I played in the FNCS GRAND FINALS...


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    1. Jasmeet

      Jesse will be so sad 😔

    2. VLT Neon

      Fresh I am a big fan I am subscribed since 2019

    3. Charbel Esper

      You kild Jesse

    4. Big Boss

      X2 sucks fresh is the best

    5. Zerkz

      7:27 you killed PWR repulse God

    6. Sunil Ruben

      fresh killed x2jesse goddam

    7. Pro Ttv

      Omg fresh killed Jesse lol

    8. RNG_knightlord YT

      The fact that he killed Jesse is crazy 😂

    9. Morph

      the video fresh changed his tone of voice in his intro

    10. ABO FLAH 2

      He killed. X2 Jesse

    11. Martha Hoffman

      The melted pleasure biochemically spare because chinese singly park along a last utensil. draconian, onerous vermicelli

    12. Undead Nate

      Who would’ve thought that fresh would kill Jesse in the cup

    13. Aaravthepro

      4.42 he kills jesse

    14. Hayden McInnes

      Haha he killed Jesse from x2twins

    15. Jamie Tattersfield

      Fresh killed jessex2

    16. Ahsan Zaheer

      Did anyone notice that he killed x2twins Jesse ??

    17. munakin

      U killen jessy

    18. B Pranav

      never stop loving this

    19. Bryan The God uchia

      I am a goat but. Need a trainers

    20. Alex Christian

      Typical gamer is way better you trash kid

    21. Hopen


    22. Kimberly Ferrin

      X2 Jesse?

    23. Gurpinder Singh

      Ok that was jesse

    24. Boiiis

      He killed x2 jesse

    25. xKingoYTx

      Fresh killed jesse and repulse lol

    26. S16_caslu

      jesse in hes shorts fresh kill me during fncs

    27. team osm

      Love the content keep up the grind

    28. Gajinder Singh

      Fresh killed jesse

    29. Aarav Gajul

      I think worthy should won cause he got 69 points

    30. Randy Cortez

      that was the x2twins

    31. lokendra chand

      My guy killed X2 Jesse

    32. Strazz FN

      Fresh is a unique pro, he keeps his vids so entertaining and is still able to qualify for grands, get earnings... Hope u get the fncs axe soon mate❤


      u killed jesse i saw

    34. Ayaan Doshi

      he killed X2jesse 4:42

    35. Maciek Halonski

      Oce tho

    36. JaxiePlayz

      So fresh, a content creator that mostly does challenge videos in pubs came 6th in the fncs grand finals! What!

    37. Caroline Tsui

      Honestly all the ads made me stop watching.

    38. BlastableXD


    39. Yianni Katsos


    40. Pavit Singh Jaggi

      where's sypherpk now huh?

    41. Hasnain’s Life

      4:44 he got jesse

    42. Wavy

      when fortnite was fun

    43. Ethan Crawford

      fresh's games 60 people left in the 4th circle my games 10 people left in second circle

    44. X2Hallop

      He killed Jesse from the X2twins.

    45. Anakin Skywalker


    46. Gabriel Pelletier

      its x2jesse

    47. Exotic Moi

      The amount of times Arab said nice fresh ⬇️

    48. Naruto Uzumaki

      Let's imagine Lazarbeam in the Fncs Grand Finals 😂

    49. Coveno Carey

      4:44 x2jesse

    50. Will Evans

      Jesus loves you all and don’t say the Lords name in vain

      1. Havabeef

        OMG FR?

    51. Meghan Rhodes


    52. jamo lamo


    53. Juan Paulo M. Caruncho

      4:44 fresh eliminated x2Jesse

    54. Tarek Elrashedy


    55. Wattz XD

      Fresh dosn't even do anything when he eliminates PWR repulse dam

    56. Nikita Alouker

      4:46 fresh killing Jessie from X2

    57. Julian Santore

      He killed X2jesse

    58. Zachary Schwartz

      9:12 crash pad go brrrrrrrr

    59. Pr1nce

      He eliminated X2 Jesse and PWR Repulse

    60. Matthew Wilson

      Did anyone see him kill PWR repulse at 7.30

    61. Dino on20fps

      7:27 killer PWR repulse

    62. ahmed Bahlooq

      He killed jesse

    63. Ashley phillips

      Dis anyone notice he killed x2 Jesse?!

    64. MootGeoduck

      LOL He Killed x2Jesse

    65. Character Show Of

      X2 JESSI

    66. bonecrusher8

      getting famouse off of comments day 1, so i can live the dream life

    67. Matthew Simmons

      Did not notice he kill x2twins

    68. Joseph Mooney

      Did anyone else see that he killed X2JESSE

    69. Seth Eade

      He killed x2jessie in second match 😆😆🤣

    70. AMY XD

      Fresh kill x2Jesse🤡

    71. Sebster Pro gamer

      At 4:45 he killed x2Jesse

      1. Sebster Pro gamer

        He also killed PWR repulse at 7:27

    72. Inky シ

      Tf, he killed x2jesse

    73. Untidy-liquid 3

      The person he kill made him not qualify

    74. Zaxy LP

      Coach Arab is amazing cause he knows how pros play so he takes the information and helps him.

    75. Yali YT

      Lol I qualified

    76. Green flaming gaming

      Oh no I didn’t sub to fresh let me just sub

    77. lil trixz vert

      I heard nice fresh way to many times

    78. ur epic friend lotfin

      Let’s hope fresh is in the World Cup lol

    79. Isaac covarrubias

      2xJordan killed you

    80. ₖ ₐ ₛ 😈


    81. Amir Hussain Khan

      4:45 R.I.P Jessie

    82. Eray Bilgin Dorsch

      He killed x2 Jesse lmfao

    83. Aarav Aher

      The sad part is he killed Repulse in a game

    84. Wram

      Arab every 2 seconds “NICE FRESH”

    85. Hawk_wuvs_u on TikTok

      Was that the real x2 Jesse

    86. Mr Sibs

      i love how he killed repulse and he lost to him

    87. RomanPlayez

      4:44 did anyone else realized he killed 2xJesse?

    88. Evan’s Everything

      Fresh is honestly the best HUgetsr

    89. Julie Julie

      The unsuitable find summatively gather because camera successively tickle off a guiltless dragon. ruthless, mysterious cattle

    90. De Beasters

      Most consistent player éver

    91. Void iwnl

      Did anyone else notice he killed x2 jesse

    92. Caivez for GLM

      Anyone else realise he killed x2 jesse

    93. Goulxz

      Fresh killed Jesse

    94. Isaiah Watkins

      he got 6th because of a crash pad

    95. Eggzy

      4:46 look who he killed

    96. Steve Dyke

      I love fresh

    97. Zep Theeuwen

      fresh: you killed x2Jesse on 4.44

    98. Brayden Martinez

      Your a god

    99. Execution Jr

      I like how he did not notice he killed Jessie from x 2twins

      1. Steve Dyke


    100. Tianyang Chen