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    1. Tucker Reagan

      watching fresh brought me back to playing fortnite

    2. Shotbuns


    3. Cameron Przybylowicz

      fresh crackt

    4. Matas Kalasauskas


    5. Amanda Parker

      I'm the video

    6. Amanda Parker

      At 4:30 he trackt this bullet to hit him

    7. Amanda Parker

      Did you see that

    8. Grayden S

      Nice games fresh

    9. Layton Lewin-Stopforth


    10. Jose Reyes Robles

      he should do the thiccest black widow in fornite

    11. Apollo And Mia

      What an incredible performance

    12. Horror wrlds

      I like how every shot was on beat

    13. Ara-Bella Bramley

      Hi fresh

    14. Splplayer08

      People who get 1,000 likes from random things: Me: milk

      1. Dodge FN

        At least you gut 2 likes

    15. nananannananaomi

      What up guys yes

    16. Greg Taylor

      Is this a repost

    17. Jared Rubin

      omg another pub game

    18. alejandrost511

      Waiting for the thiccest white widow video

    19. IFELOHS EYE / Kyler

      Y he said the skin made him cracked he was always cracked

    20. LTX Hypes

      Pimp not a simp

    21. Random Channel

      Omg you should make a Montange out of this

    22. Yo Cynix

      4 kills 8 seconds green pistol

    23. Blue Flare

      Leaves stark industries 15 kills?

    24. daniel Shiferaw

      You are CRACKED

    25. Baxz Gaming

      That guy with the fish skin is actually Kiedaz

    26. Cookieboy

      I want that skin too SUB BTW

    27. 夜Omar

      Kaidoz was in this game- wasnt he?

    28. Cman332

      Blue Ar over purp burst? Ok

    29. Re4per - Fortnite And Roblox

      Teach Me Your Ways.

    30. Michael Marrone

      Hi I am one of your biggest fans

    31. Ryan Ma

      No scoop what fresh is cracd

    32. Ryan Ma

      Fresh you kan doo dis win fresh

    33. Ryan Ma

      Girl pie pie

    34. Ryan Ma

      Hi shit dam

    35. Ryan Ma

      Man no no where to vote no no problem no no one is going on the way to the house I am sorry I cannot

    36. Bill Wills

      At 1:43 u pump shots were timed almost perfect to the music in the background

    37. Conlan Brennan

      You are so cracked

    38. Charlene Murrell

      My username is mdk-2008

    39. Charlene Murrell

      Hi fresh can you add me

    40. Abdelrahman Torky

      fresh has a thirst for blood in this vid

    41. Greyson Stirewalt

      Good vido

    42. Christine Ramrattan

      Fresh vs Bugha who will win?

    43. IxCrypticxI Playz

      Stream snipers :kills fresh Also stream sniper: yay Stark robot: first time?

    44. L3GEND XD

      fresh it is not the skin you are actually the most cracked GAMER ever

    45. Kenneth Lawrence

      You are making fortnite look easy

    46. requiem blader 22

      Did anyone else noticed he didn't call this skin thicc

      1. requiem blader 22

        Pls reply

    47. yaseinels

      It is coause the skin is thicc

    48. CyFi

      I have that skin it’s in the shop bro

    49. Julian Valeriano

      fresh but 2 times better and black widow

    50. Chase Lee


    51. yokarma

      Fresh can u do a video turning off auto decline

    52. Harrybarry Boo


    53. AnonyMouse6778

      1:18 fresh lets the default go the "default savior"

    54. Tokyo Kamal

      4.4K Damage as well as comment

    55. Aarav Jain

      She do be kinda THICC doe

    56. hehe boy

      I feel bad for fresh only having 6.73m subs he deserves more!!!!

    57. Rose Lene Redondo

      You Pro

    58. Adam Plays

      The guy that was doing the deadpool emote was Kadoz he is a youtuber

    59. Galaxy Scout

      Fresh be like Ultimate SwEaT MoDE On

    60. fatmonkey billybob

      Black widow

    61. Luciano Henry

      Me waiting for thickest black widow in fortnite

    62. Big Chungus

      Fresh: Gets 30 kills in 1 game me: Gets 1 kill in 30 games

    63. Eddy Lau

      Next or next next vid THICKEST black widow ever

    64. niamatullah razza

      1:49 Among Us gamers when a body is reported

    65. miles Morales


    66. Mia Nanninga

      I got the black widow skin 2

    67. zevon on 60 fps

      Want this skin? Use the ghostbusters skin (it's totally the same)

    68. Carolyn Fernandez

      We don’t talk about his accuracy...... Just kidding love you fresh!!❤️❤️

    69. Rafael gangishetti

      Thiccest stark robot in fortnite

    70. VYBE _Wacky

      I love how with almost every challenge fresh just gets like 20 bombs on the first or second try

    71. Daniel Flores

      Fresh: let's just pounce everyone we see! Me: Ha like don't already🤨😐😶🤫

    72. Jackson Hohipera

      I miss his old intro song

    73. DropThatDelly

      Literally every damn guy he runs up on is just standing there ? Or just start tea bagging once they are getting shit by him wtf?

    74. Owen Linn

      He cut out him kill owing kaidoz

      1. Owen Linn

        If fresh sees this he was the reflex with black knight shield and minty axe

    75. Brian Valdez

      When fresh said he got killed by a robot it also happend to me they just kill me when I land stark industries

    76. Ahmad Almafalani

      Wow 30 kills he cracked all people

    77. Thurman Leroy

      I can’t be the only one that wants to see some arena content

    78. Rayx

      I love of Fresh said this 5:23

    79. Jodi Kosasih

      Me:At least i have 3 kills at least Fresh:At least 30 kills Me: -_-

    80. Mrdebacle

      who tf did you train under bro ?

    81. Alanna Cairoli

      im a kid on my mums acawwwnttt

    82. swish vlogs

      He's in bot lobby's

    83. swish vlogs

      I'm cracked player9537


      3:55 he has the loadout of creative boxfights

    85. Rocky Balboa

      Its cuz the skin is perfect

    86. Scape Rafi

      at 4:23 the gun shots and the music is perfectly

    87. Elliot Ljungdell

      Oh... My... GOD 30!!! My record is 28 but that was during Halloween and I pay on Nintendo! You are God

    88. Omer Golan

      What is your record at kills?

    89. Omer Golan

      Why don’t you have a skin???

    90. MxrtinBtw

      1:36 that was on beat

    91. Daysi Garcia

      he missed the pickle mobil

    92. DJ Rivera

      I like how all HUgets streamer don’t hit 30 or 40 with pump😑

    93. Hadrian Holiwell

      So much "What's Up Guys Yes"

    94. Arben Mustafa

      Can we just realize the firat time fresh died by a stark robot and the player he spectated was a black widow skin and that he died to a stark robot

    95. toca berry 1

      Kids flamly fun pack

    96. MasterPewPewplayz

      I literally had Natalia in my recommended page. Meant to be

    97. Xx_Angry_Goose_xX

      What’s up guys no

    98. KNG Aegon_YT

      For once, who wants fresh to just play a regular game of Fortnite (no challenges)