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    1. Nyme Karamat

      Fresh I subscribe to you and I like the video and I use your code fresh I’m nyme

    2. Nyme Karamat

      I have joker in fortnite

    3. Roblox boy 2011


    4. Roblox boy 2011


    5. Zex Decade

      at 2:36 there was a purple pump in the pile my guy

    6. Thislittlebeantryingtoget Famous

      The last laugh bundle is so @$#*&# expensive

    7. Aashayden Hamilton

      the video time is cursed

    8. G4D-Kevin fady

      Good old c2 s4 one of the best s4 seasons



    10. meet lalwani

      What were you doin there was a supply drop

    11. where we

      When there was loot at the vault i Was just waiting for the Beam

    12. William Kintzler

      I have the shin

    13. When the

      we live in a society

    14. Younas Asim

      6:08 lets get in our chopter😂

    15. Emma Howden

      Fresh can youse any gray wepens because his face is face is gray

    16. J C

      We need Superman and Lex Luthor in Fortnite next

    17. Laurrie Richardson

      I like it

    18. Seif Khaled

      Why was fresh taking a grey pistol 🤔🤔

    19. louise hallam

      Wait Dr doom is a villan? I never knew that. I thought he was a superhero.

    20. evan jabaley

      quote fresh "the gray pistol is a great weapon" Jason is so proud of you

    21. Fool

      Ngl that’s literally the worst laughing sound effect he could have used

    22. Max Cockburn

      I watched joker when I was 6 and it's for 18


      Just rewatching the vidoe



    25. Dragon Lady

      I love you So can you give me a shout out

    26. SuperMarioOliver

      Love the MJ thriller laugh

    27. Lit rarey™


    28. theendofspring

      lol fresh ran right past a purple 2 scars

    29. Mohammed Alhadad


    30. Allan Vehkasalmi

      Fresh I got two solo wins

    31. Luccagaming YT- GVK CLIPS

      Joker is my favourite skin

    32. Tommy Forway

      i have been waiting for ages for fresh to say hi guys no still hasnt happend

    33. Aether

      Claim your “here before 2 million views” ticket here

    34. Maria Palacios

      I thought green and purple that is a grey pistol

    35. sh@døw

      I got the last laugh bundle hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    36. fluxd

      Im bout to get last laugh bundle

    37. Jack of KnivesVA

      I'm just confused why he wasn't released in the batman update with gotham, batman's gear

    38. Drazel Glítçh

      true thing the midas rex skin is my main skin

    39. cerv08

      I wish I could be like you I’m kind of bad

    40. ALFIE LUFC

      Hope we can find some good purple stuff in here and then immediately runs past a purple scar

    41. Meshaal Alzaid

      Well ur liking it I’m loving it

    42. ROBOT85 Aqua shorts

      The house u were at before u got the dub I was at that house and there were 2 people left and my game lagged and then I died, I raged so bad

    43. Steam3010mighty

      Fresh using a dc skin in a marvel season

    44. Ethan Lee

      Fresh is the best HUgetsr

    45. The Joker


    46. Crazy rider Animation

      Fresh: grey pistol on gulu gulu Jason:Jason is so proud of you

    47. Wayne Williams


    48. Crazy dreamer

      Happy 2021

    49. Hisc EU

      It's Midas rex

    50. Helpy484

      fresh I use code lazar

    51. Abuzar Muhammad

      what a pro

    52. Ethan Stin

      You're so stupid there was a purple scar

    53. HZ mochi

      Anyone watching in 2021

    54. floxík eu

      Toxic fresh xd

    55. Tyler Case

      he can fly helicopters but he cant pick up weapons???

    56. chrxmeq

      The ad at 2:12 was perfect 💀

    57. Tahlia Katie

      I have The pack

    58. Hussain Saam

      the skin is so hot

    59. FEARLESS 1392

      I have that skin and the bundel

    60. Flora Shen


    61. Clarkson Johnson

      The joker skin sick

    62. Super Epic Gamer2020

      The freshes level 310

    63. rex dragons

      fresh casually getting 10 /20 kills me wanting to get at least five kills in 10 games

    64. Carlos Alonzo

      fresh miss the scar

    65. Marsiol Manzano

      Fresh why did you kill me I was the default

    66. Ransas Noogan

      Just bought the pack last night, I love it

    67. Mal Fetahu

      He nised the purple scar 🤣

    68. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    69. Meris Cehajic

      Nice 6.9 mil subs

    70. Axnan Xhan

      My bro has it

    71. Tyler B

      If only the tommy gun was unvaulted so that it could also be a part of this challenge (joker uses tommy guns in the comics)

    72. Jonathan Banegas

      He didn’t see the scar

    73. Miki Splayz3

      Why didnt u take epic scar

    74. M Animations

      And shmexy

    75. Lucus Brodey

      Finally got my Joker bundle today on the switch been waiting ages

    76. jelly beam

      When fresh jumped out of the toilet and dr doom was there an ad came on before while he shouted 😂

    77. Film Fanatic

      I don’t like the back bling personally but the skins especially the normal version is sick

    78. Spam

      Anyone watching when Joker is finally in the shop?

      1. FireBurger

        Me, and I ordered it on Amazon and it was $65 and in the item shop its $30

    79. Gamer Boy Nishad

      She Hulk wrap looks cool on joker

    80. Michael Stones

      Fresh: "Carries the grey pistol Me: Jason is proud of you.

    81. LynxyzHD

      How do you get it on pc?

    82. SimperBTW

      Give me a PS5

    83. Michael Lock

      Glatus update on Tuesday bro

    84. Ellise Baxter

      Yeah lol

    85. AZ GAMING2

      YOU MISSED ASCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    86. Unix Among us

      My sis is friend has some disease that she can’t control

    87. CjpalsGamingpals

      I like the Laugh it Up emote.

    88. DaBaby Yeah Yeah

      I was ganna do this but you beat me to it I wasn't allowed to play at all this week

    89. anas jazwi

      hi fresh

    90. Chris kreider

      No fair he is like level 311 and I am like 117 and I did all my challenges

    91. Odge 05

      Hahahah gg good game 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    92. SoriahnLive

      the gray pistol though ?

    93. Rb_ 232

      So nobodys gonna talk about the video time, okay then

    94. Matas Kalasauskas


    95. Gabriel

      There was a purple scar in dooms vault

    96. Midas Drumy

      Who jumped into the comments as he missed the purple scar

    97. Ahnalia Rodriguez

      Can joker fly helicopters I dunno but he can in fortnite lol ;-;

    98. Danil Annan

      please come back lazer

    99. Danil Annan

      1:45 wow thank you we did not know that.