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    1. Husna Heerah

      damn mate i just got the skin and its really cooked.

    2. Joseph Gallo

      You don’t have to brag shhheeeeeeesh

    3. planko

      Deathstroke is a weapons master he uses pistols snipers assault rifles smg's and dual pistol

    4. FREX

      Bro in solos he gos up against bots. Me? I go against freakin bugha and the best freestyle builders on tiktok. I.have.7.wins.in.solos.bro. no 🧢

    5. Rishita Akula

      Get shit on

    6. Toby and friends 2

      Quite fortnite

    7. Spike Bane

      I used code fresh cuz ur my fav yter

    8. Gavin larock

      Deathstroke is in the og teen Titans show Arrow And the Snyder cut of justice league

    9. Gavin larock

      I’ve been waiting since chapter 1 season 4 for this skin I’m so happy

    10. Axelcon

      2 players left. Fresh: and we got an 18 kill dub already. The second last player: Do I not exist

    11. Joshua

      watch the arrow, specifically season 2 for just deathstroke, and also the end of season 5

    12. Modest Stork

      N-n-n-n-n-NOSE!!!! HE HAS A NOSE

    13. Josh Mcallister

      It was in today

    14. Lolo Palavi


    15. Gatcha Wolf

      Hello Fresh

    16. FNAF Fusion

      Fresh talking about the pickaxe and backbling being reactive with each other Me: brutas was first

    17. Eddie Safdie

      What about the arrow death stroke is the main villain in season 2

    18. Khye Ford

      Teen Titans

    19. boom shakalaka

      how is he getting bot lobbies?

    20. Leo marcus


    21. Deidre Smith

      Him: I got 500 IQ Me: literally LOLS so hard


      Yay notice ,me:(

    23. Kyra-Faye Hedley

      Do you watch teen titans go or teen Titans

    24. Viktor Prejs

      I watch teen Titans since 2019

      1. Daughter & Son Broly

        Dc forever

    25. Justine Bannan

      I don’t really like fresh anymore that much

    26. doliio volay

      This skin looks sick.

    27. Jovani Guzman

      U and deathstroke are the same 200IQ even after u hit your head 😄

    28. deathly


    29. Micah Jones

      Fresh he just recently started watching Teen Titans? Wow💀

      1. doliio volay

        to conesel and the texture is different

    30. Mr Hurricane

      Noobs be like: what does he mean there are 41 people left it says 42 on the screen

    31. Cjc Productions

      You can only like my comment if you were here when his HUgets name was freshasian

    32. Thomas Spratling

      If deathstroke can only use 90% of his brain then he is 10% worse then every other human on the planet

    33. wnnalis cioov

      If deathstroke can use only 90% of his brain, that makes him dumber than most humans

    34. Burning

      you need to play the batman arkham series, it is incredible.

    35. Shrekanimations

      Bro 4500 People Have The Skin

      1. wnnalis cioov

        stop the cap.

    36. HR_Flex

      Imagine playing fortnite 😂😂😂🤭🤭🤭🤢🤢🤮🤮💩💩💩💩💩👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

    37. Joseph Guzman

      Not going to lie,, he should have good the mythic dulles

    38. Khalyn Tilghman

      thats slade wilsons skin when he was trying to kill green arrow

    39. Annisa Parton

      I love fresh

    40. bilishu aliss

      Bro this skin is fire. Reminds me of some of the OG skins they used to come out with. Black knight especially

    41. Blondie

      fresh watches teen titans =)

    42. Amna Khan

      And there’s a Easter egg at the spire I can tell you it’s at the spire you have to eliminate raz and go where the Crystal and build up and I think you see a face or somthing and go to conesel and the texture is different

    43. Amna Khan

      Season 7 is coming in 4 days not lying

    44. Genji San

      Then you have to watch Arrow

    45. Darren Strange

      face cam both chanels

    46. Jasmina Sehic

      Fresh can you do the oro island challenge. I mean you can only yuse guns from oro island.

    47. Sour LemmonYT

      Watch the arrow and in a few of the seasons you will see deathstroke

    48. Joshua Anderson


    49. jord graal

      stop the cap.

    50. Huzaima Rasul

      Deathstroke Better then deadpool

    51. Unstoppable2Yt

      I would love to see fresh play Fortnite on a gaming laptop!!(Acer Nitro 5)like if u like this video idea!!

    52. green skullyboi

      i think we may of swaped games because i play with sweats and fresh plays withbots

    53. Elmar Garcia

      Can u play worzone

    54. Jangle Jester

      Just so you know SypherPK never said that someone was just trying to spread rumours

    55. Palapa

      Gamers : “we need fortnite Gift Cards” Me : we easily get them from 𝟮𝟭𝘃𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘀˳𝗰𝗼𝗺ˑ

      1. Jorre van Lelyveld

        Bot bot bot bot

      2. Kajec Ristowski


      3. Roger Roger


    56. It's Linz

      Nice video as always! You inspired me to become a youtuber!

    57. Dingin

      Gamers : “we need fortnite Gift Cards” Me : we easily get them from 𝟮𝟭𝘃𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘀˳𝗰𝗼𝗺ˑ

      1. Kajec Ristowski


    58. Reymon

      Gamers : “we need fortnite Gift Cards” Me : we easily get them from 𝟮𝟭𝘃𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘀˳𝗰𝗼𝗺ˑ

      1. Kajec Ristowski


    59. Raffi

      Gamers : “we need fortnite Gift Cards” Me : we easily get them from 𝟮𝟭𝘃𝗯𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘀˳𝗰𝗼𝗺ˑ

      1. Kajec Ristowski


    60. Joshua Smalley

      hay fresh

    61. King Mazhar Fornite

      Watch green arrow

    62. Mythic boy



      Bummer:we use 100 percent of our brain

    64. BLADE6767

      Fresh sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

    65. Cinda Sawdey

      Hey yo can I get your fortnite codeI can add you

    66. SOO YU HENG Moe

      Do you mean the live action teen Titans

    67. Norma Angulo

      Can you add my son he loves your videos and his name is mysticaldragong please think about it it’s his dream to meet you

    68. Ahmed Razaan

      every forgot about hop rock dualies

    69. Swaraj Chhikara

      Hehe boy

    70. Meliodas Dragon

      He s probably lying about the skin ,rating him and saying he s good the skin is honsly awfull

    71. Vxderfishy

      Since when is fresh intelligent

    72. DCB128 _YT

      You watch titans?

    73. Zahir Bros

      0:16 Me nd him are alike because deathstroke greatest weapon is is 90% brain fresh says. Literally every other vid i am am 0 iq this is why u need to go to school

    74. CrafterzFN

      i saw 2 deathstrokes when i was playing arena duos

    75. Iuliana Muncaci Iuliana

      Fresh go tot Random place and pretend to be a new boss

    76. Max TheTube

      Deathstroke kinda thicc tho

    77. Michelle Rocksmore

      I’m surprised you didn’t get the hop rock dualys

    78. ulfi111


    79. Spider Chick

      I only got the spray with over 40 points

    80. L4w12 !!!!!!

      was the show titans its a very good show

    81. YaBoySquiddy

      2:38 the show he is referring to is titans - awsome dc show I'd prompt you to watch it


      This god when he plays some lobby full sweat I’m like sheeshhhhhhh

    83. Legend DJ

      I tried but I only got 22 points

    84. Jonathan Goldman

      Actually he’s the worlds most deadly mercenary. And his best weapon is his sword

    85. Brian Grain

      Fresh:I go have 500 iq also fresh: 2+2=3

    86. Steve Harvey

      He’s not the thickest death stroke!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!!??!!!???!?!!?!!?!

    87. Kathy Panacek

      Him saying death stroke in the show when it’s slade

      1. Doom

        Who also goes by Deathstroke. What is your point?

    88. Matthew Brischetto

      Is this live

    89. WaysToWIN

      Did anyone notice that like the pickaxe the dualités come off his waste

    90. Chase Winsell

      how you find them dule pistols so fast it was so hard for me to find'em

    91. jesse beckwith

      The show "the Arrow" Deathstoke in it.

    92. Dustin Gledo

      The nutty organisation disturbingly suck because pastry mathematically drip forenenst a sincere tailor. unequaled, internal drink

    93. Blaise Nielson

      did he just say deathstroke can use 90% of his brain, we all use 100% of our brain ;-;

    94. Kbs0918 YT

      500 iq, he says. Yet when there's 2 people, he says there's to many.

    95. Calebsxhero7812 ___

      That nose is throwing me off.

    96. SportsFan Robert

      The teen titan show the name is slade

      1. Kolil MD

        we know

    97. FB Cokes

      damn, aim is cracked, 18 kill dub and only playing around

    98. Jonesy Fish

      1:35 Kondor: Am i a joke to you?

    99. Reu-Dog Gaming