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    1. Hans Adriele Alcaraz

      Epic be trolling


      Fresh has bad luck at the start

    3. Michael Padilla

      Fishes = gold

    4. Cylo

      7:58 bruh chopper

    5. Maria Rodriguez

      Nice job

    6. Rabid Slug


    7. Marth Hopkins

      Why for the gold could you not have upgraded a weapon?

    8. Hoyt Steinke

      Fresh: “We got a nerd here”. The nerd “We got a nerd here”

    9. Izzyboy0921

      Hey boys

    10. Dakotah Reynolds

      Does fresh know that there is a guaranteed legendary stark industries

    11. H4rj4s

      Good luck with your vids

    12. Petra E.

      But your pickaxe isn't gold🤣

    13. Micahx28

      7:00 play back speed very creepy music :o

    14. Kbs0918 YT


    15. Steven Universe fan43

      Alternate title: The scuffed power rangers

    16. Yuvraj Vallamsetla

      bro this would be fun as a squad no cap

    17. Lil Tiko

      Love your videos

    18. Brianna Marie

      Fresh : you can have your dam mythic weapons and I’ll pop this big pot and I’ll have my gray weapons : he has blue crash pads :me 🤦🏻

    19. Lemon Man

      Sub to freshy boy

    20. EnzoDenzel 7584

      Alternative title: The Scuffed Season. Just for a title.

    21. Pubg gods Gods

      My name is bob

    22. Jake Cris

      Why are there charge shotguns?

    23. Sawyer Kid

      Hi 👋

    24. Luca Garruto

      Imagine playing fortnite Jk I play too

    25. iClixs YT

      I’m just confused how did u get a charge shotgun? Arnt they vaulted

      1. Skitzy YT

        I know

    26. Anamarie Ramirez

      Super powers

    27. Anamarie Ramirez

      You should do this again but you can use

    28. Gacha_Evie 10

      Then gets killed and has like golden pump Them spectating: is this man dumb!

    29. Omar Khalifa

      maybe you should do a challenge of only one chest

    30. Bubby1 Wolfe1

      If Fresh can’t kill iron man why doesn’t he just be mystique and just turn to a stark robot


      What severs o are you on

    32. thegamerpro kian

      dhjehyeuhjerkir4t5l fresh my idea

    33. Michale Monroe


    34. OGGamerGod1000

      Fresh is a SIMP

    35. Gary Ashpole

      I love your vids fresh you are the best fortnite youtuber I watch ceep up the good work

    36. Yagya Maheshwari Icse

      charge shotgun is back?!?!

    37. konark Rana

      hence proved grey weapons are better that mythics or gold

    38. LTK Plays

      This why I saw a yellow dude with a pickaxe running around stark industry’s

    39. Chris DeVille

      Fresh this is greyt

    40. Emili Hansen

      Jason is so prod of fresh

    41. BurritoCat72

      Doom’s gauntlets are a mythic too you know. 😒 like no one lands there 😒

    42. Reaper 7895

      Purple should have been mcreamy

    43. Ran Ale

      Fresh Wien he geting mythic first : it’s easy Me when getting gray : there is no gray

      1. Ran Ale

        Fresh when sorry forgot

    44. Preston Recordz

      “I need god damn meds!” He says while staring at bandages

      1. micky69

        He said mats not meds

      2. micky69

        @Bestofthewest_xd bruh that's called mats meds are medicals

      3. Bestofthewest_xd

        Meds are thing like wood metal or stone

    45. David Young

      skip the great pump

    46. Scarlett Thornton

      best video

    47. Abriel Champlin

      Day 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 of waiting for fresh to say what’s up guys no

    48. Kalell Cochran

      Do it in arena

    49. MELT

      Bro can you guys sub to my HUgets look up soccer game play

    50. Ethan Muchacho

      Locker review!

    51. Alli Monxhwedey

      its da golf skin btw

    52. Isaiah Thomas

      You can use a weapon to kill Ironman that counts

    53. race faze

      Bro why he still play gaynite

    54. Nightmare King

      For mythic only you should be able to have blue weapons but can only use them to kill the boss

    55. Nehemiah -

      Does pc have charge shotgun

    56. Nehemiah -

      Bro is there a charge in here cause I’m seeing it

    57. Haraldur Teitsson

      Are you still cold in fortnite item shop

    58. Hyunseo Choi

      You couldve use a car to kill ironman

    59. Lewis Parnowski

      I made a superhero named chilli man. Master of speed, spicyness and good looks

    60. Bobby Snowman

      How does he have a charge shot gun

    61. Jeremiah Boit


    62. Space Wolf

      He landed on Thor at 10:04 and pumped him and did 18 dam damage

    63. Corinne Hewitt

      Wow that’s my first time going back to my new house

      1. Corinne Hewitt

        That’s why I’m going back to the picture

    64. Ingrid Sosa

      you should walk only doing billy bonce emote challenge

    65. Gogeta blue Yelling

      I love the names

    66. Mr Supreme

      Ngl I love fresh but you need a new intro man

    67. Jose Alaffa

      At 8:34 he has ten Elemis to people left

    68. Jules Blangy

      Fresh: it doesn’t matter if I win Loses but still rages

    69. Anna Murphy

      code fresh

    70. Ahmed Naushad

      Fresh bruh wh3n you got gold you can open iron man chest

    71. Alpha

      Fresh:Im just gonna use a pistol to kill this guy Jason is so proud of you only OG's remember


      You make it hard for yourself when you use mythic only use weapons

    73. Dot Animates

      mythic superhero is *DUMMY THICC*

    74. Tim Benedictus

      1:11 lama down there (left)

    75. Brody Usrey

      How he get a charge

    76. Savage Skull234

      Hey guys I swear see in the grey only I think he saw that same golden org 3 times

    77. Gabe Halliday

      I think they buffed grey pistols anyone else think that also

    78. Harjit singh Jawandha

      But you are the best youtube ever

    79. Harjit singh Jawandha

      I watch your videos my fortnite name is creeper king946

    80. John Fireblazer

      If they are super heros why are they randomly killing people

      1. John Fireblazer

        Surprise they not

    81. FearFull

      Sick thumbnail

    82. Garlina Hall

      You are soo cool because when you make a videos I love the videos look fresh you are A rockstar🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    83. Dude_West

      why was he storm in the replay at the vault

    84. Chelsea Barnard

      Fresh: what's up guys yes Lazar: heres the fresh he's true blue

    85. Marcelina Macandog

      do power ranger

    86. Colton Vinson

      Challenge:tessa controls what Fresh does let's see how cruel she can be like so he can see.

    87. Muffin iscool

      Hmm is it just me or is this video kinda... Scuffed :)

    88. M S Prabhakar Reddy

      First said retail second lazy

    89. Elizabeth Dias

      If Fresh is doing a challenge it aint a challenge anymore

    90. Sohan Patel

      Fresh see this down

    91. maria gutierrez

      I want to play with you Aguirre1021

    92. maria gutierrez


    93. Samuel Giampe

      Have you thought of upgrading

    94. Sarah McCourt

      RIP in chat for the dudes controller who got killed by fresh by aa grey pump when he had the mythics RIP

    95. Stefanie Torres

      1v1Faze Highsky

    96. Stefanie Torres

      You daddy 😂

    97. Stefanie Torres

      If you lose a match you kiss 💋 lazer

    98. Stefanie Torres

      Likeeee now