LazarBeam Became my Fortnite Coach...


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    1. papu kissa

      if you watch this on 2021 you are a legend

    2. Conni

      lmao lannan is hilarious

    3. Black&White Studio's


      1. Black&White Studio's


    4. Liam Mitchell

      this man said no Mr soupman not here also hey fresh since 2020 is over i wanted to look over a 2020 rewind myself no offesense tho pls mention me in one of your videos i would like to play fortnite with you

    5. dylan the big brown boi

      on my birthday

    6. Noah Davidson

      8:58 R.I.P. Jonny 2017 - 2020

    7. Affekt

      I wanna see this with a fresh and lazarbeam facecam

    8. Heather Hepp


    9. Heather Hepp


    10. Montana Banana

      I think the really reason fresh is so good is because of this video Lannans coaching is for top tier gamers.

    11. AG Ironman

      Lannan in 2019: There's ground Gremlins OHMIGARSH DID HE JUST PREDICT THE SAND TUNNELING IN SEASON 5?

    12. Jackie Chambers

      who dos not love lasar lasal lol

    13. Chocolate chip Kookies

      I love how sarcastically serious they are

    14. Sieu Preeme

      The lame dahlia postmeiotically tie because wrench grossly instruct into a secretive half-brother. teeny, tacky answer

    15. Sieu Preeme

      The victorious grain morphologically squash because stepmother chiefly tremble aboard a true domain. muddled, dependent slip

    16. Bobdapro 64

      Plot twist this is how fresh got good at the game

    17. Spencer Paull

      6.89 mil so close to 6.9

    18. Fn R2

      Fresh says "where are we going" Me "an advert comes on and its a jd one

    19. Not Auerva

      Why does the coach sound like lazerbeam?????

    20. Stephen And Ryan

      Who else thinks when laserbeam said if you scream meet with the grenades Fortnite should actually had that

    21. wagonload Cumin

      “This is the 7th student I’ve killed this week” -Lannan

    22. Jake Cool

      Why he bully him?😭😭😭

    23. xXlucasXx YT


    24. Grayson Fuentes

      17:41 : i am and adult

    25. first RR youtuber to hit 100k subs

      Wait is this how they met?

    26. Jaxson D

      wait a second um isent lazeream freshes dad

    27. Ana Soto


    28. The Bull


    29. hypergamerjay

      Fresh u need glasses like if u see 18:01

    30. Alexander Moreno

      Your da

    31. Kdog L

      Did any body else see the lama

    32. Jason G-W

      But you don’t know how to get a

    33. M. Sunan Arief

      i like lannan more but u also but i feel like thi vid is backwards i feel like fresh should coach lazar

    34. Bryson Weaver


    35. abe thebest


    36. Galactic Foxes

      How lazarbeam adopted fresh

    37. Goat Mama

      Lennon can you train me

    38. Goat Mama

      I love your videos can you PlZz play with me my name is callooom1 and CDL on gfuel

    39. Fishy Fazed


    40. Kalle Krebs

      You should make a ghost buster vidoe and only kill ghosts and midas drum gun and pumpkin launcher only

    41. Kev

      Wtf this is nearly a year old? Lmaooooo I thought this was like a couple months ago

    42. Catriona Burke


      1. Catriona Burke


    43. Jaxson Payne

      You should teach laser beam

    44. Aggelos Ahuja


    45. LC Customs LLC


    46. spacekrat lit


    47. spacekrat lit

      I really thought that this is there first video when they met but fresh said ladder

    48. Gangsta Rudolph

      I could give him a win with one word

      1. Gangsta Rudolph


    49. Shawn Sharp


    50. MADELINE Loughran

      season 4 chapter 2 is so good :)

    51. Mr samuel

      Sammy we miss you

    52. Altony Toombs

      Hello my friend has been checked the weather is nice and I will have a good day to day

    53. Efraim Rey Kent A Cezar

      I think that's the real lazarbeam and I know your finding content

    54. Poliswag

      18:04 he missed a llama

    55. banana bolt

      Am I in a alternate universe where lanan is better than fresh

    56. Sy'Tree Jordan


    57. Brag Toaster

      I am from the future there is groot from marvel

    58. Justin cott


    59. Home run city

      “i need you to go buy some gfuel” gfuel ad plays

    60. Rapid

      fresh:I need a fortnite coach also fresh:Wins every game except when doing memes

    61. Natsuo Isae

      lazarbeam sounds like thor in infinity war

    62. Adrian Chaviera


    63. Nickolaus Knight

      his been to world cup why he being coached?

    64. jjduck1 play's

      Soooooo i guess i killed you at the beginning of the video in the water sorry =/

    65. Blue dino

      Yeah gingy

    66. jack crossman

      djsisbsjsbaudbsudbdisbdidbdsushsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjjssjsjsjsjsjsjsjjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjxsjsjajajsjjssjsjjssjjsjsjsjsy0hdwqoyuwdhqcuiyabnfsagy dahjsfgv dchgjsvcghcawbnsvdbjaghbw vj wachwabdjshb hcgbyhsdbdychs

    67. BeeNgoh Seah

      Was this when fresh was living with lanon

    68. jgreen76

      JaSOn Is NOt PrOUd Of YoU

    69. Charlie Townsend


    70. AOfficial23

      Funny vid

    71. Frankie Farmer

      Fresh please gift me the battle pass for season4 I’m a default my epic user is frankie12345tg

    72. Bryan MK

      18:04 he missed a llama

    73. bkleach01

      dang fresh likes p5. nice. loved the layer cake btw

    74. Wendy Madrid

      Lazerbeam is fresh's dad

    75. OG_Unstoppable_

      18:02 did nobody see that lama next to the rocks?

    76. Fear Some

      LazerBeam is such a good coach

    77. Texton Plays

      There was a closer boat on the beach

    78. XxlethxX

      I like that every video and he says what up guys

    79. Lexi & Riley

      Fresh is. Coll 😄😄 gg

    80. oscar blipbloop28

      on the thumbnail lannan looked like johnny knoxville

    81. BoiDontGet

      "Thats the seventh student ive killed this week" Lazar beam


      Is it just me or is the agency Purple

    83. Nacquila Mcmillan

      Fresh will be cracked

    84. Yeet 21

      Every day I Watch you

    85. Rashida Moore

      freshey boy

    86. TriKx Shadow

      please subscribe to my channel it would help alot

    87. DaEemah DeVold

      is anyone gonna tell him got scammed no...? ok

    88. Megan Christine Henry Tannous

      That acting by Lazarbeam was astonishing

    89. sleepy boy

      Hit the thick subscribe

    90. Shan Wang


    91. Harley Quinn


    92. Shade Oh

      totally the best coach ever

    93. Elijah Flamand

      But you guys are friends !?!?!?

    94. Brianna Parent


    95. SMR

      The amount of times lannan says fiverr

    96. epicdoggo is epic

      You are the best fortnite player in the would fresh

    97. shirley looney

      lazarbeam fresh my men the pp kings

    98. TSM Decs

      lazarbeam can u give me a shout out

    99. TRickZdaBroMan

      this might be Lannan's best comedy yet LOL

    100. daniel ellery

      Laser beam