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    1. FreshFresh

      wow very cool fresh

      1. Archer McLean

        I love fresh

      2. Doom Slayer


      3. Shark puppet Dynamite

        Do the mythic form the new season

      4. Kelly Stone

        Are you freshes cousin🥶

      5. Parker Paron

        Subscribe to FreshFresh

    2. Rxlic

      Who won all of these giveaway

    3. Fin Macken

      please play rocket league with lannon!

    4. PDH_ Wolf

      Gangbeasts or WWE 2019

    5. Jayden Mayberry

      i got 750 on mrfresh

    6. Lisha Miller

      rouge company

    7. Hudson Dusic


    8. the Nintenbro gamer

      Petition for fresh to join the dream SMP with lazar and Vik

    9. Alejandro Sawden

      I love fresh

    10. WIFI


    11. Abdul Yousaf

      Who won the give away

    12. HarlRedSKULL-Fortnite- Player

      Fresh can you please lease gift me a skin I don’t have that much I only have ninja ,manderlorian,Reese and man cake

    13. gavin Llanes

      Why are you wearing your mask at home in your thumbnail like bruh your at your house take that mask off

    14. Genevieve Garcia

      wow 3 channels i sub to 3 of them love yo vids

    15. yeet man

      You should probably play robux

    16. Plague_Endeavour _

      Who won the ps5 giveaway

    17. Ahaan Dhingra

      Add me in discord pls

    18. silent golden

      Rocket league

    19. Jhon Crafty

      You should play rocket league

    20. op corgi

      one thing l want you to play is warface

    21. Ishan Venkatesh

      I literally just watch fresh because how good he is at fortnite. I know I'll never be good at fortnite, so I just watch other people that are good at it, lol

    22. Rochelle Rogers

      Fish you should do for you videos

    23. Deekay Juice

      Do u know Lost_1nSpace? You played with her in obby trivia right? Its me coolkew1

    24. Billy Cloon

      I enjoy diablo and rocket league

    25. Oliver Shannon

      Fresh can u play apex

      1. Oliver Shannon

        Apex legends

    26. dancing dorito

      Play rocket league

    27. NSndfnf

      Who else saw the gold tac tag at 9:51 and the gold charge before that

    28. Hellen Bainbridge

      call of duty cold war pls everyone would love to see you rage and sweat

    29. Abman Legend

      Play some cod mobile

    30. Jake Burton


    31. HyperBoom 28

      Imagine of the pump was in this season

    32. Cory Clark

      When will u start giving out the ps5 and xboxs

    33. Vraj Patel

      Do tactical shotgun only challenge and you can only kill the female skin

    34. Tina K

      hey fresh you should play crew 2 on ps4

    35. TinyBoy W

      You should play Siege ... hardest game I’ve ever played. I’m currently addicted.

    36. Demonic Monkey

      Play roblox arsenal!

    37. QuanzFN

      Fresh u should play either Call Of Duty or WWE or maybe UNO

    38. Civa Bola


    39. Civa Bola


    40. Emperio Armani

      Play rocket leugue

    41. Emperio Armani

      Rocket legue

    42. xFlowz

      you and lazar should play valorant

    43. Kai Ronco

      Fall guys

    44. Katie Piasecki

      call of duty you and lazar beam vs yalls GF

    45. FN Fusion

      FRESH IS THE BEST HUgets EVER!!!!!!!!

    46. Joseph Ettel


    47. Ronald Orellana

      Rocket league

    48. Ki11boy47


    49. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    50. Archie Hagen

      6.9 mil subs... nice

    51. Cole Swaffard

      6.9 million subscribers let’s GO!!

    52. Mofe Manliki


    53. Mofe Manliki

      nice but do not become an everything nerd

    54. Dallas Garza

      gta 5

    55. Linear Gaming

      play pubG with lazaream...LOL

    56. TRZ Snipez Ok

      Try warzone

    57. Kids Ramirez

      And on harly fresh music vedos

    58. Kids Ramirez

      Fresh you should make fronite and among us and on your new channel mine craft and cyber puck on your new channel plz read my comets

    59. Zack Williams

      I hate the bot gernads they're cheating

    60. Oliver Deters

      I loveeeeee your vids I watch all of them

    61. Brooke Reviews

      I was your 7m sub✌️

      1. Sam’s Amazing

        Omg he haven’t even reached 7 mil yet

    62. Jay Jay

      I love all ur vids I always say I love ur vids ur da best

    63. Phoenix Gamer

      you should try valorant

    64. Alexandra Rudman

      Play higrise it is mad weird or play roblox

    65. Super M's

      On the fresh fresh channel put more among us

    66. Ahmed Imran

      I think fresh is getting his own skin

    67. Ayden Edejer

      Oooooooo u have 6.9 subs😌

    68. Maddison Fowler Gaming

      I was not playing when double pumps were there but I watch a tun of vids about it I played since chapter 2 because I wasn’t allowed to play then

    69. Sis Plys

      ModernWarfare Cold War

    70. Echos

      Try polygon on steam

    71. Gaspard Detheux

      Pls play a bunch of Minecraft

    72. Daniel Goodwin

      Y’all should try Rocket League

    73. Cameron Gillette

      I’m sitting in quarantine and it sucks and watching your vids help

    74. Nicole Kvinlaug

      Apex legends

    75. Neon G.A YT

      The people who are lucky enough to play with the legend “Fresh” :) luv you bro

    76. JinnChino The Noob King

      Why not just do it on this channel, and also the music do it here, you would get more views

    77. Bilaal Kerim

      you should play Legend Of Zelda on switch. There's no multiplayer but its a totally awesome content/grindable game. It's so awesome trust me

    78. Purplereu

      Yeah definetly didnt steal an idea from HJDoogan

    79. Henry Bellrichard

      You should play madden

    80. Justin Zambrano

      Even if it's pay to win

    81. Justin Zambrano

      You should play frag

    82. Autumn Wood

      Minecraft is lame laserbeam heat Minecraft see you should play Minecraft with him fresh if you don’t I’m deleting your channel

    83. Yashas Gupta

      Hi sweety

    84. enrique vercaemst

      agario/lords mobil u can choose

    85. cannongate model railway

      you should play payday 2 (crime wave edition) with lazar beam

    86. Coby Stanford


    87. Rexandika Aurelio

      Ay fresh, you Should play Maybe like overcooked, or human fall flat, i recomend those games

    88. Emily Melba

      The acrid whistle metrically hope because gazelle undeniably wriggle barring a devilish quince. needless, confused back

    89. wannesdop


    90. XxSebi-DebixX

      Yo fresh I think you should try playing rocket league

    91. Shahab Mosawi

      In 2050 fresh is going to have other 50 accounts in HUgets lmao 😂

    92. Neo Malec-sery

      Hey Fresh, u probs wont c this but i think it would be sick if u played call of duty cold war

    93. Ahmad Khan

      apex legends!play it

    94. GP isaac fortnite

      Rocket league

    95. TJAYZONE

      Hey, Fresh you should play Starwars Battlefront2 on FreshFresh. Its got awesome game modes, I suggest playing gallactic assault game mode. Its an awesome game mode.Its 20 v 20.

    96. Matthew Tran

      Play rogue company

    97. Matthew Tran

      Go back to arena and competitive pls

    98. Huxley Van Rooyen


    99. Huxley Van Rooyen