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    1. Noah Sprowls

      who is better ninja or fresh???

    2. Tahaisbored

      Heavy pump?

    3. erica cortez


    4. All You Need  ☑

      i don't get it, why can't pickle man just sit in the couch inside fresh's room. why does he have to go out and come evey single time ?

    5. Sameera Rahim

      Me on Nintendo switch 300 ping its just a little fps

    6. Royal Hoff

      Gamer down!!!!

    7. Amanda Walsh (ELACCA)

      30 fps now you no how switch players feel

    8. Barbara Korpar


    9. Barbara Korpar

      Super si HUgets

    10. Barbara Korpar

      Sistem gleda 20 super je youtube-eri youtube-eri

    11. Barbara Korpar


    12. Naruto83

      I feel bad for pickle man he never gets to sit lol

    13. nathan gaming23

      Wtf the person that spins the wheel of memes is a pickleman XD

    14. ً

      Pickle man seemed to thoroughly enjoy the “game over” option

    15. rozalyn Lovelock

      Me kind of

    16. Shockwave

      Fresh missed a llama in fortilla

    17. Izuku Midoriya

      “Pickle Si- EHH!!!”

    18. Andrew Jordan

      Poor pickle man

    19. Christian Nunez


    20. Caden Arreguin

      Fresh if u read this can u please do a face cam on HUgets and one cam for ur mouse

    21. Mason MacCracken

      why i get ad for pokimane

    22. Noodle VibeS

      On the part where he lowered his fps i made the quality 144p

    23. Vide Nolin

      Rip pickle mans mobile

    24. Mildred Moyo


    25. Safaa Hazem

      I love how he say man and boy and what you doing champ

    26. Safaa Hazem

      I love him

    27. Hadley Reynolds

      Fresh : 30 fcps is terrible! Me: 30 fcps is what I play with.

    28. Ove Virunurm

      I have never better fps than 30 and it sometimes drops to like 2 and im fine with it :/ so when fresh went to 30 fps i didnt see anything change at all

    29. Henry Lee

      Ausalt puckle

    30. Rich u

      Pls do a face reavel

      1. More ayan Duggal and ayanduggal1

        Search fresh face reveal

    31. saness

      who is pickle men?

      1. More ayan Duggal and ayanduggal1

        Just like a friend mascot

    32. Amanda Daye

      7:40 who else noticed that he didn’t crank he just built up.

    33. Saksham Gupta

      Enshway be like I better get paid for this

    34. ShadowBloxGaming

      When it said no ads i thought it meant no advertisements and i celebrated

    35. Jordan

      Still waiting for fresh to say What’s up guys, no

    36. Samantha Freear

      I love you fortnight and you

    37. Michael White

      me with 30 fps nearly as good as fresh

    38. Sal Alfano

      2:50 Pickle man dropped his phone. Rip. Thank u for ur sacrifice pickle man... and content

    39. rice_muk

      Fresh freaking out on 39 fps Me on switch always vibing on 30 fps

    40. DoomPython

      The 30 fps part of the video is what switch players deal with everyday

    41. WrangWrang is me

      Fresh I feel you bro

    42. WrangWrang is me

      Love ya bro

    43. Gopi Sahota


    44. CatGamer

      1:33 this is how me and all the other switch players feel with worse graphics as well

    45. Aiden Gower

      1:35 yea this is what i experience every day on switch

    46. Luca


    47. Jackson Hicks

      Fresh: (goes to 30 fps) That’s horrible! Me: Something changed?

    48. Mahadev Prasad

      this is litrally his face revale

    49. Mahadev Prasad

      2:28 fresh face reveal

      1. Mahadev Prasad

        check it out

    50. Anna Stratton

      ppor pickle man he wanna sleep and u keep waking him up smh

    51. crockkk

      me when fresh lowers the fps to 30 :oh that feels normal.

    52. Eli Scheurer

      Face cam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    53. Baihakki Khaizan

      haha! so funny!

    54. Yoganster115

      He drop his phone 📱

    55. Jared and Roo's fish smoking gun channel

      Ayyy This was made when fortnite was good!

    56. Mohammad Al Abed

      I will never get bored of what’s up guys yes

    57. MR funny

      Almost 100k likes fresh

    58. Jordan Bosankoe

      Pickle man's hand must hurt

    59. joe downing

      Why couldnt fresh have just got no elims so he doesnt have to do a punishment

    60. Dutchgamer-YT

      Fresh meme weel: im gonna destroy myself so fresh doesnt make this vid Fresh belike: im making this video

    61. Chris Hyatt

      he droped his phone when fresh said *PICKLE MAN GET IN HERE* lol RIP pickle mans phone

    62. MurseAg

      I play on 30fps Nintendo switch

    63. RazOr_GaMEr

      Fresh said 30 fps is "so bad" (and it is) but I play on it and have 35 to solos (this is not a hate comment love you fresh)

    64. Phoenix

      Fresh” 30FPS IS TERRIBLE Me on switch: you have no idea.

    65. Jeffrey Whitman

      Pickle man looked annoyed

    66. Superdogs Squad

      5:23 oof

    67. Alondra Anguiano


    68. kevin cruz

      me on switch with max 30fps

    69. Buffalo S

      You need to do a face reveal

    70. Patrick Pozderka

      Poor pickle man looks like he hates his life

    71. BLADE6767

      Claim your “here before a million views” ticket here

    72. Angel Diaz

      Who else feels bad for pickle man

    73. Panagiotis Kritoulis

      No worries on Nintendo 30 FPS is like your game crashing

    74. Tyler Gibson

      It looks normal when you went to thirty FPS because I play on Nintendo switch


      10:45 fresh face reveal

    76. Ems C

      Nooo Pickle man dropped his phone🤣

    77. RosmyPhilip

      Fresh:30 fps its trash Me:that's what I have to play with on switch

    78. M-Dog

      What’s up guys......yes

    79. Jtop6

      I feel bad

    80. BrainCandy Official

      Fresh: *complains about 30 fps* Me, a mobile player: HOW IT IT SO HIGH

    81. Isaac Harron

      I play on 30 fps every day I play on switch

    82. chelsea salim


    83. Eddie


    84. Kalia Richardson


    85. Thech with rack z

      I used your code

    86. Alfie Smith


    87. Hanary Han

      you can use the drop in fortnite app. with the app you can make skins combos and you can do the random fortnite challenges

    88. UnmasteredGaming

      i always play on 30 fps

    89. Jazmine Bates

      At the start of every video Fresh: hit that thick subscribe button

    90. Arctic Spades

      Wasup guys no

    91. Christopher Kershaw

      I thought no ADS meant no ads on the video :(

    92. Archangel Michael

      Bruh I play on 30 fps:/

    93. SGYTbtw

      Thanx to pickleman as well as fresh

    94. Nathan Dawit

      imagine if fresh loses in the safe round lol.

    95. Plaush

      3:59 when you look at the scar. It looks like it's glowing blue lol

    96. Stinning_ Waters

      My goodness saw his face lmfao it was such a secret no rudeness

    97. KINETIC

      30 fps this is horribble me playing at 15 fps

    98. Charlee Schmidt

      Fresh: hellos Tyler Blevins Me: you mean hello Richard Bleveins

    99. Striker6000

      What's turbo build

    100. Icicle the ghost leviathan

      95,150th like