I played in the FNCS GRAND FINALS...


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    1. Felipe Berzosa

      you are the best

    2. Hamilton Rogers

      ur sooo good im the quivilent to a dog shoiting on the carpet

    3. Poopee duck

      what is 1+1=?? does it = 11??

    4. Hydrated Fortnite

      I dont know what it is but i awlays come back to see this video he is soo good pickle

    5. Selena Cox

      When you skip 10 seconds and Fresh gets 4 kills. (Edit: Thanks for 65 likes)

    6. YaseenHafiz Badwi

      6:58 who else thought that was the Uni-beam even doe the video took place in season 3?

    7. Vihaan FN

      can someone tell me the name of the skin he used in the 3rd game?

    8. Lucian Battaglia

      0:36 he fell of the builds 😂 Not hating just thought it was funny

    9. faqt.

      fresh : breaks a tree Arab : NICE FRESH !!!!

    10. MainYT

      6:49 he sounded so gay

    11. Not Void

      Petition to make: instead of the thicc series do a skinny series and say for the title the skinniest skin in fortntie

    12. Rayyan Ahmad Butt

      Lol fresh killed Jesse and Repulse

    13. Axel Öst

      You killes x2jesse 4.44

    14. scorpio_goggles


    15. Emily Sugden

      I love just watching back in all of freshes comps for nostalgia

    16. HilariousHeadset

      6:48 Coach Arab was screaming "yes u can" to much so fresh cut him of

    17. Rushil J

      He killed x2 jesse

    18. AbDuLThE GaRaFf

      He killed x2jesse

    19. Louis Jones

      POV: FNCS Grand Finals Fresh: "What the hell's a stair tarp!?!?!"

    20. Axtro Mxtion

      Arab in the background

    21. Shono 1301

      Day198 of waiting fresh to say whats up guys no

    22. HudyRock

      This is how many times Fresh’s coach said “Nice Fresh”.👇

    23. Halftoon Gaming

      4:00 thats what i need to be like XDXD

    24. Samantha Young

      Pwr muz got first place I love his content and fresh

    25. Omar Hany

      When you realise that fresh killed x2 Jesse but didnt even say oh my God

    26. GamingWith Matthew

      Imagine not being in 2040

    27. TropicK kdae

      6:08 ahaha that was me

      1. caiden wallwork

        Lmao you wish

    28. NotChaos

      lok at 4:45 he killed one x2

    29. Jennifer Boots

      Fresh killed PWR repaulse

    30. Chris

      where my late squad at

    31. Olav Jintes

      What's up guys EH YES

    32. Ace Reaper

      Fresh: dude we are STACKED! 2 seconds later: I might be low on mats

    33. YouTalkTooMuch Gt

      Lol killed X2 jesse


      What is this music?

    35. Nader Alsadi

      bro dont try ur BAD

    36. Vrishank Pandey

      When you are so good that you make it to the Grand Final FNCS

    37. lovro kladnik

      fresh on the top pubs make it drob thats a fncs fncs

    38. Mohammed Fouad

      I'm Arbin also

    39. Samuel Girard

      did anyone see him elin x2 jesse

    40. Sage Legend97

      Fresh : not bad Me : omfg omfg omfg how did I do that

    41. FRZ DASHZ

      He killed repulse and jesse

    42. Jaedon Cornwall

      lol 4:44 he killed x2 jesse

    43. Juan Hernandez

      When you skip 10 seconds and Fresh gets 4 kills. (Edit: Thanks for 65 likes)

    44. Colin Delmar

      Fresh: Lazer!! im playing in FNCS with my coach Arab! Lazer: Why cant I be your coah? Fresh: Because you suck The viewers: oooooohhhhhhhh

    45. Archer Ballantine

      Ha ha

    46. Catrina Pecararo

      Me: Sees bots in comments Two seconds later: they’re all reported

    47. Spirit FN

      At 5:34 he’s low on ar ammo and misses the ammo😭😢

    48. Sokena4569 Bebejan]

      Fresh: Sorry we couldn't fix ARABs audio Fresh's editor: LETS PLAY REALLY LOUD MUSIC

    49. Chaickens

      if you didnt get coached by arab you wouldnt have placed... simple

    50. joseph Unwin

      did any find that the commentator sounds like TBNRFrags

    51. Lukas Andersson Lennbro

      At 4:45 he kills x2jesse

    52. NishiDuseja

      Love the song he uses

    53. Sahas Shahi

      You killed x2jesse

    54. Isaias Benitez

      he killed jesse lol

    55. Daykin Jaser Chirinos Guillen

      ok fresh chill down evryone know your better then evry one

    56. Aman Amruth


    57. ThatOneGuy

      Bruh it kinda felt lot Arab was hitting on fresh

    58. Mr Mullet X

      I love watching you

    59. Hassan Alghazali

      Not bad

    60. L2 Zynx

      Anyone realise that he killed Jesse and reapulse

    61. Spexz

      imagine arab accidentally said you are so consistent babe

    62. Will Ndio

      Can we talk about how he killed repulse god and x2jesse

    63. jai bajaj

      Fresh literally killed the x2twins

    64. Usha Shah

      Wassup Guys ?! Nooooooooooo

    65. DR1FT3D

      He killed repulse and jesse

    66. Aadar

      What’s up guys, yes

    67. Jordan Reeve

      He killed Repulse and he got killed by jynx and jynx got killed by X2Jordan wow so many kill from there own friends

    68. Clayton Poovala


    69. Heath Helton

      Where lazarbeam

    70. Bridger Ardinger

      notice he killed x2 jesse in this one and his video where he beat hackers for 1st

    71. Kriptic Clan


    72. Justin Wrobel

      hey fresh

    73. Jack Cahill

      How does fresh have so many twitch viewers, twitch subs and yt subs and doesn't place well while Jynx possibly the best in OCE gets like 50k on yt, 500 twitch viewers and like 100 twitch subs. People need to stop fan boying fresh.... HE ISNT THAT GOOD AT THE GAME

    74. Peat Kids

      Fresh: I eliminated x2jesse X2jesse: who are you?

    75. Santiago Moreira

      What’s the clip about dubs and megga edit a wall? Does anyone know?

    76. spun

      5:51 shots went with the beat

    77. G. Brandon Vang

      he's good tho

    78. 1k subs OJ swanta

      Freshes dan counter in all his videos. Some where between 10000 to 1000000

    79. Sam Haddock

      He killed jesse

    80. George Barlow

      What's the song called can someone plz tell me

    81. hay Hay

      does anyone know what the name of the song that plays at 6:19

    82. XGR SWEATS

      Fresh is one of the best ayers

    83. Keith Passannante

      If yur a real fan you rember the cracked cracked fresh days

    84. Elijah Milan

      omg fresh killed jesse

    85. Josh Taylor

      Can anyone just take a moment to realize that the video is exactly 10 minutes long

    86. Tom Scott

      Rip jesse

    87. Stole FN

      His couch is probably getting some of the money and he was useless

    88. William R Murphy JR

      Did anyone even think were Jordan was when he killed Jesse normally they are in the same game righ

    89. Don Buckley

      Your so doip But I’m better I am level 597 C2rAesch 🤤😴😎🤣😕

    90. 99p_sn4k3byt3

      what I love about fresh is that he's funny, can be sweaty and competitive, he's insane at the game, and he has like the funniest memes ever

      1. The Withered Plushy

        99p_sn4k3byt3 I mean your not wrong

    91. Hybrid

      He killed x2jesse he truly is the best

    92. Critical Gamer

      1. Türk as bayrakları🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    93. Owen Hahn

      If LazarBeam was coaching he would of won every game! LOL

    94. Josh Cooney

      If there was a mythical comment it would be “what’s up guys, yes” 😂😂😂

    95. Onyxmax

      “You don’t get angry” No simp September challenge:

      1. Michael Watson


      2. Cactus Jack


    96. Mo-Crasher

      he killed x2 jesse

    97. Dannon Leetham

      Fresh is just goated he just keeps going and going on the grind

    98. Emiliano Arreola

      Fresh: Lazers someone or kills someone. Coach Arab: NICE FRESH!!!

    99. Sans Skeleton

      The thing that still surprises me to this day is that fresh used to have %63 win rate and Lachlan asking fresh to train him


      Hey fresh ate You going ti play sny scrims