I put my PHONE NUMBER in Fortnite!


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    1. Fresh


      1. Loobear robust Games


      2. Robbie Pollock

        That won’t stop me

      3. Nike Master

        Hahahaah that makes sence why you didnt pick up mate

      4. lava snake!


      5. 2.0 Verge

        @DangerRuss u need one

    2. Carla Simington

      The creative calls are just normal random people in creative fill thats normal

    3. Alfie Bowie


    4. Dominick Derouchie

      hello fresh

    5. Greg Baetz

      All im saying is ppl in rocket league are way nicer then these ppl calling in creative fill

    6. GasterEnchant


    7. Ajay Sandretto

      9:50 wait for it

    8. Sahar Ahmadi

      Your number is ########

    9. RayZer456

      POV: your calling the number

    10. Star Boy

      Lannan getting payed from all his jobs

    11. Joe P.

      8:03 Hello This Jesse From Uber Eats We Have Your Burrito why is this so funny

    12. Maz Accessories

      you litreatlly trolled the like hell and know i fel bad


      6:48 is a ai



    14. d1eg0vibes

      7:26 pov: you’re that one kid “1v1 mE”

    15. d1eg0vibes

      3:21 “you’re a stupid cow” 😂😂😂😂

    16. Corey Maroun

      I miss his old intro

    17. Zayne Hernandez

      Which your number

    18. Zayne Hernandez


    19. Zayne Hernandez

      You made me call 991

    20. TTV-keyT_T


    21. TTV-keyT_T

      Damn I didn’t see when he said his phone number or the fake one

    22. TTV-keyT_T

      6:56 you can kind of see what the phone number is LOL even though it’s not his

    23. karen jones


    24. Merilyn Lal

      I saw the number.

    25. SlurpfishKing

      Damn these creative sweats toxic af...

    26. Chandim

      Fresh: ill censor my number in the victory screen so they cant call me. Also Fresh: oops forgot about the kill feed nvm just realised he said the number later in the vid

    27. Jjs the king Sampson

      I hope he knows that we can still see his number in the kill feed

    28. Extro_bahne


    29. BFP Vorce

      fresh you can see your phone number at the kill fead

    30. Liam Crucetia-Costas

      hahahhhahaha Mr. Beam called holy shit what a coincidence

    31. Rivaan Vaghani

      3:23 fresh leaked his number His number : 0423585770

    32. ファック・ユー

      ummmm fresh...hope this is not ur number bcs we have it

    33. Mattias Vazquez

      don't lessin to the mean pepole

    34. bengor bordon

      never put your phone number in your phone 😶😐because it’s dumb but it’s really funny 😂😅🤣😂 that people are calling you on your name in fortnite ha ha lol man 🤣😂🤣😂

    35. bengor bordon

      never put your phone number in your phone 😶😐because it’s dumb but it’s really funny 😂😅🤣😂 that people are calling you on your name in fortnite ha ha lol man 🤣😂🤣😂

    36. RanDooo

      What’s up guys yes

    37. master_ghost

      When fresh said 'you want some?' at about 6:40, he sounded so british

    38. Jermaine Davis jr

      I love your vids

    39. Ocrasn

      I like how he blurs his number but in one frame u can see in the creative game lol

    40. シBroccoli

      Your coolest

    41. Angela Austin

      I'm a fan of you

    42. Louis Elliott

      Stealing loserfruits ideas are we

    43. Robert Luciani

      0423585770 i think you forgot to blur bottom left

    44. Yes sir Fortnite

      Zisc 2.0

    45. Naseem Dadi

      fresh doesn't realise his number wasn't blurred in the beginning when he checks score board at 3:04/12:49 in the video lmao

    46. Mickey Bekele

      Alternate title: I get spam called by a bunch of toxic players Clickbait title: Lazarbeam prank calls me 6 times Better Clickbait title: I win a game of fortnite while Lazarbeam prank calls me

    47. Anonymous 99

      Don’t say God damn it say something else

    48. Anonymous 99

      Say oh my gosh instead

    49. BINKS

      This was fucking hilarious 😂

    50. Joel Rodriguez

      2:50 this dude said get a life and get a job meanwhile fresh is a HUgetsr with 7.4mill subs

    51. k games

      U just leaked it phone number😂😂

    52. DE siql

      Fresh’s picture on his thing 420-6969-420 Also fresh “this will be funny” Me saying “what’s so funny about my birthday and *remembers* Ah sh*t it hitlers b day too.”

    53. ZMDE Apple

      Here’s come the sweat he pops through and through

    54. SHANTY

      I know freshes phone number oh no

    55. Nevaeh Taytay

      The fact that he said “ I don’t know how you got my number” 💀😂

    56. Heung Min Son

      Lannan prank calling made me die

    57. GAMER GUY

      you come in my house and kicked my dog cant stop laughing

    58. Murkle123

      In creative they always swear and be mean 😢 pls like I people be mean to me in creative cos I’m a bot like lazarbeam 😥

      1. fortnite trash kid xd

        Did you just call lazarbeam a bot

    59. Murkle123

      Yes in creative you get teamed on

    60. TtvSuperGabe_

      I tried to call the number like five times lol, it didn’t work😂😂😂

    61. Luis Zavala

      I subscribed fresh I like your videos 😁😁😁

    62. TikTik_YT

      Describe to me if you think that's lazarbeam in the call

    63. Tanei Inwood

      U don't respect the phone number lol

    64. sabastian burns hi

      Maybe that's why you accidentally put your number at 3:24

    65. FoxyFanFoxy V1

      U come in my house and kick my dog lol

    66. Ceya

      Only og’s will remember when he wore the boy version of the skin he’s wearing

    67. Jonathan Serrano

      7:15 you kicked my dog 🤣🤣

    68. Trickshots

      I tried to call the number

    69. Mitchell Trainor

      I love your vids

    70. Leslie Roets

      Random person: get a job you cow and earn some money Also the random person: spending half his life on a computer instead of getting her effing job

    71. Sabrina de Kievit


    72. josh Taylor

      Lazerbeam called

    73. Shrek 2000


    74. Devin Conway

      Yo Fresh I Think Latin Is Board

    75. Alexander Pereyra-Puente


    76. Melissa Moncada

      Lazarbeams calls are hilarious

    77. Mico Eter


    78. mexican yeet

      When u don't know a youtuber is recording u

    79. R0ckout Bubbles

      crazy how toxic this community is

    80. NRG_Recon


    81. Ver Dodhia

      The number of fresh is at 3:25

    82. toetoe 2016

      The thumbnail 420-696-420

    83. Mini FaZe Jarvis Khatrie

      R.I.P these kids

    84. Mini FaZe Jarvis Khatrie

      Wtf I got the number come on plz put the real one!😭

    85. CYBERNET1C

      Plot twist: the cop call is real

    86. Manu Lio

      hahahaha i was gonna say fresh's number pops up in the kill feed??

    87. Ponas Pomidoras27

      Can you add me Nickname Davidas27 or ponaspomidoras27😭😭😭

    88. Ponas Pomidoras27

      I wanna play with you 😪😪

    89. Keir Glen

      People saying stop playing fortnite when there playing it

    90. Lindsay Vandenbergh


    91. Emmanual joseph

      oh i want to call you. :(

    92. Jacob Kaufelt

      lannan was The best part of the vid

    93. sword man

      POV: u only watched this video just to see his phone number

    94. sword man


    95. Danny_ FN

      4:50 it’s a duck fresh

    96. Ryan Lee

      i saw your phone numbber

    97. Critical gaming Hacks

      The guy saying he needs a job is like triple Freshes age

    98. Elijah Ellis

      my name kingmessiahbot and K3NOTHEGOD

    99. best person you’ve ever seen

      3:24 is his number

    100. WhiteRxses

      Laserbeam calling and calling lol