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    1. Matthew Webb

      4:48. THIS HAS TO BE CREAMY AND MAU. Mau has the renegade raider and creamy has the purple skull trooper. PLS LOOK AT THIS COMMENT

    2. William Southern

      fresh getting more excited about boogie bomes than the boom bow

    3. Emily Challis

      i dont care what every1 thinks but the minigun is sooo OP and it gets a really bad rap

    4. Nicolas Colello

      This kid took a combat over a pump

    5. NateHayHay

      i didnt even know this was season 3. it looks like any other season because the water was on the map for a day

    6. Aayush Nilawar

      why was the silenced smg in unvaulted mode, you were able to get the silenced smg from ghost henchmen chests yes ik im late by like 2 seasons but just saying

    7. Alex George

      I’m triggers that first fresh had a purple pump and he took the blue combat shotgun

      1. TheGamingTaylor

        SAME, it triggers me to...

    8. omider1

      You are the king

    9. Nutcracker6899

      onn the last game he was camping that whole game look at his kills.

    10. sunni Asad

      Fresh is a liar cuz he reloaded his gun

    11. IceMan Carl

      Who else misses the guided missle

    12. Marta McLean

      Lochlyn no I mean fresh nice great at the fortnight

    13. Joey Bernier

      He bodied that og squad😆

    14. Smyley Ryley

      lazarbeam is better than you

    15. AchievedOx YT

      Fresh killed McCreamy and Mau

    16. Uzair zaimi

      i use your code

    17. B7AYD3N

      Who realised when he was in lazy lake he killed a renegade raider and purple skull trooper which is mau and mccreamy

    18. Nyoko Thompson

      can you pls stop that intro you dont have to but i do

    19. mr banksplayz

      7:09 anyone notice how he said keycard? lmao

    20. Kaleb Casella

      at 4:50 how sure are we that wasn't mu and McCreamy

    21. Bella Warren

      How do u get in a unvualted game 😂🥺

    22. Jackson Cross

      Fresh you are the best

    23. Laurie Thomson

      Did literally anyone notice when he killed Mau and mcreamy in lazy?

    24. Laurie Thomson

      Probably cause he is really hyped a lot of the time

    25. amielle gilliepse

      that when combats were overpowered

    26. Jay_xlos Yt

      I think he killed may and mcreamy

    27. visual vacs l

      6:17 controller player

    28. st0kke

      I got this in my recommendation, it weird, it's a new season, and we literally had unvaulted yesterday so I thought it was a new video ...

    29. Víctor Gameing

      Goo gob fresh

    30. Dylan Benson

      I got to say fresh your editor spends more time on the thumb nail than the actual video! Ha Ha

    31. Nancy Ba


    32. Galaxy


    33. Marc-Jacob Magliore-Robertson

      are you dumb fresh you picked up a combat over a pump that was your first mistake

    34. Kalyan Mekala

      He beat mau and mccreamy

    35. AljohnPlayz345


    36. Flame Cloak

      i did this earlier today and got top 3 and got teamed and killed

    37. Ironik

      3:35 the time I realised it was 5 months ago I thought it was 4 days ago

    38. William Graves

      who takes a blue combat instead of a purp spas

    39. Yanick Potvin

      btw fresh you know that if you use a shotgun like the tactical or combat or any rapide fire shotgun you dont need a smg

    40. Afnan Muddasir

      Fresh:I haven’t touched bogie bombs in forever! ME:it legit came back a season ago

    41. Barrak AlShatti

      Not a lot of people r going peepee

    42. Nicole Nicholson

      the boogie bombs wernt valted

    43. Ryan Cox


    44. Lukas Yurjevic young

      at 10.02 its the season 9 music

    45. Isaiah Arhin

      Why would you drop the minigun

    46. Jacob Windau

      Why would you take a combat shotgun over a purple pump shotgun

    47. Jessica Bennett

      Fresh: I am full sweating right now

    48. Ezra Whitehead


    49. Joey DeSantis

      Literally every single weapon in unvaulted came back next season

    50. Elric's Alchemy

      Bruh they should have a zapatron because that was in the game at some point

    51. Zelman Zhang

      is lachy copying u prob not cause he gives credit but iv wroten so much sooooooo

    52. Brian Ponce

      “Give me yo feet boy”-2020

    53. Oscar Marsh

      Fresh: 8 Elims This isnt enough Me Vibing with 2 elims and 3 people left

      1. kyroWrld


    54. Vincent Gonzales

      "Literally everything in the game that was in the vault" Thanos and infinity swod:am I a joke to you

      1. Lukas Yurjevic young

        and zapatron

    55. Kid Flash Gaming


    56. Cambo Rambo

      R.i.p frenzy 😭😭😭😭😭

    57. Cambo Rambo

      Mom: what are you watchen Me: the best fortnite youtuber alive

    58. Hadeel Hamam

      Why does every single fortnight HUgets or put the screen when we watching like you do this low percent of you that or watching or not subscribe voice

    59. Paris Clayton

      Imagine fresh pop the slurp

    60. The_meme_god 2009

      Pups are so good drops for a blue combat

    61. Lariya Grant


    62. wardlucas 23

      2:40 why the hell did he take the fucking combat

    63. FishyboiYT

      When fresh had 25 Elims I was like “how is there 3 people left if there’s 25 people” and then I realized that Fresh had 25 kills and I was like yep that seems about right 😂

    64. sarah munoz


    65. Stephen Martinez

      at the begining fresh talking abt how good the pump was. then drops a purple pump for a blue combat

    66. Making With Buff Guy

      Where's the Infinty Gauntlet

    67. JULIAN KON

      There was something wrong on the 2nd or 3mrd round where he got clingered and it said he got 36th when he actually got 96th

    68. Nathan Orr

      Fresh keep doing what you do u inspire many people and u inspired me to be a streamer now I am

    69. Jdk sweat

      You killed a purple skull and renagade raider

    70. Kiran naganna

      Did he kill Mau and creamy at 453

    71. lucas gaming Benson

      1v1 me your the best youtuber

    72. Wesley Agnew

      Let’s be honest you are the best at everything soooooooo

    73. Rocking Red Reaper

      1 win equals the king of a ltm

    74. J E

      Fresh:8 elims is not enough me:2 elims I'm so cracked

    75. Candace West

      I get happy when I get top 50,anyone else or just me?

    76. shoto todoroki

      Fresh: 8 kills not enough Litterally no one: 1 kill is amazing

    77. dakota nottingham

      ur sooo sweaty god ur good


      Was that a real renagade raider and purple skull tooper?

    79. Gabriel

      If u drank the slurp juice u where gona have a feaw hp and live ?

    80. Akhil Sure

      Anyone else notice he had 0 kills till there were 6 people in the last match?

    81. Nadia Jones

      anyone else realize that the renigaid raider and the purple skull trooper were def mau and creamy

    82. Jayden Lopez

      Was that mc creamy and mau

    83. Katchene Katchene

      Fresh: 8 kills is not enough Me: gets no kills, "This game is looking good"

      1. Name not Found yt

        Ngl this post deserves more likes

    84. Mohammad Rafiq

      Why was fresh saying that the t smg was

    85. Mohammad Rafiq

      Who thinks fresh is better than ninja or Benji

    86. YaboiPabzer

      4:52 he just killed mau and mcCreamy

    87. Maxwell Arnold

      My name jeff

    88. Jacob Cranmer

      This dude really took a combat shotgun for a purple pump?????????

    89. Funny Mike

      2020= all these weapons are back.

    90. Kookie Ackerman

      8:01 Every CODM player: Ya heard of Desync?

    91. Duyanh Dinh

      Is fresh just camped in the third game?!

    92. Ryan Carlson-Ponto

      How is this video 4 months ago when the pump and bandage bazooka were vaulted in this season?

    93. Charlie Comer

      get a face cam

    94. Deo7euf Deo7euf

      4:56 do you think it was creamy and mau, being a renegade and oh skulltrooper?

    95. Mikail Khobzi

      Did he kil, Mau and mcreamy

    96. Marina Bašić

      Its a pro and king

    97. Hungry tmoney

      What about the zapatron

    98. Sarah Hunter


    99. mark colucci

      who else LOVED the minigun