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    1. damdino _

      New title: starving myself till I get a win

    2. Louie Camarena

      Pickle man must’ve been hungrier than fresh

    3. ZHC FAN

      The pizza place probably like what the F**k

    4. Benmaster

      I can’t believe fresh got threw this I’m not even hungry and I feel like I’m gonna die

    5. Karsyn Trenkle

      I go basically everyday without eating breakfast

    6. Lilcookie 07

      I thought he was Asian not Russian

    7. assasin boy

      PICKEL MAN😬😬😷😬

    8. Kermit the frog

      When your mom pull out the belt 4:09

    9. Ninja Bro

      If i was you I would eat the pizza 🍕 even if I lose

    10. Zahraan Nooh Ahmed

      Fresh needs to make more vids w pickle man I love that guy ♥️

    11. Redskins Art

      Your rushin comunisom

    12. Shiloh Cardwell

      he’s honestly just ran out of video ideas 🤣🤣 keep the good content up 🙂

    13. M Gameing

      It should be that if fresh got 15 kills he would get the food

    14. M Gameing


    15. Claude Von riegun

      Fresh: I'm russian I'm darn russian

    16. Ace Howard

      Fresh is the sweatiest fortnite player ever!

    17. Stephannie Montes

      Fresh your gonna make me order pizza 🍕 LOL

    18. OJGaming boys

      the one time you want ur food to be late

    19. Aiden Rooney

      Why does pickle look like a bigger version of muselk

    20. Matthew Denny

      I hate pickle man he is such a jerk I just hate him so much

    21. kolakoala

      can you add me i love your vids and it would mean the world to play with you

    22. Newsmedia Newsmedia

      Fresh= icon skin

    23. Mike GAMING6117

      Moral of the video DONT MESS WITH FRESH’S DELIVERIES 🚚

    24. Thebest 747

      It is best game

    25. Crawf _Clan

      Yes he should get an icon series skin

    26. Harry Cooper

      Fresh : I might be able to eat my Pizza. Fresh after: gosh dam it.

    27. Darksideprincehazen plushies 201f gameplay

      Than stop doing this challenge

    28. OG Memes

      Fresh you should do a challenge where the first gun type you get is the one you have to do until you win

    29. Robbie Parker 12

      Fresh is hangary

    30. Winthrop Liu

      Who here just keeps coming back to watch this video cuz they like food?

    31. Chicken Soup

      2:43 said he Russian be he’s really not

    32. s0p hÎe

      You should do a ‘Using only what I catch with a fishing rod’ challenge

    33. amelia

      I felt bad for fresh

    34. Trip Smith

      He clutched for his food

    35. sniperjuliet55

      I just did it 1st try and had lag as I killed the lust play the food came

    36. Anthony Hoyt-Glenon

      Chicken tender sounds good right about now 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    37. Corupted Blue

      Me; hurry up food Fresh; SLOW DOWN PLEASE

    38. Adam Tamer

      We're in the endgame now quote said by Dr Strange and fresh

    39. BredenbergMDBranch

      I want 2 see your face your face looks amazing.

    40. Ewan Mordecai-Smith

      fresh wants lunch=turns into terminator

    41. Hyp3_ Clan_Leaders

      Imagine being the pickle guy, 1. U get free food and 2. U get to be in Freshs video


      bro are u and lazar related or some?BC I LITERALLY THOUGHT THAT WAS HIM ON THE SPEAKER

    43. Bywon

      who else is watching this while eating lunch

    44. RLX Shadow

      Lol can we just accept the fact that he is talking about food while in a intense fight

    45. Ali Al Sayed

      Who realised that fresh’s voice is like similar to lazarbeams voice

    46. Srg Waffles

      Fresh did something Togo against worse players in the first and second game after he realized it was going to be too hard to win against fair players

    47. Hankodog

      New challenge idea the entire click office on one team but with green loot and fresh alone on the other team with purple loot

    48. Varun Reddy Yasa

      Normal fresh= pro and op starving fresh =god

    49. Ollie Bowcott

      Mincraft speed run be like

    50. Nate playz games

      Play hungry in tournament u are different when you’re hungry 😂 😂 😂

    51. Liam Kelly

      Here we see a wild Fresh hunting intensely for his food. He missed 2 attempts during his hunt but finally was able to hunt down his food

    52. SynxSnowyy

      When fresh fights for food he gets kills

    53. Vinicius fujii

      Normal people: want their food to get fast. Fresh: want his food to take long to arrive.

      1. Antony Hernandez

        For a victory royale

      2. Musygaminggamer

        I was gonna comment that lol

    54. Meme Clan

      Luckiest people in the world 1. Pickle man

    55. XenoAU

      27 Eastbourne Road, Darling Point, NSW, 2027 you’re welcome

    56. DATSNICE _321

      10:41 Fresh: Come here Jennifer me: be loyal dude

    57. KV Gaming

      4:49- LAzarbeam skins

    58. Sports relief

      I didn’t know that fresh was russin

    59. Sandra Figueroa

      Estimated Arrival Time = EAT

    60. Mr.D

      The first try they leaked lazars skin

    61. Alexis Soucie

      Face reveal

    62. korn614

      when ur out of video ideas

    63. Jiro Comendador

      dont mess with fresh when hes hungry boih

    64. Johannes Bibilesko

      im my country if u order pizza it will come in 1 fucking hour man

    65. iBronxly


    66. K4L3D77_FN

      The irony of Fresh wanting his food to be late is hilarious

    67. MythicSNIPEZ

      "akwa man " Lol

    68. Mlg Jeff76

      cool mouse

    69. DarXness L2

      2:30 I thought you were Australian

    70. Clorox

      Drink me

    71. farbod saberi

      When dream plays Fortnite

    72. Fishy Burrito

      Fresh is Russian he said it

    73. football schooler

      The delivery man: Gas Gas Gas

    74. Wildcat Cuber

      7:34 I’m Russian lol who is tho comment

    75. Naner

      Fresh:Whats up guys yes Me:Aaah never gets old.

    76. SeekerM15

      Fresh be like “ I’m Russian” Everyone else: so Australia is really just a ploy from the Russian government

    77. Doop 1

      I don’t know, I just found it funny when Fresh kept saying pizzer 😂

    78. Hamza Ali

      no ones talkin about their pickle costumes

    79. Dr. ALT-F4

      Someone get this man his subway!!

    80. Lene

      Well he spent a lot of money

    81. Wyatt Smith

      Eat fresh” fresh ur such a canibal

    82. Twitch Poolslide

      Mum: don’t play with your food Fresh: in play for my food 😉

    83. N Ø V Å

      I hate u pickle man 😤

    84. John Collins

      This is how you know there running out of ideas! Edit: 10:45? Did he say "ive got poop to eat"?

    85. Jeremiah Hurlbut

      Fresh:complains about how fast the is coming Me:Orders a sub that will be 45 mins bruhhhh

    86. Bobby Wakefield

      I watched the storm circle counter and........ is fake

    87. mxlly roblox

      fresh is literally the one person who doesent care about the battlepass skins

    88. mxlly roblox

      this is like when your mum says to you finish your homework before you eat your lunch

    89. David

      Im just saying my mother could of delivered ur order

    90. Jeff Bezzos

      Who knew fresh is Russian

    91. SamHoudVanPatat

      imagine lazar edits this all

    92. DripZapYT

      Running out of ideas I see

    93. Cody mcmillan

      I like how fresh is like not if I can win a game fit if I can fast enough like there’s no doubt he’s losing

    94. Max Zakharchuk

      Should’ve just ordered like ten subs for it to take longer

    95. rocket4409

      Gg I was the last guy congrats on the pizza

    96. XanderOnCP

      To who all that reads this God has a plan for you. Stay positive and strong. Not for likes just trying to spread the word of God to you...🙏❤

    97. LD Gunner

      Fresh: I haven't eaten today Also fresh: I haven't made a yt video today HUgets: Fresh WINNING BEFORE MY FOOD ARRIVES: Uber eats during the video: let's let the fastest cycler to deliver his subway

    98. liamg9432

      didn't you use the guy version before

    99. MrBaby GT

      Lazarbeam skin was AFK LMAO

    100. Divansh Kapoor

      Fresh starts shooting at the car The guy in the car :- aight imma head out