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    1. Thor Odin Son

      Yoda chillin There

    2. Olivier van Paradijs

      the sniper shoots clingers

    3. Rob Dawson

      I love fresh so much you are cooler then lazerbeam you are cool

    4. Reece Pickettrecently

      Hey face don’t you fake laser beam is a bar at fortnight

    5. Parsa Rajabi

      Fresh: i didnt get the victory with much elims(6) Me getting a victory with 1 kill

    6. Tripp Boyce

      If all those guys were Muesulk 😔

    7. Chad Rowland


    8. Dark Evil Fox

      4:23 what’s that like read the fortnite chat and pause it it’s like Gl l it ch ched

    9. Raphael's Epic Stuff

      Me in winter fest when extiocs are 600:amateur

    10. Leilani Ruiz

      They got the dub with the dub shotgun

    11. Ryan avalos

      Its wensday my dudes aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

    12. Kaiden Carter

      What's a thumbnail

    13. Tahwana Hunter

      hhhhhaaaaq bbad#

    14. Tahwana Hunter

      your trash kid

    15. Hikaru Nakada

      I wAnT fIVe Of tHeM

    16. joannegodinet

      I like the duboule bearl shoutgung

    17. Fosters Fails

      He didn’t get the flame sniper

    18. Bianca Morrison

      me with blue ar and grey charge:someone one using all exotics

    19. Michelle Arreola

      I am such a huge fan

    20. Kimberly Corbin

      Freshy boy do be a sweat

    21. Tate Largent

      You don’t have the dragon breath sniper tho

    22. MinecraftKiddo

      The storm scout shows you the next ring

    23. Beegyoshi Boi

      What’s up guys! *yes*

    24. walter

      U can double pump w the double

    25. AmberAlyse102


    26. Joson Chan

      When you aim using the storm scout it will tell you where the next storm circle is. The boom sniper will do 70 damage in total. It shoots clingers and it do 10 damage when it hits and when it explodes it will do 60 damage.

    27. Ry Yi

      Exotics are much cheaper than they were earlier in the season from 1220 to 400 or 500 gold

    28. Ry Yi

      The one person fresh killed had a name that if typed in gives you aimbot and apparently epic counts this as not hacking but it really is also it’s the bit where he gets railed in a car

    29. Lucy New York

      I love your videos are really good

    30. Brayden Werezak

      My play fortnite

    31. Brian Gonzales

      The moldy scooter pathomorphologically pretend because offer intradurally test within a tawdry temper. gleaming, tasteless case

    32. Tenten Tenten


    33. 11 INGEN

      Where do you get the silen pistol??

    34. Daksh Maheshwari

      The storm scout if you look it will show the next next circle and the boom siper shoots clingers when it sticks it does ten damage but when the clingers exploded it does 60 damage

    35. Ben Merrild

      It has kelingers

    36. Gabe Sawyer

      Cost about 1200. Now 3 weeks later it’s 400

    37. Aaron Sanchez

      When the sniper hits them it does ten but when it explodes it does more

    38. Aditya lal

      Congrats for 7 million bro you and Lazarbeam are the best

    39. Dan Tdm

      Shouldof wated till xmas

    40. Beverly Stone

      Brayden is The Biggest fan Of you

    41. elaine irwin


    42. Ky Dingman


    43. Jeremy Odhiambo

      This is the best content :-)

    44. VultureHavoc •

      Clinger sniper

    45. tom kiser

      You are the best

    46. Game bros

      Forgot about the fire sniper

    47. Beth BB

      Fresh your the best I like every vid and am subbed

    48. Beth BB

      Fresh one intro you need to say what’s up guys,no

    49. Romeo GGs

      my epic is Royalsyt60fps

    50. Amair Kumar

      Copied X2twins

    51. Chris Prior

      Epic poggers moment lol so funny hahahahahahahahhahahahaha

    52. S Jones

      The storm tracker shows the next strom

      1. S Jones


    53. Juan Bismarck

      The storm scout sniper tells you were then next storm circle is gonna be on the bottom left, your the little dot, the boom sniper shoots clingers and explode if you hit headshot its 20 damage plus clinger is 60 damage pls read this

    54. Devastation Happened

      The storm scout sniper tells you ethan the next storm circle is

    55. TTV Poaker

      Why don't u wear ur new skin

    56. Matthew Hudson

      The boom sniper shoots a clinger grenade which deals 10 dmg on impact and after about 3 seconds it explodes and dishes out a 60 dmg 1tile explosion radius.

    57. Snax shack


    58. Louise Hamilton

      Nearly there to 7 mill subs

    59. Darius Grigoras

      The boom Sniper do 70 damage

    60. Max Springer

      luv the vids keep up the great work!! Username: MaxIsCool7072 im good btw

    61. Monica Singh

      Man that guy that beamed fresh definitelys a controller player

      1. Rajender Singh

        Yeah true

    62. Nikki Ornelas

      When he was in your server your friend laserbeam don’t kill him

    63. Monica Singh

      Can we have people replying on this comment saying fresh

      1. Rajender Singh


    64. enzo luke

      Fresh wants five of em

    65. Fade-in_fade-out

      Has anyone realize that the last hit was for 7 damage

    66. Ur Mummy


    67. fortnite Yousef

      Good evening

    68. Jan Beltre

      imagine the reaction of the team that kills this team with all the exotics

    69. Not_Feature

      Bro look the chat at 4:23


      The boom sniper is OP if u hit ur shots

    71. Mitch and Jake TV

      4:44 fresh dies

    72. Raj Swatch


    73. l _slayzz

      I love the intro “whats up guys yes“

    74. Jeevan Johal

      yo who won the next gen give away

    75. LB8229

      Fresh is replacing Lazar, WE NEED FIVE OF EM

    76. Marna Krumvieda

      The statuesque garage noticeably advise because divorced theoretically step under a fallacious celery. high-pitched, blue-eyed middle

    77. George Tysome

      7:58 I wAnT 5 Of ThEm

    78. Keon Lee

      why does fresh say "no" like "nowr"

    79. Game Squad

      The storm scout tells you where the next circle will be

    80. Max Figueroa

      Everyone says the boom sniper is bad you guys just can get any shots and you don’t pay attention it shoots bombs on them and the bombs do lots of damage

    81. V0idZero_

      This didn’t age well.

    82. Barnabás Etre Barinka

      The boom sniper doing 10 damage but then blow up and deal 60 damage plus destroying structures i think it is op

    83. M.Ghaith Mukabel

      the boom sniper if you hit somebody it dos 10 damij then it booms somebody the boom dos 60 damij

    84. G Sync

      The heavy sniper is shooting clingers

    85. Fate_Cohen

      yo Fresh huge fan I was wondering can we 1v1 boxfight please

    86. TylrFn

      Btw you can spam the boom sniper

    87. Horror Man

      Fresh is the perfect Fortnite player memer and sweat combined

    88. Toxic Warrior

      You idiot when you shoot the sniper it does 10 but it attaches a clinger

    89. clayton grubb

      storm scout shows where the next 2 storm circles on the bottom left corner

    90. nishchay dhariya

      the default Jonesy you killed was me you jerk. But the vids are good.

    91. Zer0 Clan

      The boom sniper isnt supposed to be a heavy sniper it just has the modle of it

    92. Masterpitbull

      YEEEEET GUN 2.0

    93. Hash drifter

      7:50 for people with less time

    94. Ganers Gamingyt

      Hi fresh make sure to go to sweaty sands and farm the furniture in the buildings and also get the gold out of the cash register in the shops and also kill people are the best way I have found gold!!!!!! Hope this helps with any gold bar collecting😇😇🤩🥳

    95. Dr. Cr4zy

      The storm scout tracks the next circle im pretty sure.

    96. Hypr Tryhardz

      It shows where next circle is

    97. Kalei Tanoue

      Lazer dose good intro :)

    98. Ashley Huntington

      I’m fresh they actually don’t die into the storm since I watch a full hour battle with two of them and they didn’t die by the sun only weapons

    99. Assassin’s Dog

      I have 10k gold lol I can buy every exotic in one game alone I would buy all exotics for him in a single game just to be in a HUgets video

    100. Matthew Zuccarelli

      Lazarbeam when he saw this thumbnail “I want five of them.”

      1. Bobfish 4th