every elim is a random sens.. (impossible)


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    1. Aidan yt

      What's up guys yes Nice

    2. Koalafnbr

      bruh 7:46 is me i was tryna do challenges to get mogul master so i had no mats lmao

    3. Awa

      Why does he still use relflex in intro and in thumbnail when he changed to pickle kondor?

    4. Gaylord 69 Sharpie

      You should honestly use your og skin it’s way better and the crowbar is a lot better

    5. Michael P

      We did it


      Why no facecam

    7. Andrei Lung 5

      hey fresh here's a cool Challenge for you try only use the first weapon you land on but at stealthy stronghold and every time you get a kill you have to drop your gun and get another one of the same gun plz try this challenge:):):):):):):):):):):):)

    8. Sanah nadeem

      I miss his old skin

    9. Max Jones

      do a face reveal when hit 8 mil

    10. Zoronoto

      I play on max sens for everything

    11. Ralph Penman


    12. Chelsey Link

      I like how like no one can play on like 90 sensitivity when I play on that senstsivity

    13. Estelle Hyland

      Omg why can’t I be good 😂😂😂

    14. Harry Marshall

      I play on 100%😂😂😂

    15. Vanja Milanović

      I just realized I have higher sens then fresh

    16. shadow 6000

      Fresh I hope u notice,but you puted ur sensitivity 77.0 to 77.1;-;

    17. sarah turner

      Bleubrave ready up

    18. Nic Bustamante

      I hate how dramatic he is about every little thing

    19. Dylan Eedy

      Bra I play on 100%

    20. Bonherop

      I love fresh’s videos and he is doing very well KEEP IT UP AND KEEP ME VERY ENTERTAINED

    21. TTV_MattyIce 7

      You need to do that in arena

    22. Reteif Head

      i love how when he gets mad you can hear his desk slamming lmao

      1. Muhammad Sarim Malik Muhammad Ayaz

        look at what place he was


      Me being a streamsniper

    24. Swaggermanjr 1

      I had to DOUBLE the sensitivity and go on 1200 DPI to play on keyboard oand mouse

    25. James Phillip

      He’s still better than me.😑

    26. noodle boy

      Fun fact your not in full screen.

    27. zorgo DA GOAT

      Can u dodge ar shots

    28. Maso Games


    29. JA Gaming

      Look at his placement at 6:05

    30. Daisy Pancake


    31. Shade.

      Wait if the challenge is super hard, why don't you just not kill anyone until the last person?

    32. Emad Elmais

      Fresh your the best I love your ur vids

    33. Can Polat

      #69 nice freshyboy

    34. Slea

      Recommended title 11m of fresh raging

    35. Aarav Chharia

      Fresh: "I can't aim!" also fresh: *does 84 damage*

    36. Aarav Chharia

      Fresh: "Who are you killing Mandoe?" Mandoe: "You"

    37. Niku Boss

      the first time i really saw fresh rage

    38. John Hein

      Can we have a handcam cus ...

    39. III_Tin_ III

      Me watching fresh and se 6 senc me being on 100 normaly

    40. Ben Seaborn

      A face cam occasionally would be cool but not often

    41. ING Gaming

      I usually play on 28%

    42. Jetkestrel 79

      You cheated you put your sensitivity to 70.1

    43. Alex Peters

      I want the old Intro

    44. VX232

      When he's still better than you with random sens

    45. Gaming Master

      Hey fresh vid idea: get lazerbeam to choose your settings and your gameplay

    46. Jasian the goat P

      Face cam

    47. Adam Petryszyn

      Some people were joking about fresh hitting 10 mil before muselk but its getting a bit tight now 😨😨

    48. NetroRX

      Nice! 6:02

    49. Farris Ashraf Khairol Anuar

      bro we all feel ur pain eceryone does

    50. tasheena young

      My cousin can beat you in a Fortnite game

    51. Trey Schoenwetter

      Is he not using reflex anymore

    52. Ava Jara

      The blue board postsynaptically grin because herring ethnically kill amongst a lethal server. colossal, coordinated dragon

    53. Not cool at all

      Wait 6 is yours? I do like 26 wtf

    54. not your fbi agent

      Netflix: are you still watching? Someones daughter: 6:16

    55. sally y

      my sens 64.8 percent how is this hard

    56. Curiousity X

      If i get 100 subs i will get a pc upgrade. It will really be appreciated 🙌

    57. Benrules4180 The best

      Fresh playing on 72.1 percent Nerds: ye have failed thy challenge

    58. Benrules4180 The best

      35 sens I can't aim . 92 sens hits practically every shot

    59. Raff Blake

      guys just remember back to the OG days when we struggled to get 1 kill :(

    60. haroomi

      Q1. Am qda q11s1.

    61. Aaron Clough


    62. ankit rajendra

      why didnt he just do the lazarbeam strat until the last guy

    63. Bruh -

      It’s the spamming your mag and aim it like crazy for me

    64. The Gaming Potato

      Video Starts At 0:00 Thank Me Later I like Potatoes 🥔🥔🥔

    65. Kumar Iyer

      When is fresh 7 mil merch coming

    66. DCGZ125YT

      9:35 Oh what? That's controller player

    67. Kave E

      I just realized his videos that are not fortnite have less than 1 mil views and every fortnite vid has over 1 mil

    68. Lilli Hood

      “92. Are you kidding “ Me be like I might need to turn my sensitivity dow I’m on 100 😊

    69. Abdullahi Mohamed

      that was 77,1 not 77.0

    70. bruhify army

      bruhify army is taking over youtube

    71. Phantom Gaming

      fresh got aimboted wth? report that guy XD

    72. Unspawn Tv

      6:07 nice number

    73. Big Boyfnm

      This is the first Fortnite game I’ve watch in the past 5 months and I love it keep up the work

    74. Kristin Lowe

      no its not play at 100 sens

    75. Chocolate Peely


    76. Marissa Hugill


    77. Hrishi Yt

      Dude I think I killed u in normal sence

    78. llamanader

      I can almost say that guy was a hacker 9:33

    79. Carlos Martin

      Fresh I use 58

    80. taylentaylen2013

      my sens is 28.3%

    81. Itachikage

      Fresh complaining: omg so freaking high its on 62 Me with 100: thats so slow

    82. Adel Bassam

      1 stack of sensitivity

    83. Stuart Thring

      Why should watch your videos

    84. Areeb Khan

      Me:ehh Fortnite is boring these days Fresh: a challenge a day keeps the boringness away

    85. David David

      Are we all just gonna ignore the fact that he doesn’t use his old intro anymore

      1. Pollie 074

        For over half a year already

      2. LeslaTesla

        that’s what i was saying

    86. HypeType

      Fresh always says its impossible and still complete the challenge

    87. John Shelor

      Day 10000000000 of waiting for fresh to say what’s up guys no

    88. muath ziadeh

      Have u noticed that fresh hasn’t used his intro song since winning with no meds challange

    89. Spectrum

      no challenge is impossible for him

    90. Stuart Thring

      And I don’t have a computer or good stuff

    91. Stuart Thring

      I am very angry fresh I entered both of your contest and won non my sisters friends have crappy phones so I wanted to give them one

    92. Zahir Playz

      I am thinking about the vid from yesterday

    93. Zahir Playz

      Wait a sec noooooo

    94. Zahir Playz

      When fresh died at 9:35 in the vid it was actually karma because he was using his w key lol

    95. Harrison Abac


    96. Lincoln Johnson

      That made me so sick 🤮

    97. Carolyn Martin

      Fresh should do a challenge were he puts his sensitivity to the number of players left after every elim for example its him and two other players hevkills one then he sets it to number of opponents left

    98. NoodleSnake Does Things

      Bruh I killed 5 ppl in a row with a gray pistol 😎