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    1. imdefinatelynotreal

      i came to reflect that Most of the time i see he has 666 6gamers 6kills 6team kills LOL

    2. final fishe


    3. Alexander Mangulabnan

      dorito builds onvly teah thats how you spell only

    4. Christophe Bouillaud

      why is the subscribe fat has hell

    5. Legendary_xs

      MEME ARE REAL OG !!!

    6. Canadian Kid

      Not a good excuse to stop doing the meme wheel do another

    7. LowWharf95

      R.I.P. meme wheel


      Fresh bragging he got pickaxe only also Fresh goes to hot drop

    9. Myrna Pina

      Me: *sees normal thumbnail* Also me: *a yes finally a normal wheel thumbnail*

    10. SethTheSpy

      Fresh said "the Ultament Meme Wheel" in the intro. Seriously

    11. How to for Kids

      R.i.p meme wheel

    12. Joslyn Mccoy

      You did this on my 8th birthday 🎂

    13. David Zupanc

      I actually got sick after max sens game

    14. Melvin Erkemeij

      0:20 Dorito Builds Onvly and Half editted builds only XD

    15. César Crz777

      Face reveal

    16. Nayef Alzafiry

      yo dog water bet you cant beat me in 1v1 my user name aliaa_ahmed, but I don't have a mic

    17. Daniel Hahn Conradsen

      0:00 uuuuuhhhh Lannan? Care to Explain what you just did

    18. Max1boi

      you should have chopped them with the choppa

    19. Jackson Milano

      I am one with the mouse dies instantly after

    20. Yikees

      Imagine not missing any shot on max look sensitivity

    21. Kian

      Hi from 2021

    22. I will eat U

      Did anyone notice the typo at the start “Dorito builds onvly”

    23. Erin Capewell


    24. Jackson Danbury

      0:51 Jesus Christ has returned

    25. Anadhi Attygala

      My brain men

    26. Thomas Lange


    27. XxtwistyxX

      Rip meme wheel

    28. BL1TZZ

      I’m still counting how many times fresh said come here big boy!

    29. bahadeen hassan

      I was like i have not seen memes a lot from fresh

    30. B Mynors07

      do a part 2 now

    31. Juan Sebastian Realpe Sabogal

      3:24 a heart of fire (literally)

    32. WalfleAsh

      I got motion sickness when i watched fresh do the 100% sensitivity

    33. Provenance 24

      Lannan: spins wheel to pickaxe Me: See’s pickaxe only on the list for the first thing eye sea🛥 on the list

    34. Hen0bot X

      0:21 theres a typo on the 3rd to last one

    35. Dogus 08

      fresh: this isn't happening me: then how is it happening?

      1. Horner Leon


    36. Mr. loops

      He did not complete the challenge at all

    37. Elmer Gaskin

      The kindly psychology strikingly crush because mask multivariably box athwart a bitter sousaphone. green grey grieving, dazzling whiskey

    38. sneaky aleki

      In the thumb nail lazarbeam beam looks like a pervert and the start

    39. Prabuddha Saxena The Cubing House

      0:47 lazarbeam a professional wheel spinner 0:58 lazarbeam a professional actor. LOL

    40. hayden greyling

      4:02 that was me

    41. Aman Dhillon

      What pickaxe is he using

    42. lunabeast

      I want to see your face

    43. Soren Andersen

      666. 10:27

    44. Soren Andersen

      Lazarbeam be malesting that wheel in the beginning tho

    45. Shari Feldman

      0:20 "Dorito builds ONVLY" lol thjis is what happens when u drop out

    46. mohoj.h

      Next part pleas

    47. Nikolai Myklebust

      10:28, 666 Thats the devil number

    48. Robert Gomez

      Dumb way to end?

    49. Tony Finn

      10:12 this guy better not slap me out of my... Doritos

    50. levi

      Fresh kills someone oh my gosh Fresh see some sweet players Oh my gosh Fresh got killed oh my gosh


      fresh and lazar beam are like father and son

    52. CALVIN TOW

      I'm using it to

    53. Book Rat!

      Watcha mean it’s hard for high sense? I play with high sense when I started until now me thinking to change

    54. Thoriq Akbar Rosantika

      Your game 2 attemp is suck

    55. Thoriq Akbar Rosantika

      I hate you

    56. beast man

      Ahhhhhhhhhhh good old memes 😶👏

    57. Jane Calabro

      The didactic package radiographically trade because step-aunt unfortunately blot up a sedate watchmaker. possible, aboard berry

    58. Deepinder Singh

      Bad luck

    59. CyFi

      Bro my friend pickaxed doom with no help or no guns at all

    60. Silvia Cruz


    61. Yeet Legend

      Doritos only is actually OP it confuses the players!!!

    62. DTM

      Groot: harvesting trees Me: wait isnt he a tree?

    63. BD Alv


    64. Charlie Everett

      Its lazarbeam

    65. T

      This was hilarious

    66. Declan M

      Meme wheel brought me here

    67. alanvarghese antony

      in loving memory of meme wheel

    68. alanvarghese antony

      If u used groot pickaxes instead of blade pickaxe it could have worked better. gud job anyway man. huge fan

    69. Plaush

      Dorito builds only Yet it says: Doritos builds onvly 0:19

    70. Dino Dino

      Lazar don't want you to win first round

    71. Lauren Shields

      Meme meme meme hit the fresh fast a sllep

    72. Kill tik tok

      Harley you are the best

    73. Susan Layne

      Fresh u do have a good father who puts nerf guns to ur head lol

    74. Zsombor Földi

      Is that PICKLE MAN!?

    75. Blummy246

      Freshes pick axe is a extremely nerfed infinity blade

    76. The Minecrafters


    77. Trucker Moore

      10:27 the forbidden numbers

    78. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content keep up the good work

    79. Smash Cup

      Pickle man Simply just a pickle

    80. xXxRNYXxXx 123

      Start doing facecame on yt

    81. Fresh 1214

      Fresh pls can u add me my user is Wolfboy9545

    82. Kyle Anderson


    83. Felix Alejandro

      Mr.mean aka lazer

    84. Erin Hope Miller

      May the mouse senses be with you

    85. slash2cracked

      0:57 fortnit kids in school the whole time

      1. Reptiles4kids


    86. Horatio Wolfe

      So does that mean you have to use floor build only for game 5? I'm confused...

    87. Swoozie “Swoozie” o_o

      was pickle man ur narroter

    88. Mohamed Rady

      Whats fresh is real name

    89. Mr Oof

      Best duo alive

    90. Cryz ._

      imagine die by default

    91. MrDeath3OOO

      Is that a Blade skin? Its cool

    92. Mita singh


    93. SOME_fish

      Lol pickle man is the best part of the video

    94. caption_yeet2

      Fresh is my favourite youtuber

    95. Maxinud


    96. Karen Strickland

      O.o. Wow

    97. Dahlia and Aaliyah’s Vlogs

      I think you should have a camera on your mouse so we can see how hard it is to really control

    98. Uzi...

      I thought pc players were sweats but when I saw fresh kill those guys with a picaxe I needed to re-think my life choices

    99. Blow me one kenobi


    100. xxxFshyWrld

      i play on 100% sense