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    1. Life with Shy and Zy

      I knew what laserbeam was talking about

    2. Yolanda Aguinaga

      3:26 ilsa won't be to happy with that

    3. jamie barry

      fresh your a goat

    4. Zara Bi

      Next you be santa

    5. BDAWWG07

      Me missing 15 shots: BRUH I BEAMED THAT GUY fresh missing one tac shot: *im missing my shots*

    6. Ella Kosinski

      All the little kids watching 👁️👄👁️

    7. Mhgamer2233

      Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Lannan spent the whole video calling people’s mom hos 😂

    8. Valorant Potato

      I have 1800 entries 😳😳😳

    9. Jaba Shendi

      who watched them being grinch

    10. Ethan Larkman

      I wish I could watch Lazer but I can’t coz he swears :(

    11. Blaze Gaming

      I have 300 points in give away

    12. Malcolm Heddles


    13. Lexie Richman

      Well done 7 mil fresh

    14. Lexie Richman

      Wow lazer beam I wonder what he thinks day to day

    15. Quinton Smith

      Can somebody copy and past the freshman giviwau

    16. fruit boy360


    17. Ghost Shalaby

      I entered the giveaway and did everything except for the friends cuz i dont have any. :(

    18. sourenski

      fresh: casually shating on kids lannan: yep imma just be an adult real quick

    19. OutCast Blizzy

      everybody reply and tell me ur freshmas giveaway entries, i have 1800

    20. banana rage

      i sud to ur three you tube chanales and put noties on and followed ur insta and ticktock and use code fresh in the fortnite item shop fresh is the best in the world

    21. Ignacio_The_Gamer14 Rivera


    22. Steven Westbrook

      Bro you hit 7 mill

    23. Maria Nikolova

      Me: I got 3 kills I’m so good Fresh: I got 12 kills I wanted 15

    24. Richard Casadero

      I use code fresh

    25. Lewis Ball

      Fishy elf

    26. Dayne The Doggo

      1:54 why did Lannan sound like Russian Santa 😂

    27. Valorant Potato

      Fresh ive never won a giveaway and I’d be grateful to get anything

    28. Maddox Nelson

      I know someone who shot santa, on South Park I seen someone shoot Santa with a rocket launcher.

    29. 4101manoj

      Lazar was a bit hyped today. Know wut im Sayin 😉

    30. AsnLion2020

      Thats the wasore type of gift

    31. Sarah Watts

      I love u fresh❤️

    32. Elliot Proost


    33. Trinda Strobridge

      Santa a bit sus

    34. Anonymous Player

      Santa lazarbeam being sus

    35. MessiMiniMe 10

      Fresh do u have aimbot!😂😂

    36. faZe Rvnge


    37. Marcello Garcia

      Dude lol, he’s legit at 6.99 subs by the time I’m watching this, keep grinding Fresh and merry freshmas!!!

    38. Vince Flores

      I want an iPhone

    39. fried riceass

      i think the title should be called ''fresh lazar santa''

    40. Agent Meme Ninja

      Some present

    41. Za Adams

      What do you mean your always gonna be here

    42. The Child

      This guy doesn’t miss! Aren’t u the best player?

    43. Sean Games

      GGS fresh

    44. Kenan Boughton

      Can I have some vbuks l just bot the dolf skin in fortnite and the girl who has all the gold and now I only have 320 vbuks left

    45. Rayvynn Ramirez

      The Nightmare Before Christmas LOL

    46. Dark Riskie

      Merry Christmas everybody 🎄

    47. Aryan Gill


    48. S4l7y_Alpha

      Where is the description (dont bully me for not knowing)

    49. Samuel Bacani

      i love you Fresh

    50. Angie Cheung

      Lazarbeam is a sklly

    51. Abram King

      You should do what’s at 30:00

    52. orion sic

      Really want to win to give my brother his gaming setup 😭💀

      1. MrPotato

        stop begging bro. this is not a pity giving

    53. björn denheijer

      I hope i win something😁

    54. Lonebeast Gamer

      Your the best HUgetsr Ever

    55. synimon synimon

      i was about to say that(bruv)

    56. marcus mullen

      this is how many gifts santa gave v

    57. Josh Humann

      i love your vids

    58. Cheek Master69

      U can’t visit my mom because she died last month

      1. not alexurboi2000

        If true I am so sorry

      2. not alexurboi2000

        4 rl

    59. Ethxns YouTube

      Ohh you better watch out,you better not die because Santa will shoot you in your eye Santa Claus has got a gun this time

    60. Altie-axe


    61. KID

      Why was this more successful than flying whole game ?

    62. American Bass tv

      Fresh u are the best

    63. Nicholas O'Dell

      Let's go drop a load. -Fresh

    64. NutNiv0809


    65. Quinn Cannon

      Your the third &*$#*&($ LOL

    66. Tyce Miller-Wright appolo

    67. Brad Yuan

      Ur kinda sus

    68. Rylee Monaghan

      Im still 2 years underaged for the freshmas giveaway

    69. Averie Pickerign

      Santa do be sus tho

    70. Cool Chris

      Done hope I win

    71. Azaan Mithani

      fresh in a plane killing people and the video being 9:11 mins long

    72. Yonnatan Gessesse

      People who get what lazar was saying 👇

    73. Jajuan Brown

      Fresh: I don't think half the people watching get what you're saying Me as a 13 year old: I have complete knowledge and understanding

    74. Logan Robertson

      My both day is 12 25 2010

      1. not alexurboi2000

        Do u mean birthday?

    75. Henrik Rabanes

      All mobile players like me want the ultimate setup so they can play fortnite again

    76. Wilbur Juice

      No one: Fresh: let’s drop a load

      1. Jessica Fink


    77. OrangePotato367

      you like jazz?

    78. Hojoon Park

      A wise man once said "I want five of em!!" so, fresh gave em five iphone 12s

    79. Ciara Johnston


    80. Yolanda Aguinaga

      Santa is actually astralian it's law

    81. Sayle

      dont tell lalan he got a new brother and im his dad. me and his mom were ___________________________

    82. Potato Zach

      Santa bein a bit naughty

    83. Sithace 73

      i hope i get something from freshmas

    84. Mathieu Yan

      Fresh calls a legendary tac a heavy shot gun 😂

    85. Mufaddal piplodwala

      what is it with him saying whats up guys,yes at the start of the video why yes

    86. Axtroz

      I love you!! 😘 Merry Christmas!! 🎄

    87. IceWallowCum m

      Me fresh I did all the entries but it said I didint and now I don’t know what to do can you help

      1. Mountain climber 2 X

        After each season there's new fish and.... uh.... what was it? Oh yeah, your fish collection resets, y'know.

    88. G PF

      Why do you make challenges hard for yourself❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓

    89. doug dougherty

      Fresh we have very weird people in the comments

    90. Jonesylol

      Lannan: Who the f*ck shoots at Santa Claus Also Lannan: Killer Claus gonna slit their throats

    91. Ttv desert81 King

      New Santa clause

    92. MaybeJimmy

      Fresh: WE GAVE EM THEIR GIFTS me: well you gave us a gift of making this video

    93. ILiana Courchene

      Me: enters the giveaway (knowing im never going to win)

    94. Mika van Mourik

      Wth lannan

    95. tom pekaj

      play with esky

    96. Dylan Manchester

      Santa school

    97. X-9 Fnatikツ

      and ive never had a pc

    98. XD Myth

      I know he has a gold tac

    99. Snowy wolf Barnett

      My childhood is ruined

    100. Gichuru Keziah

      wait is this my brother his real name is kana