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    1. suomi peliz

      That purple skully was creamy🤣🤣

    2. Chazzz

      Did he not realise he killed an og skulltrooper.

    3. SenTrex


    4. ttv_BlueNinja823

      Make a binds video

    5. Mustafa Raouf

      I m yusing your code fresh

    6. Tiger

      Corn canabule

    7. SkiitzAU

      What tf did he say at 0:58

    8. Atocz

      “We now have a piece of corn!” Fresh 2020

    9. Habeeb Rehman

      *renegade gingy releases* lazerbeam: i want five of'em!!!!

    10. Jessica Stowell

      Noice 4:54 sadness

    11. Kybear777 777

      Sorry Iam late I was do busy watching your videos well nice video btw

    12. Clayton May

      You are the best

    13. Oliver Amick

      How tf did he win

    14. Papi_Chulo

      Punishment not granted

    15. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    16. Game Boi

      How many has fresh said thick

    17. Beastable Animations

      Ever seen a big corn be for the just copped one he shouldove said he just cropped one

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    38. Samah Ben Moussa

      Yo les fr

    39. Khurram Khan

      Hey fresh is cool

    40. ????


    41. Woods

      Cob got a skin

    42. Benji Slack

      I also accept your punishment for messing up and killing that boy as well xD

    43. jwilbur 20

      CODE LAZAR sorry fresh

    44. Lg Pad

      Bro he is the best fortnite player

    45. Galaxy fighter

      Well guys it’s day 5361727352718392 of waiting for fresh to say what’s up guys , No

    46. mason weller


    47. Key_ Method

      Posting my first montage rn watch it and send epic names in comments I’m gifting 10 ppl battle pass

    48. xxX_Ribren_Xxx Requena

      R.i.p all Ch2 season 4 mythics :/

    49. Kyky is popcorn

      That skin is perfect for me XD

    50. Sindelar Delariva

      6:27 fresh loves saying pop. Pop counter: 5

    51. Ryan Wels


    52. James Davis

      bruh why u just kill him that

    53. Jayan Patel

      u only get an afro if u get hit for at least 50 damage maybe 75 (fresh never found out LUL)

    54. RCC RYO

      Is it weird I’m eating popcorn while watching the video

    55. Carl Rogers

      Your very very good at fortnite

    56. Cook Fam


    57. Apex Ninja

      this is how many time he sad pop \/

    58. Secretive

      Yo get a life Lacklan and you stop playing the same garbage game

    59. Wicket Rasmussen

      Also he said which ,are me laugh "OMG he is a hacker

    60. Wicket Rasmussen

      I like the corn idea with hunting

    61. Elizabeth Alvarado

      3:07 No one give this man a liscence

    62. NFS Reflex

      My youtube channel is NFS Reflex

    63. The Koala Gamers

      He took a mini at 10:58 lol I can't believe no one noticed that

    64. Becky Garcia

      People are wondering if Night 5 was the final night... it's not :)

    65. Канал [Mobius]

      I love my channel and very subscribe

    66. Канал [Mobius]


    67. Канал [Mobius]

      Subscribe my channel

    68. Evaporations

      He just cheated

    69. Cole Nelson

      Thiccest corn in fortnite is cornography

    70. Leonel Cervantes

      Press a very subscribe to are you you’re the best you tuber

    71. brick world

      Fresh craying he was starling to hit me

    72. Jaden Faser


    73. Erick El Bananin

      9:34 That was a high pitch freak out

    74. NaSaDarkYeti


    75. Bayron Cortes Avila

      I like your video

    76. Eternal

      If He Uses Corn As His Only Heal Then Isn't That Cannibalism?

    77. Weegiebro10

      Ahhhh I’m so glad I got this skin

    78. Absta-16

      Fresh makes my laugh

    79. Chris Tisdale

      Ok ima say i thing plets get fresh to 6.9 millon subs

    80. np Sujith

      I watched the stream broo

    81. idk

      In 0.75 speed he sounds the same

    82. Ben Crowe

      that skin looks so funny love you fresh

    83. Chef RoomyShoomy

      I ma not a hater

    84. Chef RoomyShoomy

      On the 5th elimination the popcorn was medium 😤😡🤬🤡👿

    85. Anushka Lee


    86. Rexxey

      this video makes me corney :)

    87. timmygenna

      "why is everyone using boogie bombs" *proceeds to use boogie bombs*

    88. Aiden Rhoads

      Keep going back 10 seconds here lol 0:00

    89. Eggy Edits

      Lol when he gonna say hello guys, nO


      Fresh Today I played fortnight and somebody let me get They’re only loot and then I kill them

    91. SP7CE

      I hate when fresh changes the rules in the middle of the game!

    92. bean boy

      Hes time showing his face on lazerbeams channel why not his channle

    93. Jack Gibson

      Fresh:you are the most Ligma gamer Me:LMAO

    94. NoahIsLost

      Only using corn as white meds is canabilism

    95. Dylan Maslen

      hi yeet

    96. Trueman Chewy

      People can't aim lol

    97. Renegade Pup

      What’s up guys yes

    98. Haroun Ramadhan

      I love you fresh I hope you see this because it will be sooooo cool

    99. Omar Alsharif

      Punishment ungranted