkerGaming

      Pphh dis kid ain’t no one shot god he sniping not noscoping I could do way better than that

      1. American BrickFilms

        Yeah he ain’t no one shot god

    17. Star Kids

      Harpoon only?

      1. Star Kids

        U2e CoDe Fr3Sh!

    18. Henry Wallace

      that was the one time that I have seen a fortnite youtuber say they have lag and actually have lag

    19. William Moore

      Fresh:runs out of ideas Freshes first thought: just redo a vid and change the title.

    20. Teilah Mckelvey

      bro you so good how can you hit so many good shots can you teach me please man i will sub and like i love all of your vid ceep it up

    21. Alex Culwell

      The person died to fall damage because epic hates him

    22. Sage Legend97

      Is this even legal lol XD if you agree feel free to like this vide BTW you don’t have but plz do 👇

    23. Christian Wagstaff

      Mcreamy: Left the chat

    24. Dominic Collette

      I’m mad I missed out on this, this would’ve been a free tournament for me

    25. Roman Graham

      Fresh is a better sniper them creamy

    26. Mike Carey

      Fresh frozen green if you could send me on fortnite

    27. My vlogs

      1 sub bacuse the grout skin was me LOL

    28. sandra leiva

      Already see a future video Fresh vs McCreamy Sniper/nosecope battle

    29. XD_jimakos 3110

      Petition for fresh to no scope battle mccreamy to see who the king of snipers is. Like to sign

    30. Hoeh Bags

      He is a god

    31. BysopYt

      if this was a only controller game mode the game would end in a few seconds

    32. Flamegames500

      if fresh is the best youtuber ever like this comment.

    33. Leon Adam

      You snipes are crazy

    34. Scryptic Beast

      How are you so gooood

    35. Invisible

      Yeet I love fresh

    36. Darsh 57


    37. Maxinud


    38. Abdullah Alfakhri

      Why is this sssoooo satisfying

    39. welovejon

      Did he just say lil tecca

    40. Kgomotso Phoo Katse

      Who thinks that fresh is better than mccreamy

    41. Mobile Gamer

      Fresh if u think ur the one shot god.......see lachlan

    42. Felix the cat

      Fresh: *posts video* Bots: go go go!

    43. yuzo suzuya

      3:38 someone knows the song?

    44. Connor Is Luck

      next week: so for the 7 mill merch

    45. Truong Hoang

      One shot king -level up - one shot god

    46. Jayden Morton

      Fresh: I'm the one shot god McCreamy: I created sniping

    47. YT_Ops242

      He should also join faze

    48. YT_Ops242

      He needs to make a montage of hitting sniper shots

    49. McMemeolds

      Challenge Idea: Wolverine Challenge, you have to kill him, get his claws. You can only use the claws to kill people and you can only stay around Weeping woods. Like so he can see this!!

    50. CharOfficialYT

      Fresh: I’m Lagging! Me: *no*

    51. Zayne Post

      Was that Kazify 5:09

    52. Isaiah Rooney Chan

      0:42 what song is that?? I need to know cuz its such a nice song!!!!

    53. Dexter Sampang

      Fresh kill a guy in mid air

    54. RNG_x3 william

      Thank god when fresh says he’s lagging he’s actually lagging and he’s not on 20 ping

    55. Asreil Dreemur

      McCreamy: I’m the best Fresh: hold my beer

    56. Greenstone2010


    57. Calliah Wendorf

      I was in the game!!

    58. Calliah Wendorf

      Video idea every time fresh dies he has to going to AA random game

    59. chris clarke

      Have a time to do one of my best for the rest time of time one of the time I will only need to be a one of

    60. Exotic Undead Viper

      TheThiccBrada died to fresh 3 times lol


      1:11 sounded like the pufferfish eating a carrot. XD

    62. Imperial SCOP3S

      Fresh: the one shot god Mccreamy: ...................

    63. Joshua T

      Bro imagine Lachlan doing that

    64. GTS Slayer

      Two videos in a day? Wow

    65. Veexqoo گ


    66. 1Punch BRAWL3R

      me realizing that im in a fresh video 6:27

    67. Debbie Storey


    68. Pubg Is sad

      Get him mr creamy

    69. Stupid Peppa Pig Edits

      You can only use the first gun you find on spawn island

    70. Prema Tabet


    71. Reshma Maharaj

      "What season did you start in?" Like: 0-10 Reply: 11-14

      1. TheGamerBros42K

        season 8

    72. Noble Society Trickshotter Recruiter

      You never know whos watching, keep it up 👀👀🙏🙏

    73. Kaspar Fry

      Fresh pls aswer me

    74. NarutoUzumaki 2nd channel

      I think he already Did the only skins that he knows

    75. Verxcy X_X

      But have u been the one shot king

    76. Likidy Squidwater

      Does creamy know abt this?

    77. cole harnden

      Fresh is amazing

    78. bye :(

      Your so good on sniper you are my God of sniper use code fresh

    79. Shahan 123

      I am better than u fresh to proof my epic name is : yoyo_shahan u can add me

    80. zakaria adam ali

      fresh is trash trust me guys if mcreamy hear this fresh is about get clapped with a 1v1

    81. Finlay Byers

      Mc creamed better at one shot

    82. swat

      @fresh u vs ducky gamer

    83. Deeznutsglizy Vara

      freshyboy pops off then dies

    84. Anandan B

      3:57 What is this song plz tell

    85. Evan Richardson

      2:32 why does this manz sound like that🤣🤣

    86. Wavi Peyton

      Where do you get grapphlers grom in the new season ?

      1. Wavi Peyton

        From *

    87. Adrian Zbierajewski

      2:50 20 launch pads

    88. Raymer Mañon

      Fresh can you please give me a skin I don’t have no skin people bully me because I’m a default

    89. Henry_Playz

      you killed TheThiccBrada twice in different games what are the chances

    90. Henry_Playz

      2:15 why is the guy still floating after dying

    91. Expo Unreal

      Who’s the one shot queen?

    92. storm trooper

      Whats up guys im unsubscrbed to you fortnites bad

    93. NRG JustJoel Gomez

      Next the amiboter one shot

    94. BOUIE PH

      4:00 fearlessss........ is still playing fortnite

    95. TRN KatKing

      Fresh- I am the one shot king!!! Me- uhhh everybody is just 50 health so they are one shot

    96. TRN KatKing

      Fresh- 1 shot king Mccreamy- hold my cream

    97. Obama Was here

      This is how satisfying this vid is 👇

    98. JX XI

      Fe4r is better

    99. William Fenwick

      Does fresh just get bot lobby’s or is he a god

    100. Aiden Heaton

      yo fresh i caught the midas flopper