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    1. Declan M

      Meme wheel brought me here

    2. alanvarghese antony

      in loving memory of meme wheel

    3. alanvarghese antony

      If u used groot pickaxes instead of blade pickaxe it could have worked better. gud job anyway man. huge fan

    4. Plush Shorts

      Dorito builds only Yet it says: Doritos builds onvly 0:19

    5. Dino Dino

      Lazar don't want you to win first round

    6. Lauren Shields

      Meme meme meme hit the fresh fast a sllep

    7. Kill Tik tok

      Harley you are the best

    8. Susan Layne

      Fresh u do have a good father who puts nerf guns to ur head lol

    9. Zsombor Földi

      Is that PICKLE MAN!?

    10. Zac Jones

      Freshes pick axe is a extremely nerfed infinity blade

    11. The Minecrafters


    12. Trucker Moore

      10:27 the forbidden numbers

    13. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content keep up the good work

    14. Smash Cup

      Pickle man Simply just a pickle

    15. xXxRNYXxXx 123

      Start doing facecame on yt

    16. Wolfboy 9545

      Fresh pls can u add me my user is Wolfboy9545

    17. Kyle Anderson


    18. Felix Alejandro

      Mr.mean aka lazer

    19. Erin Hope Miller

      May the mouse senses be with you

    20. Slash

      0:57 fortnit kids in school the whole time

    21. Horatio Wolfe

      So does that mean you have to use floor build only for game 5? I'm confused...

    22. Swoozie o_o

      was pickle man ur narroter

    23. coke a cola


    24. Mohamed Rady

      Whats fresh is real name

      1. coke a cola


    25. 49er fan R

      Best duo alive

    26. Noobify 233

      imagine die by default

    27. MrDeath3OOO

      Is that a Blade skin? Its cool

    28. Mita singh


    29. LOST man

      Lol pickle man is the best part of the video

    30. Caption_yeet2 Fortnite

      Fresh is my favourite youtuber

    31. Maxinud


    32. Karen Strickland

      O.o. Wow

    33. Dahlia and Aaliyah’s Vlogs

      I think you should have a camera on your mouse so we can see how hard it is to really control

    34. Uzias gamez

      I thought pc players were sweats but when I saw fresh kill those guys with a picaxe I needed to re-think my life choices

    35. xxxFshyWrld

      i play on 100% sense

    36. Abby Ravi

      the max sensitivity is pretty much the same as stick drift but u guys can control it we cant

    37. Fennrin Hayden

      The bit where it said 6 6 6 on kills survivors a d people left

    38. nathan warner

      Rip good memes

    39. Rami Coobtee

      Please sub to BNR Games, it’ll make my day 🥺

    40. Christopher Pharris

      Most cracked player in fortnite

    41. X2 Gaming


    42. Victoria González

      Can you do a other one plz

    43. - Savage_harv -

      Lannan lights up my day

    44. Baby Yoda

      I don’t want the place but the dorito on me 😂😂

    45. Darth Eviscerus

      10:27 you were worried when you saw the player count, his kill count and team kill count together

    46. Mekhi Butcher

      r.i.p meme wheel:(

    47. NotLegal Videos

      Typo 0:19 "Half Editted builds only"

    48. Cᴏᴢᴢᴢʏ Kɪᴅ

      i wanna see someone play the guitar in freshes videos

    49. Jessica Williams

      Me who just realized that the memes aren’t memes at all but I like them: *confusment*

    50. alyssa skye

      i killed fresh ! i’m so sorry

    51. Groovy Ninja

      Use code fresh

    52. GamerRandy20k

      No skybase? 🥺

    53. Aiden T

      RIP meme wheel🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂👌

    54. FPT_ Legendary

      Pickaxe only pfft it’s pickle only

    55. VK - 07CJ 816092 Tony Pontes PS

      0:20 I don’t know what dorito builds onvly means

    56. ExoticKiller905

      If you're reading this, I hope God opens incredible doors for your life this year. Greatness is upon you. You must believe it though. It would mean the world to me if you subscribe and make my day

    57. Joshua Simard

      Right after he said we have Doritos I got an ad for flaming hot Doritos and I lost it

    58. Titanoboa 2020

      Pickle man broke the wheel


      you are the best thx for all the videos

    60. Cyphen Rozulus

      Fresh u can make doorway wall traps with doritos, it works

    61. Cyphen Rozulus

      8:37 Fresh: I really wanna get the vic roy with the doritos Me seeing the time left: Tortinos tortinos hot pizza rolls

    62. Cyphen Rozulus

      What pickaxe is that

    63. Zyna Hajra

      Pickle guy looked like fresh's brother

    64. Lolly


    65. ItzNtinoaka

      This is how many times did fresh said Doritos 👇

    66. Aizen Dragonball

      Can you add me fresh

    67. Shensei

      Fresh: Uses pickaxe and kills players that have guns Me: Dies to a pickaxe

    68. Moxel_YT

      R.I.P MemeWheel he was a legend 😭🥺❤️

    69. Blake Rennick

      Hi fresh I’m a big fan

    70. Gabriel Manzo

      Fresh: I don't think we're gonna win Me: Your telling me

    71. Miguel Aguilar

      Iam I the only one who noticed he spelled only wrong

    72. lauryn tuttle

      look crazy

    73. Xzylity

      hey Fresh can you bring back you intro R.I.P kid fresh and brite gunner skin

    74. Extreeme

      When fresh said "We have doritos" a Doritos commercial played for me

    75. Vibez- FISHY

      Lenan is always so funny in these who agrees

    76. dongphuong14

      “ I am one with the mouse”-fresh 2020

    77. LE-Adventure

      Love you fresh

    78. Alexander Cruz

      Can I get a R.I.P in the chat please

      1. Alexander Cruz

        R.I.P meme weel


      The Quality Us So Good Bro

    80. Pierre Loreau

      he changed his sens to normal in the challenge

    81. Cody Flamevault

      Video idea:you can only kill someone every five minutes

    82. Galaxy Quest - Gaming

      Bruh the video just ended

    83. Elijah Velador


    84. Ducky Momo

      Bro oce has so many ppl vibeing and meaming I wish I was on oce me on na East everyone is so sweaty

    85. Chloe Xxx

      6:40 that “ oh f*ck” 😂😂😂

    86. Bradytails 1

      This video didnt seem real because it lacked the amazing and iconic intro

    87. immaperson 28

      got an ad for dorito's in the middle of that dorito game

    88. Isabelle Renner

      why did he just not put it back together

    89. Flipzy HD

      I Like Pickle Guy

    90. Oksana Montano

      pidgeon_fn. i love your videos!!!!!!!


      i really wish i had 1k followers

    92. LynxHornB

      Im watching this then my baby tooth fell off lol

    93. Yuvraj Singh five

      10:27 666

    94. Michael Mamo

      captions at 3:15 “ we got a mistake here” lol 😂 ur welcome

    95. George Seyfert

      top 10 best duos #10 pickle rick and pickle man

    96. Donovan Nolan

      I learned that doritos kill people...

    97. Laura Davidson

      Fresh add me shrekis0g please