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    1. Aryan Dhir

      Is lazarbeam’s flesh’s biological father?

    2. Jxn


    3. Bradyn Surreira

      1:49 Fresh is now the dad!

    4. Vibes w Jayla

      6:41 LOL AHH SHUT UP

    5. KolbLucky

      Idea: You should do this again in the Unvaulted GameMode

    6. infinity adder

      we go vroom vroom

    7. Takoda Mcclinton DeerQueenYaaas

      he said he failed his drivers test you will get you licence soon man soon

    8. Abishay Santram

      I want to vroom vroom 🤣🤣

    9. Keelyn Jacobson

      I will be uploading my FIRST Beat Saber Content Creator COLLABORATION TODAY @ 9AM PST / 12 PM EST (8 Hours from this post) WHO'S EXCITED? Can you guess who it is? Here's a sneak peak:

    10. Nightsnow

      "THIS HOTDOG IS JUST KILLING ME" ..... The point of this game is to kill am i right?

    11. Ariana Villafane

      Yeah right

    12. Brad Gaunt

      Go to dooms domain to get the OP cobalt shotgun

    13. Ryder Bauman

      “ but I only no vroom vroom “

    14. skulldrun 25


    15. son Vegito

      And this is this why the grappler was removed

    16. Thijs Remmerswaal

      Imagine being the guys from the gas station and not knowing lannan and fresh where the guys in the truck😂

    17. Lino Sdrak

      Lazarbeam is a bot how does he have so many subscribers fresh carries everyday

    18. Fornight master Cass

      2:59 was the best bit 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    19. Derek Kusbish

      Wee A

    20. ᗩᖇYEᗰᗩᑎ ᒍᑌGᖇᗩᑎ

      # Lanan is a noob

    21. Sreehaas Krishna

      I fast forward and whatever part I fast forward to Lannan is knocked :P.

    22. Michelle Drury


    23. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content keep up the good work

    24. MrHaydenAsian -

      Can I have some skins? My name is XXcool15iXX

    25. Evan

      Can we have a F in the chat for the fortilla

    26. Hossam Barhom a

    27. K.Q. Media

      Hi fresh

    28. Parker Bassist

      Typical Gamer did it first

    29. evenub

      i was the fishstick lmao

    30. E-T 37


    31. Dave Videos

      Not gonna lie I’m kinda addicted to fresh’s content

    32. Scuba reflex

      Fresh I don’t mind u making that video but did u see this video on a smaller channel If so can u promote this in the description because I did the same thing earlier

    33. Tiger Saucy


    34. Tiger Saucy

      I watch your vids everyday

    35. salty blitz

      Lol its not a glitch, the vehicles do that when a tire is shot.

    36. Isaac Martinez

      Freshs version of dumbshit science

    37. SteveL

      8:05 fresh calls lazarbeam a bot

    38. SMOgamer 1100

      Bruh fresh is so cracked omg

    39. Monsieur Bacteria

      Use this as a R.I.P hunting rifle button.

    40. Splash Brothers

      K think this is why the grapler was vaulted


      Fresh: *dies* Also Fresh: _"LannAn, yOU'rE tHrOwIng"_

    42. Donovan Holmes

      lazarbeams singing thoooooo

    43. Trent’s Baseball show

      4:08 his comment appears

    44. Aim less79


    45. Shaun

      i love watching fresh and lannan fight

    46. Faizan Khan

      10.000 comment 😊😉

    47. Ferocious


    48. Iconic Duckling

      I love how lannan dies every half minute🤣

    49. Marcos Morales

      Me:👁👄👁 wondering how did fresh not die

    50. Deggle

      Best video ever haha 😂

    51. Yousef2020pro Pro

      My favorite part was when they found people fueling their car

    52. Impulse939 _YT

      Me and my friend did this before the vid was published and we got loads of kills

    53. Blaze Claps

      i done this before

    54. Roberts Jacob


    55. Piengphen Swangsmutchai

      Fresh “too easy” Also fresh “used all fuel trying to get a bot

    56. Simp loated

      I am memer

    57. Owen Beard

      Lana your silly

    58. Conrad Zeelie

      Mr Beam's singing reminds me of another great Aussie singer. Mr Kevin Bloody Wilson. Lol!

    59. Take the L L


    60. KimmiRoki UwU

      9:23 Oya Oya, Oya Oya Oya (XDDDD reminds me of Haikyuu)

    61. Alberts_noobz

      Lannan: but I only know vroom vroom Fresh: ok if you only know vroom vroom, well go after grapple Lannan:....but I wanna vroom vroom Fresh: yeah...after GRAPPLE🥺

    62. NP Benzey

      Lannan has never pissed me off so much in a video

    63. Galaxygaming64

      i thought on the thumbnail it showed them running over lachlan, but it was just jonesy

    64. Elyssa DiMinno

      I love fresh

    65. Elliott Taylor

      I love lazar he is so funny

    66. MG NARUTO


    67. ENGINEER.

      7:20 Truck is on drugs?

    68. Big gamer Boi

      I wanna vroom vroom 😂

    69. Fn Affluent

      You really make my day I love you

    70. Parker Rosencrans

      I new he was gonna make a vid bout this

    71. Craig Bilyard

      Lazarbeam is a bot

    72. Craig Bilyard


    73. Harry Ward

      It’s funny how when lannon swears it claps

    74. Harry Ward


    75. Ryan Tutty

      This could be scary if sweats practised this and it was trios and some body was driving and some body grappling and some body shooting

    76. Robert Goodwin

      Everybody gangsta until the truck start flying

    77. Grace Mallari

      Sub to pewdie pie

    78. Omar Chavez

      Hi fresh do flare gun only

    79. Wayde Phillips

      I already did this with my friend in a boat

    80. Marrueco49

    81. Devante Stewart

      jsyk, yall, Typical Gamer Already Knew About This (Probs b4 them)!!!! :D XD.

    82. sensible


    83. joe werwinski :D

      9:53 - 10:21 Best part I was dying 😂😂😂

    84. ßøæñ

      At least credit avxry

    85. Shamouf

      Fresh is my dad

    86. Shamouf

      Fresh is my da

    87. The noob O

      They should add a 50 cal on the pick up truck

    88. TheGamerChair YT

      This is how many people want season 4 on mobile

    89. Chill Rabbit 2402

      Hi fresh what season did u start

    90. Sea Bass

      I have realized the right way to land to the authority

    91. Battle Machine

      I can't believe that he failed his driver license test on an easy question..

    92. Pierce Dolan

      The one challenge where lazar gets more kills than fresh!!

    93. Nico Mckirkle

      Freash oufffff ouffffff !

    94. PokeFreak

      I've just watched 2 spastics ramming people in flying truck

    95. Adam Collins


    96. VG Vortex

      Ahhh shut up


      When Lazarbeam has enough being called a bot

    98. Zion Parker


    99. Zion Parker


    100. Zion Parker