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    1. Michael Stones

      Fresh: "Carries the grey pistol Me: Jason is proud of you.

    2. LynxyzHD

      How do you get it on pc?

    3. SimperBTW

      Give me a PS5

    4. Michael Lock

      Glatus update on Tuesday bro

    5. Ellise Baxter

      Yeah lol

    6. reda zaidat

      YOU MISSED ASCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Unix Among us

      My sis is friend has some disease that she can’t control

    8. Cjpals Gamingpals

      I like the Laugh it Up emote.

    9. Mr_Mj_Daboss On YT

      I was ganna do this but you beat me to it I wasn't allowed to play at all this week

    10. anas jazwi

      hi fresh

    11. Chris kreider

      No fair he is like level 311 and I am like 117 and I did all my challenges

    12. Odge 05

      Hahahah gg good game 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    13. Required Shoe

      the gray pistol though ?

    14. Dbzfan_ 232

      So nobodys gonna talk about the video time, okay then

    15. Matas Kalasauskas


    16. Gabriel

      There was a purple scar in dooms vault

    17. Midas Drumy

      Who jumped into the comments as he missed the purple scar

    18. Ahnalia Rodriguez

      Can joker fly helicopters I dunno but he can in fortnite lol ;-;

    19. Danil Annan

      please come back lazer

    20. Danil Annan

      1:45 wow thank you we did not know that.

    21. Phantom5682

      Is joker out yet

    22. Drippzy Hyuga

      fresh u cheated when killing the soccer skin u used your pickaxe WHICH IS blue rarity

    23. PIZZA LORD!!!

      bru the way that ugly ?thing? laughs

    24. Xsabelle

      Shouldve been Joker and Harley quinn

    25. Katriona Pese


    26. Caleb Mosh Awesomeness

      his pickaxe was blue so he cheated

    27. Nate Schlender

      Me who has the last laugh bundle😎😎😎

    28. Nadi Amin


    29. Curtis Spanner

      I’m getting the redeem tomorrow

    30. Marjan Salimi

      He mist a purple pump how Is stupid

    31. dawg Tucker


    32. dawg Tucker

      And it was puprle

    33. dawg Tucker

      You miss a a scar

    34. Ijaz Butt

      Fresh can you give me the joker skin

    35. jazz FN

      look at the 'joker in a box' back bling at 0:40. it pops up at other times as well

    36. Mary Margely Green

      did we see a purple scar he's blind some times

    37. Hoyt Steinke

      Claim your “here before a million views” ticket here

    38. Ciara Forristal

      i have the last laughe bundle

    39. RUGMAT Pvt. Ltd.

      Why did you not pick up scar?

    40. The Scorched King

      Here’s not in a real match

    41. Liam Liam


    42. Pichu Gaming

      2:58 purple scar

    43. Racing Puppy

      Joker is so FRESH in fortnite 😹

    44. Oliver Draws


    45. Robert pagan

      How did you get it

    46. Prettyboy Jay

      U can get a purple revolver

    47. Zartashia Awan

      Fresh there was an legendary sniper in big ds valt In your first game

    48. Opal Watson

      "I'm glad I got the dub on the first vic roy" Fresh 2020

    49. Virginia Flynn

      We do love too see it

    50. Siam Ahnaf Dhrubo

      2:59 left the purple scar

    51. ShadowRaven

      i have the skin

    52. julian alfaro

      The skin looks “fresh”

    53. Teresa Jones

      I love the joker skin

    54. Noelle Farmer

      I fuckin love the joker skin



    56. Jaycey Evans

      it looks amazing I can't wait for it to come out the joker hahahahahah get it I laughed lol

    57. Daniel Garcia

      Code lachy

    58. Tyler Wang

      Jason is so proud

    59. Jaden Mensah

      Who else saw the white ruins?

    60. cory is back

      Why do you get so many bots in uour game

    61. SP7CE

      The pistol part of the challenge is dumb!

    62. Martin Sutherland

      Stop sayin joker im a alegict

    63. Blitzy

      Day 3 of waiting for fresh to say what’s up guys no

    64. defwad7

      How do you get him early?

    65. Blanca

      What was the epic music near the end?

    66. Kearu Omega

      Forgets purple scar

    67. DARK KILLER faze Ali

      In the Play Store in game pubg Download

    68. Kaval Bramania

      Can I get the battle pass please My username is MysteriousKing19

    69. IcyRisk Gt

      Bruh did anyone else just see that gliched taxi

    70. Shangara Sivabalu

      Like for the Michael Jackson Thriller laugh

    71. SHRALLEN

      Fresh is fresh

    72. Xxhungry gamerxX

      Can you use the Midas and do gold and mythic only

    73. the polyboys

      last laugh

    74. no_DataFrômMę

      Purple scar

    75. Zackary Mantey

      You walked over a purple scar and purple combat

    76. Story Time

      you shold heve a ps5

    77. Kvepy

      This is So Nice. You must work really hard! Let's be friends.

    78. Roan Hedgecoth

      Bro he is using a super villain and the time of the vid run time is 9.1.1 I’m scared

    79. PlayChips

      This is how many times he said "BIG BOY" ⬇️

    80. Cindy Collins

      In 7more days I till my birthday

    81. Carx Official

      U guys can get the bundle at GameStop for $30

    82. Zach Kurland

      His spectator count is off

    83. Carx Official

      I have joker but how do u get wild cat for Nintendo switch exclusive

    84. IAMKILLA

      Who watches fortnite anymore?

    85. Fletch 139

      What happens to carrying ur parents? Lannan and Ilsa

    86. Sweatty Gaming

      I like how fresh takes blue rarity sheilds when it’s an only purple and green challenge

    87. octavio vega

      I got you i ues your code bro

    88. Milk- Strawberry

      Is it just pc or Nintendo that see the ruins as ghost at some parts?

    89. Joyce Moreno


    90. FlIcKz

      The Joker does fly helicopters

    91. YoPlacxs

      "Be honest WHO as been a FAN for a long time" "I'm gifting everyone WHO subs to ME"

    92. Roller

      He wallked over a gold sniper

    93. CK CLXTCH

      Claim your normal comment ticket here

    94. Matthew Sledge

      When fresh doesn’t grad the purp combat and can sidegrade to spazz

    95. Mariska Verlinden

      Your the best

    96. The_Dualwielddivine

      Who else is shocked he didn’t call this video THICCEST JOKER IN FORTNITE

      1. ToyBurger


      2. Opal Watson

        "The Pistol is an exception" Jason is so proud of youuuuu

      3. The_Dualwielddivine

        Yep me too

      4. Cooper Bedford


    97. Ayomide Fariu

      Joker's gun is closer to a revolver

    98. Parker Mallett