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    1. FrostyFrog


    2. Kool Glow Stick

      Lazars skin looks like Dutch but he’s a good boy now

    3. Jesus Sky Ramirez

      who else misses the boom bow?

    4. Tristan Perkons

      First game of spellbreak and i won

    5. TherealJordan

      Oliver Queen and Quentin Lance

    6. RedM4ter

      Dude I legit made a video like this not that long ago

    7. Rynx

      That was me that high fived omg I didn't know it was u 😱

    8. Duggy Boy

      If the lobby is where they get arrested faze Jarvis was arrested from a long time in fortnite

    9. JacuzzibuckeyTV

      Oliver queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    10. isabella LA greca

      I hate lazarbeam now and forever

    11. progamer 123


    12. Muhammad Alhassamah

      marvel is better than DC

    13. Jerry

      Fresh: Do you Trust me? LaserBeam: With every Cell in my Body

    14. GETRECKED games

      I watched Lazar beams live but the stream snipers ended the streams

    15. Plasma Guy

      Lazar:My friend Justin he’s cracked at Fortnite mY gUy UGHHH😩😫

    16. fredrik binnie

      Whatup guys yes will there ever be what’s up guys no

    17. Ishu

      "Sometimes Green Arrow just has to take out dogs." - Fresh 2021

    18. Jaakko Lamsijärvi

      Your accuracy is 100% in last game

    19. Franco Antonello

      In the series of arrow it is a multiverse and a Superman on a different earth

    20. Osvaldo Abreu

      green arrow is so underated

    21. Osvaldo Abreu

      favorite dc hero green arrow

    22. Venkata Aditya Vardhan Patnana

      Imagine if we got a bow like in the thumbnail!

    23. Liel Kadoomi

      Did anyone else noticed he had 100 percent accuracy?

    24. Abel Rivera

      This looks cool!

      1. Eddie Rivera

        Hey Papa! 😁

    25. Easyclaps678

      I wish the boom bow was still in the game

    26. Antonio

      So u cant kill but lannen can "arrest" LMFAO.

    27. kuurocks

      Epic made an Epic fail when bringing the Green Arrow character and not make him a NPC which drops the Boom bow

    28. Eva van der Meer

      Don't you have 'The List'?

    29. Eva van der Meer

      I love Green Arrow, but my parents won't let me have the Fortnite Crew😭😭

    30. Dream TimoGames

      3:25 sorry lazarbeam but green arrow had a comic and two years later came hawkeye

    31. Chad Hill

      Fresh is the best youtuber

    32. Birchwood B2

      I am waiting for him to say what’s up guys no

    33. SG Stefan

      “Hey guys......yes” it never gets old

    34. Mason Howard

      If you take the words green arrow down from the picture when you press the video then it would make a great loading screen

    35. Itz Flash

      I don’t want to get political, but Flash is literally the most powerful superhero.

    36. Cooldawg

      hi fresh sorry i couldnt comment

    37. Jack Knife

      You should do green loot only for green arrow and green meds

    38. princess k asmr

      this dog is cracked at fortnite my guy

    39. Datcobra_12YT

      Fresh u should go back and use ur intro before you start playing like the OG days I miss the intro

    40. Pain 02

      Green arrows son was gay lol

      1. Pain 02

        It’s funny cause the boy actor was like huh...!?.!

    41. Beau Thompson

      Green arrow came out 2 decades before hawkeye😂 still funny though

    42. Marieva Ramirez

      techinically i think it was after season 2

    43. Solomon Ababio

      Actually green arrow was invented before Hawkeye so lazar is wrong.

    44. Wolf_032

      I got green arrow for free without fortnite crew i think its a glitch

    45. Accidental Genius

      Bruh Lannan's capping Green arrow came out 20 years before Hawkeye

    46. My Games

      Everybody use code Fresh if you want all the skins in the game!


      Fresh is Justin The kid talking is Mr. Beam "This is my friend Justin, he's already taken, and he is CRACKED at Fortnite my guy"

    48. The SLAYERplays

      I hate how most people only know him from fortnite. And, I like fresh but I bet he just searched up about green arrow and found out stuff only bc of fortnite. Fortnite ruined green arrow

    49. Sentinel

      saying "yes" for the next 100 videos fresh uploads #24: yes

    50. AsHteekee

      That’s a hard challenge if your not with harpoons or pistols

    51. Russian Pussy

      Let's be honest does anyone actually give a fuck about green arrow

    52. Oliver Queen

      Green Arrow is the best!

    53. Fishy

      You killed people all up to seson 6 but you arrested a couple off times

    54. Fatal- DC

      The first kill the aim assist was real🤣

    55. Baller Hive

      Yeeeees lanan has watched arrow

    56. Accel

      Anyone else addicted to the arrow show or is it just me

    57. Kesar Duggar

      10:24 100% accuracy omg

    58. oscar Smith

      Hey fresh can you gift me a skin my name on Fortnite is dra supercool

    59. ks456 80

      Fresh: green arrow doesn’t like to eliminate people Arrow cw show: 👁👄👁

    60. Kiran Kumaar

      The only thing missing in Green Arrow suit is a Bow

    61. Kiran Kumaar

      it's the Season 8 Suit!

    62. ZeroNero

      0:16 actually he does like kill people but he doesn’t cause his friends doesn’t want him to

    63. Arish Chaudhry

      And if you want to my name is Arishisgoated

    64. Arish Chaudhry

      Hey fresh can you friend me on fortnite pls I have surffered from suicidal threats

    65. Brandie Matlock


    66. B-man Gaming

      Arrow is the best up 2 season 6

    67. Xiniq

      if the boom bow was here u could have done only that

    68. Comets Fury

      After the first season Oliver only killed if he had to

    69. Kind_j7buffin Videos

      Fresh kill two people

    70. flaming python

      What do you like about fortnite that epic can keep doing

    71. Baby Yoda

      Fresh keep up the good work been watching you since 300k.

    72. Fran_Meme

      Lazar: his Dog is Cracked in Fortnite my guy. Fresh: Wait... I'm The Cracked guy.

    73. Fran_Meme

      Memories are Like this Whats up guys yes

    74. Zambi Oink

      Fresh Merch??

    75. Aryan Jalota

      I mean, snipers would arrow...sniper, get it? haha

    76. maxwell tv

      Lazarbeam and fresh: you can have the big pot Me and my random duo: you stoll my big pot your not getting ressed

    77. Arnav sanjana bhagat

      Fresh has 7 million subs Pretty big number

    78. Knaby 142

      arrow is my favourite web series

    79. Knaby 142

      who all watches arrow officer lance

    80. GOD _Gaming

      Thats the best thumbnail yet

    81. pancake Syrup

      actually green lantern existed before hawk eye

    82. Nikko Lopez

      Big YEETS!

    83. Joelle Bin-Saris

      1 Harppon = CRACKED! 2 Harpoon = DOUBLE CRACKED! 3 Harpoon = dead 💀

    84. Douglas Matthews


    85. Nelson Martinez

      Every time that I Watch a video he goes what’s up guys yes

    86. Rebecca Tamaariki


    87. Darkfire 757

      I liked the first few seasons but stop watching the series when Oliver became mayor but he was my favorite dc superhero for a while but now he’s behind bat man Also Lanan Superman becomes a dictator like at least in 10 universe known and unknown

    88. Phenix Fn

      Who is the green arow

    89. PNG_Gray

      im pretty sure in the show he killed at least one person every season

    90. Uranium30

      6:10 "i fand someone" lol

    91. LilDonclutch

      Anyone else watched the Netflix series?

    92. Cool School

      So true

    93. AnnaChase Dell

      if you really watched the arrow what happen in the last episode

    94. Connor Cusino

      iwant the skin i am so sad

    95. Elias

      peeeee eppepep epoepepepe ep p e pppepepe

    96. Christopher Bradley Gaming

      Great... Now fortnite ruined arrow... 2021 already off to a bad start

    97. BlueBlacky Derp

      Ok green arrow with harpoon? THATS WEIRD I really thought he would only use green weapons

    98. CHUN HAY LI


    99. Lewis Watson-dawe

      How do you change your photo