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    1. Sagnik Dhar Gupta

      It would be good if hE uSeD gRaY wEoPaN oNlY

    2. Mr clean Official

      New gold characters in the game btw fresh...

    3. Maurice Whelan

      Who is watching this in chapter 2 season 5 if you are like please 😄😄😄😄😄

    4. Aneesh Ghosal

      This is how many times he said dayyyyymmmmmm 👇

    5. Kabowi Yt

      Who else thought he was gonna do grey weapons only

    6. Noah Lavandeira

      3:26 He literally placed a wood roof lol

    7. Bear King

      What about he bees Thor then only uses mythic’s subscribe if you want that fresh Thors strike hammer

    8. Idileide gomes


    9. Oliver Sinclair

      I like your videos but all of your videos are just thick bois

    10. Ryan Dimalanta

      He should have used only gray weapons

    11. David Rose

      your so

    12. lexstrus __

      Dude you are like a combination of Lachy Mueselk and Lannan and you are the fuck best my guy

    13. Jeffrey F

      ohhhhh now i get it

    14. Fazzy Rassy

      Why didn’t you used grey weapons

    15. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content keep up the good work

    16. Tyler Krahn

      Did you click for thumbnail or title...?

    17. antqy

      roses are red violets are blue I clicked because of the thumbnail and you did too

    18. Sebastian Lopez

      Hi fresh you scuk

    19. matsobane lebelo

      Silver safar is not thick

    20. Jack HC

      He actually isn’t lying it’s the THICCEST silver boi in fortnite you can see his CHEEKS

    21. Juan Tobias

      This is how much fresh said thick 👇

    22. Berta Salinas

      "Dance With The Naked Sliver man' -Fresh

    23. Cat Lover

      me not having enough v bucks for that pretty sexy silver boi skin: 😱😱😱😱

    24. Cat Lover

      fresh has a the thiccest silver boi ever

    25. me channel ded and, cringe

      Noice thumbnail

    26. Curse

      Do a thicc groot meme

    27. 247 Gamers


    28. عالم تيك توك z

    29. Sub-Zer0

      You should have done grey only to top it all off.

    30. UPS

      He should made it so that he has to use grey weapobs

    31. mikemillz28

      "7:17" fortnite money > It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους

    32. J0shPlayz

      You: there are no more things at jet me:there was no more

    33. Aggro King

      Im so bored

    34. lilChefLevi

      Danm boy he thick

    35. Aniya Lewis

      How it just came out

    36. HøneycombYT


    37. aws cool

      3:25 he used wood >:(

    38. Game Scenes


    39. Miami Majestics

      Can you do face camera

    40. Jeffrey Merrick

      “.......and what is the reason of your arrest?” “I painted myself chrome and then danced naked in the middle of multiple towns.”

    41. ? Get 2000 sups

      It’s like when it’s over round dances

    42. ? Get 2000 sups

      Mr mm

    43. Gingy

      That’s fresh

    44. Rex Adkins


    45. Alessandro Francesco Maragliulo

      3:39 so I killed you

    46. Stormz HD

    47. Stormz HD

    48. Memes シ

      0:01 WhAtSuP gUyS yEs ThE tHiCkEsT sIlvEr SuRfEr Is HeRe 😂

    49. ItzJordan19


    50. Babble player

      I want to see a face reval in a normal game plaeae

    51. Babble player

      I like your whats up guys yes today we are going to land pp

    52. Babble player

      Hey reflex you are a sweat

    53. dakalayona -

      clickbait im sad :(

    54. Tyler Caldwell

      "7:17" fortnite money > It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους

      1. Kaas Je

        Can u give your opinion?

    55. Khaled Mostafa


    56. Yashay Smith

      "7:17" fortnite money > It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους

      1. Kaas Je

        Can u give your opinion?

    57. Yes Yes

      For some reason the way fresh talks at the beginning of the video triggers me and it makes mad I have no idea why

    58. ꧁AleksaNotAlexa꧂

      Title: Thiccest Silver boi in Fortnite The Penny skin: Am I a joke to you?!

    59. Waffle •_•

      This is how many times he said thickest silver boy 👇🏼

    60. Attaboyla Plaisance

      Why did u blur the thumbnail

    61. kid great yt


    62. Luca Arrigo

      Nice vid

    63. Raz?

      If I could get one dollar for every time Fresh has said thicc.

    64. Emma Williscroft

      Title: Thiccest silver boy in Fortnite The silver skin: has a six pack

    65. Boketsu

      Now this is An fortnite YT ber i like *NOT LIKE THE OTHER STUPID FORTNITE HUgetsR*

    66. FxrkyXo

      1:51 Makes sense 2nd 👍🏼

    67. Dillon Pennell

      How does he exploit the silver surfer so he just falls right to the ground

    68. IHackForFun ツ XD

      You built with wood

    69. mohib rafiqi


    70. F.R.O.Z Zadis

      3:26 he built out of wood

    71. Sohum Pimputkar 9A 34

      3:25 he picked up 12 wood and built a wooden roof Proof: wood goes from 12 to 2

    72. Balraj Parmar

      I let a bot get the win and I was mad of it so now I'm going to destroy all players. Including bots and noobs

      1. Balraj Parmar

        I'm serious

    73. trackcar


    74. Krzysztof Kolba

      What is wrong with fresh and thick things is that his fetish or something

    75. WELLYNL

      Can someone tell me how to jump of the silver surfboard mid air

    76. Oliver Adamiak

      Is it just me or did Fresh say thick Roy?

    77. Cayden Boyer

      Silver boi epic

    78. Stormz FN

      Make the thick apple

    79. Epic gaming idiot

      His ass cheeks can clap and tell galactis where a world is

    80. User ID 832054

      Silver surfer is not for kids. Worse than the calamity incident

    81. Fe4rless Meep

      U should do a groot chalenge and use green wepons only

    82. Tech Gaming

      Any one realize that fresh would lost the first games anyways cause he placed a wood floor at 3:25

    83. Dave Gaming

      Not gonna lie I’m kinda addicted to fresh’s content

    84. lgt5o


    85. DaveCribs

      No one: Fresh when a new skin comes out: THICCEST NEW SKIN

    86. Criticxzy

      how come proffesional fortnite player always gets in bot lobbies

    87. ItsSc0xt

      Hey everyone I hope your having an amazing day and staying safe during these times. I have a YT channel and i spend 7+ hours on every video and it would be a dream come true if any of you could subscribe and help me get to 100 subscribers

    88. Lukas Stokseth


    89. Cornfedz33

      please stop cussing, you sound stupid

    90. LiL NuB Playz

      Come on grey only

    91. Baconguy 99

      4:53 His feet went *CRACK*

    92. Helen Worthington

      1st Place not 2nd your not ment to win the dam game you ment to give them the victory Royal 👑

    93. Grace Cox

      I subed

    94. Grace Cox

      I turned on notis

    95. WeeniePlayZ

      Yo fresh do you got scroll wheel reset and edit on release

    96. Asreil Dreemur

      Thickest silver boi.

    97. Perri VanNormam

      fresh u do know that theres 1 mithic power at every quinjet there in the drops

    98. Milo Howells

      8:11 poor jelly