LOSERFRUIT controls my game...


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    1. CasSandra Smith


    2. Akinfolarin Adegunju

      A place that reminds you of your girlfriend Me: He should go slurpy cuz thats what she's best at

    3. hacky kid21

      I mean simp

    4. hacky kid21


    5. chillgamer xd

      37 seconds in bottom right is the f word

    6. Bawler Bro

      0:37 Anyone else saw that something snuck into the video on the bottom right? I dont think it should be there...

    7. rixthepix

      Fresh u made a vid I am contorting laser beams game now do I control loser fruits game :)

    8. rixthepix

      Fresh u hate. Scars I love them . I like your vids though I have liked and sub

    9. Noah Lespoux

      The first five comments I see I will like

    10. BauerMC RBLX

      Fruity so be simping for fresh I ship them sorry tesa

    11. Armaan Tufail

      Loser fruit:land somewhere that reminds you of your girlfriend Me:sweet but sus????

    12. Dominick Chapman

      Fresh like loser u can tell he acts different

    13. Sara Guddal

      ar you girlfrend with losorfrot

    14. Mr. Chez & Rice

      IF You SPAM the sniper its actually good

    15. FNB clipex

      What's up yes

    16. Lxcidenyahs 12


    17. Elijah Espinal

      Loser:go somewhere that reminds you of your girlfriend Me: Slurpy swamp

    18. FFF pine apple

      Fresh simping

    19. rip lexSZN


    20. VIllain


    21. Debbie Couto


    22. Chigen Nucket Games

      this video was awesome to watch on stream

    23. Michael Wargo

      I’m just like fresh I love my gold

    24. Ralph Penman


    25. Solomon Patrick


    26. A Marms

      9:03 he didn’t pumpernickl

    27. Riki Soki

      Why loserfruit looks like lunna benna 🤣

    28. Bencario

      Should I go pp?

    29. Cress IPad

      B. K oo0

    30. king the great boiii


    31. lil_alfieboi

      Loserfruit: let's land at the farm ! Fresh: why dont we land pp ?

    32. Hayden Nugent Turner

      9.03 he didn’t dance

    33. alastor

      Man I love to Control fresh’s game

    34. Gabe Murphy

      I'm 10 and I can do better math than that

    35. Searchin_For_Keys

      if fruity tells me to subscribe I better do it.. thanks fruity 🍓

    36. Kid Gaming

      They are not coming back

    37. Corinthia Sd


    38. Emir Matiloglu

      Its like loser fruit is your girlfriend if your real girlfriend finds out you're dead

    39. Deanne Choyce

      The suck

    40. Henry Plays


    41. FateOlaf

    42. MaxNightGaming

      Love your vids

    43. Fishyambfnm pogs


    44. Jess

      AKA fresh becomes a simp

    45. Armando Rodriguez

      The Simp Challenge

    46. Markeit Green

      Lachy and Loserfruit could be a good couple


      every COD player ever: "dont you find building overrated?"

    48. Ashton Dunn

      Pp= pretty place PP=pleaseant park

    49. Unknown

      censore. 0:37

    50. Etile The Pro

      Lazarbeam Was Harder On Him

    51. Suat Tan

      9:07 no dance?

    52. Colin Glacken

      Fruity: don’t you think building is overrated Me: I died building is overrated

    53. Minty


    54. Kevin Prunty

      Gets a kill does not dance 🤣

    55. Hugo3000gaming.

      2:30 got a bit scared there.

    56. Fredericka Browne

      What is this game actually play this game but I’m like what is this game while she’s telling me to do

    57. Maddox Stewart

      Loki fresh and loser fruit do be looking kind of cute though


      Muselk will control his game next i bet.

    59. Elias :-D

      0:37 anyone else see that?

    60. pretzel playz

      i used code fresh

    61. Lesly on 60Fps

      I have been watching his vid when he had 3mil subs

    62. Simra Playz


    63. Sunset

      5:47 gray charge

    64. Dariel Chavez

      LUFU: *Commands Fresh's game* Fresh: *P A I N*

    65. Hayden Wolf

      ngl loserfruit kinda cute

    66. omar haider

      fresh break up with your gd

    67. omar haider

      can we ship them loserfruit and fresh

    68. Dalton Caine

      Simp simp somp simp

    69. Zak Mcdonagh


    70. Delvis Valdes

      “What’s up guys, yes”

    71. Mathew Le

      No one plays fortnite any more the only play minecraft

    72. Ahmed Killer


    73. Danijela Stamenkovic

      Do a face reveal

    74. No no

      should have called this the simp challenge

    75. MO

      Fresh fruit

    76. Ramone Glasgow


    77. Edrian Wilson

      Lol 2 pumper nickels at the end lol

    78. flicksAU

      When he said Tess reminded him of the ocean only one thing came to mind 🐱

    79. A KID


    80. Oliver Wilson


    81. NoobWizard2334

      Pp is a nice neighborhodd “ fresh do you know how you sound “


      Your smurf account mrfreshtralia correct ?

    83. Chase Chippero

      U cheated ur supposed to do a emote after every kill


      Loser friut has a pretty good voice it’s weird that loser fruit controls freshis game

    85. Jayden Guantia

      How about everybody in the house controls your game

    86. mr pug gaming


    87. Garry Parsons

      Loserfruit is a loser

    88. Sage_Mtrix

      Peep the person in the background jumping on 2:12

    89. K1nG_B3a5T MASTERGAMER

      0:37 look under loserfruit’s facecam 😂

    90. Fernando Marquez

      Has Fresh finally become a simp?

    91. ConnorOMGK


    92. kenneth montero

      Fresh your to cracked!

    93. Trapped_in_ iFergYT_BASEMENT

      I don’t ship

    94. Muhammad Abdullah

      I hate loserfruit😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    95. T47

      afer u did 2 minest after tho kills u didt dance lolll!!!!!!

    96. Emma Steward


    97. uhh Person?


    98. Djchace Gaming

      Who is here after a fresh lead Mc Creame controlled Freshes game